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Best NAS For Time Machine (Synology NAS, Apple)

When you want storage options for multiple MACS then you can look for the Best NAS For Time Machine. Most NAS drives available in the market support Mac but a few do not. In this situation it is difficult to choose your compatible one, we helped you by providing you with its top picks. Let’s dive into more details!

Apple Time Machine is a software that is used to backup all the data with the Mac operating system. The purpose of this software is to work with all the range of AirPort Time Capsule devices. Network attached storage is a way to have a large capacity of storage and give it access to multiple accounts and devices. NAS is a useful strategy for small business and home networks over an internet connection. 

Starting with our best overall product, which is Synology DiskStation DS220+.  We also have a NAS Mac friendly NAS that is low in price which is TERRAMASTER F4-210 4-Bay. From 2 TB up to 8 TB is an attractive range of storage capacity you can choose according to your need. A fast processor and 2 GB to 6 GB memory gives you fast performance. 

Furthermore, the compatibility of NAS with Time Machine is a necessary factor so always consider it before making your decision. Look for the NAS drive that gives you the ability of individual user accounts and sharing, you can make some folders for public access over your connection. If you want to access your photos and videos on TV then file streaming is an important feature for you. Diskless NAS can be your preference if you want to customize your NAS by installing your NAS hard drives.  

Our Recommended list of the Best NAS For Time Machine

  1. WD Diskless My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS – WDBVBZ0000NCH-NESN
  2. Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS220+ (Diskless)
  3. TERRAMASTER F4-210 4-Bay NAS
  4. QNAP TS-230 2-Bay Home NAS Realtek RTD1296
  5. Asustor AS4002T | Personal Cloud | NAS
  6. Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS420+ (Diskless)


  • Capacity: Min. 2 TB, Recommended 8 TB
  • Performance: High Speed CPU
  • Connectivity: USB, Ethernet 
  • Security: You have to look for encryption 
  • Reliability: Consider warranty period 
  • RAID: To know the usable capacity 
  • Time Machine Support: Buy Mac-friendly 
  • User accounts & sharing: Buy a NAS that gives individual user accounts creation  
  • Mobile Device Support: Purchase a NAS that supports iphone and ipad 
  • File Streaming: Get this support for access your data on TV

Difference between NAS and DAS

NAS and DAS are the 2 ways to store your data, let’s explore both!

  • NAS stands for network attached storage and DAS known as direct access storage
  • Both are used for backups and recovery, but NAS used files and DAS works with sectors
  • NAS is moderate to install, you can easily setup DAS
  • NAS is a bit costly than DAS
  • For data transmission NAS uses TCP/IP and Ethernet, DAS perform data transmission by ISE/SCSI
  • Capacity offers by NAS is 10^9 to 10^12 in bytes, from DAS you gets 10^9 bytes
  • NAS allows you to access your data from different operating systems, DAS does not allow to share files at different OS

1- WD Diskless My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS – WDBVBZ0000NCH-NESN

WD Diskless My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS - WDBVBZ0000NCH-NESN

The 1.3 GHz ARMADA dual-core EX2 Ultra Personal Cloud Server for Storage from WD. Offers the processing capability required to manage and distribute content across a number of platforms. To ensure that many tasks can be completed without the system lagging. The upgraded dual-core processor is paired with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM. 

Since the diskless My Cloud EX2 Ultra does not include any drives, you can choose the ideal drives based on your storage requirements. To meet your unique storage requirements, you can configure the drives you select in RAID 0 for improved speed. Such as; RAID 1 is for redundancy, JBOD and spanning. Marvell ARMADA 385, a potent dual-core CPU running at 1.3 GHz, has been updated for the WD EX2 Ultra.

WD provides a number of capabilities that, once set up, make it simpler to control and broadcast your content from the My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Users can access and manage files via the My Cloud app or MyCloud.com from just about anywhere using a desktop, Android, or iOS device. WD Sync makes it easier to sync media between devices so that data is continuously backed up. 

You can automatically synchronize your movies and files between all of your PCs using WD Sync. You can personalize the system with the RAID configuration that works best for you using My Cloud EX2 Ultra, which offers a range of RAID options. Extension is possible with Plex home Media Server thanks to the integration of plug-ins. Through the integrated Plex Online digital distribution service, many of these plug-ins are accessible.


  • Great overall performance 
  • Amazing features and streaming 
  • Without drives price is affordable 
  • Clean design 
  • Easy to use 
  • Simple configuration 


  • No power button 
  • Average write speed 

2- Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS220+ (Diskless)

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS220+ (Diskless)

Introducing synology nas for Mac, DS220+ which is a small network-attached storage device is intended to make managing your data and multimedia easier. Along with smooth video streaming, photo indexing, and data sharing, it also offers a variety of choices for data security and recovery. Your personal music library, called Audio Station, can stream to Google Cast-enabled devices while intelligently sorting and organizing your audio files. 

To guarantee high-quality audio, Audio Station accepts lossless formats. Access to your data is made simple and secure with Synology mobile applications, no matter where you are. It has a 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron J4025 Dual-Core processor with a bursting frequency of 2.9 GHz, and it has 2 GB of DDR4 RAM that can be expanded to 6 GB. This enables for quick access to frequently used data and applications.

To avoid data corruption and lower maintenance costs, the Btrfs file system has  optimized storage technologies and snapshots. It offers fluid information sharing, video streaming, photo archiving, as well as comprehensive solutions for data security and recovery. Two disc bays on the DS220+ are capable of handling 3.5 and 2.5 inch SATA hard drives and SSDs. 

With up to 2048 user accounts and a maximum of 1500 concurrent connections, this NAS’s two drive bays let you store and share a vast quantity of files. Scheduling and immediate data protection for iSCSI LUNs and shared folders to avert disasters. Overall, Synology’s DS220+ is a powerful solution that is well suited for minor use cases.


  • Excellent software
  • Runs quietly 
  • 4K media transcoding
  • Stays cool 
  • Easy installation setup


  • No NVMe slot
  • Limited RAM expansion



The F4-210 from TerraMaster has an ARM V8 64-bit quad-core processor with a maximum frequency of 1.4 GHz. Offers a maximum read and write speed up to 124 MB/s  which is sufficient for NAS setup. With features like storing files, media control, data backup, cloud synchronization, remote monitoring, and many more. The gadget is appropriate for situations like home, small offices and home multimedia enjoyment. 

The F4-210 is a cost-effective device that costs only 50 percent as much as a NAS with just an Intel x86 quad-core microprocessor. Storage on the F4-210 can be up to 64TB that is sufficient for a home and small business usage. In addition to HTTP, SMB/CIFS, AFP, FTP, NFS, and WebDAV, the device supports a number of array types, including SINGLE, JBOD, RAID 6, RAID 5, RAID 1 and RAID 0.

You may set up your own cloud drive without having to deal with the trouble of configuring DDNS, settings, and traffic routing rules. You can customize the rights of access for your friends, family, coworkers, and other associates, enabling you to freely share your joy. The TOS Application Center offers a wide range of free programmes, including as backup, protection, business, utility, media, and design tools. 

Emby and Plex, which combine your video, music, and images into one location, are fully supported by the F4-210. You may transform your F4-210 into a functionality entertainment center by utilizing the dependable multimedia management features of Emby or Plex. Allows you to enjoy all of your media at home or while traveling, enriching it with story summaries, posters, and album covers.


  • Surprisingly snappy
  • Attractive price 
  • Good base RAM 
  • Useful UI


  • No built in media app support 
  • Noisy 

4- QNAP TS-230 2-Bay Home NAS Realtek RTD1296

QNAP TS-230 2-Bay Home NAS Realtek RTD1296

The TS-230 is the perfect entry-level NAS since it is portable, quiet, and lightweight. The NAS can effortlessly blend into your living space to promote an informed and enjoyable lifestyle because of its exquisite baby blue finish. Allows you to centralize the store as well as back up all of your digital files, making it simple to access, sync, and share them. 

It also lets you take snapshots of important files to protect them, and you can create a one-stop home media hub for streaming pictures, entertainment, and videos to various devices around your house and beyond. An entrance NAS with snapshot security enables you to guard against malware assaults and inadvertent file destruction. You can effortlessly access, Video editing , and exchange NAS files over the Internet with the myQNAPcloud service.

QuMagie’s integrated QuMagie Core AI deep-learning technology powers the ability to geotag, identify objects, and recognise faces in NAS photographs stored on your NAS. Photos might be automatically arranged into categories like people, things, and locations. A built-in chronological scroll, editable folder covers, and potent search capabilities are further features. 

The TS-230’s toolless design makes assembly so simple that a screwdriver is not even necessary! Make the TS-230 your new best friend as you embark on a smart and enjoyable lifestyle. The 8 cm HDB Sintetico bearing fan is equipped as a cooling fan to maintain high flow. While producing low level noise, improving conditioning for the TS-230 to ensure continuous system functioning.


  • Generous app catalog
  • Tool-free drive sleds
  • Easy to set up 
  • High performance


  • Lacks multi-gig ports

5- Asustor AS4002T | Personal Cloud | NAS

Asustor AS4002T  Personal Cloud  NAS

The AS4002T series from ASUSTOR includes new tool-free caddies that make installing hard drives easier. Brackets are included with each NAS to make it simple to install the drive. Supports hot-swapping of hard drives, making it simple to switch hard drives without shutting down the NAS. The magnetic cover of the AS40 series diamond-cut surface allows for simple accessibility to the hard drives inside. 

For increased durability and safety, it has a lightweight yet sturdy frame made of hexagonal front panels. Additionally, the AS40 series has an efficient cooling architecture that allows for improved airflow, resulting in longer lifespan and fewer failure rates. The ARM Cortex A72 microarchitecture is used to drive the two 1.6GHz cores of the Marvell 64-bit CPU present within the AS40 series.

AiMaster’s mobile installation process just requires 3 steps! From the ease of your mobile device, you can easily locate your NAS and perform system startup and setup, power control, ADM firmware upgrades, system information, and more. Up to 3 GBps of striving to ensure is possible with the AS40 series of NAS. 

By simultaneously attaching all Ethernet ports (two gigabit and one 10 gigabit) of the AS40 series and turning on the Link Aggregation feature, three gigabit network connections can be combined into one, even without a 10 gigabit switch or NAS router. Based on the monitor resolution, ADM’s dynamically built desktop arrangement can offer the best possible configuration. Users can also enjoy management that closely resembles a tablet device thanks to the easy App arrangement made possible by the grouping function.


  • Easy to configure
  • Fast performance
  • Massive app catalog
  • Tool-free drive installation
  • 10Gb Ethernet


  • noisy
  • Limited I/O ports

6- Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS420+ (Diskless)

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS420+ (Diskless)

Synology NAS storage is a great option for your time machine to achieve your required storage capacity. The Synology DS420+ is intended for home users and IT enthusiasts. One of the best devices for sharing data, video streaming, and photo indexing. Because it has a 2-core processor and integrated M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD slots that are there for cache acceleration. Equipped with a built-in M.2 SSD slots are included on the DS420+ so that you may fully utilize the Synology SSD Cache features. 

Without using front disc bays, add SSD cache for up to 20 times faster I/O response. The DS420+ is powered by Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) OS, a browser-based operating system that makes it easier to manage Synology NAS devices. Its 2GB of DDR4 RAM may be increased to 6GB, and its CPU is a 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron J4025 Dual-Core with a burst frequency of up to 2.9 GHz. Computing-intensive programmes run more quickly on a more powerful NAS CPU. The new 2-core processor improves database response times, web PHP response efficiency, and photo indexing. 

Organize your photo memories into categories with ease, manage files seamlessly between desktops and mobile devices, and take advantage of lightning-fast web applications. Applications that require a lot of computer power run more quickly. The efficiency of online PHP responses, database reaction times, and photo indexing are all improved by the dual-core CPU. 

Organize your photo memories into categories with ease, manage files easily between desktop and mobile devices, and take advantage of quick web applications. With the help of Synology Drive, you can synchronize all of your files across all major operating systems, like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, and access your data from anywhere at any time. Utilize a user-friendly web-based interface to access media content practically anytime and anywhere.


  • Great RAID Options
  • Amazing Apps support 
  • Expandable
  • Full Plex Transcoding
  • Caching options for NVMe SSD
  • Hot-Swap trays


  • Less RAM support 
  • Expensive 

Best NAS For Time Machine Buying Guide

To get sufficient storage capacity you must know everything about the Best NAS For Time Machine. This is a perfect solution to save your data at large scale and access it from different devices. Above mentioned products worthy to consider, we entitled Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS220+ as our best overall NAS. For a precise purchase you can look for the below mentioned factors!

Time Machine Support:

When it comes to the NAS you must check its compatibility with your operating system. Most NAS are Mac support but some of them are not that is why you must ensure its compatibility with Mac. This is a key feature and necessary to back up over one or more Mac devices. In the article we recommend that all NAS that are Mac supported you can easily back up your data. 

User Accounts And Sharing:

When you buy a NAS you must have the ability of creating accounts of individual users. This is necessary because it allows each person in a home or office network to have their private space and access. At the same time they can store their data and conveniently share folders for public access. We have included all the options that enable user account creation and sharing. 

Mobile Device support: 

When you get a new NAS drive you must want to access an app that is used on your iphone or ipad. For backup photos and videos users tend to use iCloud but access to NAS on your mobile will be an attractive feature. Through this feature you also give remote access to everyone and retrieve files over your internet connection. We have included such NAS drives that not only support Macbooks but also give iphone and ipad compatibility. 

File Streaming:

Another feature that needs your attention before making your new NAS purchase. Most of the users utilize their NAS as a central media server for home. Perhaps they want to enjoy videos and games from the console and NAS drive on TV, they can do it by file streaming support of NAS. our recommended products give you such ability, you can try them out for supreme usage experience.       


Lastly, the user must pay attention to reliability when using your NAS for time machines. You can check the reliability by knowing the warranty period your product is baked with. Your purchase is great that provides you with a longer warranty period. Go for a NAS that gives up to 5 years of warranty and also consider built-in RAID support for protection of data. 


Does NAS Work 24/7?

Yes, NAS performs continuous operation 24/7. 

Which Are Better HDDs Or SSDs For NAS?

Both are good for NAS, SSDs are faster than HDDs so you can choose as per your choice. 

How Much Memory Required For NAS?

For basic use of a NAS you can choose RAM of 4 GB to 8 GB, this range is sufficient for an average to high performance. 

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