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List of 10 Best Free Instant Cash Advance Apps (Online, Money, Dave, Earnin)

Are you facing short of credit and require some emergency cash? Then you are not alone, many people need some extra money due to any surprise expense. Disappointed? You should not because we are here to help you. Scroll down and know the best free instant cash advance apps. 

There are plenty of applications available that give you instant loans for free, by taking a few fees or interest. The instant cash advance apps are available on both apple store and play store for free. You just need a smartphone and install your chosen app in it and you are ready to get some money. 

These apps do not give you millions but you can get a sufficient amount that you need at an emergency. There are 2 ways to get money, one is payday loans and other is cash advance. They are almost similar, you need to return money that you borrowed on the due date of your salary. Let’s dive into it for more info!

What Are Cash Advance Apps?

If you require some additional cash expect your salary to deal with an emergency. Here cash advance apps come to get you out from such situations by giving you some loan. 

These apps give you the opportunity to qualify direct deposit or early access to your next paycheck. You have many great choices as compared to the run-of-the-mill payday loans. Below is a list of cash advance apps, check it out!

How Do Cash Advance Apps Work?

These applications work by below mentioned steps:

  1. Get access to your bank accounts through Plaid
  2. Analyze your history
  3. Check your spending patterns
  4. Determine how much of a risk you pose
  5. Number of hours worked
  6. Upcoming bills

Your request for a loan will be approved or denied on the basis of assessment of above mentioned steps. Then if your request is approved then an advanced cash app will deposit interest-free cash in your bank account. 

But this transaction will take some time that varies from app to app. After that, you deposit your next paycheck directly into your bank account. But you get money after deducting the amount that you take from the app. Because they send it back to the app to clear your loan payment. 

Types of Cash Advance Apps

Short of money and finding ways of how I can instantly borrow money? Then a cash advance app covers you. There are following are kinds of such app that give you an emergency loan:

  • Online banking apps
  • Employer-sponsored cash advance apps
  • Peer-to-peer apps

Requirements to Qualify for Advance Cash 

Requirements vary from app to app, but below are some common things that you must have before apply for an instant loan:

  • Your age must be 18 years or above
  • Your history of bank account must be good standing
  • At least 1500 dollars you deposit in your account every month
  • Also you have history of deposits from an employer in your account

What Features an Advance Cash App Offers

Features and specifications are also depend upon the app, but below are some common points:

  • Give small cash advances
  • Budgeting tools
  • Overdraft warnings 
  • Checking accounts

Best Instant Money Apps

  1. Earnin
  2. MoneyLion
  3. Brigit
  4. Empower
  5. Dave
  6. Albert
  7. Even
  8. B9 Pay Advance App
  9. Chime
  10. Floatme

If you are interested to know apps for instant money then scroll down. There are many options on your plate to start right away. Below are some applications that will give you some advance cash. So you can handle your unexpected expenses whether they are bad or good. Let’s check them out!

1- Earnin

If you need some cash to deal with your extra expense then you can try Earnin to get an instant loan. This is one of the apps that offer instant cash advance for free. They do not charge interest or other mandatory fees. 

But you can give them a “ Tip ” if you really want to give something to the company. You can apply for 100 dollars per day and $500 for each period. If your loan is approved then you will receive your money in 1 business day. Also they give you alerts if the balance in your bank account gets low. 

2- MoneyLion

MoneyLion is another app that lets you get cash advances so you can deal with additional expenses. Best of all, you can get an instant cash advance for free and without a credit check. Through this app you can get a loan of up to 250 dollars that is fine for a small needed emergency. 

Plus, MoneyLion offers you another feature, a Credit Builder Plus membership that will help you to build your credit. You can access a credit builder loan of up to 1000 dollars. Also you can avail the tools such as: mobile banking, investment accounts and credit-monitoring.

3- Brigit

One of the best free instant cash advance apps is Brigit.  They claim that they have more than 3 million members that are using their app to get $250. Also they are using their app to build their maximum credit score. You can get advance cash without a credit check and paying any amount as interest. 

To avail their amazing features it will just take 2 minutes to sign up and you are ready to apply for a loan. After the approval you will receive your money within 2 to 3 business days. But if you associate your debit card with your bank account then you will get instant money within 20 minutes. To use Brigit your account must be old 60 days and must have 3 or more recurring deposits in it. 

4- Empower

Here is another great option to get some money before your paycheck is Empower. This app gives you a loan of up to $250 but with no interest. Best of all, there are no hidden charges or late fees that is why it is a worthy cash advance app. 

Plus, this app is not only good for advance cash but also famous for budget managing tools. To use them you have to pay $8 per month as the subscription fee. But before getting a paid subscription you have a free trial of 14 days. Also you can get 10 percent back if you buy anything with Empower’s debit card.  

5- Dave

An adorable Mascot can entertain you with all your financial requirements via this addition. Dave is one of the easy to use cash advance apps which give you access to your paycheck before 2 days. Additionally, with this app you can build your credit history so you can manage your budget properly. 

Dave gives you up to $250 as cash advance without paying fees. They have 10 million members and if you make a partnership with LevelCredit then it  reports your rent payments to the credit bureaus. Accounts on Dave are FDIC insured up to $250,000 as the bank level security.

6- Albert:

If you want such an advanced cash app that works on both IOS and Android smartphones then Albert is the perfect choice for you. And this app lets you borrow up to $250. That is a handsome amount to deal with running short of money in the last month. 

At top of all, with Albert you can get you money in advance with no credit check. You do not need to pay any fee until you want to get your loan faster. Also Albert works as a smart financial manager by balance monitoring and budgeting tools. For the pro plan subscription you need to pay $6 to $16 per month.

7- Even 

You can try Even as an app for quick cash advance because it offers a loan without fee. This is a budgeting app which provides you a free advance cash on wages that you already earned via Instapay. To become a part of its premium service “ Even Plus ” you have to pay $8 per month. 

Even give you the ability to access your 50 percent income that you earned. Also it sends you alerts to keep you stick with your budget by informing you about upcoming bills and needs. You can have the money at the Same-day that will be available at US Walmarts. 

8- B9 Pay Advance App

B9 is one of the apps that give you instant cash advance without fee. Best of all, it gives you access to your 100 percent paycheck before 1 days to your very next pay day. There is no tip or fee required to proceed your request for a loan. 

But keep in mind, before asking for an advance you must build a history of income and payment with B9. You do not have to pay a fee for advance cash but they charge $9.99 for monthly membership. Also your loan is based on the history of your direct deposit and spending activity.

9- Chime

Do you want to know what’s the easiest app to get a cash advance? Then you can consider Chime SpotMe. This is your go-to app due to its easiest and convenient use to make an online transaction. Not only provide high-yield savings and checking accounts but also give you secured credit cards. 

There is no service fee to give overdraft protection of up to 200 dollars. But to apply for an advance you must have a history of direct deposit of $200 in the last 34 days. With this app you can access your paycheck before 2 days of payday.  Overdraft limit is from 20 to 200 dollars but it only covers ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases. 

10- Floatme

The last free instant cash advance app recommended by our side is Floatme. This app is known for loan and speedy transactions, which means you access your paycheck early. You can use this service to build some emergency funds. 

But Floatme only helps to give you a small amount of advance, you can get up to 50 dollars. There is no interest and no credit check, that are reasons people like to use this app. But for the membership of Floatme you need to pay 1.99 dollars per month. 

How You Can pick a Cash Advance App

Before choosing an app to manage your surprise expense you must look at below mentioned factors:

  • User’s reviews 
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Fee structures
  • Interest rates
  • Limits of loan amounts 
  • Is it offer ability to build credit or not
  • Repayment Requirements
  • Employer requirements
  • Accessibility and User Interface
  • Customer Service

Should You Use These Cash Advance Apps?

If you are not managing your budget in a proper way or have any unexpected expenses. Then you can take temporary help from a cash advance app. You are a good candidate if:

  • You get a biweekly paycheck that does not meet with your monthly billing cycle
  • You feel overdrafting your account and paying hefty fees regularly 
  • You can spend some money to manage your personal finances or credit building programs 
  • You have to borrow more than $250 but rarely 

Alternatives to Cash Advance Apps

These cash advance apps are not good to use every time because of irregular paychecks. Or also if in a situation you need a higher amount. For those circumstances below are some alternatives of these apps:

  • Compare alternative short-term lenders
  • Ask your employer for an advance
  • Consider a loan from a CDFI
  • Take out a credit card cash advance
  • Compare alternative short-term lenders
  • Get a payday loan 

Difference Between Cash Advance Apps and Payday Lenders?

These 2 things are not similar because payday lending regulations are applicable to these apps. Payday lenders provide you advances and don’t report payments to the major credit bureaus. That is why such kinds of loans can’t help or hurt your credit score.

Pros and Cons of Cash Advance Apps


  • Can get conveniently access funds
  • Give money at very lower price
  • Features some helpful tools
  • Can avoid overdraft fees


  • Can debt trap if you do not pay back
  • Can encourage your bad habits
  • Hidden fees
  • 70 percent apps are not able to protect your personal information that you give at the time of sign up

Bottom Line 

Money is complicated especially when you do not handle it properly and you want an instant cash advance online solution. Then in this situation instant cash advance apps help you. Because these apps not only give you some loan to handle unexpected expenses. But also they have some tools that can manage your budget properly. But we recommend you to choose a cash advance app after checking the pros and cons. 

Keep in mind, these apps can only be helpful when you use them responsibly. Go for any app if you stafied to deal with additional costs. Plus, it can save some money for the future by managing your budget properly. But if you are short of money regularly then choose an alternative because it is a temporary solution not permanent. 


Does a cash advance app help or hurt credit score?

A cash advance app can hurt your credit score like any use of credit cards. Especially if you do not care about how much you pay back and how much you obtained.

Are loan apps safe?

They are safe but if you use them only in one-time emergencies,. Otherwise these apps can add some fees that to manage you have to borrow again and again. So if you struggle to manage expenses regularly then do not go for these apps. Find an alternative!

What app lets you borrow $20?

Yes you can even borrow an amount of 20 dollars through instant cash advance apps. Almost all apps have a common range of instant borrow money from 20 to 250 dollars. 


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