About Us

How it all Happened:

I came up with the inspiration for PCBuildComparison when I realized that most websites on the web aren’t providing accurate and useful information about tech products which can mislead people. Plus I also realized that many people must be facing the same dilemma as I as they would have searched the web for useful and genuine tech reviews. 

Hence I came up with the idea of PCBuildComparison to provide honest and unbiased tech reviews to the general public. Most tech review sites on the web just advertise the product for some meager amount of money and in that impartiality is lost. The biased tech reviews written for money mislead people and waste their money. That is why I decided to write my own tech product reviews that would be genuine and unbiased. 

My tech product reviews are useful and geared to help the reader decide if a product suits them or not. So if you want to find what kind of product is best for you then you’ll find PCBuildComparison very useful.


PCBuildComparison.com aims to provide informational and impartial reviews about all kinds of tech products in the style of “Top 10” blogs so that the users will know which product ranks at No.1 position and which at No.10. We do not write paid reviews and believe in reporting mere facts to assist our readers.

We are aware that people want to read comprehensive and honest reviews and that is the kind of content that we create here at PCBuildComparison.com. Plus we know there are hundreds of products in the market and most people do not have time to read tons of reviews to buy just one product. That is why we create the list of top 10 for each product and discuss each item on the list in detail so that the reader can immediately decide which product they want to buy after reading it.

If you are thinking of buying a tech product then come and give PCBuildComparison.com a chance. You’ll yourself notice how superior our reviews are as compared to the rest of the reviews on the web. Please do read a few reviews and share your thoughts.

Our Vision:

We aim to provide unbiased, informational, and genuine tech product reviews to people so that they can make a smart purchase.

Our goal is to become a website that people turn to when they are about to buy a tech product whether it is a simple mouse, a keyboard, a treadmill, or as technical a product as a motherboard; we got you covered.

Our Team:

Mr. Paul Alcorn is the founder of PCBuildComparison.com. He has a diverse knowledge of tech products, trends and he is constantly learning new things. He started this website alone however now it is managed by a team headed by Mr. Paul himself. All members of the team are passionate about sharing authentic and informational tech product reviews and this is why PCBuildComparison.com is trusted by people.  


  • Areesha

    Areesha is a tech enthusiast and a freelance writer who loves to share her insights on the latest gadgets and innovations. She has been reviewing tech products for over five years, covering everything from smartphones, laptops, cameras, smartwatches, headphones, and more. She enjoys testing out new features, comparing different models, and giving honest feedback to her readers. Areesha’s reviews are always informative, engaging, and easy to understand. Whether you are looking for a new device, a gift idea, or just curious about the tech world, Areesha’s reviews will help you make the best decision. You can find her work on various websites and blogs, such as [TechCrunch], [CNET], [The Verge], and [Gizmodo]. You can also follow her on [Twitter] and [Instagram] to get the latest updates on her reviews and projects. Areesha is always open to suggestions and feedback from her audience, so feel free to contact her anytime. She is looking forward to hearing from you!