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10 Best Apps Like Brigit (Cash Advance, Instant Money, Dave)

Are you needing a cash advance or payday loan and want to try Apps like Brigit? Then stay with us! And scroll down because we are going to tell you about the instant money apps. So why only use Brigit when many other options are available, which are similar to Brigit or even better. 

If at the end of the month you are out of budget or you have a surprise expense. Then these apps help you to manage your financial health by giving you instant loans. Plus point you do not need to panic about how to return the amount of the loans back. 

Because like a cash advance they will get back on your very next pay cheque. Also some of these apps help you to monitor your monthly spending, build your credit so you can save some money for the future. Let’s explore apps similar to Brigit. 


Brigit is an app that gives you a loan like a blink of an eye. And a bit different from an average expense manager, but yes also this app provides this facility. This loan app launched in 2017 by Hamel Kothari and Zuben Matthews. 

Now, you can get an amount of up to 250 dollars per pay period without interest and even no credit check. In this way you can manage your budget and can save money in a better way. But there are a few terms and conditions like getting a loan for the first time, your account must be 60 days old. 

How’s it works

This is a type of holistic financial health because it cuts your stress by giving some additional money to deal with your surprise expense. But how does it work? Let’s discuss it in a simple way:

  • Brigit connects with your bank account
  • Analyzes your history of banking
  • For the “Brigit Score” your bank account is up to 2 years old. 
  • On the Brigit Score they will determine whether you are eligible or not for a loan. 
  • If you qualify then apply for loan
  • Set date of repayment 
  • And get money in 2 to 3 business days

How to Use Brigit App

For the registration on Brigit, there are some easy steps that you need to follow. To avail all their services and to apply for a loan, you need to pay $9.99 per month.

  • You have to Install the app on your smartphone
  • Sign up 
  • Add your email and phone number
  • Complete full verification process
  • Choose a mobile PIN
  • Then brigit will connect with your bank


  • Offers basic services for fee
  • Easy to use
  • Available for both android and iPhone platforms
  • They require minimal personal information while sign up process
  • Provides some unique services like help finding part-time work


  • Buy a membership is necessary to get a cash advance
  • You have to pay $10 per month for Pro Plan
  • Qualifying requirements are a bit steep
  • Without balance deposits from an employer you can not qualify for an advance.

To Qualify for Advance Cash you Must Have:

  • Your bank account in good standing
  • You deposit at least 1500 dollars per month
  • Deposits from an employer in bank account

Why apps similar to Brigit better than payday loans

There are a lot of apps like Brigit that are a bit similar. But Brigit and other apps are a bit different as compared to the payday loans. But also the choice of platform is dependent upon the preference of users. Let’s check some differences:

  • Apps like Brigit are much cheaper than payday lenders
  • There are no hidden fees 
  • Do not charge interest 
  • But keep in mind, cash advance apps operate within the fintech sector

What to look for in an app like Brigit

Of course, you really need to research completely before you sign up for any cash advance app. Because apps have different criteria that you must know before choosing any app. Following things will help you to evaluate the apps.

  1. Borrowing limits
  2. Turnaround time
  3. Fees
  4. Their requirements
  5. Reviews
  6. Whether they offer services like banking or credit building or not
  7. Determine why you want use app, only for loan or need a multi functional app

Top List of Apps Like Brigit

  1. Dave
  2. MoneyLion
  3. InGo Money
  4. Chime
  5. Even
  6. Branch
  7. Earnin
  8. Affirm
  9. DailyPay
  10. Activehours

So if you want to try any other app than brigit, we are here to cover you by providing you a few new apps like brigit. There are many alternative options available that are not only similar but even better. 

So why only Brigit? Read more so you can get some basic know-how about these advance pay apps. Feel free to try them because these are all reliable and secure apps. 

1- Dave

The Brigit app is one of the oldest advanced money applications. But Dave is also popular among the people due to their services. One of the most prominent differences between Brigit and Dave is in  the subscription fee. 

On dave you just need to pay 1 dollar per month as the subscription fee. But in the case of the latter you have 2 options, either you can use it with a free plan but for a premium plan you need to pay 9.99 dollars per month. 

Dave provides you a maximum loan of 100 dollars per month, that is less than Brigit limit. But still it is enough for refueling the car or for Netflix subscription. You can download it from both Appstore or google play. For help you can visit Dave’s knowledge base section. 


The moneyLion is one of the best instant money apps, the most attractive thing about this app is their limit of loan. You can borrow up to 250 % per day and 1000 for each month and that is why it is included in the list of primary Brigit like apps. 

This app gets positive reviews by the users, that is why it seems a peak performance app. Plus, the short term loan has a zero annual percentage rate. For the subscription you have to pay 1 dollar per month. 

But to borrow a large amount of money then you need to get premium membership by paying 19.99 dollars additionally, also the APR values vary. Also with the help of management tools you can manage investments. 

3- InGo Money

The InGo money is also a cash advance app, it has taken place on our list due to its peak performance. With this app you can get money where you want in just a few minutes. They have their unique processes which speeds up the flow of cash in your bank accounts. 

Also they ensured that their customers do not have to face time consuming withdrawal methods. The business relies on the high speed that they require for their survival. InGo money is a free app but for instantaneous operations you need to pay 5 dollars. 


Why we did include Chime in apps for instant money is because it is a worthy app to get a loan right when you need it. They deposit the money into your account and use them before your scheduled pay day. The APR credit builder program is 0 % that is attractable. If you want overdraft protection then chime will suit you.

Chime is there to provide you a loan of 100 dollars at a time. Best of all, they do not charge any hidden fee and give you money in a short time. Additionally, if you never face storage of money then you can sign up as a savings account. Chime is affiliated with VISA that is why they give you servies for free. For your help you can visit advice concerning finance: an unemployment guide on Chime’s app or website. 


Even is one of the apps similar to Brigit and they take payday loans  to a completely new level due to their serious research driven approach. 

They help employers and employees instead of individually managing finances. Even enables the latter to provide money as a loan that is calculated on the basis of employee’s salary history.

Due to the division method there is less risk for one person because of the division of all people. Now with the chime you are ready to withdraw your salar twice in a month. There are 2 things you must keep in mind. They charge 2 dollars per month as the subscription fee and get a bit commsension. The Even app has versatility and precision of managing and also uses this for finance management. 

6- Branch

If you want to try cash advance apps like brigit then you can try Branch. This is such an app that is worth trying to get a loan without a fee. Plus it comes with some social features, for instance you can communicate with coworkers.  

You can lag your daily hours and also you have the ability to schedule your work. Their loan limit is a bit attractive as you can borrow 150 dollars per day or a total 500 dollar per pay period. You can only apply for a cash advance for a specific period which means you must upload new working hours for each application. 

7- Earnin

Earnin is such an advanced cash app that offers all features which can be expected from this type of app. But you do not pay any monthly fees for subscription. They claim that there are thousands of employees who are using this app to borrow money. 

Furthermore, you are also eligible to apply for 500 dollars per day if you accumulate a ton of working hours. This amount is sufficient to pay any kind of costly emergencies. Your loan amount comes into your account on the same business day because of their fast speed program. 

8- Affirm

Affirm is also one of the cash advance apps but it is quite different due to its working. This app provides you such features through which you can control your expenses.  You can set your expenses, allocate money for each so you can pay securely by using your virtual credit card. 

Therefore, this app is not only useful if you want to get traditional but also it will be useful for you if you do a lot of online shopping. Affirm also gives you the ability to transfer money to other users in just seconds. 

9- DailyPay

dailyPay is a new app like Brigit and they are geared toward employers instead of employees. But also very similar to Brigit because employees accumulate work hours to balance your builds up. If you want to borrow money you just need to tap your balance and get access to your payday earnings easily and quickly. 

When your payday comes they take back the amount of loan from your paycheck. But the cost of transferring the amount to your bank account is 1.25 dollars. You can try this app if you think it suits you. 

10- Activehours 

Activehours is another app that enables employees to access their earnings before the payday. And also the employers use Activehours to avail their amazing services. This is a trustworthy app, you can rely on for getting funds in case of emergency. 

Are you excited to know what is great about this app and why it is so famous among the people? So Activehours is the choice of those workers who work a lot of hours per day because it allows you to withdraw up to 100 dollars per day. Furthermore, they offer a feature where you can monitor your monthly expenses. So you can spend accordingly and save some amount for the future. Get a better financial control with Activehours!


Everybody can get out of budget due to additional spendings or have any surprise expense, it may be bad or good. In this situation they definitely require help. So in this situation these kinds of apps give you financial help until your next payday.  

You can try any of the above mentioned apps; they all have good reviews. Also they help you to build your credit, monitor your budget, so you can save money for the future. Stay worry free! But keep in mind, getting a loan from these apps is a temporary solution, not a permanent one. 


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