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Best NAS For Small Business (Synology NAS, Backup, Qnap)

Since every company requires backup storage and data management, we gathered some of the Best NAS For Small Business. A device that can hold data files and grants access to multiple users to post and get information from a centralized disk is called Network Attached Storage (NAS). As industries and businesses tend to grow from home to mid-sized companies, the owners need a place where they can safely store and access the data from anywhere at any time. So, NAS is a great choice as it is a cloud based storage and costs less than actual cloud solutions. 

Some attributes should be pondered over when looking for a NAS server for a small enterprise as they can make or break the customer’s experience. Firstly, the processor should be of a great model like Ryzen V1500B that is used in Synology’s DiskStation DS1621+ server. Talking about the operating system, our suggested component, the QNAP TS-433 has the best option i-e: QTS 5.0 which gives great performance to the users. It is baked on Linux kernel 5.10 that gives better security and supports AMD improvements.

Moving on, RAM plays a vital role in the NAS server, our recommended option has a 4 GB RAM which is more than enough for a mid-sized enterprise. Though if you want more RAM space, take a look at the QNAP TS-1655 as it has 8 GB of RAM. Now, consider the actual storage capacity of the NAS server as it is supposed to keep all of the user’s data; minimum storage amount is 128 GB in this article that belongs to QNAP TS-1655. Maximum quantity allowed by the Synology DiskStation DS1621+ is 108 TB which is a lot for a small business. 

Lastly, some kind of connectivity options like USB ports should be present as it makes it easier for the user to link other gadgets. In a nutshell, these features should be at least considered before making a purchase. Take a look at the detailed evaluation of some best fitted NAS for small enterprises. 

Our Recommended list of the Best NAS For Small Business

  1. QNAP 4 Bay NAS (TS-433-4G-44S)
  2. BUFFALO LinkStation 220 8TB 2-Bay NAS
  3. Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621+
  4. QNAP TS-1655-8G-US 16 Bay
  5. WD 24TB My Cloud EX4100 Expert Series 4-Bay

NAS Requirements For Small Business

  • At least 800 NHz CPU speed
  • Minimum Armada 370 processor
  • At least 256 MB RAM
  • 128 GB storage minimal 
  • Connectivity options should be present

1- QNAP 4 Bay NAS (TS-433-4G-44S)

QNAP 4 Bay NAS (TS-433-4G-44S)

QNAP offers NAS and NVR solutions to small business owners and home usage, so we take their TS-433 NAS server as it has notable traits. Using an ARM Cortex-A55 quad-core processor and QTS 5.0 OS, it has the ability to support small occupations like real estate and freelancing. Based on a tower design, this NAS server is suitable for home usage as well as for entrepreneurs. CPU speed of 2.0 GHz is obtained by the processor which in turn gives swift performance to the customers. Secure your data and access them remotely with MyQNACloud technology.

RAM of 4 GB DDR4 and 4 bays are integrated in this server that when combined give an increased storage to the users. In this deal, four 4 TB Seagate IronWolf drives come pre-installed and are already configured with the RAID 5 which gives hassle-free plug and play usage. Furthermore, these drives have a 3 year rescue data recovery service plan that covers any damages to these components. Connectivity options include 3 USB ports, 1 1GbE port and 1 2.5GbE port that  makes sure other devices can be easily linked and gives high data transfer rate. 

Since the information used by small businesses is vital for their work, they can effectively use the TS-433 NAS server as a backup. If you are using windows, it will be done by the QNAP’s NetBak Replicator; while in Apple products, this function will be performed by the Time Machine software. QNAP’s T-433 NAS server is a great choice for users as it is an affordable piece of machinery and can be beneficial for them in the long run.


  • Compact and appealing design
  • 2.5 Gbps speed
  • Supports RAID
  • Latest OS
  • Budget friendly


  • M.2 slot is absent

2- BUFFALO LinkStation 220 8TB 2-Bay NAS

BUFFALO LinkStation 220 8TB 2-Bay NAS

Buffalo technology is known for creating storage solutions, network components and NAS systems. Here, we consider their LinkStation 220 NAS server and its amazing features like 2 drive bays. Consisting of a Marvell Armada 370 ARM processor and compatibility with Windows and Mac OS, this server is great household usage. As the hard drive is included in the server, it has a simple and easy installation process that can be available instantly for data sharing. Moreover, the customer can store their business files and records on the personal cloud without paying any fee.

Having a RAM of 256 MB with DDR3 type, it is capable of performing fast and quick operations. Moreover, the NAS CPU speed of the LinkStation 220 is around 800 MHz which is more than enough for swift functioning. Storage quantity of 8 TB is provided to the customer which is enough for a mid-size enterprise. RAID 0 and 1 support is also granted in this server that allows the user access to full storage as well as data protection. 

Since this is a NAS server, the user has all their records and data in a central storage so they can easily fetch the needed information. Made in Japan using high quality materials, this server is suitable for small enterprise owners and home usage. LinkStation 220 also includes a 2 year warranty which covers the hard drives as well so that the user does not stress about repairs.


  • Simple and appealing design
  • Mobile applications 
  • RAID 0 and 1 support
  • 8 TB storage 
  • Includes hard drives 


  • Low powered 
  • Only 1 USB port

3- Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621+

Synology 6 bay NAS DiskStation DS1621+

Here we discuss Synology’s NAS server, the DiskStation DS1621+ that has 166 mm x 282 mm x 243 mm dimensions in height, width and depth accordingly. AMD Ryzen V1500B quad-core processor and 6 drive bays are integrated in this device that gives accelerated performance. With CPU speed of 2.2 GHz, it is able to give swift function processing. Moreover, it grants 174% 4K random read IOPS and 76% swift write speeds in comparison to its predecessor. You can scale-up to 16 drives with 2 DX517 expansion units that makes expansion easy in case more storage is needed. 

A RAM amount of 4 GB with DDR4 memory type is used in this server that is more than enough for entrepreneurs while the maximum allowed RAM is 32 GB. Storage capacity of 108 TB is maximum allowed in this server which is enough for small as well as big businesses. LAN ports of 4 count, 3 USB ports, Dual M.2 2280 slots and 1 PCIe 3.0 slot are present in this server that increases the bandwidth and makes linking other devices easier. Two fans are present that cool down the component and have full speed, cool and quiet modes.  

For increasing the network bandwidth of this infrastructure, 10 GbE SFP+ is added which is a plus point for users. Though the DiskStation DS1621+ is affordable, upgrades cost more money when the component needs updating. In the end, this NAS is a great selection as it protects the data with Synology Active Backup suite and Hyper backup techniques. 


  • Power and efficient processor
  • SSD caching
  • USB ports and PCIe slot 
  • Affordable
  • 108 TB max storage 


  • No 2.5 GbE 
  • Upgrades are expensive 

4- QNAP TS-1655-8G-US 16 Bay

QNAP TS-1655-8G-US 16 Bay

Another NAS server from QNAP is the TS-1655 which contains several notable features that are beneficial for users. Intel Atom C-5125 8 core processor that gives a scalable and secure storage that is available for collaboration among peers. CPU speed of 2.2 GHz is achieved at max by this processor that results in fast performance. It is a top-class backup server that supports restore/backup of VMs and cloud data. Moreover, the user can make a disaster recovery plan using QNAP’s snapshot solution.

For speedy operations and swift request handling, 8 GB DDR4 RAM is provided that results in speedy processing. Maximum memory of this NAS server is 128 GB with ECC support which is great for a small enterprise. Connectivity options include 2 2.5 GbE, 3 PCIe 3.0, 1 10 Gb and 1 25 Gb ports that give fast file access. SSD caching and AI acceleration is provided by 2 M.2 NVMe PCIe gen 3 slots or Coral M.2 accelerator for speedy recognition of images. 

Cost of the TS-1655 NAS server is reasonable enough for users as it gives efficient performance. Moreover, this component gives optimized collaboration with smooth data sharing and sync. Also, it has QM2 cards that increase the performance of the applications which is a bonus point for users. 


  • Great performance 
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 128 GB storage
  • Intel Atom C-5125 8 core processor


  • Expensive when compared to its competitors

5- WD 24TB My Cloud EX4100 Expert Series 4-Bay

WD 24TB My Cloud EX4100 Expert Series 4-Bay

Western Digital (WD) manufactures high quality computer related products like hard drives, memory cards and NAS servers. One of their products is the My Cloud EX4100 Expert series that has 4 drive bays that are hot swappable and have a tray-less design. Marvell Armada 388 dual core processor with 1.6 GHz speed is used in this component that gives fast data processing speed. Since it is a NAS server, the user can access their data from anywhere at any time which is beneficial for small enterprise owners. 

RAM of 2 GB and DDR3 type is used in this server which provides the user with fast data handling. This NAS server gives the customer 24 TB of storage quantity which is great for a mid sized company as well as home usage. RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 or JBOD is available which gives writing ability across multiple drives inside the same system of storage. Connectivity options offered in this device includes 3 USB 3.0 ports, 2 GB ethernet and 2 power inlets. 

Backup software is integrated for PC users and Time Machine support for NAS Mac users which makes it compatible with both Apple and Intel. Price of the My Cloud EX4100 might be a bit high for some people but it is justified by the storage capacity as well as efficient performance. This server is one of the best NAS for medium businesses as it is fully capable of supporting such environments. 


  • Excellent performance
  • Great features
  • LCD display
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet 
  • USB ports


  • No eSATA port

Best NAS For Small BusinessBuying Guide

One of the easiest and secure ways to store your business or personal data is to use a NAS server as it contains a lot of stunning attributes. Entrepreneurs, videographers, photographers and many small companies can rely on this component for managing and storing their data. In our opinion, the best NAS for small businesses is the QNAP TS-433 NAS server as it consists of great features like 4 TB storage and comes at a reasonable price tag. We understand there are many a few important traits the customer should be aware of before buying such high tech components. So, we listed these attributes to make the decision process easier for users. 


Processor plays a vital role in a NAS server as it is a full fledged computer system and works efficiently. Most powerful CPU model in this list is the Ryzen V1500B which is used in Synology’s  DiskStation DS1621+ server. Though, our suggested choice has a ARM Cortex-A55 quad-core processor that has a 2.0 GHz speed. This choice is upon the user’s preference and needs and whether they want a speedy system or not. 

Storage Quantity

RAM is a vital trait in a NAS system as it determines how many tasks can the system perform simultaneously. Our recommended option has 4 GB RAM integrated in its NAS server which is advantageous for a mid-sized company. Though if you want a bigger RAM, consider the QNAP TS-1655 which has 8 GB RAM.

Since businesses contain a lot of data and information about their customers and products, they need a large amount of storage. This article has NAS servers where the storage ranges from 128 GB to 108 TB maximum quantity so the user can choose any of these components according to their needs. 


This is an important feature for some people as it maintains links with other devices. USB ports, M.2 slots and PCIe slots are a few options that are available in the mentioned products. Our suggested NAS server, the QNAP TS-433 NAS server has 3 USB ports which is enough for mid level companies. 

Backup or Working off of 

Users should decide whether they are working on the NAS server itself or using it as a storage component as it sets the tone of the customer’s buying needs. Businesses are not confined to just one option so it depends on the customer’s usage and how they are planning to use the NAs server. 


Is NAS Good For Small Business?

Yes, NAS gives small businesses many advantages like data protection, backup and great management. 

Which NAS Is Best For Small Business?

Although there are many options, we suggest the QNAP TS-433 NAS server. 

What Is The Disadvantage of NAS?

Main issue with NAS servers is that it is hard to scale as more users can reduce the LAN speed and in turn the performance.

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