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10 Best Apps Like Instawork (Similar Alternative of Work on Demand Apps)

Time is money these days and you do not want to waste it when you can get a part time job that suits your availability. Now you can find the required work related to your expertise with certain gig apps that will work on both your iPhone and Android phones. You do not even need to keep a full system or laptop with you.

Your phone can be your instant money making machine that will have your back when you need cash the most. So without any trouble or black money schemes, you can earn as much as you want as your body and skills allow you to. No matter who you are by profession, fill out the app details like InstaWork and get started today on your own rules.

Connecting yourself with several businesses and organizations and with people who want to work with dedication can be no less than a blessing these days. In a capitalist society, you are on your own and the amount of money you gather from it. Therefore, people who are in need of cash do not have to be hesitant to ask for it once they complete their tasks that they have decided and agreed to do.

What is InstaWork:

As founded in 2016, InstaWork has a team size of 300 people that is like an instant Work app finding you your nearest chores. Its headquarter is located in San Francisco making it a U.S based application. Applications like these have become a trend and one of the most useful one for this generation.

There are diverse fields including hospitality, catering, serving, warehouse management or associates, delivery driving etc. 

How it works:

The process is as easy as a piece of cake as if you are setting up a dating profile where you just have to put in your details that the app asks. A difference is that you can manage your schedule and timings whenever you are available. Being the kid from this generation, setting up a profile should not be difficult since most of the people know how a smartphone works.

You will also be rewarded for your work in terms of direct payment or deposit by the corporate clients. In addition to this, the app will give you a bonus, 3% additional pay or some other benefits of these kinds depending on your gig after it is finished. After the profile is set, it shows you the people and work related to your expertise around and near your area.

It is free to sign up for this app and even create a business account which works on completing shifts and getting good reviews. This is how you get to qualify for Instant pay that will work be working in 30 major metro areas serving in:

  1. LosAngeles
  2. SanDiego
  3. San Francisco
  4. Chicago
  5. Boston
  6. New York
  7. Dallas
  8. Austin
  9. Phoenix
  10. Seattle
  11. Houston
  12. And Las Vegas

A worker needs to sign in and out from the InstaWork app to get paid even if the employer does not have the same time zone or clock as you. Account management is maintained through getting high reviews without cancellations. In a month if you have achieved the maximum amount of tasks and have completed them, you are rewarded with early access to the possible shifts.

It can be related to how Uber works where the driver gets rewarded for good behavior, in time reaching destinations and keeping the vehicle in a good shape. The users pay him and give 5 stars or leave a review for any misconduct to the app.


This gig app has some requirements such as minimum age should be 18 and one has to have a smartphone. The Employee also has to put in relevant job experience or should know the basics of it. A possible background check by a third party provider as also part of the requirement. So if you have been shady in the past, it is time to come clean in order to earn money!

Wages and transactions:

As much as $25 per hour down to $10 is paid weekly for the previous shifts that you have completed. It also takes your bank to process the payment in 1 to 3 business days that the money will show up in your account. Your bank account will be linked through the app and if the payment does not show up, the user needs to contact the bank first.


There should be enough reasons for the person to stick with this app and their forwards to you to look at the benefits it serves. Beside personal gain of a part time job and no contracted settlement, you will be getting the following plus sides from this app:

  • Rate workers
  • Get rating for companies
  • W2 and 1099 workers allowed
  • Insurance provided
  • Conversion fee
  • Hiring fee

Risks or downsides of InstaWork:

Like all good technology, no matter how much it facilitates you, it has some downsides as well. In order to maintain discipline and employer’s trust, the app developers have made a mission to bring the best out of its users.

If you have been late to your shift or have canceled at the last minute multiple times, InstaWork can suspend or deactivate your account for the greater good. Another possible risk or disliking among the users is that this platform holds all the rights to your valuable idea.

For instance, if you come with

  • a new business plan
  • or have a creative way to improve your work ethic
  • new invention of some kind or authorship

InstaWork can benefit from it without paying you anything for the credit. This rights grab can become an overwhelming con for a lot of users. While working on an InstaWork project, you have to provide a perpetual license to profit from your idea from the root anytime, anywhere. 

List of Best Apps Like Instawork

Below is the list of Apps Like Instawork Similar Alternative of Work on Demand Apps, Gigs & Jobs for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Pared Pros
  2. BlueCrew
  3. GigSmart
  4. Pared
  5. QWICK
  6. Snagajob
  7. Adia
  8. Upshift
  9. JobStack
  10. Veryable

Due to the rights grab policy of this app, it is better to look up for the alternatives and start fresh. There are other applications like InstaWork that will pay you instantly, build your work ethic great, maintain a good profile without asking anything in return. Although it is highly rare to face a situation like this.

The chances are low where you can come up with an invention doing a minimum wage job, but just for your peace of mind, change is good as well. As Shiftgig vs InstaWork can be a serious offer to consider, these both applications work on almost the same algorithm. You can find more like them in the following list:

1. Pared Pros:

This is a restaurant based job where you can create a profile and get paid weekly with each completed gig. There are hundreds of daily tasks and shifts with the flexibility of setting your suitable schedule. Begin working today if you have interest in the food industry and grow your skills as well as network.

Download now and for free as this application can run on multiple devices like iPhone, Android, Ipad etc. It is rated 4 out 5 stars and got 1849 votes mostly in favor of it due to its accommodating nature.

2. BlueCrew:

One of the known and famous platforms like InstaWork is known as BlueCrew. It is known for giving warehouse workers, delivery guys, customer service workers etc on demand. You can start hourly working for companies that have warehouses, with a sales department, inventory management, order processing and delivery staffing.

This application works in 20 states and offers services in more than 26 industries so you know you have vast opportunities. Post and find staff for your business by the hour and it can all be done easily with the intuitive interface. Quick hiring in a variety of industries will become easier when you have the public that really wants to work.

A handful of features are given to the user with this application such as:

  1. An employee can choose about the time according to their availability.
  2. Payment amounts can vary depending on your preferred time slot and type of work you opt for.
  3. Up to 8% of savings can be done yearly from your annual salary.
  4. Earn points awarded by the Bluecrew’s platform to raise morale and boost performance through this rating.

You are only required to follow the 18 years and older protocol and have internet access with your smartphone. Other than that, relevant experience in your field will help you move in an industry easier and faster than an inexperienced person. You have to go through a series of background checks and interviews before applying for jobs.

If you are worried about the payout, don’t be because per hour income can be from $10 to $20 and the cycle is weekly. From 5 to 12 days, your payment can proceed with direct deposit into your account.

3. GigSmart:

Working both ways, Gigsmart gets you to find workers on demand or post a job whenever you need. After checking the ratings of the workers, gather capable ones to form your own team that will be highly efficient to complete a task. This is a great way to start searching for the task force in case of urgent or emergency calls.

Speaking of urgency, this will also be helpful in the times of crises where humanity is restored. The app allows volunteers to participate too in the most desperate times like floods, famine, earthquakes, car or plane crashes etc. From 42 votes being all positive, this app has 4 out of 5 stars and is free to download for the general public. It can run on all devices like Iphone, Android and ipads or tablets etc.

4. Pared:

For the ones looking for hospitality professionals, pared is one true solution for all your restaurant problems. In case you have opened a new business and you require a staff to keep the place running smoothly, this is the one app that will help you achieve your dreams.

Students and people with no job due to COVID can also become a part of this app by setting up their profile and joining hands. Pared helps you find qualified and professional staff especially for hospitality service and vetted culinary etc in times of need. From 24 votes, 4 out of 5 stars have been given to this application so far.


Let the event organizers, vendors, cooks, waiters, bartenders and concession attendants become one force through Qwick. You get to see a number of tasks making it a versatile platform in major cities. You can accept or reject a shift from this website if the location or other details do not match with your schedule.

The job seeker also has the freedom and flexibility to choose the timing that suits his routine. Factors like:

  • Location
  • Schedule
  • Wage
  • Contact information
  • Dress code
  • Parking
  • Event type
  • And expected number of attendees

Will help you determine your role and efficiency because the energy you will be needing depends on your decision. To deal with employee turnover, Qwick has found a way to deal with it specifically. Food and beverage industry or hotel industry can be a good fit for most of the people looking for a part time job without doing nasty businesses.

Features of this platform includes

  1. Work whenever you want
  2. Accept or reject a shift if not comfortable with it
  3. Access job from anywhere
  4. Achieve your pay goal and how much money you want to make
  5. Connect for long term employment
  6. Get benefit as a professional for instant payment after completion of task

Requirements like smartphones with internet connection are necessary as well as in person orientation program participation. You also need to provide a license or some sort of certification in your particular skill being a professional to ensure the right selection of candidates.

When it comes to payment, salaries can be depending on a variety of factors and the type of job you are opting for. The employee can earn up to $30 per hour and this is received within 30 minutes after the task is completed in your account. Just log in your Qwick professionals app > tap the menu button > payments > provide details > update payment info. 

6. Snagajob:

This is a happy hour for freelancers and people who demand the workforce urgently to sort out labor. Snagajob allows you to find local job opportunities around you and the potential employees are hired in a snap. This mobile application is available to you at all times if you want to find services like housekeeping, guest accommodations, hotel industry related etc.

To start right away, you need to fill out an application which will be seen to companies and they can contact you for availability. After that, both parties can decide a mutual in person interview date and time. Being a registered worker by snagajob and approved profile can work with ease so there is no problem with worker’s behavior.

This application gives you push notifications in order to remind you of the beginning and ending of your shift. Punctuality is an important factor and it can become your best companion enabling you to become flexible with your hours. As well as professional and more agile.

The features it offers include:

  1. Search filters so that you only get focused results when looking for the required job.
  2. Unlimited earning potential financial target.
  3. Ensures your resume is complete and updated with time.
  4. Make your work life interesting by offering to change jobs every now and then.
  5. Local companies stay in business and thrive with the staffing they need at demand.
  6. Manual map search so that you can choose the place you want to work at by finding who is hiring near you.

There are certain things you are required to notice before applying or using this application. One of them is the age limit of minimum 18 years and your location should be near the hiring spot. You should be eligible to work in the United States while having a smartphone is also mandatory. Your experience in a relevant field is also an important requirement that should not go unnoticed.

Snagajob offers you an average of $75000 per year if you become an active part of this application and complete your shifts. After building a successful profile, your resume will be filled with different and versatile work experiences. You are paid on a weekly basis within one week of the shift that is completed.

7. Adia:

Through a simple click, you should be applying for your favorite job after setting up an account for free. Adia requires you to provide information about your interests, experiences and availability to hook you up with hiring people. It will all be done and processed with the information you have provided.

There are certain features that will help you become a successful employee:

  1. Work part time, full time or pick up a job as per your convenience.
  2. Worker’s schedule will affect the job booking.
  3. Push notifications are present to become punctual and practical.
  4. Select from different industries.
  5. Accept or cancel a job that does not suit your schedule.
  6. 18 years of older age limit
  7. Candidate background check to serve quality workers and gain company trust.
  8. Eligibility to work in the states.
  9. Hourly wage of $17 can help you with everyday expenses.

8. Upshift:

Another alternative to instawork is upshift which is popular for staffing and connecting companies with qualified, verified and eligible employees. Its 95% success rate shows you that the rigorous vetting process and accountability system has made it to the top. You can sign up today for free and do not have to worry about minimum order requirements.

A rule of maximum 40 hours of work is applicable but without client approval it cannot be twisted. No company policy can change that if the client does not agree to give more hours than already decided. Featuring the following factors, you can look for the shift that suits you well.

  1. Work weekly and get paid instantly.
  2. Build your profile and keep updating it to gain the interest of several growing businesses.
  3. Positive reviews, adding certain certifications and accomplishments will help you move to better paying shifts.
  4. Expand your network by meeting new people and have a social life.
  5. Learn new skills to enhance self growth.
  6. A user-friendly mobile app and website can help you track all your shifts conveniently.
  7. Housekeepers salaries can range from $12 to $25 per hour and the payout is made weekly.
  8. Minimum age requirement is 18 years or older to be legally working for upshift.
  9. A possible background check is to be subjected.

9. JobStack:

For working with Jobstack, there are few steps that you need to keep in mind that are as follows:

  1. Simple onboard process
  2. Add skills and preference for your desired job
  3. Flexible schedule allows you to find a job that fits your time
  4. Discover relevant jobs everyday
  5. Survey is given to assess your skills
  6. The employee needs to visit the local PeopleReady branch to complete the paperwork.
  7. Verify the certifications, titles and licenses from the branch
  8. From $9 to 10 per hour is the minimum wage you can expect from this app which will be paid within 24 hours from the weekly pay of the completed shift.

This application makes it easy for the people to find and connect with companies for quick hiring. Find the gig that suits your skill set and you will receive instructions on how to move on. Up to 1.3 million shifts have been filled since the launch of this application and every 11 seconds a job is filled on JobStack.

So as the name justifies, you can be flexible with your working hours too. Single parents, students and homemakers can use their time to get extra money in their pocket. Remember that hard work pays off!

10. Veryable:

For manufacturing, logistics and warehouse labor, veryable is always on service and duty to serve both employees and employers. This is how a business can take advantage from highly qualified workers that will maximize their productivity. Even the reducing cost of hiring can be a hunch to look into this alternatives.

Veryable features the following pointers:

  • Flexible schedule setting
  • Get paid everyday
  • Various job opportunities from different industries
  • Enhance your skills
  • Earn more on your terms
  • $43 per hour can be expected as payout after the shift is completed

It also has certain requirements such as:

  • Hiring after background check
  • Tax form should be filled
  • Bring all your tools and PPE that is needed for your work
  • Smartphone and internet connection is necessary

Worker’s insight:

Anyone who is hiring should keep in mind that a worker’s insight is important in order to let your business grow. On the other hand, employees have the right to review any platform for misconduct or fraudulent activities if there happens to be any to keep other employees aware of the situation.


There is no harm in doing work with your bare hands and earning the pride and respect within yourself. Applications like ShiftGig vs instaWork can take your skills in confidence and give you the opportunity you have been waiting for. If you are not comfortable with a certain platform, there are other places where you can portray your talent and get paid from it everyday and every week for as long as you want.


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