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Best Apps Like Dave and Albert (Cash Advance Apps, $100 Loan)

When in need of cash, the best instant money apps are here to help you fill in the financial void that was missing before. There are several tools that require you to provide personal information like:

  • Identification or full name
  • Date of birth
  • SNN
  • Contact information such as phone or email
  • House address
  • Place of employment or employer’s name etc

and give you instant cash whenever you need. If you are cutting short on some of your expenses, these apps can help you overcome that hurdle in times of need without asking from anyone. The information mentioned above is then verified and you become eligible for making an account on the app.

Keeping track of your account’s activity and frequency of cash flow, it serves you certain deposits and more options within them. Any amount that is requested by the user is determined through some scans run by the app to give appropriate options of cash by the certain application. It is all based on the information you have provided before beginning.

These apps also do not charge much fees or any extra and hidden charges for the services they provide. Even if they do, it is very minimal for the usage or premium features you take from it on a monthly basis. Also known as a payday advance app, the user does not have to wait for their next paycheck when they are in dire need of money.

The way it works is, the amount taken as a loan or advance is deducted from your next paycheck. Being an automatic process, there are several options of apps like these for both iOS and Android. If you are familiar with how to use a smartphone, you will not find setting an account difficult.


Since Dave was launched, users have been getting up to $75 to $100 offered by the app without getting their accounts overdrafted. This becomes a huge plus point for Dave as to why users switch to this app rather than others but there are other disadvantages too that are not appreciated much by the users as well.

Its Pros include:

  • Gathers information regarding your spending habits
  • Keep track of your money
  • Informs you when your account gets too low for the upcoming payments
  • Its banking feature is quite similar to online checking account
  • No interest charged
  • Easily qualification term
  • No late fees charges
  • No credit check
  • Keeps away overdraft fee

 Whereas the Cons of this app can be:

  • Membership fee per month as low as $1
  • Only offers smaller loans
  • Automatically withdraws money for membership fee and advances
  • Not everyone likes to keep track of your money and spendings

So, this year, there are other apps like dave 2022 which will keep you company in the desperate times and not let you fall into the trap of any pyramid schemes as well. Even though Dave is a league of its own kind, it is one of the top apps for advanced cash receiving. If any user is not satisfied with the type of working this app does, they can switch and choose from a ton of options present on both apple and play store.


A robust online platform, Albert has made its place in the top most wanted applications for advance money payment. It is free to create an account on this site and process your direct deposits up to 2 days early. This is one of its biggest flexes as well as earning up to 20% cash back too from certain retailers.

It also serves as a strong savings tool for the people who over-spend their money or get a little too excited when it comes to spending. By enabling smart savings, you let the app evaluate your linked checking accounts every now and then and also allows you to transfer money into savings. The app decides how much money you can afford to transfer as the exact amount based on its own algorithm and reading.

Its Pros involve:

  • Early direct deposit
  • No monthly service fees or minimum deposit
  • Cash back rewards earning
  • Automatic savings tool

On the other hand, its Cons are state as under:

  • No joint account
  • Charges $4 monthly for genius subscription (optional)
  • No physical location

So you get to see different types of accounts on this app such as cash account, savings account or auto investing tools. Over 55,000 free ATMs around the States, it is one of the top rated applications on apple store and Google play too. Your money being FDIC insured is partnered with Sutton bank for up to $250,000. 

Cash Advance VS Loan Apps:

Advocated by fintech startup companies, cash advance apps VS loan apps may surprisingly have more common lines than many differences as believed by some users. Whereas, others believe differently about it but we will discuss the main keynotes of both in this section of the article. Granting access to easy money is also appealing for the economy, if generally speaking.

One of the basic differences is the interest rate that is being charged from the users. As payday lenders are notorious for putting interest on borrowed money, cash advance serves its users to tip in an early access. Both of the systems work on putting a whole on your next paycheck so it is better to keep it lighter and only necessary advance that is easily paid back.

Let’s be honest, nothing is free in the world and so is lending money which is what these 2 systems are all about. You are bound to attach your bank with the apps you might be using for cash advances so that it can be deducted when you have your account full and fresh of your salary. You do not want a truck load of debt by misusing these apps or keeping your account under suspicion.

Useful Tips:

Some of the useful tips to make the best use of free instant cash advance apps is by following these guidelines. Always look at the positive and negative comments and factors provided by the users of a certain app. Before jumping to downloading any app that you see first, one should look for the reviews that set the tone of the usage.

As these apps like Dave and Albert offer a short term financial aid as a quick alternative to needing cash at any given moment. But advance paycheck services can be strict and look into the hours the user has worked so that they can determine how much they can cash out. Keeping in mind that whatever money is borrowed is due on you.

Even though you can earn rewards, you still have to earn and pay out, especially when you request an early cash out in advance. This process involves a third party provider and it is also important to look at the interest rate before making this request. Some users try not to depend too much on these apps as they can automatically deduct the amount with or without interest from your account without asking permission first.

Alternative Apps Like Dave and Albert

  1. Earnin
  2. MoneyLion
  3. FlexWage
  4. Loan Solo
  5. Rainy Day Lending
  6. PockBox
  7. Branch
  8. Ingo
  9. SoFi Money
  10. PayActiv

In case you still want to keep a flow of your money active in your savings and cash account, there are several alternatives. These cash advance apps no credit check can be a relief for a lot of users with other options to look at:

1- Earnin:

Specifically designed to resolve your emergency cash problems, earnin is a great alternative for Dave. It is a life saver for full time workers and lets the employees have their money that they earned. This app does not cost any interest rates and fees as well as no membership charges too making it a vital choice for many users.

Users just need to leave tips which are in fact optional and the limit can be increased up to $500 once you get used to this app. One of its other positive features is that it asks you about your company where you work and bank so that it can provide location services or timesheets. They help to calculate the time you spend at the job for a day to give you hourly rates etc.

One of the not liked features can be the automated deduction from your paycheck on the advance you took before. In addition, you can leave a tip for up to $14 or less as it is up to the user’s preference. A protection feature is given for overdraft fees if you leave a recurring tip of $1.50 or above.

2- MoneyLion:

Handling cash and advance loans has never been easier since Moneylion has entered the market with its unique and useful features. This app offers 2 kinds of memberships, one called Plus and the other is known as Core. The latter does not cost you much for the fee but gives a lot of services for its free checking account.

You also get to earn rewards too from the core membership whereas the plus membership needs the user to pay $28 per month. With 5.99% of APR designs for user credit, this app also does not require any credit check. Anyone that has not built their credit score can still benefit from this app. Get up to $250 per cycle depending on your income, earning and deposits.

There is good news for the RoarMoney account because users can get disbursement immediately within a few hours. One of the fastest money advance apps other than Dave and Albert is this one that has made its mark on the consumers.

3- FlexWage:

Anyone who is worried about their financial responsibilities can rely on FlexWage as it features onDemand pay. You can request for an early cash and can get it before your salary comes in as well as regulating your advance flow. This way, the power becomes in the hand of the employer or user himself.

This app serves you checking transfer history, account balance reviews, transfer eligibility among other banks and reloading of charge cards etc. As a traditional check, this immediate access to your wages on payday is a plus factor no one can deny. Keep your budget creating on flow, linking and managing accounts in charge, learn about financial topics etc with this app.

Having reloadable payroll debit cards gets you per clicks investment for the people who do not have a bank account or cannot accept direct deposits. A fee of $5 is applicable for on demand wage transfer using the debit card.

4- Loan Solo:

Furthermore, lenders who are willing to work with the users can take a hint with the Loan Solo app for quick cash. You can credit it directly into the bank account without any extra or additional charges. No hassle or problem can be seen as you can get $1000 for cash advance up to $3000. Personal loans and long term goals cannot wait when you are passionate about them.

These variables are based on the credits and lenders but if you pick out this void, it is still cheaper than other apps’ fees. 

5- Rainy Day Lending:

The best app for personal loans is the rainy day lending which is not directed towards a specific lender not offering wage advances. Based on certain conditions, the user can get quick loans and all types of credits are accepted. Directly deposited money into the bank is also made possible by the developers of this application.

Certain considerations should be kept in mind when there is insufficient fees, overdraft charges etc for a certain rate of interest. 

6- PockBox:

A smart option for the users can also be seen in PockBox, which, in fact is another notable online app. This will connect you with short term lenders offering up to $2800 for fast cash. The user can get them as soon as he fills out some forms of basic information and personal information that will merely take a few minutes.

Based on the credit situation, the very next business day can be proved to be lucky for you. The user should pay back the amount via online service and offline modes.

7- Branch:

Branch allows you to switch shifts, chatting with co-workers, tracking working hours of your employees, managing your work balance etc. So this is a versatile app and not just a money lending machine that other apps do. From $150 per day to $5000 per pay can be earned on the hours you work. There is no charge of membership fee etc which appeals to a lot of users as well as flexibility of hours and speed too like Dave.

You can take the advance on the money which you have earned without feeling guilty. Your employer should also have an account on this app so it becomes easier for the both of you to communicate with each other financially. From the transaction process to taking loans and uploading the timing of your work, this app is all in one solution for both parties.

8- Ingo:

Anyone who wants an easy to handle app can rely on Ingo since there are no fees to pay by most of the cashing check places. Take a photo of the check and you can later deposit into the account whenever you want. Use this app with PayPal or a prepaid card also for the ease of the user.

The free deposit can take up to 10 days as it is free but if you want faster transactions, a fee will be charged up to $5 and 5% on the check. The type of check you want to cash and amount is dependent on it too.

9- SoFi Money:

Besides the early access to your money, a scheduled deposit is one of the key features of this app to arrive into your account. Another big factor and positive one of this account is the non overdraft fee or minimum balance requirement. Covering the penalty for accidental overcharge of up to $50, you do not have to worry about a thing. Moreover, there are zero monthly charges as well but you can earn 0.25% annual percentage yield.

This is 6 times the national average on your savings but to qualify for this rate, one should make a direct deposit of $500 into your SoFi money account every month. Cash management services like Check deposits, bill payments, person to person transfers, FDIC insurance etc are also offered. A 15% cashback is huige reward if you compare it with other popular apps.

10- PayActiv:

Especially designed for employers and employees to interact easily regarding paychecks is how PayActiv came into being. In order to get a pay advance, you have to apply for a PayActiv card for 2 days earlier access to the wage. It will be no use to you if your employer does not have an account on this app.

Any stated amount can be transferred into your account through the card, third party provider and pick it up at walmart etc. But the latter 2 options will need to be paid $1.99 as the processing fee for your request. When it comes to interests, there is no interest, however it is automatically deducted from your next paycheck.


The potential of an app for the user to sign up for it depends on how much it serves and benefits them. If they charge higher interest rates and less cash back rewards or they require credit checks and minimum balance requirements etc. These are some of the factors a user should be aware of before hitting download.

Furthermore, apps like MoneyLion or Branch can have your back in case of unaware financial emergencies. This list of similar apps like Dave and Albert will facilitate you in any way they can and not only on your advance requests but your hourly, daily or monthly wages as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which app can give you instant $250?

Several applications can offer $250 like Dave, MoneyLion, Brigit etc without any interest to keep you out of never ending debt.

Q2. Does Albert give cash advances?

Up to $250 from you next paycheck will be deducted from your bank account once you get a cash advance from Albert. You can also receive it within 2 to 3 working days or a small fee is required for instantly receiving it.

Q3. Which apps will allow you to borrow money instantly?

Earning is known for its lowest fee, Brigit is a great tool for budgeting, Chime saves you from overdraft protection whereas MoneyLion is great for various financial products.


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