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Apps Like Grid Payboost (Cash Advance Apps, Payday Loan Apps)

If you are looking for a way to get tax or advance pay then Grid Payboost will cover you the like you want. Sometimes you need money on an urgent basis to deal with an unexpected expense, medical emergency or to pay utility bills. To help you regarding these situations, cash advance applications help you the way you want. 

There are multiple apps that are working to give you money so you can get out of the emergency. Grid paybosst is one of those apps and is famous for getting cash boost between your paychecks. However, if you want to explore apps like grid pay boost. Then stay connected with us, in this blog post we will give a number of its alternatives. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Best Apps Like Grid Payboost

Alternative and Best Cash Advance Apps, Payday Loan Apps Like Grid Payboost

  1. Brigit 
  2. SoLo Funds
  3. Branch: No Wait Pay
  4. Empower 
  5. Hundy
  6. Vola Finance
  7. FloatMe
  8. Klover
  9. CashNetUSA
  10. Albert

What Are Cash Advance Apps?

In a situation where you need a few additional cash, apart from your salary so you can tackle an emergency expense. In order to do this a cash advance app helps you by offering you a loan so you can get rid of such situations. These apps are just a kind of short-term loan which is  offered via the platform Cash App. 

Mostly, the eligible borrowers can get a loan from 20 up to 200 dollars. They have 4 weeks to return this amount or some apps automatically deduct this money from your account at your next paycheck. Plus these apps can be downloaded for free but they get a 5% flat fee when you return the loan. Most applications do not require a fee, they provide you services for free of cost. 

Through operating such applications you get an opportunity to qualify to your direct deposit or get access to your paycheck early. Regarding this you have a lot greater choices on your plate than run-of-the-mill payday loans. One of these apps is grid payboost, below we will take a look in detail and its alternatives. 

How You Can Pick an Cash Advance App

Before selecting a cash advance app to meet with your surprise expense, check out below mentioned factors. We recommend you to go for an app which suits you the most. 

  • User’s reviews 
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Limits of loan amounts 
  • Fee structures
  • Interest rates
  • Repayment Requirements
  • User Interface
  • Is it give ability to build credit or not
  • Accessibility
  • Employer requirements
  • Customer Service

Should You Use These Cash Advance Apps?

If you are struggling to manage your monthly budget and can not do it in the right way or have sudden expenses. Then you have to take any temporary help from a person or a cash advance app. Below are some factors that make you a good candidate:

  • If you get biweekly paycheck which is not enough to pay your monthly billing
  • If your account is overdrafting and pay hefty fees 
  • If you can invest money for the management of your personal finances
  • You want credit building programs 
  • If you want to borrow 250 dollars but rarely 

Pros and Cons of Cash Advance Apps

Check out what a cash advance app offers you pros and cons:


  • Access funds conveniently 
  • Provide money at very lower fee
  • Offers some helpful tools
  • You can get rid of overdraft fees


  • Can debt trap you if you do not pay back your loan 
  • Hidden fees
  • Encourages your bad habits
  • 70% apps do not protect your personal info which you provide at the time of sign up

A Quick Introduction Of Grid BoostPay

This is a finance app which is developed by Grid Paycheck boost. The purpose of this application is to boost your pay. By using this app you can get an average 250 dollars pay boost each month. Also they offer you to get your tax early. In the United States, popularity is growing day by day. Allows you to select how much money you want to refund early. 

Also grid pay boost is safe to use, they do not share your personal information. They are not a scam, you can trust them you access your tax early which will help you to meet your sudden expenses. Specially, it is beneficial for those people who need money urgently, it gives them access to their tax.

You can easily download it from their official website, Apple Store and Google Play Store. It is available for free of cost and the file size is File Size: 92,472.00 KB, currently its Version 1.5.19 is available. When you sign up on this application, they give you up to 250 dollars. Below is a few core features of this app:

  • Secure and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Give tax refund early 

How Does It Work

Grid boostpay is developed with a user friendly interface, that is why it is easy to use. You just need to visit the app store on your device then download and install it. To get access of your tax early you just need to follow a few simple steps that are:

  • They ask a few simple questions
  • Answer those questions
  • Connect your payroll
  • Grid will calculate your tax refund of next year and your Payboost
  • Choose the amount that you want to get early 
  • You will receive your pay boost with your next paycheck

And if you want advance cash, then they cover you as well. Just connect your payroll provider then they will give you early access to your paycheck. All this is done by the Meet CashBoost feature on the app. You can get up to 250 dollars as cash advance. That amount will automatically be taken by them from your account on your next payday. 

At this moment also they provide you a receipt with which you can get further advance right away. A life person around the cash, build and spend. Then what if they want to build credit for needing extra cash. Again here is the Grid App to cover you, stop using your debit card for your daily shopping. 

Instead of that you should avail the service of BoostCard to get paid, this will also help you to build credit. Also through the app you can get up to 100 dollars per month as rewards. The Grid Payboost is easy to use and also provides efficient finance management. 

Pros And Cons Of Grid PayBoost 

Let’s check out the positive and negative highlights of this app, how beneficial this application is for you!


  • Secure to use
  • Improving with time
  • They fix major bugs with each update
  • Customer service support is good
  • User friendly interface 
  • Helps the users by providing them guidelines in a timely manner 
  • Offer excellent performance 
  • Available for free


  • Missing some features
  • A bit lack of privacy 
  • Sometimes gets slow down 

Similar Apps To Grid PayBoost 

There are a lot of applications that provide you advance cash before your payday. Also they help you to manage your budget so you can build credit for the future. Then why do you stick to only one app when there is much more to explore. Let’s look at some apps like Paybost!

1- Brigit 

If you are in a situation when you need an amount up to 250 dollars, then you should go for Brigit. They offer you instant cash so you can spend wisely and start saving more. Avoid unfair fees and manage your budget in a proper way. You can build your credit even without any credit check and credit approval. 

Due to this credit score you can have new car loans, home credit and personal loans. For your convenience they allow you to repay this loan within 1 or 2 years, however you should repay it as soon as possible. For more information you can visit their official website or download it from the app store of your mobile phone. 

2- SoLo Funds: Lend and Borrow 

This platform is a finance application that is available for free. You can avail their services by downloading it from your Apple Store and Google Play Store. Developed by SoLo Funds and their primary purpose is to meet your emergency expense. They help you in that situation by providing you with an instant loan. You can get this money without any fee or interest. 

Through this app you can more easily get money as compared to the loan system of a bank. Plus, it is an easy to use finance application  where lenders and borrowers can efficiently perform transactions. For further details you can visit their website and download it from the app store. To get started you need to sign up or sign in by using your Google account or Facebook and then enter the required details. 

3- Branch: No Wait Pay

Branch is another finance application that is developed by Branch Manager. This is a kind of digital wallet and helps you to get paid quickly from your company. Also they offer a virtual debit card that is connected with the Branch app via Apple Pay and Google Pay

If you already have money in your Branch account then you can easily make a transaction, save money or spend wherever and whenever you want without any hassle. In addition to this, by the use of Branch debit cards the users can easily shop. Download it from Google Play store and Apple store to explore the world of Branch: No wait pay. 

4- Empower 

Empower is another finance app that is used to provide you instant cash advance. Sometimes you can not manage your monthly budget properly. You get an unexpected expense then you try this app. They will help you in this situation by offering you up to 250 dollars. This application is developed by Empower Finance and has a good rating. 

Best of all, they lend you money without any interest which means when you do not need to give any extra money at the time of repayment. Also on the application they offer multiple great deals every week. Through these deals you can save money because you avail up to 10 % cashback on your purchase. The alert for 24/7 and monitor your spendings and control impulse shopping. 

5-  Hundy: Money When You Need It 

When you need an extra money for an urgent usage you can try out Hundy developed by Hundy, Inc. and the purpose of this finance application is to offer you some advance money from the people around you. Through this app you can borrow money in a few minutes. 

This application does not demand you to complete a lengthy credit application just like the other finance applications. The users consider this feature as cherry on the cake because it saves them from hassle. All you need to do is just sign in via your Facebook or Apple ID and then link your bank account. You can avail loans from 25 to 100 dollars. 

6- Vola Finance 

This application is developed by Vola inc. and the primary purpose is to help the users to get advance cash so they can improve their credit score. All of this you can do by just doing a few clicks on this finance application. They monitor your finances so they can help them to budgeting their expenses and saving money for the future. 

Best of all is their limit of advance cash, which means you can get a handsome amount of up to 300 dollars through this app. The borrowers can repay the amount as per their wish even without paying any penalties. Otherwise Vola Finance can automatically deduct the amount from your bank account. 

7- FloatMe

If you are looking for additional cash until your next payday, then look no further than FloatMe. Because they offer you advance cash up to your paycheck. This is developed by FloatMe with the primary purpose to help the people in managing their finances, prevent overdrafts and save money. 

To get started with this app you need to download and install it from the Apple store or official website. Then connect your bank account with it, and you are ready to access unpaid earnings. Through this application you can access your paycheck before your payday without asking your boss. Also this application allows you to track your cash inflows and outflows, so you can record how much you spent and where. 

8- Klover

If you need 50 dollars and are looking for a loan instant app, then you can check out Klover because it is a cash advance instant application. Developed by Klover Holdings and available for free of cost. Their purpose is to help people to get instant access to the money that they already earned. Which means they allow you to get your earned money before your payday. 

To use this finance application, just download and install it, then sign up and link your bank account. Also they allow you to manage your budget so you can spend according to that. In addition to this you can track your monthly spending by different categories. Use this app to manage your budget and save some money and also get instant money in case of urgency. 

9- CashNetUSA

Another cash advance app is cashNetUSA that is available to download for free of cost. Developed by Enova International Inc and the primary purpose is to offer convenient credit to the users and also manage their lines of credit. In addition to this they also provide loans to the customers. 

At top all, they allow you loan repayments in installments that makes this app different as compared to the other finance applications. Also they enable their customers to check their balance, make payments and request refunds. You can track your budget because they provide you updates about your account, its status and reminders. 

10- Albert

Here is Albert: banking on you is another paycheck boost app. Available to download for free and developed by Albert Corporation. This is a finance application and one of the best solutions to budgeting, investing, saving or banking. They have a genius team of finance experts that are available to properly guide you about your credit card, investments, student loan or budgeting. 

By getting help from these geniuses, the customers can make their portfolios to attain their financial goals. The most appreciated feature is, after giving you a loan they do not demand a quick repayment. You pay whenever you want or they automatically deduct from your account. To save some money for your future they analyze your expenses then automatically transfer additional money to your savings account. 

Alternatives Ways For Instant Cash

We are not in favor of using these cash advance apps every time. Because these apps do not work with irregular paychecks and a senior when you require a high amount. For such circumstances below we are going to give you some alternatives of these cash advance apps:

  • You should compare short-term lenders
  • Get a payday loan 
  • Borrow from your friend 
  • Loan from a CDFI
  • Take out cash advance from a credit card 

Wrapping Up

Sometimes you can not manage your expenses properly or you get a medical emergency or ther sudden expenses. In this case, the finance applications are there to help you out. So you can tackle your unexpected expenses. Also if you are a kind of person who can not build credit, in this situation these apps are very helpful as well. Grid Payboost is such an app which helps you to get access to your tax refund early.

Moreover, if you receive your tax refund yearly, then you can get it monthly through this app. Plus, you can select the amount that you want to receive every month. This will help you to boost your earnings so you can build credit for the future. All there are other amazing features that help you to manage your finances. However, if the amount of refund tax is less for you, then it is better to find out another way of earning. 


Check a few frequently asked questions!

Is Grid Pay Boost Legit?

Yes, it is completely legit, Grid PayBoost is not a scam. 

Which banks do Grid work with?

Grid PayBoost supports almost every bank such as;  Dave, Varo, Capital One, Chime and so on. 

Which Platforms are Supported by this App?

Grid payboost supports both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded for free. 


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