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Best NAS for Video Editing (Qnap, 8K, Storage)

For videographers and photographers, the best NAS for video editing are listed as these people often run out of storage. Network Attached Storage is a file storage that allows multiple users to send and receive data and files from a single disk capacity. Main benefits of using this technology are that it can be accessed from anywhere, has low cost, secured data and gives increased storage quantity. As we are writing this article for users who work with video editing softwares, it is necessary for them to be aware of which attributes should be present in their server. 

Firstly, we take the CPU model as it provides data computing power and management to the users. Our suggested choice, Synology DiskStation DS718+ NAS server, has the Intel Celeron J3455 which has better performance than its competitors. Moving on, we ponder over the operating system since files in NAS are managed by an OS that is portable and has a user-friendly interface. DS1618+ NAS server has a DSM OS and is based on Linux’s operating system which gives great performance to its users. 

Now, we talk about the storage issue as it is the reason people want NAS in the first place. If you have a career in videography, take a look at the Synology RackStation RS1219+ iSCSI NAS server as it has the highest capacity i-e: 16 TB. However if this is too much for you, again consider the DiskStation DS718+ NAS server since it has 8 TB of storage. Moreover, some components have connectivity options like USB, HDMI and audio jacks which is a plus point for customers. 

To summarize all that has been stated, the decision to choose the appropriate NAS server is upon the user as per their priorities. Most of these products are affordable, so scroll down for a detailed evaluation of a few selected NAS servers. 

Our Recommended list of the best NAS for video editing

  1. Synology DiskStation DS1618+ NAS Server
  2. Synology DiskStation DS718+ NAS Server
  3. QNAP TVS-1282T3 Ultra-High Speed
  4. QNAP Ultra-High Speed TVS-472XT
  5. Synology 5 bay Expansion Unit DX517 (Diskless)
  6. Synology RackStation RS1219+ iSCSI NAS Server

NAS Requirements Video Editing

  • Minimum Atom processor
  • At least 1.5 GHz CPU speed
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • 6 TB minimum storage
  • At least DSM operating system
  • Connectivity options should be available.

1- Synology DiskStation DS1618+ NAS Server

Synology DiskStation DS1618+ NAS Server

Synology is a popular brand that produces high quality surveillance products and offers cloud based services to its users. Here, we discuss their DiskStation SD1618+ server that is made for NAS based work and can be used personally and business wise. Having an all black color and an Atom C3538 model for CPU (made by Intel), it can fully support user’s work like digital designing and video editing. Moreover, it has a CPU speed of 2.1 GHz which gives high processing rate as well as efficiency performance. 

Consisting of a DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, designed to work with Synology NAS servers. DS1618+ server can play a lot of roles and act like a file storage, domain controllers and a backup as per the user’s preference. Memory of 6 TB SSD for ultimate quick storage and 32 GB RAM is present that makes the server a great choice for videographers. Furthermore, connectivity options like 2 SATA ports, 3 USB 3.0 ports and 1 GbE LAN port are available so that the customer can link many devices with this component. 

Cost of the DS1618+ NAS server is reasonable when compared to its opponents, thus making it a good deal. Though the memory slots and hard disk does not come pre-installed, it is simple enough for a customer to install these themselves. This NAS server contains lots of technologies like AES 256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication to secure the user’s data and information. Active Backup Suite and Cloud Station Suite are also offered that are prioritized by both business and homeowners. 


  • Excellent performing hardware
  • Supports VMWare 
  • PCIe Slot upgrades 
  • Appealing build
  • 6 TB SSD memory 
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat noisy
  • Upgrading costs more money

2- Synology DiskStation DS718+ NAS Server

Synology DiskStation DS718+ NAS Server

Another product from Synology is the DiskStation DS718+ NAS server made to be used by people for storing data, email server, backup system and domain controllers. Build using an all-black color and having dimensions 19 x 17 x 8 inches of length, width and height respectively. Intel Celeron J3455 with a quad core CPU is provided with a DSM operating system so that the customer can easily manipulate the settings of the component. CPU speed of 1.5 GHz is granted for swift task processing and more work is done by the users. 

Particular server has 8 TB HDD for high capacity storage and 8 GB RAM is present, which is more than enough for people working with video editing softwares. Connectivity ports like 3 SATA ports, 3 USB 3.0 ports and 1 GbE LAN port are offered so that linking other devices is easier for customers. Synology’s NAS server is delivered in a sealed box so that no damages are sustained by the gadget. Since the hard drive and memory are not installed as the previous product, the user has to install these parts themselves. 

Upon testing, the DS718+ NAS server gave exceptional results in data transferring and sharing. Resulting in being one of the best NAS for video editing and digital content creators as they require much more storage than normal users. Price of this server is a bit much for some users, however, it is a great investment for small business owners. 


  • Exceptional performance
  • Several ports 
  • Good number of applications 
  • 4K video Plex transcoding 
  • Simple installation process


  • Expensive

3- QNAP TVS-1282T3 Ultra-High Speed

QNAP TVS-1282T3 Ultra-High Speed

QNAP is famous for creating solutions for NAS based products that can be used by various types of users like for business and personal usage. As the videographer’s and content creator’s data is valuable, it is necessary for them to store it safely. So we take the TVS-1282T3 server having QTS 4.3 OS and 12.59 x 14.56 x 9.23 inches of length, width and height accordingly. Intel Core i7-7700 processor is provided in this server that has 3.6 GHz CPU speed that gives fast processing of user requests. QRM+ unified remote server management is supported and is responsible for managing several QNAP NASs, VM and container apps and storage for visualization.

RAM of 32 GB and 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports are integrated in this NAS server which grants the user sufficient storage as well as 40 Gbps bandwidth. Also granting the customer a quick file sharing system and on the spot video editing properties. Maximum RAM allowed by this gadget is 64 GB and can be purchased separately by the user. Furthermore, 3 PCIe expansion slots, 2 M.2 SATA slots, supports various versions of RAID and Qtier technology makes sure optimized storage is done. 

It also has 2 incorporated speakers and 3 HDMI ports that warn the users of system failure or interference. Though the TVS-1282T3 server is diskless, it supports both HDDs and SSDs which is a plus point for many customers. It has a Network and Virtual Switch application that helps in network traffic allocation and re-routes bandwidth to diverse and heavy applications. 


  • Excellent performance 
  • Recommended for Videographers 
  • 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Core i7-7700 processor


  • Slow when using Thunderbolt 2 

4- QNAP Ultra-High Speed TVS-472XT

QNAP Ultra-High Speed TVS-472XT

One more item from QNAP is the TVS-472XT server that has remarkable characteristics and is a well reviewed product. Consisting of a quad-core Intel Core i3-8100T processor and embedded Linux operating system, it can be used by many small businesses. This CPU has 3.1 GHz speed which is ample enough for swift operations and data handling. An LCD display is present at the front of the device that shows the status of the server which is useful in difficult situations. 

RAM of 4 GB, that can be maxed at 64 GB, is available with DDR4 memory type with high speed Thunderbolt 3. That allows easy collaboration of media like photos and videos between the Windows and NAS Mac users. 2 PCIe 3 and 2 M.2 slots are there to enable SSD storage pools and cache acceleration for increased performance of the NAS server. Connectivity options include 5 USB ports (including type-c), 1 HDMI port and audio I/O ports which makes linking of other devices easier.

TVS-472XT NAS server is a great choice for backup support and restoration of VMs and cloud data for business and personal usage. Moreover, to restore the data, you can create a disaster recovery protocol using QNAP’s storage snapshot solution. Working at low acoustic levels, this component has 50 dB sound at maximum fan speed which is bearable by most users. Although this server can cost the user some money, it is an excellent choice as it has high speeds and efficient performance. 


  • Low noise level
  • Exceptional performance
  • Several connectivity options
  • LCD display
  • Compact design
  • Aluminum chassis is great for heat emission


  • Expensive for some users
  • Long boot time
  • M.2 slots are hard to install

5- Synology 5 bay Expansion Unit DX517 (Diskless)

Synology 5 bay Expansion Unit DX517 (Diskless)

Synology is a famous brand that manufactures most products for NAS related usage. Here, we consider their DX517 Diskless expansion unit having dimensions of 157mm x 248mm x 233mm of height, width and depth respectively. This item is capable for users working with video editing softwares and digital content creating applications. Having 5 additional drive bays to the DiskStation, you can easily expand the storage and can use it as a local backup. Moreover, the drive trays of DX517 can be swapped that enables easy installation of drives as well as replacement without turning the whole thing off. 

Online volume expansion can be managed from the DiskStation on the NAS host; the connected drive bays can be immediately used. Memory of 10 TB is available and RAID can be managed through the DSM system. Supporting drive types of 3.5” SATA and 2.5” HDD and 2.5” SSD, these are power efficient and are durable. An eSATA port is present in the external ports as it connects other devices and maintains user friendly external links. Noise levels of this product reach a maximum limit of 21.5 dB which gives a peaceful environment to the customers. 

Suggested to be used as a dedicated backup system for videographers and other content creators, the DX517 is a good choice in NAS case of system failure and blackouts. System setup timing is reduced for the user by giving a screwless drive tray build. This expansion unit costs much less than its competitors, resulting in a great selection for budget conscious users. 


  • Great performance
  • eSATA port 
  • 10 TB storage 
  • Affordable
  • Low acoustics level


  • Diskless

6- Synology RackStation RS1219+ iSCSI NAS Server

Synology RackStation RS1219+ iSCSI NAS Server

An alternative to the DX517 expansion unit is the RackStation RS1219+ iSCSI NAS server which has 36.5 x 23 x 9 inches of length, width and height respectively. Quad-core Atom C2538 CPU model (made by Intel) and a CPU speed of 2.4 GHz is granted for fast performing systems. RS1219+ with Rail kit is built for various server roles like file storage, backup, domain controllers and email servers. Synology DSM (DiskStation Manager) operating system is integrated for NAS protection, management and enhanced storage.

DDR3 memory type with 16 GB RAM and 16 TB SSD for quick storage functioning and is perfect for people who work with video editing softwares. Connections like 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 eSATA port and x4 1 GbE LAN ports are available so that the customer can attach different gadgets to it. Moreover, the BTRFS file system is given to the users for advanced iSCSI service like virtualization. Since the Synology RS1219+ has the Virtual time machine manager application that allows the user to create multiple machines simultaneously while protecting this operation.

RackStation RS 1219+ is a well built and reliable server for NAS that has low noise levels while working. If you want a great NAS server at a reasonable price, choose this model as it has low cost in comparison to its opponents. Overall, the performance of the RS1219+ is tested to be just as marketed by the manufacturer which builds confidence in the customer.


  • Excellent performance 
  • Low sound limit 
  • PCIe slots 
  • Affordable
  • Increased storage
  • Short depth built


  • Old Atom CPU model

Best NAS for Video Editing Buying Guide

NAS is used by many people as it is a great way to store the data as well as work off of it. So, small businesses like videographers, photographers and content creators need some kind of server where they can work easily and save the data simultaneously. We suggest using the Synology DiskStation DS718+ NAS server as it has stunning attributes and can work with 4K video editing. 

Since storage is a big deal for some people, we listed a few features that can help in making a decision about which server to choose. 


Quantity of storage is entirely upon the user’s work as media such as videos and pictures require huge amounts of data. So, many products in this article come with integrated storage that range between 6 TB and 16 TB. Which is a great option for people who work in video editing and Photoshop like applications. 

On the other hand, minimum RAM is 4 GB and the maximum is 32 GB and is enough for a small business owner. In the end, this decision is entirely upon the type of work the customer is working on as well as his needs. 

CPU Model 

NAS also consists of a NAS CPU that is responsible for giving computing power while also managing the file system. Modern processor in this list is the Intel Core i7-7700 which is used in the QNAP TVS-1282T3 server. Moreover, it has a CPU speed of 3.6 GHz which is the highest in this list. So you can choose this component as the other servers have an old version of processors. 


This is a vital attribute as users are dependent on these ports for maintaining links with other devices. Our suggested option, the Synology DiskStation DS718+ NAS server has many ports like USB and HDMI. If you are in need of type-C USB then you should go for the QNAP TVS-472XT server as it has 2 USB-C ports. 

Working off of or Backup

In the end, the user should make sure which option is he using the NAS Home media server for; either for backup or is the user working off of it. Since we are writing the article for video editing purposes, it means the user is looking to work off of the NAS server. Thus, our recommended option is a great choice for this type of user. 


Which NAS Is Good For Video Editing?

Although all the products listed in this article are good, we recommend Synology DiskStation DS718+ NAS server.

How Much RAM Is Enough For a NAS?

Minimum 4 GB RAM is required for NAS’ proper working and this amount can be increased according to usage.

Which Is Better Synology or QNAP?

QNAP is a great option when working with unusual files while the Synology is best for opening and manipulating conventional files.

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