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6 Best Gas App for Cash Back to Save Money (Android, iOS)

With gas prices fluctuating and reaching record highs this year, drivers are looking for ways to save money at the pump. Cash back gas apps have surged in popularity, rewarding users with money off per gallon of fuel. This article will explore the top gas apps that put cash back in your pocket for gas station fill ups.

We’ll provide an in-depth look at how each app works, cashback rates, redemption options, and additional features that set certain apps apart. Whether you want maximum savings or the simplest way to reduce spending on gas, these apps can help cushion the cost and make filling up less painful.

The question is which app gives more cashback?

When it comes to earning the most cashback on gas purchases, the app that offers the highest potential savings is GetUpside. Here’s a breakdown of how much cashback popular gas apps offer:

  • GetUpside: Up to 25¢/gallon cashback on gas at eligible stations. Average savings is around 15¢/gallon.
  • GasBuddy: Up to 25¢/gallon cashback when you pay with their payment card. Savings range from 10-25¢/gallon.
  • MyGAS: Over 30¢/gallon cashback on gas in the form of reward points called Kicks.
  • Pay with GasBuddy: Up to 25¢/gallon discount when you link your card and pay through their app.

So the app with the highest advertised cashback rate is MyGAS, offering over 30¢/gallon in potential savings. However, GetUpside also frequently offers 25¢/gallon cashback promotions and has widespread compatibility with major gas stations. The average 15¢/gallon savings with GetUpside is right in line with the top competitors as well.

Taking into account app compatibility, convenience, and reliability, most reviews suggest GetUpside provides the most cashback rewards at the pump nationwide.

List of 6 Best Gas App for Cash Back

  1. GasBuddy
  2. GetUpside
  3. MyGAS
  4. Pay with GasBuddy
  5. Checkout 51
  6. Gas Guru

1. GasBuddy:


When it comes to saving money at the pump, GasBuddy is a top choice for drivers looking to earn cash back on fuel purchases. As one of the most popular gas savings apps available, GasBuddy makes it easy to find the cheapest gas prices nearby and offers generous rewards when you fuel up.

GasBuddy provides real-time fuel prices from stations in your area so you can quickly locate the most affordable fill up spots. The price comparison features in the free app are extremely useful for pinpointing cheap gas on-the-go. Once you find the best rate, you can pay using a linked GasBuddy payment card to earn up to $.25 per gallon in cash back rewards.

It’s a seamless process – simply check gas prices in the app, pay with your card, and watch your fuel savings accumulate. GasBuddy offers a solid cash back rate that can lead to over $100 in annual savings for frequent drivers. Redeeming rewards is convenient through options like gift cards to leading retailers or fuel discounts.

For maximum savings, GasBuddy is an ideal gas app for cash back thanks to its user-friendly interface, reliable price comparisons, and generous cashback structure. While rewards are tied to paying with their payment card, overall GasBuddy provides an easy and lucrative way for drivers to offset rising gas expenses.


  • Real-time gas price comparisons help you find the cheapest station
  • Generous cashback rate of up to $.25/gallon
  • Easy to use interface and rewards program


  • Cashback can only be earned when paying with linked GasBuddy card
  • Availability of gas discounts depends on your location

2. GetUpside:


With GetUpside, drivers can earn up to $.25 per gallon cashback on fuel purchases at a wide range of gas stations. Major brands like Shell, Exxon, Sunoco, BP, and more all participate in the program. In total, GetUpside partners with over 300 gas station chains representing over 40,000 locations nationwide.

Beyond gas savings, GetUpside also offers cash back rewards at popular restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores. You can even stack restaurant and gas station rewards to maximize savings. Cashback earnings can be withdrawn to your linked bank account, PayPal, or redeemed for e-gift cards to leading retailers. With no minimum balance required, GetUpside makes it easy to quickly redeem earnings.

The widespread gas station availability combined with dining and grocery rewards make GetUpside a great one-stop app for cashback savings. User reviews consistently rate GetUpside as reliable, convenient, and an essential way to offset the high cost of gas right now. With some of the highest cashback rates available, it’s one of the best gas apps for consistent fuel savings across the country.


  • Cashback on gas and other purchases like dining and groceries
  • Up to $.25/gallon savings at major gas stations
  • Rewards can be redeemed for bank deposits


  • Requires uploading receipts to verify gas purchases
  • Cashback rates can vary by station

3. MyGAS:


MyGAS has one of the most straightforward and lucrative gas rewards programs available. The app rewards drivers with points called ‘Kicks’ for every gallon purchased at a participating station. Right now, the rewards rate is over 30¢ per gallon in savings.

To earn this cashback on gas, all you have to do is download the free MyGAS app, link a payment card, and use it to pay at the pump. You’ll accumulate Kicks with every fill-up that can be redeemed for fuel discounts. Redemption is easy – just open the app and tap to activate your cents off per gallon discount on your next gas station visit.

In addition to rewards, MyGAS assists you in finding the cheapest gas prices in your area. The app comparisons utilize both user-reported prices and gas station feeds to identify the lowest nearby rates. Between the price finder and 30¢+ per gallon rewards, drivers report saving over $100 a month on average with MyGAS.

The app also provides a simple, straightforward interface. Under the “Lifetime Savings” tab, you can view a running total of how much you’ve earned and saved on gas purchases with MyGAS. For those looking for an intuitive, fuss-free way to maximize gas savings, MyGAS delivers.

No complicated point systems or multiple reward tiers – just automatic cashback that makes every fill-up cheaper. With gas prices today, the generous rewards from MyGAS make it a top choice for gas savings.


  • Simple gas rewards program offering over 30¢/gallon savings
  • Displays lifetime fuel savings totals in easy-to-use app


  • Rewards come as points rather than direct cash back
  • Smaller station network compared to some competitors

4. Pay with GasBuddy:

Pay with GasBuddy

This GasBuddy program links your credit card so you can pay directly from the app at the pump for easy discounts. When you use Pay with GasBuddy at over 95% of gas stations, you’ll automatically save up to $.25/gallon off the pump price. These savings come in addition to the price comparison features GasBuddy offers to find the cheapest gas nearby.

To get started, you simply download the free GasBuddy app and enter your credit card information under the Pay with GasBuddy program. This links your card to your account. When you’re ready to fill up, open the app at the gas station and select ‘Pay at the Pump’. You’ll receive a unique code to enter at the pump to access your savings. This allows the per-gallon discount to come off automatically.

The discounts through Pay with GasBuddy provide consistent fuel savings at almost any gas station nationwide. You don’t need to worry about changing rates or rebates – you’ll save a solid $.10 to $.25 on every gallon purchased. Over a year, a driver filling up once a week could save $100-$200 through the program.


  • Easy integration with GasBuddy price comparison features
  • Up to $.25/gallon discount by paying with linked card


  • Requires signing up for their credit card or prepaid card
  • Discounts only work at participating gas stations

5. Checkout 51

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 should be on your radar if you want to maximize savings on gas purchases. This cashback app offers generous rewards that can be specifically redeemed for gas, making it a top choice for fuel savings.

Here’s why Checkout 51 is a great gas rewards app:

  • Earn up to 20% cashback on gas – Some offers give you 20 cents cashback per gallon, which is one of the highest rates available.
  • Gas-specific rewards – Checkout 51 frequently offers cashback rewards that you can redeem specifically for gas station gift cards. Most other apps only allow general gift card redemption.
  • Nationwide compatibility – Major gas stations like Shell, Exxon, BP, and more participate in Checkout 51’s rewards program.
  • Easy reimbursement process – Just scan your receipt after buying gas to claim your cashback earnings. You can cash out quickly with no minimum balance required.
  • Referral bonus – Earn $5 for each friend you refer, which adds up fast.

With high cashback rates you can redeem just for gas, Checkout 51 makes fueling up less expensive. If getting the most rewards on gas is your priority, this is one of the best gas coupon apps available.


  • Generous cashback rate on gas purchases (up to 20 cents/gallon)
  • Gas-specific redemption options like gift cards for Shell, Exxon, BP, etc.
  • Wide compatibility with major gas station brands
  • Easy receipt scanning process to submit and verify purchases
  • Referral program allows you to earn bonus cashback


  • Cashback rates can vary week-to-week based on current offers
  • Some competing apps may offer higher rates at select gas stations
  • Need to remember to scan receipts frequently to redeem earnings
  • Limited to gas stations within the app network

6. Gas Guru

Gas Guru

Gas Guru is a gas price comparison app that also offers cashback rewards on fuel purchases. The app aims to help drivers save money at the pump by providing real-time gas prices and up to $0.15 per gallon in cashback savings.

Gas Guru shows updated fuel prices at stations near you and lets you sort by lowest price. This makes finding the cheapest gas easy. You can earn up to $0.15 cashback per gallon at select gas stations. All you need to do is activate a deal right before each fill-up to qualify for the per gallon savings. Cashback is not retroactively applied if you forget to activate.

Pay for gas and earn rewards through the app via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit/debit cards. For reward redemption, cash out earnings to PayPal or as gift cards to popular retailers. Minimum $5 balance required.


  • Generous cashback rate compared to some other gas apps
  • Digital payment integration is convenient
  • Simple interface and process to earn rewards


  • Limited gas station participation compared to apps like GasBuddy
  • Have to remember to activate deals for each fill-up
  • $5 minimum redemption balance


With gas apps, every fill up becomes an opportunity to save. Next time gas prices have you cringing, turn to these cash back apps to cushion the blow to your budget. A few extra cents per gallon quickly add up for drivers. Give these gas apps a try to earn cash back rewards that make fueling up less expensive.


What apps give you money back for gas?

Some popular apps that give cashback rewards on gas purchases include GetUpside, GasBuddy, MyGAS, and Pay with GasBuddy. These apps allow you to earn money back on every gallon of gas you buy at participating stations. The cashback rate can be around 10-25 cents per gallon depending on the app and gas station.

How do I get 5% cash back on gas?

There are a few ways to get 5% cashback on gas purchases:
Use a credit card that offers 5% cashback on gas station purchases, like the Chase Freedom Flex or Citi Custom Cash Card. Just make sure to activate the bonus category each quarter.
Check grocery store rewards programs, as some offer 5% back on gas when you link your rewards card. For example, Kroger rewards members can save 5% on fuel.
Pay with an app like GetUpside at gas stations that offer high promotional cashback rates. This can reach 5-10% back, though availability varies.
Sign up for a warehouse club like Costco or Sam’s Club, as members get discounted gas prices which equate to around 5% savings at the pump.

Is there an app to save money at the gas pump?

Yes, apps like GasBuddy, GetUpside, Pay with GasBuddy, and MyGAS allow you to save money every time you fill up your gas tank. These apps provide gas price comparison features so you can find the cheapest nearby stations. Many also offer cashback rewards of up to 25 cents off per gallon when you pay using their payment card or app at checkout.

Is the GetUpside app legit?

Yes, GetUpside is a legitimate app with over 1 million active users. The app partners with major gas stations and convenience store chains across the United States to offer cashback on fuel and other purchases. User reviews confirm they reliably deliver on the promised cashback rates. The app has paid out over $100 million in earnings so far. You simply have to upload receipts to verify eligible purchases made to receive the cashback deposited to your linked account.


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