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Best Projector for PS5 (4K, Mini, Portable, Large Screen)

In this article, you will get a list of the best projector for PS5 2021. The different brands are compared and contrasted to help you decide which one is right for you. The PlayStation 5 is launched in 2020, and Sony has been teasing what fans can expect from their newest console. 

With many speculations about the PS5, one thing that’s for sure is that there will be 4K graphics with HDR support, 8K upscaling, 120fps frame rate, and ray tracing. If you’re planning on buying a new projector before 2021 ends, then here are some of the best projectors listed in this article. 

Nowadays, best gaming projectors are pretty popular as they make watching movies, playing games, and streaming TV much more enjoyable with their high resolution screens and large viewing area. But finding the right projector can be a difficult task as there are so many choices to choose from, and each comes with its own set of features that may or may not work for your needs. 

The article below is designed to help you find the perfect projector for PS5 gaming by providing a list of great projectors that will provide an excellent experience when playing PS5 games in your living room. One thing that makes gamers excited for the new console is that they are expecting Sony to include 4K support with HDR capabilities as well as high-fidelity audio. Most of the suggested projectors have the certification of HDR and come with the 4K support. 

Our recommended list of best projector for PS5

  1. Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector For Playstation 5
  2. SAMSUNG 120″ The Premiere 4K Projector
  3. Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV
  4. Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Next Generation Gaming Projector
  5. BenQ X1300i 4LED 1080p HDR Gaming Projector For PS5 Console
  6. JVC DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector with 8K/e-Shift
  7. BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector
  8. Optoma UHD38 Bright, True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

1. Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector For Playstation 5

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector For Playstation 5

For PS5 or other gaming setups, TVs have lost their importance as they come with fewer features and smaller screens in contrast to projectors or LEDs. Projectors are pretty versatile in usage, and they are highly used as a screen for monitors or televisions for bigger platforms. The Epson ES2900 is an immersive experience for any video game, ,TV show, or movie. 

There will be no outsmarting this beast with a 150″ maximum display size and Full-HD resolution. The maximum resolution of this projector is 1920 x 1080 megapixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Connect to your favorite streaming device with the built-in HDMI port and enjoy live TV in all of its glory. You can also utilize the Gigabit Ethernet connection to stream videos from Netflix. Straight from your preferred website without any interruption or buffering problems whatsoever. 

This product has an elegant compact design that is perfect for stacking on top of other electronics in order to keep them organized and tidy. Now it’s time to light up your gaming setup room with this projector, as it has the most useful features ever. 

The Epson Home Cinema has a built-in HDMI to get you set for streaming. Its integrated dual-speaker system delivers outstanding audio performance, and other features deliver stunning picture quality up to 150″ that will be sure to grab your attention! The MicroLaser technology helps create the black density that is so important in this projector you’ll swear you can see every little detail, even though it’s just lasers projecting onto a screen.

2. SAMSUNG 120″ The Premiere 4K Projector

SAMSUNG 120 The Premiere 4K Projector

Projectors nowadays are a game-changer now as it provides a bigger platform to enjoy video games. The Samsung 120 Premiere projector is a 4K UHD Smart TV 2.2Ch Sound System with Al will be glad to find out that it provides an absolutely beautiful, true-to-life picture from a screen size ranging between 114″ and 189″. 

The latest technology of UHD Smart TV by Tizen Samsung Premiere has marked its place among the best projectors. This product includes all the required cables for hooking up your new purchase, has less than 1ms input lag, and is much smaller in design when comparing it to most other projectors. 

The smart TV technology delivers deep black tones and heightened sharpness as well as punchier whites. It also features Dolby Atmos sound quality and Ultra Short Throw projector for clear viewing without a huge footprint in your room or office space. The projector is also HD Pro when projecting on any smooth surface so that when there’s no whiteboard available, Samsung has your back. 

This projector is a piece of perfect equipment if you are running out of space as it is pretty compact in design. This ultra-compact projector blends in with any home or office space and puts a theater right on your wall, no matter the size. 

Equipped with a P3 wide color gamut, 4000 lumens of brightness, and Samsung’s UHD engine for greater detail clarity, this is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. The compatibility of this best projector with Alexa and Bixby helps you control your device by commanding through your voice. 

3. Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV

Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV

People have upgraded their consoles as with advancements in the media field. Recently the world has got a new and more high-level gaming device in the shape of the PS5. To impress the globe with its amazing features, PS5 must also need the best companion. 

The Epson EF100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV is a huge step up for PS5 gaming. This projector has an integrated audio system that produces quality sound to match its HD & 3D capabilities. This sleek and compact designed projector easily fits on any coffee table. It stacks neatly when not in use and pulls down from the ceiling using an electric lift to conceal itself with ease. 

With Google Assistant built-in, this projector helps you control the device using voice. Users can tell Alexa what movie or series they want to watch, and it is as simple as directing a person with your voice! The Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector is built with Pixel Shifting Technology for smooth, crystal clear images and incorporates 3D projectors to handle high-definition gaming profiles of these new consoles. 

This stunning content will look even better on a bright screen, courtesy of our 1,700 lumens that produce enough brightness for use in any type of lighting environment, even in daylight. With the usage of an advanced 3LCD light engine to deliver 100% true RGB for every frame, Epson hasn’t disappointed us. It features a sound enhancement technology that provides high-quality sound from the built-in speaker without artifacts or hisses. 

Unlike most projectors, it only requires 6 watts of power in eco mode and 10 watts in standard settings. Furthermore, our projector has Bluetooth 4.1 wireless capability, so you can use your phone as a remote control to easily adjust the color mood with preloaded themes that are compelling enough to keep kids entertained all day long.

4. Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Next Generation Gaming Projector

Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Next Generation Gaming Projector

The arrival of the new console is surely the best news for gamers. To play games on PlayStation 5 on a bigger screen is definitely the best decision. With the Optoma UHD35, 4K next-generation projector, users can put their imagination on the big screen. 

With 3600 lumens of true 4K UHD, you can enjoy all your favorite movies and video content in up to 8.3 million distinct addressable pixels! Plus, our RGBRGB color wheel for the best possible “true” color performance ensures lively graphics and natural-looking skin tones! Boasting a comprehensive suite of input connections including HDMI, DisplayPort, and more to support single or dual-screen gaming displays.

Built on the latest DLP 4K UHD technology, this projector is delivering 8.3 million distinct addressable pixels for depth and clarity. With color reproduction, rich tones, and vivid imagery helps in bringing life to your favorite fictional game. 

Even in room light, you’ll be immersed in our exclusive Dynamic Black technology, which helps to increase contrast when ambient light is present, so you see detail even in brighter games. 

While not affecting the rest of the picture quality with 3200 ANSI Lumens of brightness, this model is perfect for your daily entertainment needs. The product dimensions are 10.6 x 12.4 x 4.6 inches, and it weighs around 8.60 pounds. 

5. BenQ X1300i 4LED 1080p HDR Gaming Projector For PS5 Console

BenQ X1300i 4LED 1080p HDR Gaming Projector For PS5 Console

Gaming can be experienced like never before with the BenQ X1300i 4LED gaming projector attached to the PS5 console. Featuring 100-inch images from 9.4 feet, this projector displays an impeccable color gamut of 98% sRGB and amazing technology for optimum performance. 

The BenQ X1300i Gaming Projector has an enormous screen, vivid color, and HDR compatibility combined with a multitude of preset modes. You can play games or watch TV without getting disturbed by your surroundings with its integrated speaker. 

Don’t leave for an epic adventure to find entertainment! Get the pinpoint focus and bright picture quality you need in this compact design that will look great indoors or out. This projector consumes 3000 ANSI lumens to cast the brightest pictures on your screen while supporting HDR. 

This projector is compatible with PS4s, Xbox Ones, Nintendo Switches, and Google Stadia consoles and has flexible installation options, so try it wherever you want! The BenQ X1300i delivers true cinematic brightness, real 8.3 million pixels in vibrant color and optimum contrast for the very best viewing experience. 

Built on a designed-for-gaming platform with preset game modes RPG SPG FPS, you can switch seamlessly based on what’s happening at that precise moment in your gaming adventure. This projector grants reduction in lag time and makes it easier to find your winning strategy. This 4 LED projector displays cast Netflix content via WiFi connection for seamless streaming of movies and TV shows instantly from virtually anywhere.

6. JVC DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector with 8K/e-Shift

JVC DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector with 8K e-Shift

Upgrade your gaming experience with the JVC DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector with 8K/e-shift. It provides a larger theater feel in contrast to its competitors. This projector features 18Gbps transmission band-width and complies with the latest HDMI/HDCP 2.2 standard connector to enable full spec 4K signal input with 8192 x 4320 resolution. 

The powerful light source, NSH 265 W lamp, enhances projection quality by producing a bright picture without heat that is easy on your eyes. Additionally, this projector includes 3D and Deep Color compatibility for crisp image clarity and accurate color reproduction that exceeds HD quality. 

This is the first set of a projector that produces 8k resolution and can achieve near-reality quality on larger screens. The 100mm all glass lens combined with the innovative multiple pixel control technology creates bright images equivalent to the reality that is far away from any rivaling home theater projectors. No other device in its class offers HDR content capable of scaling FHD or 4k content to 8k resolutions. 

Auto Tone Mapping will adjust settings automatically based on mastering information during projection to select optimum color temperatures and modes for personal taste. The dimensions of this product are 25.25 x 26.25 x 16.38 inches, and it weighs around 48 pounds.

7. BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector

BenQ’s HT2050A 1080P Home theater projector is one of the best home projectors for movie watching and gaming. With a brightness of 2200 lumens, you can watch thriller movies with a dark tone and play intense games with quality. At 220 inches, this powerful product will bring ultimate entertainment to anyone who buys it. 

The image contrast ratio is 15000:1 guarantees gorgeous images during use all day long. The high contrast ratio delivers bright colors, while the low minimum throw distance means you won’t always need to keep your space very dark for best results when using it around other people in your home. 

Just plug it in and start watching whatever you want with no hassles. The Projector works with your HDTV to create a picture size of up to 120 inches in either 2D or 3D mode. The Projector features a DLP technology chipset and over 7,000 hours of lamp life with very low noise output for superior quality. 

This Projector also comes with connectivity options such as HDMI, VGA, USB-B cable, S-Video cables D-sub 15, which can be used for a variety of sources, including laptops and gaming systems! For gaming enthusiasts, it is important to deliver a clear, sharp, and crisp picture along with sound in detail. 

This amazing product features not only superior color coverage for Rec.709 HDTV Standard but also delivers true-to-life visuals. With up to 55 inches of visual projection in pixel resolution as well as a unique 6x speed RGBRGB color wheel, which means the cinematic enjoyment is about to make your heart stop. The dimensions are 15 x 11 x 5 inches, and it weighs around 8 pounds. You can also try its high end version BenQ V6050.

8. Optoma UHD38 Bright, True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

Optoma UHD38 Bright, True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

Optoma’s HD38 model is an ultra-bright projector with all the benefits of one of the newest high-definition standards. Enjoy crisp, clear images that bring your favorite games and movies to life in stunning clarity thanks to 4,000 lumens and Dynamic Black. With up to 15,000 hours of lamp life on this gaming projector, you can get as many as two 2-hour movies a day for ten years! 

This UHD 38″ Gaming Projector comes with a standard throw projection distance for projecting 120-inch images from 13 1/2 feet away or 300 inches displays from just 30 feet away. This projector keeps up with the competition in beautiful detail with TRUE 4K cinema-quality, HDR, and HLG compatibility. 

In order to produce a dynamic image with realistic colors and contrast for enhanced performance during any gameplay. Accurate color details are assured by HDMI inputs capable of delivering at least 240fps frame rates. 

It also results in seamless pixel transitions that keep you connected to what you love at all times. Reduced Eye Strain TV screens produce harsh direct light causing eye strain. Conversely, projection screens reflect light for a more comfortable viewing experience. 

Next-Generation Gaming & Beyond Console gamers will enjoy 1080p 120Hz or 4K UHD 60Hz gameplay. The dimensions of this product are 10.6 x 12.4 x 4.6 inches, and it weighs around 9.25 pounds. 

Buying Guide:

The PS5 was a game-changer when it launched in 2020, and now is the perfect time to purchase home theater equipment. If you’re looking for a new projector before 2021 ends, then check out our list above of the best projectors available today! 

Read the given considerations for more information on what these features mean or how they work together. 

Screen Size:

The most famous screen sizes fall within 100 to 120 inches (2.5m-3m) diagonal and are around 2.2 meters to 2.65 meters wide, depending on whether your widescreen 16:9 display has square pixels or not. 

This makes going for a projection over a professional display worthwhile because it’s more versatile than just having one fixed-size monitor mounted somewhere high up where people can’t see what they’re looking at from all angles.

Distance between Projector and Screen:

The distance between a projector and screen is important for an optimal viewing experience. Without considering the size of your room, it’s difficult to determine how far away from a projection device you should sit to get the best picture quality possible. 

The Throw ratio of a projector is an important specification of a projector without any doubt. The throw ratio determines how far away you can place your projection from a wall or other surface and still have it be visible to all in attendance. So this should always be considered when purchasing one of these devices.


The lumens number is how bright a projector can be in comparison to other projectors. For home theater rooms, you need at least 1500 lumens so that it’ll stand out amongst ambient light outside and inside of the room. But Dorm Room, classrooms or conference spaces with windows may require 2500+ lumens due to more natural lighting around them.

Lamp Life:

As time passes, the output of a projector lamp will gradually decrease. Older lamps typically lasted between 1,000 to 2,000 hours. More recent models last anywhere from about 2000 to 4000, depending on how they’re used in an environment.

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