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8 Best Mindnode Alternatives (App, Windows, Free)

Let’s take a look at the best app like Mindnode and its similar alternatives.

Mind mapping software like Mindnode allows users to visually organize ideas and information. But Mindnode is only available for Mac and iOS devices, so Windows and Android users need alternatives. In this article, we’ll compare the top Mindnode competitors for various platforms.

We’ve researched and tested the best Mindnode alternatives whether you need apps for iOS/Android, Windows programs, or even free mind mapping tools. These tools make it easy to brainstorm concepts, organize notes and tasks, and visualize complex information. Read on for our picks for the best Mindnode alternatives for your needs.

When you think about jotting down your bumble jumble ideas, such tools will be of great help. It becomes easier to prioritize your next steps and a whole layout of how things or your actions are going to be. The tools are of various types in which some are designed to be used by companies, teams or one person only. Facilitating you with features like:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Boost natural creativity
  3. Several tabs for each action
  4. Easy user interface
  5. Free to use
  6. Real time visuals
  7. Sharing files on the go
  8. Managing data
  9. Integrations
  10. Project management

You should be careful of these tips when you want to choose a software for brainstorming. Look at further explanation of these pointers here so that you become a smart user and choose accordingly. For a web platform or mapping software, you have to look at many factors that facilitate you the best. 

List of Best Mindnode Alternatives

  1. Click Up
  2. Mural
  3. Lucidspark
  4. Mindomo
  5. Mindmanager
  6. Sketchboard
  7. Miro
  8. Ayoa


Making your notes tidy and easy to understand to bring innovation in your ideas, Mindnode has become a useful source for a lot of users around the globe. Its focus is on mapping to enhance the ideas for corporations, small businesses and even individuals too. There is a central topic alongside the organized lines where you can map your different ideas and this app just lets you create it easily. Organizing storyboards, creative writing and lists can be created through this software.

It will also help you select a location or main character around which all the development is made. You can use for:

  • Planning a vacation
  • Hosting a party
  • Business projects
  • Novel or story writing
  • Diet or workout plans
  • Medications
  • Blogs
  • Weekly or monthly goals
  • Chores lists and more

Now apple users can get this app and its basic features for free initially and paid for premium usafe. You can download the app from the apple store and get started generating ideas. Before getting a little too excited, let us look at some of the features that this app holds. The Mindnode windows link is unfortunately not present because it is only available for Mac and iOS.

Features of Mindnode:

This will be an organized approach towards a better start and progress in a structured method. An exclusive side by side mind map helps you locate the tasks, their time and their place in the hierarchy. It is possible to get more context with the help of visual tags to prioritize the things you want to do first.

The focus mode is known to block out the distraction and get finished with the important listing you were supposed to do. This feature puts a spotlight on one branch at a time and on the next until you finish the first thought.

Tracking progress is also an important part of planning out your chores. So mindnode transforms the nodes into tasks so you can sync in your progress. Things like research deadlines and monthly plans to see where you stand at a particular time of the span. After you are done with those tasks, tick off or put it on apple reminders so you do not forget about it.

Another great feature is quick entry that usually helps writers who get striking ideas out of nowhere and need to capture their thoughts in the moment. This feature can wait in the menu bar and today view in iphones where you are just a few steps away from mapping down your ideas.

Widget of mindnode also serves the benefit of being on the go whenever you need it. One can also pin it down to your recent documents or just tap on the widget to be more mindful of your inspirations. The app is always available for action and it is not some boring listing notes app but you can also add stickers for up to 250 plus designs.

Adding colors will also make your mind map interesting that boosts good thoughts in your head. You can also search for stickers in the search bar in case your creativity flows through emojis and whatnot! Having night mode will not only protect your eyes from bright light but serves a dark theme as a classic favorite of everyone.

At the end you will always have the option to sync with icloud so that the important ideas and maps can be saved. They will not only be accessible on your iphone but also on mac, apple watch and the entire ios ecosystem. If you want to understand the features with pictures and visuals, visit the official website of the app.

Pricing Of Mindnode:

When it comes to the pricing of mindnode, you will find 2 options on the table. The free plan has the ability to create and edit your notes, reorganize and set branching within the app along with importing and exporting files. On the other hand, premium is another option that starts from $2.49 per month and $20 as the annual subscription. So most of the features you have read so far for individuals and teams will be used when you pay.

Pros And Cons:

No matter how great an app is, there are some positive pointers as well as critical highlights that compel the users to move to its alternatives. Let us see why this app might work and not be suitable for you:

Positive Highlights:

  • Numerous features
  • Customizable options for themes and panels
  • Sticker search
  • For single and team work

Critical highlights:

  • Most features are paid
  • Might see a glitch while syncing with icloud
  • Printing a readable format can be difficult
  • Android users feel left out

If you are one of those users who are not satisfied with the paid premium plan like many others, you can rely on other apps that are offering more. We have created the list of best mindnode alternatives for your ease and convenience below! Keep reading to find out how the following apps stand out and can be used for both ios and android.

Once you get over the fact that not all apps, no matter how great they are, are made for your system. This is where the alternative options kick in so that all users can enjoy managing their tasks on one app that suits all their needs. Let us look at some feasible options so that you will be prepared the next time with a useful tool to bring out creativity.

1- Click Up:

One of the best options is click up that acts as Mindnode free alternative and it is known to replace all apps. Its official website says that it is free forever, the software brings many features on its side starting from a visual collaboration for teams. Being a perfect companion for small businesses and teams, click up is known to have the world’s only virtual whiteboard.

It not only serves you tabs and customization options, but also comes with a canvas for brainstorming ideas on the go. There you can strategize, map and maintain a healthy workflow in real time. See everyone’s activity and monitor closely while working in a team no matter how far you are from your workstation. Create whiteboard tasks directly to make an idea come to life.

Attach files, documents, draw free hand shapes, notes without any issue once you are on click up. Bring your creativity to new levels with whiteboard tools while connecting ideas of you and your team with roadmaps, drawing connections and simply dragging. It offers free training and 24 hour support with security and privacy. With the highest uptime from the past 12 months is how click up maintains its decorum.

Being free for every user, it has almost 10 features in common with mindnode such as:

  • Reporting utilization
  • Rich text editing
  • Integrating with social media
  • Media planner
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Real time chat
  • 100MB storage
  • Email in clickup
  • In app video recording and more

2- Mural:

Coming towards the intelligent task or project manager, mural comes in mind with its collaborative feature that will connect teams to unleash their full potential. There is a digital whiteboard that becomes a creative space for intuitive ideas and innovation. It is absolutely free for 1 person membership where the team plus per membership costs $9.99. There is a business proposal for the membership as well that is more famous than others with $17.99 USD per member each month.

The free features consists of:

  • 3 murals and unlimited members
  • Many resizable canvas options
  • One click visitor to access murals
  • Full template library built inn and custom built templates
  • All visual collaboration features

On the other hand, the team+ features includes:

  • Unlimited mural
  • Privacy controls for rooms
  • In app chat
  • Email support
  • Monthly billing also available

And business one offers team+ features along with:

  • Priority support
  • Flexible membership options
  • Single sign-on
  • Unlimited guests
  • Flexible payment options through credit card or invoice
  • Minimum 10 members option

The superpower features also serves:

  • Timer to keep on track
  • Private mode
  • Voting system
  • Outline and instructions
  • Laser pointer
  • Celebration confetti
  • Hide and reveal content
  • Facilitator lock
  • Custom toolbar
  • Visitor avatar and more

Check out their website to see what more they have to offer!

3- Lucidspark:

Lucidspark is a cloud based software which will help businesses no matter small or large. You can record and share ideas, organize information and discuss strategies on a virtual whiteboard. Consider your meeting room just got digital and this software is a safe space where organizations can capture suggestions. Keep your ideas vivid through freehand drawings, color coded cursors, sticky notes and shapes etc for a unified portal.

You also get to see 3 versions in editable boards on the free version that is suitable for an individual. It also serves unlimited objects per board and basic features. The team version starts at $9 per user with 3 minimum users and unlimited editable boards and objects. On the whole, this system has a starting price of $7.95 per month whereas you can start a trial version or go with the free version.

4- Mindomo:

Having a replacement for the mindnode can be tricky when you need a whole system for not only apple users but for all. There mindomo enters the stage with its concept of collaborative outlining and enabling your brainstorming session to become more creative. Develop the concepts and work with a team to bring out the best action there can be with this software.

First launched in 2007, this software is programmed to improve your knowledge and boosts you to make better choices. Especially when you are a growing business, mindomo is able to organize, structure information, synthesize and generate ideas on the go. Analyze the stream of raw thoughts with incredible features this software is giving such as:

  • Maps conversion into presentations
  • Direct use of images in maps from any location
  • Automatic sync when the connection is revived
  • Chronological tracking of RSS feed on the changes made on a specific map
  • Daily notification of any changes that are made, for reminders of tasks and deadlines

Users who can utilize this software can be:

  1. Freelancers
  2. Small businesses
  3. Mid sized businesses
  4. Larger enterprises

It is accessible on platforms as:

  • Web sources
  • Android
  • iOS

If you are curious about the price tags, the developers have created a free plan, a subscription and free trial. The subscription is for a premium version that costs €36/6 months for 1 user. Professional version starts from €90/6 months for 1 user and 5 guests. In addition, the team version starts from €142/6 months for 5 users.

5- Mindmanager:

If you are into customization and want to make your whiteboard basically a mood board of ideas, mindmanager is at your service. This software is designed to increase your productivity and project management but you can be creative and bring out more from this one. Pick out the hidden possibilities and ideas that will further empower your stance and transform them into strategic thinking.

Its pricing starts from a flat rate of $99 per year and goes up to $169 per year that is a best value option. Another option is a one time purchase that costs $349 per year with 30 day money back guarantee. Working for all platforms such as:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • MS teams
  • Android
  • Ios
  • Web
  • chromebook

This software is no less than a blessing for users of all categories that need to expand their ideas in a safe space. So they get more options for customizing the virtual board and make raw drafts of working that will be brought into action. Connect in various ways so that no other team member feels left out. You can also check out their website for downloading the incredible working station. 

6- Sketchboard:

Furthermore, sketchboard is an option for people who believe in vision control and are comfortable with it. This software has features like:

  • Diagramming
  • Customizable branding
  • Digital canvas
  • Idea management

As the name suggests, it is also a virtual whiteboard that helps businesses to visualize and collaborate raw ideas into action. You can work with teams remotely, monitor them and make desirable changes in the canvas all in real time. Keep the ideas coming with sending and receiving feedback, comments and posts. You can also share privately the case diagrams, flow charts and drag to drop easy interface makes everything easier.

Customize the look of the interface with backgrounds and various drawing styles that will make your live sessions interesting. You can even export data into PNG, JPEG, PDF SVG formats with the separate requirements of each. The basic plan starts from $6.42 per user each month. Solo versions cost $8 per user or $7 per month per user billed annually. Having a team version in your access costs $16 per month for 3 users. On the other hand, enterprise is $49 per month for 5 users.

7- Miro:

The essence of teamwork lies in miro, which is software designed to manage larger or smaller projects. While making use of your draft of mind map that serves you many features such as:

  • Presentation mode
  • Auto arrange
  • Infinite canvas options
  • Real time collaboration
  • Multiple designs
  • Seamless communication option
  • Document storage
  • Workflow configuration
  • UX Prototyping
  • Project management

This software has over 35 million users worldwide and you can also be one of them to start working as you sign up. Being $0 per month is something that has attracted many users as it serves many features without asking too much in return.

8- Ayoa:

Starting from as low as $5.75 per user per month, ayoa is famous for its speed and fluidity to let your ideas grow. It can take instant action and develop the flexibility to adjust to the user’s mind. Bringing an idea into action, it all starts from projecting your thoughts on an app like this one. Planning, speculating, conducting and everything in between is the headache of ayoa.

Working for ios, android and windows, you can get this mind mapping tool for $10 per user per month that has a boosting creativity speciality. Offering benefits like organic maps, radial maps, speed and capture maps with unlimited sharing and extensive image libraries is quite impressive.

With the same price for task, this plan serves unlimited task boards, unlimited sharing, real time collaboration, access to canvas and workflow and task board styles is important to note. A personal planner will keep your thoughts in line so that you can mange your personal work and project managing with a clear head.

The ultimate purchase is $13 billed annually per user and each month includes the previous features with the following:

  • File storage
  • Built in video conferencing
  • Group brainstorming modes
  • Zoom, dropbox, google cal integration access
  • Priority support and updates
  • Ai to accelerate thinking

Who Can Use These Tools:

These tools are a great way to manage your personal and official business without getting your mind fried. Usually users like problem solvers, goal setters, project managers, creative writers will find it beneficial. Starting from problem solvers, they tend to solve many issues, sometimes more than one at the same time. So mind mapping can help in bulk to conclude and analyze an issue dissecting into different parts of the problem.

People like goal setters will have short periods for completing the tasks they have deadlines for. These tools can help them remind and warn when the due date is near whereas lay out all their options out in the open. It will help them plan for their career, home life, hobbies, personal business and more.

Project managers want to keep their professional work in perfect synchronization as they have to lead a team. So a tool that can lay out all the strategies for a day out in the open will help them get on with the action. Moreover, they have the ability to capture other teammates’ ideas and add it into their virtual board so they do not miss anything when it comes to the progress of a company!

Last but not least, creative writers are also artists whose minds are flowing with ideas and you cannot put a stop on creativity. So when a struggling writer has many drafts in a safe space, they can formulate story ideas, a great novel with other sections or write dissertations without stopping!

In Conclusion:

There is no full stop on the types of users who want to use these apps but it is all about creativity and problem solving on who can get the best usage of these tools. So if you are also using mindnode, it is time to switch to alternatives and explore some options that are suitable for everyone. Not everyone is a mac or ios user, so you can definitely relate more to your teammates as well with a tool that costs less but facilitates more and to everyone.


Does mindnode work on windows?

Unfortunately, mindnode does not work on windows. It is only available to mac or ios but if you want something similar, you better look at its alternatives.

Is mindnode only for apple?

Yes this app works great for apple, although it has third party authentication but only apple users can benefit from it.

What is the latest version of mindnode?

The latest version of mindnode is 2022.2 that is available for both mac and ios only.


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