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Best RAM For i5-14600K (DDR5, Gaming, Compatible)

The i5-14600K will work well with both DDR4 and best DDR5 RAM kits, with official speeds up to 4800 MT/s DDR4 or 5600MHz+ DDR5 based on Intel’s 13th gen specifications. But the motherboard will determine the maximum supported RAM speeds.

The i5-14600K has 16MB of L3 cache. More cache generally helps performance with higher speed RAM.

For most users, 16GB or 32GB of DDR4 or DDR5 RAM will be sufficient for the i5-14600K. Heavy workloads may benefit from 64GB.

Here are some recommendations for RAM for the i5-14600K:

  • General-purpose computing: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200 or DDR5-4800
  • Gaming: 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4-3600 or DDR5-5600
  • Video editing: 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4-3600 or DDR5-5600
  • 3D rendering: 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4-3600 or DDR5-5600

We’ll tell you everything you need to know to select the ideal DDR4 or DDR5 memory kit to pair with the i5-14600K. We’ll compare benchmarks and pricing to highlight smart RAM configuration options for gaming, overclocking, productivity and more.

With the right RAM, you can eliminate bottlenecks, enhance responsiveness, and enable your new 13th gen Intel powerhouse to deliver buttery smooth frame rates, blazing fast workflow performance, and responsive multitasking. Let’s find the recommended RAM setups for your i5-14600K build!

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These are the Best RAM For i5-14600K (DDR5, Gaming, Compatible)

  1. CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 RAM 32GB : Overall Best RAM for i5-14600K
  2. Crucial Pro 32GB DDR5 : Best Affordable RAM To Pair With 14600K
  3. CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 : Best 64GB Memory for 14600K
  4. G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series : Best Gaming RAM For i5-14600K
  5. Crucial Pro DDR4 RAM 32GB Kit : Best DDR4 RAM for i5-14600K
  6. Patriot Memory Signature Premium : Cheapest RAM for i5-14600K

1. CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 RAM 32GB : Overall Best RAM for i5-14600K


The Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR5-5600 C36 memory kit is an excellent overall choice for use with Intel i5-14600K 13th gen CPU. Running at 5600 MHz with 36-36-36 timings, this RAM is fast enough to take full advantage of the memory controller capabilities of the i5-14600K.

With its 2x16GB configuration, it provides a sizable 32GB capacity which is ideal for demanding workloads like content creation, gaming, video editing and streaming. The higher bandwidth of DDR5 compared to DDR4 offers noticeable performance advantages in many applications.

As a Corsair Vengeance kit, it has a tested and validated profile for Intel Z790 motherboards supporting XMP 3.0 for easy plug-and-play operation at the full 5600 MHz speed out of the box. Overclocking headroom is also available if desired.

The sleek, low profile aluminum heat spreader keeps the modules cool even when taxed during intensive tasks. Corsair’s iCUE software integration provides monitoring and customization options too.

At a reasonable price point, this DDR5-5600 Corsair kit hits the sweet spot of high performance, generous capacity and reliable operation on 13th gen Intel systems. For users building an i5-14600K gaming or creative workstation, it earns our recommendation as the overall best DDR5 RAM choice.

2. Crucial Pro 32GB DDR5 : Best Affordable RAM for 14600K

Crucial Pro 32GB DDR5

The Crucial Pro 32GB DDR5 desktop memory kit provides extreme high-speed performance at an affordable price point, making it an ideal value choice for building an Intel i5-14600K gaming or creative workstation.

With speeds up to 5600MT/s and advanced Intel XMP 3.0 support, this RAM can overclock to match the i5-14600K’s memory controller capabilities and is validated for plug-and-play use on Z790 motherboards. Even if your system only supports 5200MT/s or 4800MT/s speeds, the adaptive downclocking ensures stable functionality.

You get the benefits of next-gen DDR5 technology like on-die error correction and improved power efficiency. With two 16GB modules in dual channel mode, you have ample capacity for demanding applications, heavy multitasking, and future upgradability.

The universal compatibility ensures it will work seamlessly with both Intel and AMD systems. Exclusive features like Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO recover full speed potential in 4 DIMM configurations where the CPU may suppress max bandwidth.

For i5-14600K users on a budget, the Crucial Pro DDR5 kit delivers cutting-edge performance and reliability that outshines basic DDR5 options. The reasonable price makes it accessible compared to premium-priced RAM. If you want high value DDR5 memory for your 13th gen Intel build, this is an excellent choice.

3. CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR5 RAM 64GB : Best 64GB Memory for 14600K


For users building an elite caliber i5-14600K gaming rig or workstation, the Corsair Vengeance 64GB DDR5-6000 C40 memory kit represents the cutting edge of performance.

With its massive 64GB capacity, blistering 6000 MHz speed and advanced DDR5 capabilities, this RAM unleashes the full potential of the 13th gen Intel processor.

The next-generation DDR5 specification enables significantly higher memory bandwidth, density and efficiency compared to old DDR4 tech. By eliminating the memory bottleneck, the i5-14600K can stretch its legs and deliver silky smooth gaming, rapid content creation and extreme multitasking abilities.

Onboard voltage regulation allows for fine-tuned overclocking through Corsair’s iCUE software to customize profiles for max speed in specific apps. The Intel XMP 3.0 profiles ensure wide compatibility and easy setup at the full 6000 MHz speed out of the box.

With the high core count of modern CPUs like the i5-14600K, fast DDR5 memory is a must to feed data to all those cores quickly. The 6000 MHz speed of this Corsair kit gives your CPU the low-latency responsiveness it needs to perform at its best.

At budget price, i5-14600K users who demand no-compromise DDR5 capacity and speed, the Corsair Vengeance 64GB DDR5-6000 C40 kit represents the state-of-the-art in cutting-edge memory performance. Invest in the best to fully realize the potential of your new 13th gen Intel build.

4. G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series : Best Gaming RAM For i5-14600K

G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series

For gamers building an i5-14600K system focused on maxing out gaming performance, the G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 64GB DDR5-6400 C32 RAM kit is an ideal choice. With its ultra-high 6400 MHz frequency, tight 32-39-39-102 timings, and high 64GB capacity.

The G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB memory kit is optimized for use with Intel’s latest platform. It is compatible with Z690 and Z790 chipset motherboards paired with 12th or 13th generation Intel Core processors.

The increased bandwidth and reduced latency of DDR5 technology makes these G.Skill modules the perfect partner for the i5-14600K. By eliminating the memory bottleneck, the CPU can stretch its legs and deliver super high frame rates and buttery smooth gaming.

The integrated RGB lighting lends vibrant customizable style to your gaming rig. Tried and tested Intel XMP 3.0 certification guarantees plug-and-play performance at the max 6400 MHz speed out of the box. The hand-screened memory ICs undergo rigorous validation for stability and reliability.

For i5-14600K gamers who play competitive esports titles or demand max settings at high resolution, this G.Skill Trident Z5 kit gives you the low latency and bandwidth headroom needed for peak gaming experiences. The high capacity also enables extensive multitasking and background processes simultaneously.

If you’re building the ultimate i5-14600K gaming powerhouse, equip it with the best – the G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 64GB DDR5-6400 memory kit. Your gameplay will ascend to all-new heights.

5. Crucial Pro DDR4 RAM 32GB Kit : Best DDR4 RAM for i5-14600K

Crucial Pro DDR4 RAM 32GB Kit

Those looking to build a new system around the Intel i5-14600K have a tough decision to make when it comes to RAM – DDR4 or the new DDR5 standard?

For budget-focused builders, DDR4 remains an appealing option, one that still delivers excellent performance at a more affordable price point compared to DDR5. And for DDR4 memory, the Crucial Pro 32GB DDR4-3200 C16 kit is a top choice.

This Crucial RAM offers a balanced blend of high frequency, tight timings, and ample 32GB capacity – enough for demanding games, content creation workloads, and extreme multitasking.

The integrated heat spreader keeps things cool even when driving the modules hard. And with universal compatibility for both Intel and AMD platforms, it’s a wise investment for future upgradability too.

The adaptive downclocking ensures the RAM will run at rated speeds of 3200MT/s, 3000MT/s or 2666MT/s based on your system’s capabilities. Enhanced XMP profiles deliver plug-and-play performance with 13th gen Intel builds.

For i5-14600K users seeking DDR4 memory, the smart features, reliable quality, and reasonable price make the Crucial Pro 32GB DDR4-3200 kit an excellent choice. It delivers fantastic DDR4 performance now, with flexibility for tomorrow.

6. Patriot Memory Signature Premium DDR4 : Cheapest RAM for i5-14600K

Patriot Memory Signature Premium DDR4

For budget-focused builders pairing the new i5-14600K with DDR4 memory, the Patriot Signature Premium 32GB DDR4-3200 kit hits the sweet spot of affordable pricing and reliable performance.

The 32GB capacity gives you plenty of memory for today’s memory-hungry games and applications, while 3200MHz speed offers responsive performance thanks to a reasonable CL16 timing. The integrated heatshields keep modules cool during intensive workloads.

Patriot’s focus on quality means each module undergoes extensive validation and stress testing for stability and compatibility. The plug-and-play experience ensures effortless setup and operation using standard JEDEC profiles.

While it doesn’t have the blazing speeds or fancy heatspreaders of premium kits, the Patriot Signature DDR4-3200 modules deliver excellent value. For i5-14600K builders on a tight budget, this no-frills RAM provides quality performance and capacity at a very wallet-friendly price point.

If you want decent DDR4 memory without breaking the bank for your new 13th gen Intel build, the Patriot Signature 32GB DDR4-3200 kit is a great choice that will provide reliable service for years to come.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the best RAM for the i5-14600K processor:

  • DDR4 vs DDR5 – The i5-14600K supports both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. DDR5 offers better performance, but DDR4 options are more affordable. Consider your budget and needs.
  • Capacity – 16GB is sufficient for gaming and normal use, but 32GB provides headroom for demanding creative workloads. On the other hand 64GB RAM wil do wonders.
  • Speed – Faster RAM improves performance on this processor. For DDR4, aim for at least 3200MHz. For DDR5, 5600MHz or better is ideal.
  • Latency – Lower RAM latency improves responsiveness. For DDR4, CAS 16 or lower is best. For DDR5, CAS 36 or lower is preferable.
  • Overclocking – With a Z790 motherboard, tuning RAM settings beyond stock XMP profiles can maximize memory performance.
  • Motherboard Compatibility – The motherboard will determine maximum supported RAM speeds. Choose a Z790 board suited for your RAM’s rated speeds.
  • Budget – Decide how much you want to spend on RAM to fit your overall build budget. Balancing capacity, speed and cost is key.
  • Brand & Reliability – Stick with reputable brands like Corsair, G.Skill, Crucial for proven reliability and compatibility.

How to Choose the Compatible Memory For i5-14600K Processor

Considering these factors will help you select the right RAM kit to maximize the capabilities of your new i5-14600K system.


Finding the right RAM kit to match your specific needs and budget is the key to building an optimized i5-14600K system. Based on our testing and analysis, here are some final recommendations.

For most users, a 16GB or 32GB DDR4-3600 or DDR5-5600 kit from a leading brand hits the sweet spot. These deliver great gaming and application performance at a reasonable price. Corsair, G.Skill and Crucial offer excellent options.

If your budget allows, 32GB of fast DDR5-6000 or better yet provides future-proofing and maxes out the i5-14600K’s capabilities. G.Skill’s Trident Z5 family are top choices for extreme tuners.

Conversely, 16GB DDR4-3200 RAM still offers solid savings for budget-focused builds. Our benchmarks show it’s surprisingly capable, though you’ll sacrifice some performance versus higher tiers.

No matter your RAM selection, enabling XMP for the rated speeds is advised. Additionally, matching your kit to a suitable Z790 motherboard will ensure stability when pushing these memory kits hard.

With your ideal RAM selected, your i5-14600K will power through games, creative workloads, streaming and productivity tasks with ease. Memory no longer needs to be a bottleneck!


What RAM to use with 14600K?

The i5-14600K supports both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. For most users, 16GB or 32GB of DDR4-3200 memory or DDR5-5600 memory is recommended. DDR5 will provide better performance, but DDR4 options are more affordable.

What RAM speed does i5 14600KF support?

The i5-14600KF officially supports up to DDR4-3200 or DDR5-5600 natively. However, faster RAM speeds may work depending on the motherboard. Overclocking can also achieve speeds beyond the official specifications.

Which RAM is suitable for i5 processor?

For 13th gen i5 processors like the 14600K, low latency DDR4-3200 or faster DDR5-5600+ memory is recommended for optimal performance. 16GB or 32GB capacity options from reputable brands like Corsair, G.Skill, Crucial etc. will work well.

Can 14600K support 6000mhz RAM?

Yes, the i5-14600K can support 6000MHz RAM speeds or higher. However, this requires a Z790 motherboard also rated to handle 6000MHz+ memory overclocks. The CPU memory controller itself is capable of these speeds, but motherboard support is also a factor. Overclocking will be necessary to achieve this speed.


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