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Top 10 Best Apps Like DoorDash Driver (Food Delivery Apps)

If you do not want to cook, in this situation DoorDash Driver is such an app that can save. They provide food delivery service in multiple cities of the United States. There are many on-demand food delivery applications available. Some people prefer to order food from their favorite restaurant for their convenience. 

With the growing popularity of these apps, demand for drivers has also increased. Purpose of these apps is not only to serve people but also it is a source of earning for many. These applications are a flexible and legitimate way of extra income. 

But why only doorDash when you have many other options available on your table. Other apps similar to doorDash Driver services are also worth considering. So if you want to order at a cheap rate you can try other Apps like doorDash drivers. Scroll down for more info!

What is doorDash 

doorDash is an application that is a technology driven delivery service company to facilitate people. By providing them food at door step and also it is a source of income for some. This application was launched in 2013 and got popular with the passage of time.

Currently it is operating in 7000 cities all across the United States, Canada and Australia. But also people of Japan and Germany can take advantage of this app because it is also available there. This company connects hundreds of merchants, they have a team of a million drivers and 20 million consumers. 

People can order food and merchandise from nearby. Last year, before Christmas they collaborated with JCPenney to provide on-demand delivery service. They dispatch items like home electronics and beauty and personal care at your door from 600 stores nationwide. Payments are handled via app so at their delivery time no need for cash or credit card. 

What Are doorDash Drivers

doorDash is a big opportunity for those who love to drive and also want to earn some extra money. People also work as a driver for doorDash full time and part and get a handsome amount of money. You need to deliver food and other items from grocery or convenience stores, restaurants or gas stations. 

You can work when you want and also the company gives you some bounces to give you maximum money. With DashDriver get the job of your choice and get paid quickly. As self-employed gig workers,  aka Dashers have the flexibility of working hours. 

So it is totally up to you how much or less you want to work. Most people do not quit their full time job and join doorDash to earn money to make a clear difference in their budget. Utilize your spare time and change your lifestyle!

Requirements To Become a doorDash Driver

The process of becoming a driver at doorDash is easy. You must have a smartphone and a transportation mode so you can manage delivery service. Below are some requirements, check them out!

  • Your age must be 18 years or above
  • You should have a driver’s license number
  • If you dashing in the United States then should have a social security number
  • You must pass a background check

Steps To Follow: 

By following these simple steps you can get started in just a few minutes

  • Download the doorDash app
  • Install it in your smartphone
  • Go to sign up page
  • Enter your email and password
  • Submit the required documents and fill W-9 form
  • After completion of verification process you can start work immediately as dasher

Then they ship kit with including hot bag and Red card, you will received it in 4 business days

How It Works

doorDash offers many features to you like you can schedule your timing or review your earnings. Also you can check your rating given by the customer and manage your account settings. 

  • Open the app
  • Tap on Dash Now to start receiving orders now 
  • Or you can schedule a dash for another time
  • While taking order you must ensure that your phone is charged, have enough gas in your vehicle, red card and your hot bag
  • When delivery is ready you will informed via app notification and text message 
  • You will be informed by  order size, business name,  delivery distance and amount that you will earn
  • If you are interested then tap the Accept button
  • After your acception they will guide you stepwise by telling you how and where to deliver

How Much Do doorDash Drivers Earn?

Your earning depends upon various factors such as; order size and area and how fast and frequently you make deliveries. 

Dasher pay model has 3 elements such as;

  • Base pay 
  • Promotions 
  • Tips

Base pay is the exact amount that is directly paid to you for each order by doorDash. And its range is from 2 to 10 dollars or more, it varies distance, desirability and order’s time.

There are several kinds of promotion that is an additional pay which you get for a few specific orders and circumstances. These types are:

Peak Pay

Premium pay that you get during busy time


Get some money because of completion of certain number of order in a set time period


For the eligible drivers they offer large sized orders at premium pay

Guaranteed Earnings 

Some specific minimum money that is guarantee you will receive within a specific period 

Tips To Maximize Your Earnings

Below are some ways that increases your earning potential

  • Be patient and only take large orders
  • Focus on peak times
  • Avoid locations with lots of traffic
  • Try different locations

How Dash Drivers Get Paid

The doorDash app pays you through direct deposit that you set up in advance. They clear your payments on Monday that you earned last week between Monday to Sunday. But yes if you need your earnings soon then you have to pay a 1.99 dollars fee to get your payments fast. 

Does doorDash Withhold Taxes?

No, doorDash does not withhold taxes, drivers of doorDash are independent contractors. That is why they are only responsible for withholding tax by the State and IRS. If you earn 600 dollars or more, you will receive a 1099-NEC by 31 January every year. 

Also, this company partnered with Everlance that is a subscription based app. Which will assist you to track your expenses and mileage and also help you to reduce your tax bill. 

Is doorDash the Right Gig for You?

In a situation in which you want a gig to earn some side money and want to be your own boss then it covers you. Because you have complete control of your schedule, when and where you want to work it is up to you. Plus by following above mentioned tips you can maximize your earnings. 

Comparison Between Delivery Driving and Ride-sharing 

There are a wide range of delivery apps available that are very similar to doorDash. Like Instacart is for groceries items delivery and Uber Eats is primarily designed to deliver food. 

Which app will suit it depends upon your location, because maybe in your area a specific app is more busy than you can try its alternative. Or plus as a driver you can earn more from 2 apps. 

The main difference between delivery driving and ride-sharing is while dasher you never have passengers in your car. Or you do not need a 4 seater car you can deliver by motorcycle and bicycle. But for ride sharing you need to pick passengers and then drop at their place. 


  • doorDash offers many ways through you can maximize your earnings
  • You have choice of accept or rejection of order
  • You are boss of your own
  • Get your pay quickly


  • You need to schedule your hours in advance
  • Driver support only operates through chat
  • Work depend on demand 
  • You do not get paid hourly, you earn per delivery 

List of Apps Like DoorDash Driver

  1. Instacart
  2. Ubereats Delivery Driver
  3. Shipt Delivery Driver
  4. Caviar Delivery Driver
  5. Grubhub
  6. Amazon Flex
  7. Saucey
  8. Favor Delivery
  9. Eaze
  10. Postmates

With the popularity of the doorDash app also, there is a clear difference in the demand of drivers. But since it is not available in your area and you really need a part time job. Then there are many similar apps that cover you. So if you want to know another type of company then, below we are going to give you many other choices. Let’s check them out!

1-  Instacart

If you are looking for a delivery service for grocery shopping then you can use Instacart. But it is providing delivery service to customers in just selected cities of the United States. Instacart’s driver quickly approaches the food store and delivers at your door efficiently and conveniently.  

Customers can order from both platforms, Instacart’s app or website. Then choose delivery time and just pay a small fee and they get their required item at their place. Instacart is less expensive as compared to doorDash. 

And also the best app for delivery drivers because they have an extensive network of shoppers. Delivery charges depend upon 3 factors, same day delivery, club store deliveries and if you order under 35 dollars. Normally, they charged 3.99 dollars for an order over 35 dollars which you required the same day. 

2- Ubereats Delivery Driver

Do you want to try delivery apps to make money? Then you can go for Uber Eats as an Uber driver. Because UberEats is an online platform that delivers food items through the Uber platform. People use this app to order from restaurants and get their favorite food at their door.  

Launched in 2014, its popularity among the people is growing day by day. Ubereats is a US based company and they delivered all around in major cities of the United States. but this company is more famous than doorDash around the world. 

Plus, you can track your order on your smartphone to know when your food is arriving. They do not disclose the delivery charges but claim they offer better fees than all other similar platforms. A variable amount of 5 percent of your subtotal they charged as delivery fee. 

3- Shipt Delivery Driver

Shipt is a delivery app for drivers and their headquarters are located in Birmingham, Alabama. They are currently working in 45 states of the USA and the District of Columbia too. If you are not using this app, then simply sign up. 

For placing an order, choose your required items, schedule delivery time and after acceptance you have everything at your door. To find the nearest shopper to your place the Shipt uses geolocation. This app also helps you to tell you the best grocery stores in your area. 

Also you can check the reviews of users for your satisfaction, so you can know which platform is worth your money. But keep in mind, due to picking, packing, and processing you get your item slightly more. For example if you buy bread from a store you will pay 2.29 dollars but purchase through Shipt you need to pay 2.59 dollars. 

4- Caviar Delivery Driver

Here are Caviar delivery apps to make money because it is an on demand delivery service. They help you to get your food items directly to you at your place. They are mainly operating in:

  • New York City
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston
  • Austin
  • Washington D.C.

You can reach all your nearby restaurants through Caviar. At top of all; you do not need to compromise on quality due to convenience. This delivery platform offers you a wide range of more than 10,000 restaurants. Their motto is to give you a great customer experience for the restaurants and diners of your choice. 

They do not have any hidden charges that is why you know exactly what you are paying for. Also it is better than door dash because they are less expensive, plus they are almost operating in every city. Delivery charges vary from your place and on the cost of your order. 

5- Grubhub 

Introducing Grubhub that is a delivery app for drivers, and it is an ultimate retail therapy app and worth considering. But unfortunately, they are not as famous as doorDash. But they are currently operating in almost every city of the USA.

Their idea is just simple like you order goods online via your smartphone a courier picks them and delivers them at your place. They use geolocation to find courier companies near your place. Also it is better for those who do not know the best stores in their areas. Grubhub provides you with a large range of products that make it the best online platform.

Plus, they have a large range of merchants which means you must be sure that what you are finding is exactly what you want. Also they offer some in-app discounts so you can save some money through order from their app. Their delivery charges are 1 to 10 dollars but mostly around 2.50 to 7.50 dollars. 

6- Amazon Flex 

Amazon is one of the best apps for doorDash drivers because it is a great alternative to this app. As you might know, Amazon is expanding its delivery service and logistics. They are providing delivery service in almost every city of the United States. But currently they are not available in the canada. 

Best of all, they offer people to make deliveries in their free time to earn some spare money. If you want to work for them they allow you to schedule when you can work and when you want to get paid. 

Their delivery rates depend upon the order. If you want to earn more than accept larger orders because they are better than small orders. This app is easy to use plus you can choose items that you want to deliver. On Average, you can earn 18 to 25 dollars per hour through Amazon Flex. 

7- Saucey 

Unlike doorDash, this online platform is only wine and liquor, you can try it if you want to use a delivery service. Their headquarter is located in Los Angeles, and allows you to order alcohol to get at your doorstep. Also it is a great alternative for them who need their drinks delivered. 

This app is only operating in those cities where they have fulfillment centers. That is why we recommend you to download the app after checking their list of supported cities.  They do not charge high, their fees are small, around 2.99 dollars regardless of your location. Saucey is a great choice for you if you want wine or other kind of alcohol at your place without any problem. 

8- Favor Delivery 

Favor delivery is another app like doorDash driver and allows you to order alcohol without getting about paying high delivery fees. Currently, their headquarters are based in Austin, Texas. They are specialized to deliver alcohol to the people by taking a maximum time of 1 hour. 

The Favor delivery online platform is charging less amount as compared to the other similar apps. They charge a small fee that is divided into mileage charge and base rate. Usually, their delivery fee is 6 dollars but also it varies from your location and merchant. Additionally, they offer regular discounts for those deliveries which are under 3 dollars. 

9- Eaze 

If you are looking for apps similar to doorDash driver then you can consider Eaze. This is an online medical marijuana dispensary. Their idea is to connect patients with doctors for cannabis recommendations. They provide high quality weed, edibles and other items from dispensaries. 

They are working in California as their headquarters are there. On Eaze you have an extensive menu including several kinds of weeds, edibles and concentrates. You will get your order right to your doorstep for convenience. 

This app is easy to use and compatible with both platforms, Android and iOS and offers various features. Best of all, they do not charge delivery fee plus affordable rates of products. Allows you to order pre-rolls, $15 eighths, and $20 vaporizer cartridges. As they have a wide network so you have a high chance to work with them and earn. 

10- Postmates

If you want to know an alternative of doorDash then you can check out Postmates. This app was launched 8 years ago with a simple idea: they want to connect customers with their favorite restaurant. They claim they have 500,000 fleet members that are growing day by day. These members are known as Postmates. 

They are working with 600,000 merchants and available to 80 percent of households around more than 50 States of America. If you join this app as a driver then you can earn an average of 15.65 dollars hourly. Best of all, you can get your 100 percent of earnings including your tips that you got from customers. 

Additionally, you can cash out your earnings any time just you need to pay a fee of 50 cent.  But they deposit your earnings into your bank account weekly. Their requirements for driver are simple, you must be old 18 years or more and have a valid U.S. driver’s license.


You have read reviews of apps that are similar to doorDash, they all have their features and specifications. So why do you use only doorDash when you have many other options. These apps offer services as doorDash do, even some are better than this. 

Above mentioned all are the best apps for delivery drivers, do join any company and earn some extra money to improve your livelihood. Plus, if a doorDash is not available in your area then you can go for another. We recommend you to go for a simple user interface and flexible terms and conditions. In the end, all is entirely up to your preference!


Which Food Delivery Service Pays The Most

Postmates is one of the best paying driving apps for food. You can try this app if you want to earn some spare money in your free time. 

How Much Will I Get Paid?

Normally, you can earn anywhere from 2 dollars to more than 10 dollars. But you can increase your earning by promos and customer tips. 

Is Being a doorDash Driver Easy?

Yes it is relatively easy, you do not need to do much hassle. Because this job needs low commitment. Another plus point is there are no fixed working hours. You will be your own boss, and also you get paid weekly. 


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