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Best DDR5 Ram (Cheap, Gaming, Corsair, RGB, 32GB, 16GB, 8GB)

If you are a gamer then you know very well how much the speed of the gaming rig is important. You can get speed via RAM DDR5, the latest and fastest RAM. It’s already been around 4 years since the first signs of DDR5 memory started to emerge.

If you want super fast then upgrade your system with DDR5 RAM. Below is a collection of the best DDR5 RAM, this article will help you regarding the selection of the high-end DDR5 RAM

The memory kit is a  vital component of a computer system because it determines how rapidly the CPU of a computer can perform. With a fast memory, a CPU can be performed fastly, If the memory works slowly the overall performance of the PC can be affected.

A slow memory can create a situation in which the PC continues to wait for a long time to respond to the command. When it comes to fast memory, DDR5 RAM will replace DDR4 in almost every area in the future. 

For various generations of the desktop, DDR has been the standard memory type. It means that memory can transfer data at twice the speed of single data rate memory. DDR4 is the predecessor of DDR5, DDR5 is a type of synchronous dynamic random accessory memory.

Intel is bringing their latest products with a new LGA 1700 socket for updated Z690 chipset motherboards and also the support of new DDR5 RAM. If you are going to choose a new ddr5 compatible motherboard, you should check out the cheapest DDR5 RAM to use with your new 12th Gen Intel CPU. 

The new DDR5 modules give 1.5x faster performance than the standard DDR4-3200 RAM kits. Provides speeds of up to 8,400 MHz, this speed is higher than even the most overclocked DDR4 modules available in the tech market.

DDR5 will also be able to accommodate as much as 128GB capacity per module, a huge uplift when compared to DDR4’s max capacity of 32GB per stack. With double the density and speeds, we see why one might be interested in taking the leap to the new modules.

To eliminate your confusion about which is the budget DDR5 RAM, below is a buying guide, read it and take your decision of the affordable DDR5 RAM.

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Our recommended list of the Best DDR5 Ram

  1. Crucial RAM 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR5 4800MHz
  2. XPG Lancer DDR5 5200MHz 32GB
  3. GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5 RAM, 32GB
  4. TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5 32GB

1. Crucial RAM 16GB Kit DDR5 4800MHz CL40 Desktop Memory

Crucial RAM 16GB Kit DDR5

Understanding how to maintain your computer is the key to keeping it running smoothly. Crucial’s 16GB RAM kit will give you enough storage space for your apps and games, making sure that no matter which one you’re using, there won’t be any lag or frozen screens.

We know what it’s like when apps freeze up, so we’ve made our product easy to install! Just sticking them in the non-ECC type not only prevents issues but also increases efficiency so you can work without worrying about system crashes. Stop talking yourself out of buying quality products because they may not fit with what you need- trust us on this one!

Crucial DDR5 RAM is the new industry standard for high-performing, powerful desktops. Get all your essential apps open quickly with DDR5 memory power on workstations, game rigs, and other desktops that need to perform immediately. 

The game at higher frame rates and run demanding software with nearly 2x the bandwidth of DDR4. Get ready to master the latest PC games, programs, and daily tasks with this Crucial 16GB Kit. You can enjoy blazing speeds at 4800MHz plus less waiting time thanks to being 1.5x faster than the DDR4 memory type.

Additionally, you’ll be able to harness your upcoming and exciting projects thanks in part to the 2 modules of 8GB per kit configuration. Simply plug one module into each slot to install them, no need to reboot because they are DDR5 ram backward compatible. Add in our extensive lifetime warranty and we know you’ll be satisfied with this purchase!

Get this product for a new generation on desktops with easier installation procedures thanks to 288 pin modules on dual channels providing PC performance speeds up to PC538400 and 1.1 voltages required.

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2. XPG Lancer DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Desktop Memory RAM

XPG Lancer DDR5

Here at XPG we’ve been making high-quality memory and storage products for over a decade and we’re always the first in the industry to provide you with next-generation DDR5 DRAM, the Lancer DDR5 is an incredible leap in technology that will blow your computing experience away!

Fret not needlessly about your work or school, when you have this reliable memory kit in the works! Increase the speed of your computer with 32GBs worth of superiority. XPG Lancer DDR5 Memory RAM Kit offers great performance and massive capacity for any assembled system. 

The product has two 8 GB sticks, meaning that the total amount of memory is 16 gigabytes running at 5200 MHz with CL 38-38-38 timings. This means you will be able to game at the best possible settings without having to compromise on how much graphics your computer can render out! All this while not sacrificing speed or timing!

The XPG Lancer DDR5 Memory RAM Module will allow your PC’s visuals to POP off the screen in pixel-perfect clarity because it features 288 pins SDRAM DIMM design, 256-pin interface width, 133 MHz data rate.

The XPG Lancer Gaming Memory is the ultimate upgrade for your desktop gaming. Producing memory speeds over 5200MHz and an overclocking frequency of up to 4500MHz, The heat spreader reduces heat and provides outstanding cooling while avoiding system heating issues during intense use.

Double your capacity by upgrading from DDR4 to DDR5. This module runs on 1.2V so it’s incredibly efficient, giving you more time on a task without sacrificing battery life or proprietary power supply requirements for laptops!

Introducing a new era of memory frequency! The XPG Lancer DDR5 comes with UDIMM 288-Pins Desktop SDRAM Me has an unprecedented 5Gbps per pin data transfer rate with the use of its XPG’s revolutionary 8 channel design. It can do both reading and writing simultaneously, which will help boost your CPU to make it more powerful.

3. GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5 RAM High Speed Desktop Memory

GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5

A new kind of RGB RAM that’s the bomb diggity. GeIL is known for creating high-quality memory and we’re proud to introduce you to our newest innovation, Polaris RGB DDR5 RAMs. These dual-channel 8GB sticks come in a gray package and will provide your system with an endless supply of coolness as they give way to 8000 lumens across 16 million colors, making them perfect for those times when the twerk needs to happen now! 

They can be installed on AMD or Intel Memory sockets that are compatible with it, its speeds reaching 4800 MHz, which make these kicks truly fly right by anything like no one’s business. With a voltage of 1.1 V, you’ll never have data errors again.

The GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5 RAM is engineered and optimized with the latest Intel XMP 3.0 systems and is specifically designed for a wide range of motherboards to boost your build’s high performance across all generations of Core processors – including Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and so on! 

The exceptional patent screening technology we use ensures that we test each IC rigorously in order to guarantee that they will perform reliably throughout your computer’s lifespan. Add some style into your future PC builds with crisp white LED lights or select from multiple patterns such as Heartbeat Effect plus more! GeIL aims to provide you with uncompromised.

The GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5 RAM is uniquely designed with efficient cooling and high speed, looking for a quick performance to make your game the best available. With 32 GB space with  2x modules of 8 GB of memory space, it can be optimized to fit most CPU coolers out there without any mechanical interference.

They are engineered for gaming, video editing, and overclocking. Comes with one DIMM High-Speed Desktop Memory for hardcore gamers/content creators/quality live streamers.

4. TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5 32GB Kit Memory Module Ram


TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5 is their new generation of high-quality and cost-efficient products that will satisfy your needs. This product contains two modules of 16 GB memory for a combined total of 32 GB in the kit with matched speeds and timings at an unbeatable price. With these powerful modules, you’re able to improve the computer performance with ease, without adding any additional expense whatsoever!

The 1.1V UDIMM 288 Pin PC Computer Desktop Memory Module Ram Upgrade offers unmatched reliability, operating at speeds of up to 4800 MHz. It offers huge capacities that are ready to be blown out of the water by any overclocker or speed fanatic who can’t wait for their next challenge.

This 32 GB Memory kit is designed to provide the ultimate memory upgrade solution for Intel SkyLake or Z170 chipset-based overclocked systems that require higher frequencies. These modules are built from highly screened ICs modules selected through our stringent qualification process, leading to more consistent product quality assurance while providing reliable service out in the field. You no longer have to worry!

With a host of XMP2.0 overclocking support, a peak bandwidth that’s double the previous DDR4 standard speeds, and lower voltage requirements to boot! You can have the up-to-date type of memory technology in your beast machine without any power cable adapters, just say what you want! Upgrade the key components in your PC with these elite memory modules from TEAMGROUP. 

The Elite DDR5 32GB Kit has an ECC capability that prevents data corruption from occurring, increasing the durability rate by 30%. The increased fundamental frequency boosts up the voltage that will maintain a consistent performance output as well as structural composition for other components in your PC, increasing its efficiency by 10%. This memory module runs cooler because it has less power consumption rates compared to other types of memory modules. 

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Best DDR5 Memory Buying Guide

The users of the computer system, firstly look for its speed, as it is the most important factor as the performance of the PC depends upon it. You can get a fast speed with the RAM. A fast memory kit delivers better performance, the DDR5 is the super-fast type of memory.

Clock speed:

The performance of the computer needs a fast clock speed to give its max performance. You need high-speed components, the maximum limit of speed then you have maximum performance. The speed of the memory kit of DDR5 is up to 4800 MHz, which is the better range for a gaming PC to perform max. The speed shows how fast computers give respond to the commands. 


A gaming computer has to work hard due to heavy load or AAA games, that is why it got hot. To maintain the temperature of the desktop, you need a strong cooling system. The heat spreaders and heat sinks in the RAM are used for cooling and made with aluminum to provide better heat dissipation.

Memory space:

The capacity of a RAM shows how many commands you can give at a time. The range for the RAM space is 8 GB to 32 GB is a perfect capacity for gaming or even multitasking. You can choose the capacity of the memory according to your need, usage, and budget. 


The RAM comes in different channels, the single-channel, dual, or quad-channel, DDR5 comes in dual modules, for example; you need 16 GB capacity then there are 2 modules of 8 GB memory.


The clock cycles will let you know about the latency and timing of your RAM. Latency is the speed that is taken by RAM to fetch the data in it. It is something that does not need extra money or investment. The built-in versions such as; CL 9, CL 15, CL 16 are considered good latency.


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