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11 Best Apps Like Deferit Alternatives, Competitors, Companies

Let’s find out top Apps like Deferit, different Alternatives, Competitors, Companies, apps to pay bills in installments.

Having the ease of 4 fortnight installments, Deferit is flexible enough to let you purchase and pay online for bills etc. this overtime pay is possible through this app which will help you maintain a suitable budget and gives you billing services. Without needing any extra distance or hassle, Deferit will pay full amount on the spot.

  • Allows users to pay bills in fortnightly installments to spread out costs over time.
  • Helps avoid late fees by ensuring bills are paid before the due date.
  • Users can take a photo of the bill or upload a PDF for easy bill tracking.
  • Splits bills into 4 interest-free installments every 2 weeks.
  • Tracks all user bills in one place and sends payment reminders.
  • Provides discounts for paying bills on time.
  • Designed as an all-in-one budgeting tool for managing bill payments from home.
  • Popular bill payment and budgeting app in Australia that makes the process easier.

How Does It Work:

To make this app work, you only need to follow simple steps after downloading the app from the respective app stores.

After that, take a picture and add that file onto your account or take a screenshot of the bill and upload it in a PDF file. Then choose the amount you have to pay to the biller and select the payment option that is preferred. According to your needs and preference, deferit will pay the full amount upfront while you can pay later in easy installments.

List of 11 Best Apps Like Deferit Alternatives, Competitors, Companies

  1. Willow Pays
  2. PayPal Pay In 4
  3. Sezzle
  4. Affirm
  5. Viabill
  6. Afterpay
  7. Klarna
  8. Openpay
  9. Split it
  10. Humm
  11. QuickFee

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) services have surged in popularity in recent years as an alternative to credit cards for online and in-store purchases. These BNPL companies pay your bills for you. BNPL apps allow you to split payments for purchases into installments over time. This lets you buy what you want immediately while spreading out payments interest-free over weeks or months.

Leading BNPL providers like Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm, and PayPal’s Pay in 4 offer the ability to pay in 4 interest-free installments. Other apps provide longer 6, 10, or 12 month payment plans. This review will compare 11 top BNPL apps on factors like:

  • Costs – Do they charge interest or fees?
  • Installment timeframes – Number of installments and payment frequency.
  • Eligibility and approval process – Credit checks and requirements.
  • Retailer availability – Stores and websites supported.
  • Ease of use – Application process and tracking repayments.
  • Additional features – Loyalty programs, spending limits, etc.

By outlining the pros and cons of each BNPL app, this review will help you determine which solution best fits your payment needs.

1. Willow Pays:

Similar to deferit, willow pays is the first financial service for customers that regulates your expenses on a monthly basis. With compounding interest, this app focuses on preventing expensive payments through a course of actions. First it pays the bill upfront then it divides the rest into 4 payments small enough to be covered easily.

You need to sign up for this app to work and it can be made through email ID or through facebook. The user can also connect a debit card and upload the photo of their bill once the details are completed. Although there is no interest for the over time payment but there is a flat service fee which is minimal.

For $100, you need to pay $4 whereas this number doubles for $200 bills. Another $8 is applicable on a bill of $300 and so one. A downside can be the transaction fees that may apply at the time of payment for some users. Once you upload your photo of the bill, it takes 24 hours to approve the frequent.

Some of its Features are as follows:

  • Upfront bill payment
  • Covers all bills including water, mobile phone, car, heat, internet, childcare, health, insurance, electricity, Cable or tv etc.
  • No interest on late fee
  • Flexible payment options
  • 4 installments 
  • Builds credit score once paid the full payment
  • Smooth monthly cash flow
  • Small flat service charges

2. PayPal Pay In 4:

Split your bill into 4 interest free installments for any of your favorite online websites at the time of checkout. You get to see this option for those people who have a paypal account and not a beginner one. As a choice at the point of sale, this option may not show if you have negative balance in your account.

One of the requirements of this app is that you should be 18 years old and have a valid account. After that you need to complete a transaction value from $30 to $600 so when you make a purchase, there will be an eligible option visible on your screen. This will be possible after you select the standard paypal button as the main payment method at the time of the purchase.

It lets you decide to have 4 equal and interest free installment plans during the time of purchase. Whatever remains from $30 and $1500 will be deducted from your account automatically. This action also depends on the type of payment method you may have selected.

One of its cons include not working in all states of the U.S. and highly depends on your residence. But on the other hand, it offers certain Features like:

  • No fee is charged for missed payment or late
  • No prepayment fee also
  • No fee for choosing pay in 4
  • No decrease in credit score
  • Purchase protection
  • Available only for online shopping
  • Interest free payments
  • 3 subsequent payments in every 15 days
  • Conversion fee for international purchases

Sign up now for paypal pay in 4 and create your account by including personal information to get what you always wanted. It is up to the user to connect the bank directly or not. There can be a penalty amount based on the state you live in.

3. Sezzle:

In need of flexible payment plans, worry not since Sezzle is with you. It is also one of the companies that profits and resources to support the public benefit. Having 3.4 million customers and 46,000 active merchants, this platform has surely made its way to the top. This app requires 25% payment instantly and gives you 3 additional payments every 2 weeks.

You can also reschedule up to 2 weeks later giving you a lenient way to work up your remaining payments. However, the first reschedule is free whereas the others will recur a fee. One of its Pros include:

  • No interest on purchases
  • Push payments forward 2 weeks
  • Reschedule payments up to 2 weeks
  • Alternate payment method at checkout
  • No impact on credit score
  • Change payment method
  • Reschedule existing orders
  • Works on wide range of products

Its Cons may contain:

  • Additional fees on rescheduling after the first one
  • Additional payments are not rescheduled if you do not select the option
  • 25% down payment upon purchase

So choosing this app can benefit you in more ways you can imagine as the payment can be made over 6 weeks. It is also completely interest free where you can shop for numerous stores around you or overseas and get them right away. No waiting is required as Sezzle does the rest for you.

It also assesses your orders personally instead of relying on FICO scores. There are factors that it considers such as soft credit, score check, order history, total amount of purchase etc. the only requirements it may have is your 18 years of age and the user must have a US or Canadian bank account, credit or debit card.

4. Affirm:

Working on both ios and android, affirm is considered an overall best and high end competitor for all the buy now pay later applications. Charging simple interest does not mean that affirm will make them compound and grow larger. Other than that, there is no late fee or hidden fees whatsoever.

This publicly traded company founded in 2012 has made 17 million purchases where customers can borrow up to $17,500. Amount borrowed can be paid in the span of 3, 6 or 12 months without any additional fees. There might be no interest or 10% to 30% rate depending on the payment method you have selected.

Its Positives include:

  • No interest, hidden or late fee charges
  • Easy automatic payment set up
  • Select your preferred payment option
  • 4 interest free installments every 2 weeks
  • Monthly installments also available
  • Does not affect your credit score
  • Shop from various online stores

Some of the cons should also be noticed so that you become an informed users:

  • Some transactions may have interest depending on your payment method
  • No physical credit option
  • Requires a credit check

After considering these factors and being above 18 years of age, you are required to give your valid US address and mobile number. Moreover, the last 4 digits of your social security number are also needed so that no fraudulent activity is performed.

5. Viabill:

After you have filled your card with the favorite items you may need, choose viabill as the checkout option at the time of payment. Once you are approved, this app will make your transaction easier than ever in 4 installments. Enjoy your order while it lasts rather than waiting for months for the shipping.

The way it works is you have to pay one installment at the time of checkout and the rest of 3 are divided. Since there is no interest, this app will suit most of the users around the world who are above 18 years of age and have a valid email address. You may also need to have enough funds to approve your first installment at checkout.

Some of the useful Features of this app are:

  • Manage payments along with approaches by creating a contact or individual info
  • Access not only clothing and accessories but sports, automotive, toys, electronics and much more
  • Track orders, transaction histories and other information
  • Seamless interaction with several third party applications
  • View late payments to check due dates
  • Receive updates on additional payments or processing orders
  • Interest free 4 simple installment plan

6. Afterpay:

Afterpay was founded in 2014 and it has now 20 million customers that trust this app with their info and cash circle. Working with around 100,000 brands, its loyal users have tons of options to shop online. Each payment is instantly approved using small credit limits making it great for students and other users that do not have unlimited financial resources.

It comes in a mobile app version that will give you access at all times so that you never miss a good sale opportunity. Add your virtual card number to the mobile wallet and tap to pay as it is that simple. After authenticating your identity, the user can enjoy 3 installments equally divided every 2 weeks.

The Pros of this app contains:

  • Stay within your budget with small credit limit
  • Never miss a payment with reminders from the app
  • No fees if the payment is made on time

Whereas the Cons can be something like these:

  • Late fees charges 25% of the order amount
  • Each transaction or purchase must be approved by Afterpay
  • May decline your order sometime

7. Klarna:

Having 400,000 merchants across 45 countries, Klarna was founded in 2005 and since then it has been thriving to come to the top. It has now become a multi-payment platform and financial solution for those who cannot wait to get their stuff. Offering services like direct payment along with installments on post purchase are one of the key factors of this app.

The main aim from the founders and creators of this app is to make the e-commerce industry grow stronger and trustworthy. This is why they offer you online retailer therapy and ability to purchase from online stores without any interest and easiest installment plans.

Working after a soft credit check should be kept in mind before you switch to this app. Because it wants to determine your spending limit, this step is necessary at the time of buying. You can also decide to pay in 3 or 4 payments in 30 days, 6 to 36 months too starting from 0% interest rate.

Having incredible Features serve you the follows:

  • Flexible options to pay
  • No credit score is affected
  • Track your shipments and orders
  • Create wish list for future orders
  • Instant approval process
  • Make early payment or extend the date that is due
  • Complete overview of all your finances
  • View your transaction history and process returns
  • Can be used wherever credit cards can
  • One time use cards improved security
  • Earn rewards with Vibe loyalty program
  • No interest is charged at payment time

Some of the fewer Cons are also stated such as:

  • Each payment should be approved by Klarna
  • $7 late fee is charged
  • $25 can be charged for long term loans

8. Openpay:

Another online financial services center is Openpay that can also lend you a loan for your dreams to come true. You can pay later and get whatever you need instantly since there is no interest on the purchases. This will also save you from every increasing overdraft fee and what not.

Avoid scammers and get stuck in pyramid schemes with this app that offers simple installment plans. The user gets to pick whichever suits him and his financial resources once you sign up and find the products from merchants. That category includes beauty, automotive, fashion, healthcare, sports, lifestyle, dental and home etc.

Be a responsible shopper and get more time to pay back without any restrictions. It is all possible by dividing the total cost in fortnightly installments that can be covered over a period of 2 to 24 months as well.

9. Split it:

Next is one of the incredibly smart apps for paying later services is Split it that was originally found in 2012. The special thing about it is that instead of issuing more credit, it uses your existing visa, mastercard, discover and unionpay card to make the purchase. On top of this, you can also earn rewards for being a loyal customer to this service.

You get to choose how many installments you want to check out with so that it pays off easily. At the time of payment, your available credit is reduced by the total amount of your order as a pending transaction on your credit card. Whenever there is a payment due, this process repeats itself until all the charges are paid.

Its Pros serve you with the following:

  • Use your existing credit card and their limits
  • No worries about approval for new credit
  • No registration is required
  • No credit check or applications to fill

On the other hand, there can be some Cons:

  • You must have credit available in your card
  • No credit building beyond the normal credit card usage
  • Not possible to work with Amex cards

10. Humm:

An app that lets you buy stuff up to $30,000 with 24 months to pay up the installment is every shopaholic’s dream. Get what you wanted for so long without worrying about the price as it comes in 2 packages. In case you want to get something worth $2000, that repayment can be made in 5 fortnightly or 10 weekly time span.

Pay on time to free up your balance and ready to shop again and get services like buying bigger packages after pre-approval. Up to $5000 online can be made through this app and you can also use it in-store up to $30,000. From choosing the plan of repayment of 6, 12 and 24 months, the user becomes at ease with their purchase.

You also get to pay contactless with the TAPP feature especially when you are in-store also following the SOPs of COVID too. 

11. QuickFee:

Last but not the least, QuickFee is a payment solution for businesses to grow with ease and reliability. It is mostly compatible with almost all the management software. This app will help you build your relations with the clients and make online payments simpler than ever.

Your client can pay with credit cards, ACH, e-check or monthly installment plans also. If you want to choose an installment, you have the options for 3 to 12 months with invoice and reminders so you never miss it. As a retailer, it will receive the payments 24/7 and keep the funds in your bank account within business working days.

Important Questions:

What app can I use to pay bills in installments?

Most major BNPL apps like Afterpay, Affirm, Klarna, and PayPal Pay in 4 are designed for online/in-store purchases, not recurring bills.

However, there are some apps that specifically help you pay bills in installments like Prism, Billshark, and Splash. These let you break down bill payments over months.

Does Afterpay pay bills?

No, Afterpay does not directly support paying bills. It is made for splitting individual retail purchase payments, not recurring bills.

You’d have to use a specific bill payment service like Prism or Billshark to break bills into installments. Afterpay would not work for that use case.

Is papaya bill pay legit?

Yes, Papaya appears to be a legitimate bill payment service. It allows you to schedule bill payments through the app and offers installment plans from 3-12 months.

User reviews indicate Papaya provides a smooth bill pay experience. One downside is interest charges apply on their installment plans.

What is the limit on Deferit?

Deferit does not seem to advertise a clear public transaction limit. However, based on reviews, there appears to be a soft limit around $1000-1500 per deferred purchase.

Larger purchases may require further verification or be declined. But most standard purchases under $1000-1500 appear to be approvable based on user reports.

How long does Deferit take to process?

Deferit claims to have an instant approval process that takes just seconds to complete. Once approved, you can immediately use Deferit to split a purchase payment at checkout.

The actual deferral of payment installments happens in the background. Deferit will automatically charge your card the payment amounts on the dates you scheduled.

So from the user perspective, Deferit payment splitting happens instantly. But the deferred payments are processed on their future due dates.

Apps like Deferit in Australia:

  • Afterpay – One of the most popular buy now, pay later apps in Australia. Allows splitting purchases into 4 installments.
  • Zip – Similar to Afterpay, Zip lets you pay for purchases in 4 interest-free installments.
  • Openpay – Offers installments plans from 2-24 months. Charges fees for longer plans.
  • Payright – Can defer payments from 2 weeks up to 12 months. Low fixed fees may apply.
  • Limepay – Focuses on 6-12 week installment plans for a fixed 2.5% fee.
  • Money3 – Provides longer 6-24 month installment loans with set interest rates.
  • Humm – Leading BNPL app for longer 6-24 month financing plans.

So in summary, the top apps providing similar installment payment plans to Deferit in the Australian market include Afterpay, Zip, Openpay, Payright, and Humm.

Closing Words

In closing, the emergence of buy now, pay later (BNPL) apps has transformed how consumers can finance purchases and manage spending. Deferit stands out with its unique defer-to-do list model that focuses on productivity and habit building. However, many compelling alternatives exist for core BNPL bill splitting capabilities.

Leader Afterpay pioneered the pay-in-4 model in Australia, with Zip, Openpay, Payright, and Humm rising as top domestic competitors. Globally, solutions from PayPal, Sezzle, Affirm, and Klarna dominate as the most widely accepted BNPL networks. Each offers pros like flexible repayment terms, no hidden fees, and instant approvals. Cons to weigh include stricter eligibility requirements with some apps and the risk of overspending.

Ultimately, consumers should evaluate their personal payment preferences and spending habits to determine the ideal BNPL fit. Factors like required purchase amounts, retailer acceptance, installment timeframes, and app features will dictate the optimal choice on an individual basis. Responsible use of BNPL apps creates new opportunities to seamlessly spread out costs interest-free.

BPL services have opened up smarter payment alternatives, but thoughtful assessment of leading solutions against personal needs is required to unlock the full benefits. The continuing growth and competition in this fintech sector will further drive innovation and value for consumers who take the time to research the top providers.


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