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Best Travel Case For PS5 (With Monitor, Carrying Case, Hard Case)

Your controllers and accessories need as much protection as your console does. This is why we have brought you the best travel cases for PS5. These cases come with several cutouts and compartments that can hold accessories like HDMI dongles and US cables.

In addition, you get to see hard crush-proof shells or soft nylon cases that are both shockproof and durable for traveling. Having the waterproof and fall-proof quality will be ideal for any clumsy player.

If you see more good points, you will notice the bags have enough storage for keeping 2 controllers at a time with interior standard dimensions. If you are not satisfied, you can even look at models that are gaming stations coming with several inches of the monitor. The game as much as you want as long as you have a power outlet with you with 1080p high resolution.

Larger capacity does not lessen the pockets for which smaller accessories and goodies can be kept safely. Keep your headphones, charger, thumb grips, USBs safe in a separate compartment or pocket.

Being sturdy enough to bear the airline checkouts, these cases are ideal for any gaming lover. Moreover, the padded shoulder straps or buckle handles make them easy to carry on the shoulders or in the hands.

How do you protect your PS5 while it is being transported? These personalized travel cases are perfect for secure transportation of any size. The durable exterior can withstand drops up to 8 inches on rough surfaces, making them more than protective.

The case comes complete with gel insert cradles on all 4 corners ensuring there is no shaking during movement. This will help keep damage at bay by reducing vibration forces that may cause cracks inexpensive components inside like screens.

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Our recommended list of the Best Travel Cases For PS5

  1. Storage Bag for PS5
  2. G-STORY Case Storage Bag for PS5
  3. Partage PS5 Case
  4. CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case
  5. USA GEAR Console Carrying Case
  6. Case Club Waterproof PlayStation
  7. USA GEAR PS5 Case

1. Storage Bag for PS5

Your PS5 is your favorite thing, but it still needs to be protected from kitchen spills and accidental knocks. This Today Storage Bag can not only store your console, PlayStation 5 Hard Drive, but also other accessories. Along with the soft leather shoulder strap, everything has been covered for you!

You were so excited to buy your kid Sony’s PlayStation, but now you are regretting storing it in the closet. Don’t worry, this storage bag is specially designed to fit all of your console’s necessities.

With its durable nylon fabric and padded shoulder strap, you can carry your belongings without discomfort. And with enough room for everything that comes with the game system including an AC power cord, USB cable, headphones, or other accessories.

This bag will give anyone peace of mind knowing their investment is not going anywhere once they are done gaming! Meet the PS5 storage bag. Keep your PS5 safe from water damages, scratches, and collisions with this amazing storage solution.

The waterproof design ensures a perfect fit for your console and all of its accessories so it is ready to go on vacation or through a long day of gaming. Keep your PS5 water-free, scratch-free, and safe from collisions with this zipper closure Topaty Storage Bag.

It contains the console, AC power cord, USB cable, or headphones inside a hard shell made of waterproof nylon fabric. The straps are adjustable to fit any body type comfortably; it is also reinforced with soft leather for black leather appeal.

Share your prized PS5 with friends and family while keeping the console protected. Large enough to store not only your PS5 system, but also USB cables, headphones, or other accessories for ultimate comfort when carrying it on long journeys.

2. G-STORY Case Storage Bag for PS5

It is now the time to say goodbye to those problems of storing your PS5. G-STORY Case Storage Bag for PS5 will solve all your worries and make transporting and storing a walk in the park! Besides having enough space, this bag also has an 8mm sponge that can protect it from all directions for maximum protection.

Its high-quality zippers cannot be deformed with adjustable shoulder straps and practical handles ensure hassle-free portability. You can put whatever accessories like power cords or HDMI cables, as well as 2 additional compartments where you can store controllers inside the case!

The G-STORY Case Storage Bag for PS5 is the ultimate storage solution to keep your games well preserved and untouched before you can play with them! It consists of 3 layers, providing optimal protection in all directions.

The cushioned interior protects consoles from 8mm sponge so that it does not damage its delicate ports or screen when stored or transported. On top of this, the bag provides various compartments for easy access whenever you need to use it; perfect for storing game discs.

Finally, there are 2 additional compartments at the bottom designed especially for controllers which, among other features, provide ease whilst playing by allowing gamers to handle their controllers like professionals do inside the game!

With a custom-made carrying bag like G STORY, gamers can store all of their controllers, power cords, HDMI and U.S.B cables as well as games too! This durable nylon bag with an 8mm sponge provides PS5 protection in all directions. With high-quality zippers that won’t break down easily. You will never have to worry about your investment here with G Story!

3. Partage PS5 Case

Protect your PS5 with the Partage PS5 Case. Made of high-quality fabric, this case is water-resistant and spacious enough to store all accessories. The adjustable interior can hold controllers, game discs, cables, even the Digital Edition!

Carrying options include a padded shoulder strap and handle for easy mobility. This one’s perfect for safekeeping in any home or office space! The Partage PS5 Case will elegantly store your PS5 and 5 cables with a padded shoulder strap to provide you with maximum comfort.

The adjustable interior means that it can fit a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is no need to worry about it not fitting anything important. Equipped with a 10mm high-density sponge which is designed to best protect against water damage, scuffs, scratches.

Equithesized exterior ensures the security of the stored device from harm. Equipped straps for more storage space as well as ease of carrying this stylish case around!

The Partage PS5 Case is designed to help you protect your new game console or any of the latest gaming accessories. It keeps everything together and easy to transport, with pockets for navigation controllers, headphones, cables, and games discs. 

The PS5 is a stellar console from Sony, but when you are on the go, it is easy to be jostled and knocked about. We at Partage know that a scratch or dent in your new PS5 could make any gamer cringe.

Wrap up your precious console in this sturdy case for absolute protection, not only from knocks and bumps but also from water damage! The 10mm cushioning will keep everything inside safe.

Make sure your PS5 has plenty of room for all of its accessories too with the spacious interior dimensions of 16 x 12.5 x 7½ inches. There is enough room even for 2 controllers!

4. CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel Case Compatible

The CASEMATIX Hard Shell Travel controller Case is an innovative protective case for consoles but with a twist. It shields your controllers, power cables, and other accessories inside 2 high-quality compartments in the lid with pluckable grid areas to customize with additional storage.

Plus it is crush proof, waterproof & airtight when closed with padlock rings when traveling great distances! Keep your console and accessories protected! With room for 2 controllers, plugs, and other gear, this case features a mix of foam styles to cradle the console.

Protect it from everyday bumps and drops with dense protection like “egg crate” foam that saves the device in an extra layer of cushioned comfort. It is even waterproof or airtight for travel!

Whether you are looking to keep your fighting game systems safe at home or on the go, this product can offer peace of mind. Prevent damage by investing now, stop haphazardly throwing everything into a box.

Your console deserves the best protection out there, so use the only case made of military-grade shockproof material. A case like this has cutouts and compartments specifically designed for your console and controllers to fit snugly inside with more space left over.

Also on hand are dual 3inch cables with adapters so you can plug in any of your accessories anywhere for charging! Keep all your gear safe during transit by attaching a padlock ring to both zippers of this waterproof hard shell carrying case.

Going on the road? With its crush-proof hard mesh design, you won’t have to worry about damage from accidental drops or heavy loads near it. Lose yourself at home or abroad knowing that everything is tightly packed away.

5. USA GEAR Console Carrying Case

Tired of your kids destroying that beauty you just spent many dollars on? Now, let us put it into something that provides good protection for the long run. That is right! Introducing USA GEAR S13 Console Carrying Case! With a name like this, what else would be expected to be used.

This console carrying case has exterior dimensions of 15 x 12.25 x 6.5 inches and is tightly woven ripstop nylon over a reinforced shell with a padded interior. So it can protect consoles from water damage and scratches as well as impacts.

All while coming in at only 6 and a half pounds so you don’t have to worry about lugging around those bulky cases. Keep your console safe with the USA GEAR S13 Console Carrying Case. This sleek and protective kit has a padded interior to shield it from scratches, impacts, or water damage.

Plus, there is even room for other valuables such as controllers, cables, and headphones! Now stop breaking your heart over scratchy paint jobs while keeping everything fresh and new inside this case.

We know that it is frustrating when your gaming gear is lost, stolen, or never to be seen again. You can have peace of mind knowing everything is organized neatly in one place and will no longer get ruined.

USA GEAR is here with the Solution to your Console Carrying Needs! It can be used for multiple consoles, cables, and headphones. A sleek look with an amazingly durable exterior is sure to provide you peace of mind when transporting your favorite console on its next adventure.

6. Case Club Waterproof PlayStation

The Case Club Waterproof PlayStation 5 Portable Gaming Station is a personalized case with plenty of storage, cooling fans, and an adjustable viewing angle perfect for traveling.

Hold one PS5 Disc or Digital along with 2 controllers and 4 games inside this baby. The 24-inch monitor provides a resolution of 1080p, a response time of 8ms, and a 5ms GTG. A refresh rate of 60 Hz and has an aspect ratio of 16:9 will dazzle you right away.

Now you never have to wait for a room or space with a monitor when you have this gadget. It also comes equipped with a 178-degree viewing angle to ensure you don’t miss any action on the screen while at any elevation.

You can also tilt it up or down to suit your position, such as if you want to put your feet up on the table! Brightness intelligence adaptive technology means this gaming station automatically adjusts the lighting conditions depending upon the environment.

The perfect gift for your child who loves gaming and needs a new system. Case Club’s Portable Gaming Station is airtight, waterproof, pad-lockable, customizable with cushioned plates surrounding the monitor to protect from damage.

The station has wheels that make it easy to transport from room to room as well as an adjustable viewing angle lid stay so you can view the screen comfortably. This PlayStation 5 PGS weighs 35 pounds without any discs inside. It does not have an internal power source so once plugged in you will have several hours of playing time.  

 Games Load Frictionless by opening the bottom panel which also houses cooling vents on both sides of the console, even when open! And finally, all wiring is tucked away safely.

7. USA GEAR PS5 Case

This case is a must for any serious gamer who wants to keep their console protected at all times. You can fit your consoles, controllers, cables, and more in the padded interior with adjustable dividers.

The wider design also gives you more storage space on top of an already generous amount of pockets inside and out for smaller auxiliary gaming gear. It is made from Durable Ripstop Nylon over a reinforced shell.

This feature makes this stylish case 100% water-resistant and perfect when it is raining or someone spills a beverage on you during a long LAN session! This product is the ultimate PS5 case!

With its sturdy design, it is ideal for protecting your PS5 from all of life’s dangers. It features a padded adjustable interior, external pockets for your smaller items that are easy to find when you are on the go.

Plus this bag has an included water-resistant base which guarantees any spills will be taken care of straight away. This USA Gear PS5 Case will keep your belongings safe and secure on every adventure!

A sturdy solution for anyone who has a PlayStation 5 and wants to protect it from water damage, scratches, and impacts. The dimensions include a 16 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches interior with external pockets for smaller items like HDMI cables, power cords, and more gaming accessories.

This padded shoulder strap and handle allow for easy carrying even when your hands are full. On the other hand, ample padding inside helps keep everything sufficiently protected.

Best Travel Case For PS5 Buying Guide

Travelling cannot stop console players to stop playing and winning their favorite titles. This is why you need to get your hands on the accessible and sturdy PS5 controller cases. There are a few things that should be kept in mind so that none of the accessories are damaged when you are traveling.


The shell or casing of your case can be soft nylon-made fabric or a hard hybrid cover that has its own compartments. Its outer shell must be waterproof and fall-proof but it can also have cotton clothing that is soft enough to touch.


Besides having more than one divider or compartments, the dimensions of the interior must be accommodating. This way you can keep everything safe in one place. 


There are separate pockets or compartments present in a case. This way, the wires and dongles are not tangled and kept safe from damage. You can also store other accessories like USBs etc safely and easily take out when needed.


Protection from shocks, drops, scratches and abrasion needs to be checked and kept in control. A durable case will give you all the protection from everything that might damage your console accessories.


The shoulder strap and buckle handle must be adjustable for carrying it during travel. During your movement from one place to another, you have more than just one bag. When this feature kicks in, you get to move easily anywhere while carrying your PS5 with you.


It is better to have a padded interior or base plus the top of the buckle for easy carrying and handling. This feature will offer more comfort and protection for your console and accessories.


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