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Is A Way Out Cross-Platform (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)

Have you ever wanted to play a game with your pals but couldn’t do so due to their different platforms? Cross-platform play is possible with some games, putting everyone in the group on an even playing field. Games that work on Android, iOS, gaming PCs, and consoles are available.

Cross-platform gaming has been a big issue ever since Microsoft unveiled its cross-platform gaming plans at Build in 2014. In addition, the availability of cross-platform functionalities for developers was revealed by Sony in 2016. More recent releases, like “Fortnite ” and “Rocket League,” have expanded on this development to produce a cross-platform experience across all device types.

On March 23, 2018, EA and Hazelight Studios launched A Way Out’s video game. It is presently accessible on gaming PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. However, “Is A Way Out cross-platform in 2022?” still stands. So let’s learn more about A Way Out before attempting to discover a solution to that.

About A Way Out

Hazelight Studios produced the action-adventure game A Way Out, distributed by Electronic Arts. This is Josef Fares’ second video game, following Brothers: A Story of Two Sons, A Way Out is a video game that doesn’t include a single-player mode, which is unique. 

Instead, split-screen co-op for two players is the only option, which can be played locally or online. In just two weeks, more than a million copies of the game—which was available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One—were sold. 

A Way Out’s gameplay is significantly different from other games in a similar genre. Both the co-op and solo versions of this game lack online connectivity. In addition, players cannot jump or fire a gun in any direction, but there are various ambient items in the game to control these things. 

The character that the player controls in this game will have a lot of influence. They may roam around and engage with any object to gain additional knowledge of the environment. They hold a phone that they may use to contact individuals in the outside world, take pictures to gather proof, or investigate the story or the characters in this universe, among other things. For example, Leo and Vincent cooperate to break out of jail in the game A Way Out. 

Both characters must be controlled by the player for the story to proceed. Due to distinctive qualities, each character separates from the rest. Vincent is stronger than Leo; therefore, he can easily move heavy objects about the area. Either character, at any time, can perform most actions. However, some activities require a particular personality attribute.

For instance, if another player is currently controlling a certain object or character in the environment of A Way Out, an option will show up on the screen when you press certain buttons on your controller (PS4). When attempting to engage with someone or anything, if the option doesn’t show up, you are currently unable to do that action.

Since you won’t have to wait for your teammate to act before playing, this feature is a great addition to multiplayer games. In addition, because of A Way Out’s seamless and fluid gameplay, switching from single-player to multiplayer is simple and painless.

Supported Platforms

Knowing whether A Way Out is cross-platform is crucial if you plan on playing this game with your pals is crucial. In regards to this query, we have offered a thorough guide so that you can find all the information in one spot. So let’s get going. The following platforms support A Way Out:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

How To Play A Way Out

Before choosing the option to Play Online, Player One first chooses the option to Invite A Friend. On Origin, PS4, or Xbox One, Player One can now choose a friend from their friend list. Next, player Two is prompted to download the A Way Out Free Trial from the Origin, PS4 or Xbox One online stores.

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform

No, A Way Out is not a cross-platform game. In other words, users from various gaming platforms cannot collaborate to play A Way Out. So, unfortunately, you and your friend cannot play A Way Out’s multiplayer mode together if you use different gaming systems.

It is worth repeating even though it has been said many times before. Cross-platform gaming aims to make it possible for players to play across various devices without transferring platforms. Unfortunately, Way Out is not cross-platform since you cannot share your screen with others on other platforms, despite the game providing an excellent single-player and multiplayer experience.

By entering in with the same account on both platforms, the game can be played in the split-screen mode it was designed for. Additionally, digital purchases for the game can only be made online. Cross-platform play has not yet been officially announced by Hazelight Studios, but they may do so in the future.

However, enabling cross-play in a game is a challenging process that needs the developers to address a number of concerns first. The following conditions must be met for cross-platform functionality in a game:

Matchmaking:  There needs to be sufficient players actively engaged in a game at all times for the matchmaking process to run smoothly.

Gameplay Performance: The gameplay should continue at a steady frame rate regardless of how many people are present at any given time. Additionally, this depends on how many inputs are made simultaneously by each player.

Balance: Due to the intense competitive nature of online games, this is an essential game mechanic. It becomes impossible to keep the equilibrium when players from different platforms compete against one another. Additionally, it would require months of development time to simply optimize the gameplay so that it functions for all player combinations.

Technical Challenges:  Although cross-platform gaming requires an enormous lot of work, there are still technological barriers in the way. For example, input latency means a delay between pressing a controller button and the command being carried out and relayed to other devices.

Compatibility: Compatibility issues are a constant since certain hardware may not function with other equipment and some devices run on different operating systems. The game needs a coding team to keep it running despite any upgrades or configuration changes made to any device.

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform PC And PS4/PS5?

For the PS4/PS5, PC, or either, A Way Out is not cross-platform. It is not possible to play multiplayer on the PC and PS4. To put it another way, both of you need a PS4 in order to play with a PS4 or a PC player. Additionally, don’t look for any formal cross-play announcements any time soon.

To make it simple for you to invite a buddy from a different platform when you wish to play multiplayer, the developers created it in this manner. This will enable participants on the same platform to be seamlessly matched.

Is Cross-Platform Xbox One And PS4 A Way Out?

A Way Out does not support cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is because A Way Out is a single-platform video game. To play A Way Out with another player, both must be using the same type of gaming platform.

Inviting them to your game sessions in A Way Out lets you share your progress with players on other platforms. You and your friend could play the game together even if you use different gaming platforms.

Is Cross-Platform PC And Nintendo Switch A Way Out?

Once more, the answer is no. A Way Out is not cross-platform between Nintendo and PC. As a result, playing on both platforms at once is not possible in A Way Out. The reason for this is that A Way Out is not accessible on Nintendo Switch right now. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch won’t be getting it any time soon because Hazelight Studios has no current plans to add it to any other platforms.

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform PS4 And PS5?

No, A Way Out is incompatible with PS4 and PS5 on several platforms. As a result, you cannot play versus someone using a PS5 or another device if you are playing A Way Out on a PS4.

It’s also crucial to note that while cross-platform games typically run on the same servers, it is impossible to match players from various platforms. For example, a Way Out is currently being played online by hundreds of people, all interacting with one another as random players who also own the game.

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform Xbox One And PC?

No, A Way Out does not support cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC. Therefore, you cannot play a Way Out match with your friend who owns a PC if you use an Xbox One. In addition, Way Out is not a cross-platform game since it takes a lot of work to enable cross-platform gaming.

To play A Way Out with another player, both players must be using the same game platform. As a result, if you want to play this game with a friend, you will need to either switch platforms or persuade them to do so.


A Way Out’s future is currently unknown; however, EA and Hazelight Studios did not design this game with cross-platform compatibility in mind. Therefore, the users cannot alternate between playing with friends or random players on different platforms. Your responses to “Will A Way Out be cross-platform in 2022?” are provided below, even though the game prohibits cross-platform play.


What is an action-adventure video game?

Many different game genres are combined in action-adventure video games. The bulk of action-adventure games combine elements from many game genres because they are frequently hybrids. The most popular genre, however, is adventure, which incorporates gameplay that is motivated by a story and puzzle-solving.

What is cross-generation functionality?

Video games with cross-generation capabilities can run on different platforms and consoles. For instance, cross-gen allows for gameplay between PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, etc.

What age range is A Way Out intended for?

A Way Out is not a game that crosses generations. You cannot play this game with other players who own an Xbox Series X/S or any other Xbox generational model if you own an Xbox One.

Where Can You See A Way Out?

A Way Out is currently playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It is also compatible with a Travel case PS5. A Way Out can be played with any of these resources.

Why do users desire cross-platform compatibility for A Way Out?

The main reason players want A Way Out to be cross-platform is that they want to play with their friends who might not own the same gaming platform.

A Way Out lasts how long?

A 6–8 hour escape route. 

Can you Alone-play A Way Out?

A Way Out only supports co-op play and has no single-player mode. To play the game, you must invite a friend to join your game or their game.

What is the age of Vincent Character in A Way Out? 

In “The Out Way, Vincent’s character age is 43 years. 

Is Vincent a police officer in A Way Out?

In the end, the second act makes it quite evident that Vincent is a police officer working undercover. After several hours of cooperative play, the players and the characters are put in a drawn-out shootout. One character survives, and one character perishes at the end. That’s the game, too.

Can you Play A Way Out on the same Xbox?

A Way Out may be played on the same Xbox, yes. Because the game is cooperative, you can play it online or off with a friend.

What is the Multiplayer Setup for A Way Out?

In the cooperative multiplayer game A Way Out, players cooperate to overcome riddles and escape prison. Players can speak with one another via voice chat and text chat.

A Way Out Can be Played by Both Xbox and PC Users.

A Way Out can be played by both Xbox and PC users. The game offers online co-op and is playable on both platforms.


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