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Dell Vostro 7620 Review (Specs, Price, Battery Life)

Dell released its Vostro 7000 7620 laptops with a 16-inch screen at the start of June 2022. This laptop is configured with a 12th-generation Intel Core i7-12500H processor. The latest processor gives highly-dynamic performance and reduces latency. Backed with DDR4 RAM of 24 GB which runs at 3200 Hz speed. It possesses the latest RAM with high technology graphic card, making it the best option to purchase for work-related and business purposes. However, its premium quality RAM and vast data storage capacity make it a good candidate to run highly dynamic games. 

Its Ultra-portable 16-inch screen with a 4.46-pound weight allows you to carry it around easily. This is specially designed to withstand constant movement with ease and reliability. So, if you are looking forward to upgrading your work, video editing, and gaming-related experience, then step up your game with the latest Dell Vostro 7000.

Dell Vostro 7620 Review


Dell Vostro 7620 is integrated with the chiclet keyword, which features backlit keys that illuminate the keypad in dim light and make it easier for you to press your desired key. Moreover, the gaming keyboard comes with a standard QWERTY layout making it an ideal laptop for students and business users. Because QWERTY layout keyboards are specifically designed to type English texts faster by increasing the speed to 100 words per minute. The major advantage of this keypad is it reduces finger and wrist pain because fingers don’t have to move up and down keystrokes. 


Dell Vostro 7620 is integrated with 2 digital-array microphones and four speakers with Waves MaxxAudio Pro audio controller. These built-in speakers have a high-definition internal audio interface with the contrast of a universal external audio jack. These speakers also support internal-speaker amplifiers to modify the voice frequency with accuracy. Each speaker’s average input is 4W, although it has a 5W peak speaker output. You can control its external speaker’s volume with keyboard shortcut controls.


Dell Vostro 7620 features a camera (WebCam) on the front side with CMOS sensor technology. The CMS digital sensor in the webcam provides dark spots on pictures with higher reliability images. As a result, they produce HD-quality video with high resolution and clear pixels. It gives a 2.03 megapixel still image advantage with a video resolution of 1920 x 1080 full high definition (FHD) at 30 fps. The lens of its webcam covers a wide field of view representing an effective focal length. It results in providing the user with high-quality, larger, and clear images.


This gaming laptop comes with a precision touchpad that allows gesture features such as scrolling, dragging, finger tab, and two-finger scrolling. Although you can modify or reset the movement of these keys that are turned on by default. So unlike normal touchpads, its precision touchpad input instructs the operating system to handle the complex movements of fingers. Likewise, it allows the user to be consistent and smooth, pointing with great accuracy.


Dell Vostro 7000 7620 comes with a decent 16 inches screen with a length of 9.92, a width of 14.05, and a height of 0.67 inches. That’s why it can easily fit in your backpack or laptop carrier. You can easily haul your laptop around with you, making it a decent choice for business purposes.


The average weight of Dell laptops is mostly 3 pounds. Dell Vostro 7000 7620 laptop weighs 4.46 pounds which is portable size. It is not lightweight but not too heavy to carry around. You can carry it easily for your work purposes and traveling. So it provides the best balance between usability and portability. 


Dell Vostro 7000 7620 features 2x image resolution than the typical High Definition 720p image resolution. Dell steps up its 7000 series laptop with Full High Definition (FHD) that delivers 1920 x 1200 resolution. It is more than enough for creating content and student usage. Provides you with a stunning and wider image experience with a high number of pixels. Sharp clarity and more breathtaking visuals step up your screen interface game. 


Dell shipped its 3-cell Lithium-ion replacement battery with 56Wh capacity, which runs around 5 hours. This battery capacity lets you work seamlessly 17% more than a 48Wh laptop battery. Battery operation time can vary depending on the running conditions, but battery charging timing is approximately 3 hours standard time when power is off. Battery operating time can be reduced under certain power-intensive conditions.

Graphics Card 

Dell Vostro is manufactured with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphic card. It features highly dynamic 4GB memory with the latest technology of DDR4, which is best for playing games and editing video for high pixel quality. The Intel Iris Xe Graphics card is integrated with the latest universal standard wire connection, that is, USB type-C. It definitely carries more significant power than the previous technology USBs.  So whether you are a gamer, streamer, video content creator, or want to use it for everyday life, this gaming laptop is the best fit according to your taste. 

Based on the advanced chipset technology with 128-bit DRAM bus width, these features enhance the data retrieving and transferring rate simultaneously. Ultimately, it enhances the overall performance of the GPU, hence the graphic card’s performance. Another one of the most functional internal cores of the dell Vostro graphic card is its GPU clock. The sensitive GPU has a base clock of 1237 MHz to enhance the overall processor performance and productivity. At the same time, it can boost its clock speed up to 50MHz, which is more than enough to meet gaming and video editing requirements.


24 GB RAM module is integrated with the system board to enhance memory speed and configuration. If you want to build your laptop for gaming purposes, its 24 GB memory is enough to run fast-paced games. The bare minimum that is required for most gaming is 8 GB. So its 24 GB memory can run multiple high-intensity programs simultaneously. Its 3200 MHz can retrieve data and information quickly, thus speeding up task processing.

Connectivity Ports

Dell Vostro comes with DDR4 RAM to anchor its design, specifications, and motherboard to make it a functional and ideal choice for users. Dell Vostro 7000 7620 comes with three connectivity ports, including audio, video, and network, with a universal headset jack.


Dell Vostro 7000 7620 charging port is positioned on the laptop’s left side. It consumes 130W power with 13.2V providing fast charging and USB power delivery. Dell Vostro 7620 is equipped with the best 12th generation Intel core i7-12700H processor type. Because Core i7-12700H is an impressive step to upgrade the performance of mid-range and high-end laptops, This processor compliments best fitted for all your gaming and video editing needs. This CPU is integrated with Intel Iris Xe Graphics (96EU) GPU to meet your highly dynamic graphic rendering requirements.

It has a multi-core processor integrated into a single circuit, allowing it to run multiple programs simultaneously. That grants a significant rise in the performance ratio of CPU, and ultimately your laptop works better and perfectly. Core i7-12700H has an impressive speed of up to 4.70 GHz, which allows the CPU to retrieve and interpret instructions 2x times more than an ordinary processor. Dell Vostro processor has a close speed of up to 4.50 GHz, which is best if you want a laptop for school computing classes, including web designing, animation, and graphic designing needs. Some specifications of a highly integrated CPU are:

  • Cores: 14
  • Threads: 20
  • Low Frequency: 2.3 GHz
  • Boost Frequency: 4.7 GHz
  • Processor Cache: 24 MB 


Is del Vostro Compatible with gaming? 

Dell Vostro features a 12th-generation core processor, which is suitable for gaming and video editing. 

Can I buy Vostro 7620 laptop for content creation purposes? 

Yes, you can use Dell Vostro 7620 for all your video and image editing needs because it comes with the latest graphic card and a 12th-generation core processor. 

Is Vostro 7620 a Business Laptop? 

Vostro has essential built-in features with some other high-performing and latest attributes that make it the go-to laptop for business and work-related purposes.


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