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Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking (Cheap Butterfly Clicking Mice)

The best mouse for butterfly clicking is specially made for gamers. So every professional game wants to buy it because it helps to play games fast. 

Professional gamers use a variety of methods when playing. Butterfly clicking is one of the most common and well-liked tactics.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll agree that having a higher CPS than your opponents always helps you win. Butterfly clicking can make a big difference during hard gameplay, especially for Minecraft players. It’s a typical strategy used by most gamers to outperform their opponents. 

Butterfly clicking is a gameplay method that requires more than a conventional computer mouse to execute. Traditional computer mice lack the durability and grip required for this method. Furthermore, their buttons are not durable enough to endure a long time, leaving less space for butterfly clicking.

However, there are certain actions while gaming that need many mouse clicks. Therefore, increasing the CPS, or clicks per second, is the main goal. One of these ways is butterfly clicking. It entails utilizing two fingers on the main key ( index and middle fingers) to perform the motion.

When done correctly, Butterfly clicking allows you to receive a lot of CPS. It’s a useful ability to have, especially in games like Minecraft, where you need to register as many clicks as possible in the quickest amount of time.

On the other hand, Butterfly clicking requires a mouse that is designed specifically for this approach. It will be easy to click the button faster if you use the correct mouse. It’s similar to selecting the proper tennis shoe for a tennis player. So, be careful while purchasing a mouse. Below, we have selected the high-demand device and written a buyer guide that helps you buy a product.

Our recommended list of the Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

  1. Glorious RGB Gaming Mouse, (GD-Black)
  2. ROCCAT ‎ROC-11-820-WE Kone AIMO PC Gaming Mouse
  3. Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse (GO-Black)
  4. HyperX ‎HX-MC005B Pulsefire Raid – Gaming Mouse
  5. Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse
  6. SteelSeries Sensei 32432 Gaming Mouse
  7. Logitech G203 Wired Gaming Mouse

1- Glorious RGB Gaming Mouse, (GD-Black)

Glorious RGB Gaming Mouse, (GD-Black)

This Glorious Gaming Mouse is one of the most advanced wireless gaming mice on the market. This mouse is designed for fast, fluid movement in the mind. Its gaming-inspired design allows it to be used comfortably with any hand size—the most advanced wireless mouse on the market with a smooth glide, responsive performance, and no-slip grip.

This model D is a gaming mouse that features a very elegant shape with simple but sleek lines designed to catch the eye of any gamer looking for a stunning mouse. Get in control with the perfect weight and shape with this truly great gaming mouse.

The Glorious Skates mouse features the latest RGB lighting technology. The Glorious Skates PTFE glide pad powers this mouse’s light effects. It glides perfectly on all surfaces, even on ice.

The Glorious Skates mouse features two buttons that allow you to control the speed and direction of your movement. At the same time, you can press and release the button simultaneously to get a smooth scrolling movement.

The most advanced gaming mouse globally, the Glorious Model D is built for speed, control, and comfort. The mouse features a futuristic look that gives it an unparalleled look to any computer system. The lightweight design produces a drag-free wireless feel that allows smooth movement on all surfaces.

In addition, the glistening effect illuminates the surface you’re on, so your hands are lit up in style. Get an edge with this futuristic gaming mouse and see for yourself just how it performs on the battlefield.

2- ROCCAT ‎ROC-11-820-WE Kone AIMO PC Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT ‎ROC-11-820-WE Kone AIMO PC Gaming Mouse

The ROCCAT Kone AIMO is the ultimate gaming mouse. The Kone AIMO is unique for its two major innovations: an advanced optical sensor and three independently configurable lighting zones. Loved by gamers, the Kone AIMO is already a success in the marketplace. 

The mouse was designed to maximize gaming performance and comfort. With a reduced height and contoured shape, we have succeeded in offering a top-level gaming mouse while retaining optimal usability during extended sessions. Sleek lines, rubberized side grips, and a comfortable ergonomic shape help ensure long hours of enjoyment. The Kone AIMO also serves as an excellent tool for everyday use: it features a two-way Scroll Wheel, a customizable DPI setting (up to 12000), and a 3-key macro-control system.

A modern look and feel have been added to the iconic Kone shape, but the most important feature is still there. The Kone AIMO features five independently configurable lighting zones, accessible by a single button. Configured by gamers themselves, these lighting zones allow for seamless lighting transitions and perfect lighting ergonomics. In addition, this mouse has an exclusive new design that is as sturdy and reliable as ever before.

Its surface is covered in small rubber plates that make it resistant to dirt and dust. This ergonomic mouse combines high-quality materials with the best possible shape for perfect control and optimum comfort. The shape of the mouse has been adjusted to be comfortable for long periods of use, and the Kone AIMO works very well in any hand size.

3- Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse (GO-Black)

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse (GO-Black)

The Glorious Model O is a great gaming mouse. Weighing in at around 1.5 ounces, it is perfect for anyone needing a truly light mouse. The smooth glide of the Glorious Model O is only surpassed by its incredible speed and accuracy. A comfortable ambidextrous shape and braided cord provide ultimate ease of use, deliver extreme comfort and effortless control.Make your mouse move easier and faster than ever before. This mouse is built with a braided cord designed to reduce any drag that might cause you to lose control of your cursor. Try it out today, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse is a product that is part of our 30-day money-back guarantee. So you will enjoy a hassle-free way to play today. This model has a sleek design that will complement any gaming style. The anti-fraying cable is durable and allows for a smooth, silent connection between the mouse and the computer. No more tangled cords get in the way, and make this product one you’ll reach for time and time again.

This mouse is designed to enhance the user’s gaming experience with a medium to large size. It is made with a seamless, flush-mounting style that provides an ultralightweight feel and prevents the cord from creating any drag. In addition, the gaming mouse features an ambidextrous design that allows for easy usage by both right-handed and left-handed individuals.

Our award-winning Glorious Gaming Mouse has a more detailed user manual. In addition, this mouse has five buttons that are highly configurable and fully programmable. For example, the scroll wheel can be programmed with the buttons to act like a scroll wheel or even a new button. So it’s highly configurable and can fit your style.

4- HyperX ‎HX-MC005B Pulsefire Raid – Gaming Mouse

HyperX ‎HX-MC005B Pulsefire Raid – Gaming Mouse

The HyperX Pulsefire Raid is powerful, precise, and incredibly comfortable. The speed, accuracy, and performance this mouse deliver make it a must-have for any gamer. The Pixart 3389 can deliver incredible performance at extreme speeds with the click of a button.

Customize your mouse to perform with the advanced customization software included. With the most advanced sensor in the industry, advanced customization software, and tested gaming technology, you’ll have the edge over your competition in any game.

This mouse has 11 buttons that can be programmed to any function through the advanced HyperX Ngenuity software. It’s more responsive, comfortable, and durable than conventional mice.

The lightweight design and split-button design give it a fantastic feel when in use. With a high-quality Pixart sensor and advanced customization using HyperX Ngenuity, these mice deliver great performance. LED lighting in the side grips gives an extra element of customization.

It has been a gaming innovator since 2001. It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve revolutionized the gaming mouse with the Pulsefire Raid. The Pulsefire is an 11-button programmable mouse that’s not just built for gaming, it’s built for you.

With advanced customization options in the included HyperX NGenuity software, it’s easy to make your dream mouse a reality. The side grips are designed for comfort, and the split-button design provides extreme responsiveness in every game.

At the heart of the Pulsefire mouse is Pixart’s optical sensor, which is designed to deliver precision tracking and responsive performance. The mouse also features three RGB zones for lighting effects, as well as a profile system that allows for quick and easy customization using the HyperX NGenuity software.

5- Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Inspired by professional gamers, this gaming mouse takes great performance and gaming precision to a whole new level. The stylish design features a sleek black and red color scheme ideal for any gamer. Razer Chroma lighting adds an extra level of visual appeal with customizable colors that can be synced across compatible devices.

It features 3x faster mechanical switches with 20K DPI and 32-bit ARM processor custom logic, giving you an edge over your enemies. A customizable switch layout lets you unleash your full gaming potential. The intuitive ergonomic shape ensures comfort during extended sessions while the high-resolution optical sensor tracks at up to 6G acceleration.

It has a custom DPI level setting that can be adjusted from 400 to 7000DPI. The Razer DeathAdder V2 revolutionizes the way people play games, by providing extreme detail and performance. It is easy to move, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally tilting or dropping your mouse. It has a higher 30G acceleration and a unique rubber scroll wheel that allows you to scroll without lifting your finger.

The DeathAdder V2 Mouse was designed to be sleek and flexible. The next generation of Razer’s legendary gaming mouse, the DeathAdder V2, features a specially-designed optical sensor with a 20K optical DPI resolution, making it capable of tracking movements up to 3x faster than traditional mechanical switches.

The high-performance sensor delivers smooth cursor control with less hardware required, while the 8-button layout gives you quick access to the most common commands and macros. The built-in Chroma RGB lighting system enables you to customize your personal-favorite lighting effects for any game – including breathing and breathing synchronization for an immersive gaming experience. The tough, drag-free cord makes cable management easy, and the anti-slip feet keep your mouse in place.

6- SteelSeries Sensei 32432 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei 32432 Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a gaming mouse with a comfortable ambidextrous design. An immersive 12000 CPI and 350 IPS 0-to-400 IPS optical tracking is the foundation of powerful performance and greater accuracy.

The Prism RGB lighting system allows you to choose from 16.8 million colors, and the two light zones allow for incredible customization. For gamers who want an ambidextrous mouse that’s ready for battle, the SteelSeries Sensei 310 will provide superior control and accuracy.

RGB color is bringing up your game. Perfect for esports gamers, this mouse is built with an extremely precise optical sensor and a TrueMove3 12000 CPI, 350 IPS movement sensor that delivers 1-to-1 tracking. A two-zone, multi-color Prism RGB illumination allows the user to adjust the lighting to fit their gaming style. The mouse’s ambidextrous design gives gamers options for either a claw or palm grip.

The Sensei 310 gaming mouse is a powerful and versatile device that is constructed from the ground up for maximum speed and control in both wired and wireless configurations.

The innovative design enables a truly customizable experience thanks to the two-zone RGB illumination. Use an intuitive software suite to create a customized look that complements individual preferences. It features an esports-grade sensor with 12,000 CPI and 350 IPS that provides precise tracking capabilities. 

This mouse offers two customizable buttons that are accessible through the side or rear of the mouse, enabling gaming controls to be reassigned by simply turning the mouse upside down.

The standard right-handed design features a biomechanical grip style with rubberized sides, giving users one of the most comfortable experiences when it comes to gaming mice.

7- Logitech G203 Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G203 Wired Gaming Mouse

Get a full spectrum of color from the Logitech G203 gaming mouse. The Logitech G203 Optical gaming mouse combines classic design with cutting-edge technology. The simple and comfortable 6-button layout and classic design are time-tested and beloved designs.

The ergonomically shaped mouse is built to fit your hand just right. Its dual mode buttons are programmable to control your in-game and web browsing navigation. Plus, the Logitech Gaming Software makes it easy to customize the RGB Lighting on your mouse to match your favorite games, apps, and websites.

Keep your gaming in sync with the Logitech G203 Lightsync RGB Gaming Mouse. This multi-colored mouse is part of a unique mouse series that makes it easy for everyone to play in style. This wired gaming mouse features a fluid, responsive design that lets you play with style. In addition, its logo and light-up lettering will catch the attention of your opponents and make them feel that little bit of pressure.

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking Buyer Guide


When butterfly clicking, you are practically pushing the button 20–25 times, which is why you should look for elements that will assist you in doing so. Make sure the buttons are soft and easy to press. They must have a shallow activation and a secure grip that allows two fingers to be comfortably placed. They’re important because they can generate multiple bounces when pressed in a specific way, they can generate multiple bounces.


Measure the size of your hands before choosing a mouse to verify that you have the best grip possible. Also, make sure you purchase a mouse with the proper orientation. The majority of mouse are designed for right-handed persons. If you’re left-handed, check for ambidextrous mouse or left-handed mice.

Ergonomic design:

Gamers frequently spend hours upon hours playing. Therefore it’s critical that the hand remains in a comfortable position. As a result, you should purchase a mouse with an ergonomic design for butterfly clicking.

Wired or wireless:

To avoid input lag, most gamers prefer to use a wired mouse. On the other hand, some wireless gaming mouse has a very fast response rate, matching the clicks per second of your butterfly clicking.


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