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Best Golf Handicap Apps (Handicap Calculator, Free, Android)

It’s crucial to monitor your golf handicap. You must be aware of your golf handicap if you enjoy competing against friends or playing in golf events. Golf handicaps frequently vary. The truth is that your handicap will undoubtedly change in some fashion every time you visit a golf course and practice.

In order to determine whether you are progressing or need to work a little more on your game, it is helpful to monitor how your handicap is doing, how it is trending, and what it means for you. Using a golf handicap app is one of the greatest methods to keep track of your handicap

Understanding your golf handicap is essential to determining whether you are improving.  In this post, we will go through the best golf handicap apps currently available for iOS (and Apple Watch) and Android. According to the most recent USGA guidelines, each of these applications can compute an appropriate handicap.

The method for determining your handicap changed in 2020! Now multiply your handicap index by your slope rating/113, and add the outcome to your course rating minus par. Simply put, figuring out your handicap required some serious arithmetic skills. However, it is no longer the case. To our benefit or disadvantage, computers and apps can perform all of the calculations.

The use of an app to monitor your handicap has a number of benefits. They assist you in keeping a closer check on how your game is developing, for starters (or degrading). But flexibility is arguably the most significant advantage that these apps offer. You are no longer necessary to spend the time figuring out your disability. With more time, you can enjoy the game and actively practice. But not all apps for tracking disabilities are created equal.

List of Best Golf Handicap Apps For Android and iOS

Here is the list of 10 best Best Golf Handicap Apps Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores

  1. The Grint
  2. SwingU
  3. mScorecard
  4. GHIN
  5. My Online Golf Club
  6. Simple Handicap
  7. Diablo

About Golf

Golf is a competitive club and ball sport in which players use a driver or other club to strike a tiny, hard ball off a tee on a course. This game cannot be played in small areas like a living room or corridor. The object of the game is to use the fewest number of strokes to get the ball into each of the 18 holes. This game cannot be played in small areas like a living room or corridor. The game’s object is to use the fewest strokes to get the ball into every 18 holes.

What Is Golf Handicap 

A golfer’s handicap is a number that is determined by their degree of expertise. It serves as a guide for how many “over par” scores you might expect to achieve on a typical golf course. The ability of a player is then evaluated in relation to other players with comparable skill levels using this number.

The USGA began using the World Handicap System’s handicap computation in 2020. The new approach takes into account both the tees you hit the ball from and how challenging the course is. It is thought to be more equitable and inclusive for both PGA tour professionals and amateur golfers with less monitored rounds.

History of Golf Handicap

Golf Handicap System History The handicapping system for golf has been in operation for more than a century. It was known as a hands-on cap in the past and involves the referee and two players. They made the decision to change the name to handicap in 1850. There are handicaps for both major and smaller competitions. From a friendly competition to club competitions.

Features Of Golf Handicapping System

  • Scoring 
  • Course Rating
  • Slope Rating
  • Playing or course handicap
  • Stroke Index
  • Maximum hole score
  • Handicap differential
  • Peer review 

How To Improve Your Handicap 

What do you need now that you are aware of your golf handicap and committed to lowering it? The following advice will help you improve your handicap:

  • Improve your swing by working on it early and frequently. Consider taking private golf lessons at Golf Club of the Everglades if you need professional advice.
  • Make sure your gear fits you perfectly; improper gear might hinder your performance and increase your risk of injury.
  • Push yourself to continually strive to break records.

Key Features To Look For In Golf Handicap APP

Is the user interface intuitive? Do you need less than two minutes to enter your data following a round of golf? For us, this is a crucial component, and it ought to be for you as well.

User Interface

Is the user interface intuitive? Do you need less than two minutes to enter your data following a round of golf? For us, this is a crucial component, and it ought to be for you as well. How precisely does the application determine your handicap? Can you believe it?

The USGA changed some of the rules governing how a golf handicap is determined in 2020. These new guidelines are applied to all of the aforementioned apps. By taking into account the general difficulty of the course you are playing, they now do a better job of calculating your relative handicap to other players across the world.

World Handicap System Support

Can a golf handicap be stored in the cloud and accessed from any phone or computer? Sometimes you prefer to utilize a computer or online browser rather than entering information into your phone. A smart golf handicap software today must have a cloud solution.

Data Storage

Can you access a golf handicap stored in the cloud from any phone or computer? Sometimes you prefer to utilize a computer or online browser rather than entering information into your phone. A smart golf handicap software today must have a cloud solution.

GPS Tracking

Do they provide live shot tracking and GPS? The majority of useful apps do more than just determine your handicap. They provide you the ability to determine the exact distance to the hole, much like a golf GPS. This functionality is crucial if you don’t mind anything a little trickier.

Social Media Integration

Is there good Facebook and Twitter integration with the app? May you add friends to the app so you can compete against one other and track each other’s scores? Some golfers favor these social aspects because they enjoy a good competition.

Frequent Updates

Does the app regularly receive upgrades and new features? Before adding any apps to our list, we verify that they all receive updates on a regular basis.

Benefits Of Golf Handicap

We feel that a unified handicap system, where handicaps are transferable from country to country, will help the game of golf as the world gets smaller and international competition occurs more frequently. Less uncertainty, simpler international event management, and perhaps greater flexibility for national associations to concentrate on golf growth and long-term strategic planning to support the game would all result from this. A single global handicap system would also make it possible to compile data to help ensure the game’s continued viability.

Best Golf Handicap Apps For Android and iOS

Calculating a golf handicap has never been easier thanks to practical apps designed especially for novice players. You can find your golf handicap and improve your game by using the applications on the list below.

The Grint

One of the top golf handicap applications is The Grint. It is designed for all players and complies with the new guidelines as put forth by the USGA. It offers a tonne of features, including a built-in GPS rangefinder, a digital scorecard, and golf statistics. Give The Grint considerable thought if you’re seeking for a golf handicap software that will serve as a virtual caddie.

With The Grint, you can manage your scores, USGA handicap, GPS, and more. You can use your phone to track strokes on every hole after it has been downloaded and installed. You won’t have to worry about utilizing paper and pencil with The Grint because everything is done in the app. 

Additionally, you may utilize the app to examine crucial data like:

  • Scoring
  • Puttint
  • Iron fidelity
  • FIR%
  • GIR%
  • Scrambling

You can connect with other golf aficionados by using The Grint to access a sizable golfing community. You may see stats, live scores, and scores for other golfers. Additionally, you can assess your game, upload images and swing videos, and get a legitimate handicap index. One of the most complete golf applications now available is The Grint. Recent app upgrades have been made, and it is well supported.

To track your exercise while playing golf, The Grint interacts with the Apple Health App. You loved being able to research courses that you haven’t played or that are about to be played. Numerous features in this software enhance the golfing experience overall. It is also excellent if you only need it for handicap tracking. You can Download this app on App Store and Play Store.  


Millions of golfers across the world appreciate SwingU, a great GPS rangefinder and scorecard software for players of all ability levels. SwingU was created to be your all-inclusive golf tutor and is stuffed with battery-effective and amazing precision.

SwingU makes it simple to keep track of your score, putts, and automatic hole-to-hole advances as well as the distances to the greens and hazards. Once your scores from three rounds of golf are uploaded, you will receive a free handicap. After downloading, you’ll be able to keep track of your shots and learn how far you drive your golf balls. SwingU is continually developing new features and utilizing new technology.

SwingU provides daily lessons and advice to help you remain on top of your game and improve your skills if you are new to golf. It is also dependable and simple to use. You can Download on Google Play and the app store

Some Important features of this app:

  • Allows you to simply keep track of your stats, scores, and club performance.
  • The app provides daily advice on how to raise your golf game.
  • To measure distances and track score for you and your pals, pair it with an Apple Watch.
  • Your handicap index can also be calculated by SwingU

You may track your golf scores and have SwingU calculate your handicap index automatically by downloading and installing it on your smartphone. You may play like an expert with the help of this programme, which is really simple to use. The programme can also identify your areas for improvement by pointing out your weaknesses.


An all-in-one scorecard, GPS, and handicap calculator app is mScorecard. Numerous innovations have been included in the design to enhance your golfing experience. You can track things like scores, greens in regulation, and club recommendations with mScorecard. Additionally, you may easily enter information for scores and shots using the app during or after a round.

Based on prior rounds, mScorecard automatically determines and tracks your golf handicap. It supports a variety of disability systems that various nations have implemented.

In addition to handicap calculation, this programme saves your game history and allows you to search an infinite number of courses, players, and advanced round information. All you have to do to make them easily accessible on any device is post them to the server. Popular side games like Birdies can be played while keeping score.

  • Birdies
  • Eagles
  • Stableford 
  • and Skins with mScorecard.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to record every aspect of your game (up to 5 players per round).
  • You can see how far away the hazards, bunkers, and other significant parts of the course are from the green.
  • Anytime during a round, turn your phone to landscape to automatically display your scorecard.
  • Automatically keeps track of your advanced data and handicap.

Users of mScorecard can easily track more players in the app by adding them. The GPS is amazing and offers games and gameplay for all levels of golfers. The greatest all-purpose handicap simulator on this list is mScorecard. It adapts its formula to fit the environment in which you play. On IOS and Android view and download this Golf Handicap app. 

Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores

For beginners, especially, calculating your golf handicap might be intimidating. You may keep track of your golf scores with Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores, which also computes your handicap index depending on your performance in prior rounds.

This programme can determine the handicap for every course in the globe and supports the new USGA handicap regulations. You have the choice to automatically manually input rating and slope after downloading and installing on your smartphone.

To prevent a sharp upward movement, the app can use a Soft Cap and Hard Cap. You can use this app to follow the handicaps and scores of your friends, which is a positive feature. Additionally, you will receive a prompt reminder when your friends share their results. 

Important feature of this app:

  • Supports a combination of 9-hole scores.
  • Thousands of courses with slope and rating available.
  • Your scores can be saved to and restored from the server.
  • The software automatically determines the maximum stroke and handicap for particular courses.

Users can establish their handicap and record their scores on the golf handicap tracker and score app. The cap features are intriguing since they let you restrict changes in your handicap. This programme offers simpler functionality than the others on the list. It doesn’t have as many frills, but it does a good job of completing its main task.


Golf Handicap Information Network, or GHIN, is the name of the USGA’s (United States Golf Association) official golf handicap calculator app. GHIN is intended for use by golfers as an official handicap score system that they may monitor and adhere to. The USGA provides the GHIN with a service that includes adequate and thorough data on handicaps.

The GHIN golf course handicap calculator is very user-friendly. The app provides a flexible way to control your game on the go and a tailored mobile experience. A handicap entered on a GHIN computer in a club house or via a mobile app will sync to the same server for later use.

Numerous interesting services, such as golfer lookup, score history, and score uploading, are available on GHIN. You may monitor both your total score and hole-by-hole statistics with the software. Additionally, it provides stat-tracking tools for driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and the quantity of putts.

Key Features of GHIN:

  • You can check your score history on GHIN.
  • may keep track of your greens in regulation and hole-to-hole score.
  • To keep track of your total performance, you may also share your score.

When downloaded and installed on your phone, GHIN offers a customized mobile experience. You may organize and monitor your game using the app in the most professional manner. You may also keep an eye on metrics like driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and putts made. The USGA makes GHIN available as a service, therefore the course ratings and slope accuracy are relatively up to date.

Golf Handicap By My Online Golf Club

Golf Handicap by My Online Golf Club is a useful programme for you if you’re trying to get better at every part of your game. MOGC has a pretty straightforward design. It enables you to keep tabs on your golf handicap at any course in the world.

You can accomplish a lot with this app, like submitting your scores, connecting with your golfing mates, and developing new talents. The new USGA WHS algorithm can also be used to determine the handicap. This app is made to make tracking easier for you. It can monitor your advancement and store the information on your smartphone. 

The other features, such as overall score, stroke by stroke, and hole by hole monitoring, are fantastic. You may also see the score you must achieve in the subsequent round in order to further reduce your handicap. In the end, this software excels at tracking more than 40 professional numbers. Such as, Click here to view and Download Golf  Handicap by My Online Golf Club.   Some Important points of this app:

  • Allows you to submit an infinite number of scorecards and keep a recognised handicap.
  • Within the app, buy a golf handicap card.
  • Calculates your handicap index using USGA criteria that are used globally.
  • Allows for limitless score submission.

This app provides a comprehensive solution for your golf handicap, scorecard, GPS rangefinder, awards, statistics, and live competition scoring. Comparing MOGC to other golf handicap apps, the progress tracking is also nicer. This programme is useful for analytics because it has over 40 recorded statistics.

Simple Handicap

Simple Handicap, as its name suggests, is a straightforward golf handicap programme that was created with simplicity in mind. It will automatically determine your handicap for you using the World Handicap System. Simple Handicap is a great tool for beginning golfers who want a simple approach to understand and keep track of your handicap index.

To use this app successfully, download it to your smartphone.

 Add rounds, enter your 18-hole score, and select your chosen course. Using your prior rounds, Simple Handicap will automatically determine your golf handicap. A Simple Handicap can be used to keep track of other factors as well, including your score, hazards, and distances to the greens.

For the typical golfer who wishes to track his handicap index without spending too much money, the Simple Handicap was created. The app costs nothing and is simple to use. You only need to download the app, add your favorite courses, and rounds to get started.

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

One of the all-time top golf applications is Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker. By leveraging your prior rounds, Diablo was designed to automatically assist you in creating a handicap index. Due to Facebook’s complete connection with Diablo, you can track your friends and publish scores, reviews, and ratings. You may actually connect with new members right from your contact list.

This free software is jam-packed with intriguing features, such as the ability to join USGA-approved clubs, examine your score history, and receive a handicap index after posting five scores. Additionally, you can post your result on social media websites.

You may use this app to find nearby courses thanks to its GPS capability. The database of the app has more than 18,000 golf courses, so you may access detailed information on any course close by. You don’t need to use a handicap card because your scores are kept on the server.

The Diablo app’s major criticism is that it hasn’t been updated since 2016. Despite being widely used, it has not been updated to work with the current USGA handicap monitoring system. We continue to include it on our list of the top golf handicap apps since we never know when there might be an upgrade. Diablo is a popular Handicap tracker to help to establish a handicap index, users easily download this app on Google Play and the App Store.

Key Features of Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

  • Integrates with Facebook so that you may connect with friends and post results.
  • Allows you to post and view your performance and score history.
  • Able to publish tournament scores as well as 9 or 18-hole scores.

The Diablo app has excellent social network integration. It’s simple to keep tabs on friends’ activities and engage in friendly rivalry with them. We anticipate that Diablo will be modified soon to adhere to the new USGA regulations so that more users can download the software.


When you play, a smart golf handicap software can simplify your life. You don’t need to carry a calculator or a notebook and pen anymore. For both iPhone and Android smartphones, there are a tonne of fantastic apps. We’ve highlighted some of the best above.

Our suggested and favorite applications are The Grint and SwingU for you. They don’t simply track your golf handicap score; they also include a tonne of additional functions. Additionally, they receive regular revisions and adhere to the most recent calculations adopted by the United States Golf Association.


Diablo Golf is free?

Free to use is the Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker. Prior to receiving a USGA Handicap Index, you must record 5 scores according to the USGA Handicap System. You’ll join one of our DiabloGolf Clubs once you’ve posted your fifth score. just $14.99 each year, absolutely free.

TheGrint is recognized by the USGA?

Their TheGrint Club is USGA Compliant after completing those Steps and holding a Club event at least once a year, enabling all of the Members to participate in any USGA-sanctioned event using their TheGrint Handicap.

A 20 handicapper should shoot what?

If you have a 20-point handicap, you would typically shoot 92 every time you went out to play. In order for players of different skill levels to compete against one another in golf, handicaps are crucial.

What Qualifies as a good golfer?

Amateur golfers generally consider scores of less than 120 strokes to be respectable or “good” scores. Golfers generally consider scores under 120 on an 18-hole course to be good, while 90 stroke scores are still regarded as ordinary.


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