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10 Best Apps like Floatme (Cash Advance Apps Alternatives)

Emergency cash is the need of people who are cutting short on their credit. There are apps that will help you get instant money without any issue as you just need to install the app. Some applications charge a membership fee but it all depends on the type of app you are going to get.

There will not be millions that you can borrow but it can add significant addition in the cash you need at the moment. Floatme app will help you receive compensation without interest or credit check. But as all good things have a downside, there are alternatives to this application.

Cash advance apps and payday loans are almost similar as they are short term loans and small dollars. They are repaid from your next paycheck so these com[anies are typically lenders. Offering you interest free money and recoup automatically on the due date is how they roll.

What is Floatme:

Before getting into the other solutions, first we need to understand floatme being a cash advance app. You can cover any emergency bills, or an unexpected expense that has come at an unwanted time.

How it works:

The way it works is the cash you owe is taken from your next paycheck but some apps usually charge late fees and penalties. Floatme do not charge any hidden fees from you and if you are stuck or short on cash, this application will only cut a partial amount of money.

You need to sign up for the app and fill out information regarding your personal identity such as address, cell phone number and email. After that, a verification of income through paycheck is required to direct deposit into a checking account. The user needs 3 consecutive payments in order to pass this stage.

Furthermore, you are asked to link your debit card that you are currently using with that account. This step will help you get cash and collect the membership fee by the app when it is due time.

It will help you avoid overdrafting your bank account and not get stuck in a never ending debt. Since there is no interest, you can always get back what you have taken before in order to keep the money flowing in times of need. So the right choice of the cash back app should go through all the positives and negatives factors.


For setting the bar high, Floatme will give you all the benefits in its power in order to give your best of all emergency funds. The following pointers will help you out in directing towards the right amount of cash involving these pointers as:

  1. Fast funding:

Up to 3 business days are required for fast cash  to come into your account. You will be able to get funds within 30 minutes of request but it also depends on your bank. So there is no hard and fast rule for this transaction as it can take typically 30 minutes while it can also range more or less time.

  1. No interest:

If you are short on your money and cannot give back as soon as possible, floatme only deducts a minimal amount as a penalty. It does not charge any late fees or hidden cash from your account in spite of service charges etc.

  1. Emergency stash:

Establish a savings account that contains some cash as your emergency stash for desperate times. Through this application, you can monitor your next contribution and manually withdraw and even add money for when you need it the most.

  1. Avoid overdrafting fee:

Having certain tabs will send you alerts and notifications from your bank balance if it is cutting short. When the alert is received, you can get back at it in time which saves you from ever growing overdrafting fees that keep you stuck in one place.

  1. No credit check:

It does not review your credit history so you do not have to worry about a hard hit on your credit. This step is present in the application process and if you have been bad at saving before, you do not have to fret much with this app.


Being the downside of floatme can be a bummer for some users who find it difficult to cover their expenses with this app. Other than that, there are other cons of this app which may let you switch to something better.

  1. Low borrow amount:

You can only take $50 maximum as the starting range is $10 to $30 as a small and easily accessible amount. The user also needs to be qualified for the maximum amount before you will be able to access it.

  1. Membership fee:

For using this application, you have to sign up as a member of this app that deducts $1.99 per month. It can be canceled anytime if you no longer want to use the app’s service. But as long as you are in, this will be the standard membership fee.

  1. Credit score:

Even if paying continuously, this app does not report to credit bureaus which results in no credit building. On time payment every month does not have the potential to improve your credit history or score whatsoever. So you can only keep your expenses on time and get that benefit.

  1. Self employed not allowed:

One of the biggest cons of all time include the non involvement of self employed people. It only allows users who are W-2 employees that are earning at least $200 per pay. This income should also come as directly deposited to your bank account and not from any other source like Venmo, paypal or Zelle etc.

  1. Debit access:

Even if you can avoid overdraft fees, this app can still access your bank account and debit card. It will then automatically deduct the membership fee and view or comment on the bank funds etc. When it is time to float back, it will automatically debit from your account.

Apps like Floatme Alternatives:

Below is the list of Best FloatMe alternatives for Android and iOS.

  1. Brigit
  2. Dave
  3. Albert
  4. Cleo
  5. Earnin
  6. Empower
  7. Moneylion
  8. Klover
  9. Chime
  10. Varo

Due to some limitations, many users want to switch to floatme alternative where they can have more benefits and less risks of frauds. So worry not as there are lots of other options on the table for you to start right away:

1. Brigit:

Has more than 3 million members that are getting up to $250 as well as building their credit score to the maximum. You can also become a smart saver as Brigit only takes 2 minutes to sign up. There is no interest and credit check required for you to use this application.

All you have to look at is your checking account that has 60+ days of activity and a positive bank balance to start off. There should be 3 or more recurring deposits from the same source or employer to ensure a safe way to work. Choosing between 2 delivery options is another plus point of this app.

The 1st option can deliver your money within 1 to 3 days and the request should be put in advance on the business day prior to 10:00 am EST. You will get the amount the same day at 11:59 pm. If the request is after eastern time, the request will be processed on the following business day by 11:59 pm.

Second option is instant cash without any extra charge and can be received in 20 minutes or less. This way requires you to associate your debit card with the checking account into the app. For upgrading the membership, your Brigit score should be up to 70. Moreover, a pro plan serves you $9.99 per month with protection from identity theft and flexible repayment making it a versatile app.

2. Dave:

An adorable Mascot will keep you entertained with all your financial needs through this addition. Dave is an easy to use app that can get you paid 2 days early. It also builds your credit history and gets you up to $250 as cash advance. No paying fees is included and this step has led Dave to have 10 million members and counting.

It has a partnership with LevelCredit that helps you report your rent payments to major credit bureaus. As a result, your credit history can increase up to $100 per year as it is free for its members. Dave accounts are all FDIC insured up to $250,000 where the bank level security is provided.

3. Albert:

Working on both IOS and Android phones, Albert can let you borrow up to $250 with no credit check. There are no fees unless you want to get paid faster than the request you want to put in. This app is built with balance monitoring and budgeting tools to help you become a smart financial manager.

Having cool perks like Pro plan members and cash back with bill negotiations can further benefit your cause. The pro plan includes $6 to $16 per month and in between. 

4. Cleo:

In case you are unsure about these apps and think of them as a pyramid scheme, cleo takes all your worries away. First time borrowers can get up to $70 and if you want an advance, you can also opt for a premium plan. This plan initiates with $5.99 per month to meet your advance.

No fees and credit check is another factor not to ignore with a conversational approach. Beginners will get a critique on spending and saving habits as well as encouragement on saving to celebrate your wins.

5. Earnin:

Some developers and rating of this app makes it in the top lists of alternatives for floatme. You can request a payday for a small loan on your prior wage. Your personal information will be encrypted and you will proceed with the user’s permission only.

No interest is hidden with the draw of USD 100 but it depends on your wages. In case you need an upgrade, we say you go for it since there is no credit check run. Never get bored from extra services like balance shields that notifies you of your bank account if it gets too low.

Up to $500 can become yours from the portion of your paycheck in each pay period. Also get access to your whole paycheck in 2 days or sooner where your hard earned money is paid right.

Get yourself empowered with up to $250 cash advance without any interest of paying fee. You get to see some ranking in terms of cashback rewards to build your profile. Although the membership fee may be a little over the top than other apps, $8 per month is still worth it.

6. Empower

An addition of live chat support for any concerns or questions regarding your request, account etc. Empower give you a debit card also that has unlimited access to the ATMs nationwide up to 37,000. You get to use them as much as you need without getting any charges for withdrawing cash with your empower debit card.

7. Moneylion:

A refined financial technology has changed the pace of the loan system with the power of MetaBank. Being a member of FDIC, cash is established through a bank account with direct deposit. Whereas RoadMoney gives you easy methods for borrowing, saving, investing and earning money.

This is all in one banking experience with up to $1000 without interest. It also tops other apps by giving you the required amount within 2 days early and debit card rewards for daily spending. You do not need to have a minimum balance or overdraft fees as the funds are added to your account in real time.

8. Klover:

This instant money app is a popular one with $100 of instant loan in the market. On one hand it has no service fee or interest while the other side wants you to meet the list of requirements it has. Nonetheless, you can always increase the limit after using this application for a while.

Klover does not have any overdraft fee, background check and it also gives you notifications in advance if your credit is running low. The only major con is that it has no potential to build your credit score but it can be a good alternative for instant loan transactions.

You can also complete micro tasks like watching ads to increase the amount of advance as an easy way out.

9. Chime:

When it comes to online banking, chime is your go-to app as it is the easiest and convenient way for making online transactions. Without brick or mortar storefronts, Chime is a credit union for people in need of financial help. It offers checking or spending accounts and saving accounts for every type of user.

This former account comes with a Visa debit card linked to the ATMs in your nearby stores. The company enables personal loans and credit builder products with early access to your direct deposit paycheck. It also serves a program called “spot me” which helps you avoid overdrafting fees.

Your purchase can be declined if your bank account balance runs too low. Even though self-employed people cannot take advantage of it, you can still fill in from $40 to $200. Your spot me time will increase with time also increasing your loan amount limit as a result.

10. Varo:

Being younger than Chime, Varo is a primary competition also known as a bank for all of us. Offering saving and spending or checking accounts, this app is 100% free to use. There are no charges for setting up as well as overdraft fee. All the users will have access to mobile bank deposits which will partner with Green Dot service.

A program called “Varo believe” is a bank credit building process which the account holders can sign up for willingly. Its advance program becomes a bridge between online banking and online cash advances. You can get up to $100 on your next direct deposit if your advance is more than $50. Varo allows its members to repay the advance however they want within 30 days.

Peer-to-peer loan apps:

There might be some users who do not understand or trust apps like floatme and Dave, we have a solution for them too. It is called peer-to-peer lolan where a few P2P lenders are advertised. Kiva is an example of this scenario which enables users to offer microloans usually in third world countries for building businesses.

Some of these platforms are mentioned below and how they will benefit you:

  • LenMe:

Any borrower can post his request and the lender who is willing to give him a best deal can proceed. In this app, you decide which way you want to go or which loan plan will suit your needs the best. Only after appropriate selection of plans can you take the money and thrive!

  • SoLo Funds:

Another intriguing way of lending money is through SoLo funds through social media. A listing of borrowers is created which allows lenders to browse through it and send money to the people they find being the best candidate. It is with the listings that the borrowers make that should catch their lender’s interest.

  • Zirtue:

Acting as a middle person, Zirtue offers agreement to lend money from the people you may already know. This also builds trust among the 2 parties and makes the transaction simpler or however they both like. This app ensures a fair rate, fixed payments and time etc so there is no room for blunders.

Loan apps vs payday loans:

Payday loans do not suit most of the people as they end up regretting their original deal with this method. Cash advance apps are better in most of the ways and here are some pointers how they do it:

  1. The companies that are related to the apps want you to make a better financial choice and not be stuck in a debt trap.
  2. There are no hidden fees and interest rates except the subscription charges which are very minimal usually.
  3. Payday loans are more expensive than loan apps on average.
  4. A plus point like better repayment terms can make any user happy.
  5. Most of the cash loan apps have built in extension time and requests if you ever get late or not make it in time to make a payment.
  6. They do not send you to get collections.
  7. Quickly get the cash advance depending on the type of application you are using. If you agree to pay a small fee, the process can get even faster than you expect.

Some of the factors also depend on your bank as some banks can work better with cash advance apps than traditional banking. It only takes a fraction of time to make a transfer as compared to other banks.


If you are using any alternative or a cash advance tool, giving a tip to the lender is always optional. Since there is no compulsion on the user or borrower to give a tip as you will be paying the loan back afterwards. Beware of the sugar coated offers of giving your tip’s some amount of percentage to a non profit organization or charity.

Without proof, you should not get caught in between this scheme as it is an offset operating cost. If you still want to tip the app, keep a reasonable amount which some apps might suggest but cannot force you to do so. Pay close attention the amount you are giving off and use an APR calculator if you are unsure about the fair amount.

What to look for in loan apps:

No matter what app you are using, some of the basic factors remain the same which will help you choose the right application. The guide or useful pointers mentioned below will become your hand book if you consider them before blindly choosing the first app you see on your IOS or Androids.

  • Borrow limits:

Floatme has a borrowing limit of $50 which ultimately brings you down to only get this amount of money. Some apps also have a limit on maximum request of loans in a day that may not be enough for your emergency situation. So look into the limits that your selected app is offering you.

  • Fees:

Make sure you do not have to pay big amounts of money in the name of membership or subscription fees. Some apps have a built in hidden service charge easily deducted from your bank account since the app has access. Subscription fees should be minimal so that you can get the most out of the cash advance app rather than just keep paying it the money you already have.

  • Turnaround time:

How quickly and instantly you can get your money depends on the apps as some funds are available almost immediately. Others can take a couple of working or business days but it varies from app to app. It is better to test this feature before putting yourself at risk in a situation where you actually need an advance.

  • Eligibility:

Being a legal citizen and the age of 18 is the requirement for all the apps and most of the features. Especially in the United States, this eligibility criteria requires you to qualify for the app and use it and that is it.

  • Reviews:

The user should always read the reviews on google play or app store so you can get a good know how of the application from various users. People who have already tested the app can let you avoid the mistakes they have already and so you can get the experience without putting yourself on the line or throwing under the bus.

  • Other services:

Many applications offer you more than just an advance on your next paycheck which includes financial monitoring, banking services, budgeting tools and more.


Money can be complicated if not handled properly so there are apps that can help you become financially responsible. After noticing their positives and negative factors, you can choose from a variety of applications for both IOS and android phones. Whatever plans suit you, build your credit or pay instant or emergency bills without a worry.


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