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10 Best Apps Like Capcut (PC, Android, iPhone, Mac)

Are you a vlogger and use CapCut for editing your videos? But why do you utilize only this app when you have many other apps like capCut that are similar and better than this. Scroll down to know which are the other similar video editing apps you have on your plate.

Videos are a essential part of social media platforms that is why people tend to shoot videos. Then edit them so they can upload more charming content. With the video editors they create fun videos and catch the new currents simultaneously. CapCut stands out in its competitors due to its easy to use interface. Let’s talk about capcut and it’s the best alternatives!


This is an all in one app that is used for video editing, and it is launched by ByteDance. Purpose of this app is to enable you to create stunning videos, as editing puts the soul in a simple captured clip. Things that make it attractive are its user friendly interface and powerful editing tools.  

CapCut-Video Maker, formerly named Viamaker, enables you to edit your video to make it eye-catching. Best of all, it is free of cost and compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. 

All you need to do is:

  • Go to apple store or google play
  • download and install the app on your smartphone 
  • you are ready to edit video like a pro. 


The key features are:

  • Allows you to cut the clip
  • Can make a reverse video
  • Can increase or decrease the speed of video
  • offers many advanced tools
  • Breathtaking beauty effects are available
  • You can express emotions  by by adding text and stickers
  • In a snap you can overlay videos on photos and vice versa
  • Comes with a massive music library
  • download songs and music to use

Steps to use CapCut:

  • Open CapCut app 
  • Select the video 
  • Edit as you like by use of cut, crop, by adding filters, text or stickers
  • Choose an audio or skip this step
  • Download your stunning edited video with the resolution of your choice


Below are some benefits of CapCut:

  1. Convenient to use the app 
  2. Offers many amazing features
  3. Free of cost 
  4. Has an impressive list of songs and audios in the music library
  5. Easy to export your edited video
  6. Available in 20 more languages


With the advantages of any software there are some disadvantages too, cons of CapCut are:

  • Key features for editing are not available
  • Not a comprehensive tool for editing of video
  • Limited to mobile processing resources such as; RAM and hardware
  • Removing background and body effects are perform with accuracy
  • Landscape mode is not supported
  • Do not set frame rate more than 60 FPS

Is it Available for PC Users?

The major purpose of CapCut is to create vertical videos without loss of quality. Due to its excellent working, reliability and versatility demands its PC version. Because some people are more comfortable with their desktop computer. 

Unfortunately, the developer launched it for the smartphone users, and people can not enjoy its benefits on PC. Because CapCut is not available in PC version you can only use it on your mobile phone. But it is compatible with both the operating system of Android and iOS. 

List of Similar Apps Like CapCut

  1. KineMaster
  2. LumaFusion
  3. VivaCut
  4. ActionDirector
  5. Motion Ninja
  6. FlexClip
  7. FlimForth
  8. Filmora 11
  9. HitFilm Express
  10. iMovie

As this app is not available on the PC but still you really want to edit your videos on PC as compared to the smartphone. Then do not need to get disappointed because CapCut is not one video editing app. You have a lot of choices on your table.

The market is full of softwares and tools that are available on both PC and smartphone. Below are some apps just like capCut for PC users, read them so you can try any of them and create stunning content for your followers. 

1- KineMaster

If you are looking for a capcut app alternative then you can consider KineMaster. This editing tool is also free you can install it on your gaming PC. and you are ready to cut, splice and crop your clip. Best of all, it allows you to select multiple videos, combine them and edit by adding images, stickers, emojis, texts or special filters.

kineMaster allows you to add music, sound effects and voice overs in the background of your video.  For the more enhancements you can use voice changers that are available in this tool. If you apply visual effects such as; speeding up, reversing, slow motion and blending modes. Your video will be unforgettable for your social media followers. 


  • Allows you to combine multiple videos
  • Easy to add audios even more than
  • Offers a good collection music


  • Does not support 4K resolution format
  • When you export it will leave a watermark on your edited video
  • Can crash or fareez your device especially if you use it on low RAM

2- LumaFusion 

One of the like capcut online is LumaFusion, and helps you to create a video like storytelling. The supported features are distort, styles, blurs, colors and green screen. Due to its amazing features many people love to use this app for their content creation. 

Additionally, you are able to perform slow motion, fast motion, forward, and reverse that make your video more eye catchy. LumaFusion comes with Graphic EQ with which you can tune audio perfectly in your video. This video editing software stables your video with the built in load-stabilizer tool and lock. 


  • Allows you to import video from cloud storage 
  • Comes with a lot of royalty-free music


  • Trouble with large projects 
  • Does not perform well multi tasking 

3- VivaCut

VivaCut is another apps like capcut for pc but for smartphone too. This is a professional video editing app due to its amazing features. Enables you to apply visual effects to your video such as; Trippy, VHS and many more. Allows you to set audio of your choice along with transition, control- slow and fast motion. 

With VivaCut you can cut and crop your clip to clear your video from unwanted parts. Best of all, you can merge 2 or more videos to make a single accurate clip. For the more enhancements it allows you to adjust your video by controlling its contrast, color temperature, hue, vignetting and brightness. 


  • Secure and easy to use
  • Keep improving features and performance


  • Not have all similar features as CapCut
  • Performs better not best 

4- ActionDirector

Here is ActionDirector which is similar to apps like CapCut and allows you to record video directly from any social media medium. After recording the video it navigates to edit it by providing you such tools in a way that you want. With this app you can instantly crop your clip and allow you to add audio of your choice. 

You can apply effects of slow and fast speed transition that highlight, repeat and rewind your special moments. At top all, it supports ultra HD 4K resolution so you have your video in the best quality. Compatible with both platforms smartphone and desktop. 


  • Easy to add motion effects 
  • Supports high-quality 4K resolution 


  • Does not support layering
  • Slow and buggy 

5- Motion Ninja

Introducing motion ninja which is more than a video editor. Because it comes with all those functionalities that you can expect. Offers you 100 plus ready to use effects including Alight motion blur, earthquake, shake and many more. These features allow you to edit your video uniquely and quickly. 

For the more enhancements of your clip you can add 3D texts, stickers and audio. Also you can change transitions and speed of your video. Supported resolutions of edited video are 720p, 1080p and 4k which means you save your video whatever that quality you want. 


  • Provides 50+ transition effects
  • You can download videos in 4K resolution


  • If you do not use pro version than a Watermark will be included in videos 
  • Some features not run better 

6- FlexClip

If you are looking for other editing apps like capcut then you can consider FlexClip. This is an online software that is used for video editing and works like CapCut. Comes with all such features and effects  like capcut transitions, texts, emojis that you require to edit your video. 

Offers you a wide range of music tracks so you can add audio to your clip. Best of all, it comes with a user-friendly interface which means it is easy to use. With the slideshow and video templates you can make your video more appealing.


  • Offers many templates
  • Easily create professional edited videos
  • Perfect to build add videos


  • Team is not supportive 
  • You need to pay to create high resolution videos

7- FlimForth

If you want to use an app like CapCut for PC then FlimForth can be your best choice. This is such a video editor that can help you to create video just like CapCut but on your desktop. You can easily edit your video according to your choice easily and free of cost. 

The FlimForth covers you by providing you cropping, sticketers, chroma keying, trimming and transitions. You can easily and quickly create an intro video for your youtube channel. Also it is to download and install from Microsoft store and does not include watermark on your video. 


  • Easy to use even beginners can edit video
  • Its interface is very similar to CapCut
  • Give just editing experience just live CapCut


  • Offers limited professional video editing options
  • keyframing or green screen are not included 

8- Filmora 11

Filmora 11 is an editing app like CapCut and a popular editing tool by Wondershare. This is the latest version of Filmora and comes with unlimited  personalization options. One of the best alternatives of CapCut for those who want to use a video editing software on their PC.

Provides you with a lot of features that enhance your video so you can update beautiful content for your social media followers. Also you have the ability to add an audio of your choice. Comes with a lot of templates with which you can edit your video easily and quickly. 


  • Comes with pre-built elements to create better content
  • Offer easy to use tempetles


  • Watermark is included 
  • Some features process slow

9- HitFilm Express

You research for apps just like capcut can end on HitFilm express, it is the choice of many people. Very similar with Capcut and offers very similar user interface and functionality. Comes with more than 600 effects such as; glitch, flashes, blasting and more. 

Best of all, for all these amazing features you do not get its subscription because it is free of cost. But for some professional features you need to pay to get plans. You can use this app on both your mobile phone and desktop too. 


  • Free and paid version is also very affordable
  • similar apps to capCut
  • Supports many video formats


  • You can not preview some effects before adding them in your clip
  • For some effects require third party plug ins
  • Can crashes frequently 

10- iMovie

Do you want to know about apps like CapCut for mac? Then you can try iMovie because it is the second best video editor for Apple users. This is a sticker editor and is pre installed in your Mac PC, and Mac laptop. Allows you to add text and music to your video for creation of great content. 

Due to its easy to use user interface, even a beginner can easily learn it and create amazing edited videos. Plus, if your video is not in a high resolution then it improves its quality automatically. You do not need to connect to the internet with many of its features and effects. 


  • Easy to use
  • Can work without an active internet connection
  • Allows you to share easily your video with Final Cut Pro and other Apple devices


  • iMovie can not accept plug ins
  • Only compatible with iOS
  • You can not import live pictures


For a mobile user CapCut is a trustworthy app for video editing but PC users can not use it. But there are some other editing apps like capCut that have not only similar features but are also compatible with PCs. The above-mentioned tools have a PC version, you can try one of them. You would not be disappointed for sure. Install your video editing app on your PC and provide stunning content to your followers. 



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