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20 Best NFT Creator App (Android, iPhone, Free, iOS)

Stands for non fungible token, NFT has taken over the internet and online cash market about some time now. This suggests that these are not replaceable with anything else and is present on Blockchain. We all know that such underlying processes have given way to make cryptocurrencies work.

You must have heard it even on social media that an art form of a monkey or Nyan cat is being sold for millions of dollars. This may come as a shock to the people who do not know what these pictures or art are for. We are here to take you on this journey to know more about NFTs and the best nft creator app that you can use too.

So these are specifically present on Ethereum’s blockchain even though other chains support them too. But the most reliable and preferred process is through the former blockchain around the world. Yet this one of a kind trading card is not exchangeable with anything else.

For instance, bitcoin can be exchanged but you cannot trade this form of business with anything else. A video by Beeple was auctioned for $6.6 million paid by the buyer in NFT which you can just download easily from the internet. This may be a downside of NFTs but it still does not give you the ownership of the digital art just like other forms of art.

To Make it work:

Based on Ethereum blockchain, you can keep track of who is holding and trading the NFTs you are looking for. Even though ethereum is also a cryptocurrency like dogecoin or litecoin but its blockchain is worth more than one thing. Other blockchains have also arranged their own NFT versions so you can switch to them too in any case.

You can mint it from digital objects in both tangible and intangible things that may include:

  • Graphic art
  • Videos of sports highlights
  • GIFs
  • Collectibles
  • Virtual avatars
  • Designer sneakers
  • Music

So these things are physical collector’s items but only in digital form where the buyer can get a digital file instead of an actual item. The exclusive ownership rights can be verified through the transfer tokens between the owners. Moreover, the owner can also store specific information in the NFT metadata.

What NFTs are used for?

Many content creators and artists can benefit themselves from the Blockchain technology to monetize their wares. They do not have to wait for auctions in galleries to sell their talent. Offering most of the profit to themselves and giving their artwork directly to the consumer is now possible with an NFT.

Furthermore, artists can add royalties so that whenever their art is sold, they can have the percentage of sales to the new owner. This attractive feature is only possible with NFTs after the first art if sold and it keeps on proceeding further. People can use them for many other purposes and get ahead of their time by using technology.

Brands like Charmin and Taco Bell have auctioned their off-theme NFT art so that they can raise charity funds. The former brand has presented non fungible toilet paper whereas the latter brand’s art sold out in minutes. With the highest bids at 1.5 wrapped, these brands have made history of keeping up with the digital art world taking the best free nft creator app in consideration.

Where to Buy:

To start your own NFT collection, you should know the sites and places where you can buy these items. Firstly, you will be needing a digital wallet that has the capacity to store cryptocurrencies. After that you must buy some of the cryptocurrency like Ether or other as it depends on the NFT provider and what he accepts.

Platforms like:

  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • PayPal
  • eToro
  • And Robinhood

allows you to buy Crypto through your credit card. You are also able to move it from the exchange to the wallet of your choice. But your exchanges charge a certain amount of percentage on your transaction while buying crypto.

NFT Marketplace:

You can make anything digital that is a form of art like drawings, music or AI tools etc. At the moment, this is being used more around selling digital art as there is no need to go to galleries. Surprise introverts! It can be an evolution to the fine art collection but mainly digital art as its strongest suit.

Therefore, any digital creation already exists in some form, the securitized version of some video clips of NBA games or iconic meme content are just digital art you get to see on Instagram. One of the famous artists in the digital valley named Mike Winklemann also known as “Beeple” did a composite of his 5000 drawings daily.

These drawings have been the most famous NFT of 2021 said Everyday’s : the first 500 days. They were sold at Christie’s for 69.3 million dollars, a record breaking deal for its price. After you buy an NFT, it contains built-in authentication so that there is no issue of ownership which holds great importance, maybe more than the item itself.

After your wallet is funded, there are numerous sites to shop and look for nft creator online also known as one of the largest such as:

Our shortlisted Best NFT Creator App

  1. Foundation
  2. Rarible
  3. OpenSea.io
  4. Editing Capacity
  5. Tools
  6. Templates
  7. Precision
  8. Watermarks
  9. Adobe illustrator
  10. Adobe photoshop
  11. Krita
  12. NFT Creator
  13. Corel Painter
  14. SketchAr
  15. PixelChain
  16. GoArt
  17. Nifty Ink
  18. NightCafe
  19. Fotor
  20. VoxEdit

1- Foundation:

There are upvotes present on this platform or an invitation from other creators for posting their art. It is an exclusive community and requires costs such as purchasing something called “gas” to mint NFTs. This way, boasting a higher caliber of artwork will keep them updated with the demand of the market.

2- Rarible:

A democratic and open marketplace like this makes users and other artists and creators to issue and sell NFTs. You get to issue RARI tokens that enable artists to bring in features like community rules and fees in their favor.

3- OpenSea.io :

Having a peer to peer platform bills itself a collector of rare items and collectibles. But firstly the user needs to create an account for browsing the collections and by sales volume, you can sort the pieces for discovering new artists.

Factors Before Considering the Software:

In case you are keen into creating your own NFTs, there are certain pointers to know before starting. Factors like:

  • Editing capacity
  • Tools
  • Templates
  • Precision
  • Watermarks
  • And software selection etc.

serve the user an increased value to their artwork and the future opportunities they might get. 

1- Editing Capacity:

Getting the most and necessary capabilities for editing out of your software that are your needs. Some of the softwares only gives you basic color grading techniques which only mildly manipulate your images. Others have more power and perks to give you more opportunities than the rest.

2- Tools:

Look out for the tools that are in your software whichever you select since this is how you can tweak with the settings and base of your NFTs. If you have ever messed with softwares like Adobe suite, you must be familiar with the different tools that help you create amazing illustrations.

3- Templates:

Certain templates are already fed into the software that you may choose. This is an important element to notice in the features. You let your creativity take a fly through this aspect of the software. If you are unaware of how to use it, there are tutorials and guides that are present online.

4- Precision:

Some of the art styles are free and more expressive which makes your work precise and calculated. It is a keen and interesting part of choosing a software which enables you to work with precision. You can get high end graphics card and bring out the smallest details into your work.

5- Watermarks:

When it comes to the ownership of the work, a programmed watermark should be present in the software. This will have your name over the piece of art to keep it your property which will not let anyone else brand their name.

Keeping in mind all these things in the list mentioned above, it is time to look at the software that will work great for your needs. One should also realize that every software has its own perks and benefits to give you what you need at the expense of something else.

1- Adobe illustrator:

One of the top rated platforms is adobe suite and Adobe illustrator is one of the most famous of its kind. Its features include logo creating, icon packs, packaging, web graphics and others. Through the Adobe Sensei AI, it quickly recreates, recolor and customize the effects on your selected image.

In case you do not know how to benefit from all its perks, you can find online tutorials and guides on it. Choose your subscription plan from a teacher to student and whatever suits your needs best. Starting from $22.12 to $35.85 per month is what you can do to build your business through talent.

With only a con of getting too much space on the device, you can benefit a lot from this one.

  • Enhanced 3D effects can bring out the most in your images or videos
  • Auto font activation can make available fonts from the Adobe Fonts section
  • An in app leaning panel shows you tutorials to help you get on with the software

2- Adobe photoshop:

This is an amazing graphics focused software to produce great art rich with detailed frames. Let your imagination run wild with the features this creator brings to you with its craft. You can even produce animations making NFT creation more fun and creative.

Get your advantages from this platform includes:

  • A reasonable subscription of $22.40 per month with a 30 days trial is absolutely free.
  • It is compatible with all devices and platforms like Windows, Mac and Android.
  • Thanks to the wide selection of tools that makes customizing your work as much as you want and through all ways.

The only con is that:

  • It cannot manage or store files on your system.

3- Krita:

Multiple options to let your digital painting get across will make you be the artist you always wanted to be. It has a creative way to bring customization to a new level with brushes and filters. An easy and seamless way to make your animations, comics, storyboards, concept art and illustrations more realistic is possible now.

One of the cons this software has is:

  • It is only better for painting and digital artwork and becomes less suitable for localized photos.

The pros like nft creator app android offers you:

  • Advanced color palette and color management option
  • Training material
  • Compatibility with Linux, Mac and even Windows

4- NFT Creator:

For professional creators of NFT, this software is simple and quick for making effortless art. It runs on apple devices and has certain features to let you upload pictures and get the artistic form of the creation within a matter of minutes. You get to see the templates for:

  • Art
  • Doodles
  • Pixelated images
  • Apes etc.

You can even get flexible subscription plans and automatic renewal features with a 3 day free trial for the users. This pro helps you understand if the software will work for you or not. After that, it is up to you to choose a weekly subscription of $3.99 or $49.99 per year.

Its pros consists of:

  • There are numerous art filters to instantly give your image a glow
  • Various fonts make typography more brilliant and soothing to look at
  • Import your favorite photos from your device that allows you to choose from your native gallery
  • With 1000+ backgrounds help you customize your art according to your taste

The only con this software entails is:

  • This software is only compatible with iOS devices and thus not making it an nft app for android.

5- Corel Painter:

Another milestone in the digital art world is corel painter that is extremely handy as a software. It contains a massive library of brushes and other top tier tools where you can also customize them. The templates are also able to be adjusted according to your will.

Being able to run on both Mac and Windows devices, it is composed of features with artificial intelligence. With the assistance of that technology, your workflow is smooth without any distractions. With varying textures, your work can really stand out from others  with consistent updates as well.

You will have to pay $235.66 US dollars per year if you want to buy the subscription. It can be the only con of this software that is not related to its performance yet it still comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Thinking about the advantages, the user gets:

  • Greatest library for brushes and color controls
  • Customization of brushes and palettes
  • Importing pictures from other files of your device
  • Updates the software as per user requirements based on feedback to enhance the productivity

6- SketchAr:

Being able to access in commpact devices, SketchAr is an incredible mobile application that makes you create, sell and explore unique art styles. You can convert your creation into an NFT directly without any cost. Especially if you are a beginner, this application lets you submit your art so that other artists can appreciate it.

From the submissions, this app chooses the best one every week that has the most votes. Nothing can be better than art and its creator being recognized for what it is worth. Now you can learn from others or simply through the technology with lots of other plus points such as:

  • Converting art into NFT and listening in the marketplace
  • Amazing AR and AI experience
  • A user guide for properly using it to make your usage better than before

Having comparatively fewer templates can be a bummer for some users.

7- PixelChain:

Now you will never lose your graphical information through PixelChain making your artwork purely your work of art. This data is accessible directly that is stored in its blockchain, enriching you with innovative encoding data. It then compresses and stores it in the blockchain. Authorizing the information with name and details of the author gives you the ownership as well.

Pros of this software offers:

  • A building of trust with the security of information of your artwork in blockchain
  • Traceable data shared with the global network
  • Cost saving features which are also efficient in their performance

With regards to the cost, the creators might have limited the features list of this software. If compared with others, this may become a setback for the users but other than that, this software provides great performance.

8- GoArt:

On the other hand, GoArt enables you to convert your images into realistic works of AI. This is possible with image classification technology that will require you to have access to all its features with premium elements. Starting from $1.74 to $35.41, you can unlock the software to give you what it takes to become an art genius.

It has recently added a BFT related function that has further made mint NFTs more efficient. Additional functions include high definition support for printing purposes. Up to 8 megapixels of images can be exported on T-shirts, wallpapers and portfolios taking this digital art onto another level.

You can get the following advantages:

  • Easy to understand and using interface
  • Realistic filters to make your art more lifelike
  • Mint NFT functionalities

9- Nifty Ink:

One of the easiest platforms for web3 artists enables creating, selling and earning tokens without the complex blockchain techniques. It is made possible with Nifty ink as a free and interactive platforms for digital artists letting you benefits like:

  • There is no subscription charges largely coming out as nft creator app free
  • Best for beginners to able to learn this form of art and technology

A con of poor framework might not interest most of the professionals but you can always turn this up and learn as a newcomer.


One of the popular art generators especially when it comes to NFT is NightCafe that can create them in bulk. It is so quick and easy because of its powerful tools that are powered by artificial intelligence. Something that was not admired by a lot of users is:

  • You have to keep buying credits costing you $0.08 to 0.20 per credit

But there are brighter features and benefits to look at such as:

  • Creating artworks in bulks of creations
  • Unique and incredible tools to blend and mix the styles of NFT art
  • Multiple devices management on tablets, laptops, desktops and even on smartphones.

11- Fotor:

Literally anyone can become an NFT or crypto artist with this software that generates beautiful art through its features. Fotor is an AI generator of art which will turn your ordinary pictures into NFT art. This is also easy to learn and you may not need any guidance as well to master this software.

Its pros benefits you in many ways such as:

  • Easily creating digital NFT art
  • AI effects are advanced
  • An easy learning curve
  • Having variety of editing and filter options according to this era

A con like poor autosave and file management function can be tricky at first. But after you learn from this software, you can always switch to better options too.

12- VoxEdit:

A modeler, animator and NFT maker, VoxEdit is also creating its name in the vast marketplace. You have the authority to create and animate your voxel based NFTs which can later be sold to Sandbox metaverse. Trading and swapping tokens will make it happen and make your dream come true.

You will be impressed by the features it gives you such as:

  • Token utility to sell and buy in Sandbox
  • Fusion feature of Voxedit
  • Managing NFT artwork on multiple devices including laptops, desktops, tablets, phones etc.

It may require users to take their time in order to get used to this software properly.

Bottom line:

Although there are reasons for people to buy or create NFTs for their benefits, it does not mean everyone should. So the question arises if you should buy or create it yet or not? The answer could be both yes and no depending on how curious you are to learn and invest in this new technology.

For starters you can invest in smaller amounts to try it out which is the very basic rule of business. On the other hand, it is largely a person’s own judgement and commitment to the art world since it is entirely based on what is someone else willing to pay. So to make your art worth every penny, there is time and money required in learning the skill and later getting the advantage from it.


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