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Bleach Brave Souls Tier List (PVE, Ichigo, Best Heroes to Use, 6 star, 5 star)

This is out updated and fresh Bleach Brave Souls Tier List 2023: Best All Characters Ranked.

Bleach Brave Souls is a popular anime mobile game based on the Bleach series. With hundreds of playable characters, it can be tough to know which ones are the best to focus on leveling up. This tier list ranks the top heroes in Bleach Brave Souls for PVE (Player vs Environment) and PVP (Player vs Player) gameplay.

What is a Tier List?

A tier list ranks characters into different tiers or levels based on their strength, abilities, and usefulness. S tier is reserved for the best and most powerful characters. B tier lists are strong characters but not quite top tier. C tier characters are average. D tier heroes are considered weak or hard to use effectively.

Knowing the tier list helps players decide which characters to spend time investing in. Focus on leveling up top tier characters first before working on lower tier ones.

Bleach Brave Souls PVE Tier List

Here are the best characters for clearing PVE content like story mode and events:

S Tier (Best for PVE)

  • 5th Anniversary Ichigo – Getsuga Tensho version. High SP and boost.
  • Tokinada Tsunayashiro – Incredible damage and speed.
  • CFYOW Nnoitora Gilga – Fast normals, huge AOE attacks.
  • TYBW Aizen – Strong attacks hit repeatedly.
  • TYBW Uryu Ishida – Rapid CDR and paralysis on all attacks.

A Tier

  • TYBW Ichigo – High damage and boost with transformed state.
  • CFYOW Grimmjow – Fast CDR, boost and gap closing attacks.
  • TYBW Yoruichi – Teleport and rapid multi-hit strong attacks.
  • CS White Ichigo – Devastating full screen third strong attack.
  • TYBW Renji – Boost and burn on all his attacks.

B Tier

  • TYBW Byakuya – Good range and damage but slower.
  • TYBW Toshiro – Freeze on all attacks helps control mobs.
  • CFYOW Zommari – Speed and boost but lacks AOE damage.
  • TYBW Rukia – Freeze and boost, but tricky to use at full potential.
  • CGS Mayuri – Poison on everything and good AOE attacks.

Bleach Brave Souls PVP Tier List

For PVP and climbing to higher leagues, these characters dominate:

S Tier (Best for PVP)

  • Jugram Haschwalth – Balance and barrier disruption make him hard to kill.
  • Ichibei Hyosube – Strong attacks with debilitating status effects.
  • SAFWY Kenpachi – Flurry, poise and high ATK stats.
  • CFYOW Stark – Rapid fire normal string and strong attacks.
  • Oh-Etsu – Boost, drain and confusion on everything.

A Tier

  • Tokinada – Fast, high damage and boost. But lower bulk.
  • TYBW Aizen – Deadly strong attacks and paralysis on everything.
  • CS White Ichigo – Devastating SAs and boost with transformation.
  • TLA Kenpachi – High ATK and poise with boost.
  • TYBW Soi Fon – Very fast normals and strong attacks.

B Tier

  • TYBW Byakuya – Still good but slower than top tiers.
  • TYBW Toshiro – Freeze helps lock enemies down.
  • CFYOW Grimmjow – Gap closing attacks but lower bulk.
  • Belief Tousen – Rapid multi-hit strongs and boost.
  • Parasol Aizen – Confusion on attacks but weaker overall.

6 Star Characters

6 star characters are the highest rarity and offer the best stats and abilities. Some 5 star characters can be evolved into 6 stars through special evolution items.

Here are some top tier PVE and PVP 6 star characters:


  • 5th Anniversary Ichigo
  • Tokinada
  • CFYOW Nnoitora
  • TYBW Aizen
  • TYBW Uryu


  • Jugram Haschwalth
  • Ichibei
  • SAFWY Kenpachi
  • CFYOW Stark
  • Oh-Etsu

Aim to evolve your best 5 star characters into these powerful 6 star versions to clear PVE content faster and compete in higher PVP leagues.

5 Star Characters

While 6 stars are ideal, many great 5 star characters can still clear endgame PVE content and be used effectively in PVP.

Some standout 5 star characters include:


  • TYBW Ichigo
  • CS White Ichigo
  • CGS Mayuri
  • TYBW Byakuya
  • TYBW Toshiro


  • TYBW Aizen
  • CS White Ichigo
  • TLA Kenpachi
  • TYBW Soi Fon
  • CFYOW Grimmjow

With the right accessories and links, these 5 stars can perform very well until you can evolve them into 6 star versions.

Ichigo in PVE and PVP

As the main protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki has many powerful versions in Bleach Brave Souls:


  • 5th Anniversary Ichigo (S Tier) – Getsuga Tensho version. Highest SP and boost for insane damage.
  • TYBW Ichigo (A Tier) – Loses Getsuga boost but gains transformed state. Still top tier PVE character.
  • CS White Ichigo (A Tier) – Devastating full screen 3rd SA. Tier 1 link for bonus crystal drop rate.


  • CS White Ichigo (A Tier) – Transformation gives him boost and higher stats for PVP viability.
  • TYBW Ichigo (B Tier) – Lacks the tools to compete in higher PVP leagues but usable.

Prioritize evolving either 5th Anniversary or TYBW Ichigo to 6 stars first depending on your focus. Their PVE and PVP viability stays top tier after evolving.

F2P Friendly Characters

As a freemium game, you can play Bleach Brave Souls for free but spending money makes progress faster. However, some characters are easily obtainable as F2P (Free to Play):


  • Medal Exchange Ichigo – Older but still usable. Buy copies to transcend from medals.
  • Bond Kisuke Urahara – Free from sub-story quests. Great normal attack damage and range.
  • Frenzy Byakuya Kuchiki – Free 6 star from Frenzy events. Boost and freeze on attacks.


  • Medal Exchange Tatsuki – Strong attacks disable and prevent soul bombs.
  • Free Renji Abarai – Older but still usable in lower PVP leagues.
  • Free Blue Rukia – Freeze and boost, usable as a starter PVP character.

Focus on maxing out these characters as newer players until summoning better gacha characters.

How Character Links Affect Tier List Positions

A character’s link skills can move them up or down the tier list. Examples:

  • TYBW Ichigo – Gains extra value as a PVE link for bonus crystal drops.
  • Bond Uryu – High SP and CDR link makes him a top PVE support link.
  • WeaKEN – 30% damage reduction link critical for PVP tanks.
  • CS Momo – Heal link necessary for certain GQ and Senkaimon stages.

So while a character may seem average at first glance, their link skills can make them far more useful in certain game modes.

Important Questions

Who is the strongest character in Bleach: Brave Souls?

The strongest character currently in Bleach: Brave Souls is 5th Anniversary Ichigo in his Getsuga Tensho form. With the highest SP stats, boost, and devastating strong attacks, he dominates as the top PVE damage dealer. Other contenders include Tokinada, CFYOW Nnoitora, TYBW Aizen, and Oh-Etsu.

What is the best 5 star in Bleach: Brave Souls?

For PVE, the best 5 star character is TYBW Ichigo. He gains a transformed state that further boosts his stats and abilities. CS White Ichigo is also up there with his full screen 3rd strong attack. For PVP, CS White Ichigo, TYBW Aizen, TLA Kenpachi, and TYBW Soi Fon stand out as top tier 5 stars.

How do you increase your rank in Bleach: Brave Souls?

To increase your account rank, focus on maxing out both the level and soul tree of as many characters as possible. Evolving characters to 6 stars will give a big rank boost. Completing story and event quests also raises your account rank. The higher the rank, the more stamina your account can have.

Is resurrecting good in Bleach: Brave Souls?

Yes, resurrecting older characters is very good in Bleach Brave Souls. It makes them viable for endgame content again. Resurrection gives them a stat boost, newer skills, and a secondary trait. Characters like Red Kenpachi, Mind Toshiro, and Heart Byakuya become powerful after resurrecting. It’s a great way to improve your roster over time.

In Closing

This Bleach Brave Souls tier list highlights the best characters for clearing PVE content and dominating PVP matches. Focus on summoning and leveling up top tier characters first before working on lower tiers. And remember to factor in a character’s link skills as that can elevate their usefulness. Check back as new characters get added over time!


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