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How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max (Complete Guide)

Learn How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max.

Your screen will look bright or dim whatever is suitable to you on adjusting its settings. Since this is the main part of the system, the view should be clear enough so that it displays everything in bright clarity. Many systems have automatic screen brightness adjustment options and they can also be managed manually.

To increase the brightness of your laptop, simply move any reflecting surfaces near it away from view. This will allow you more sunlight to illuminate what is being displayed on screen. For an easier time when working with things like documents or photos in low-light situations, you must look at the keys as well.

Since the brightness of your laptop can be adjusted to suit different environments, increase it more than its maximum setting. This will allow you greater control when working in dimmer light or darker areas where less illumination may otherwise suffice for productivity purposes.

There are different ways to increase or decrease the dimness of your laptop screen. It can be a separate function for Windows, android or MAC devices. We will go through each of them one by one so that every user can benefit from this guide.

How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max

Color calibration on windows:

One of the most important features to consider when buying a new monitor is its brightness. The higher number, or deeper color range on your screen means that you will be able to see more detail and distinguish between colors clearly.

The brightness of your display can be adjusted to suit the conditions.  It is important that you know how much light is optimal for reading in different situations, so take some time learning about these options and find what works best with your environment.

To get the perfect color on your computer, you need to Calibrate it. What does this mean? It is pretty simple to go with. Since all computers are different and some may have better screens than others, you need to find the way which works best for you.

If yours does not look quite right then here is how you can fix that! First off, you need to know your complete laptop model brand. Install any software from the manufacturer’s website before getting started with the calibration process.

This usually only takes about 5 minutes max but could take up much longer depending upon variables such as ambient light condition etc. Once done, the launching program starts clicking around till the desired outcome has been achieved.

To adjust the brightness of your multiple laptops like a gaming laptop, Engineer, and Architect tablet a Windows user needs to look at an icon that looks like the sun on the keypad. It will usually be in another color like blue or orange that matches the function (FN) key. Some models have this icon on F1 or F2 keys that can be operated with the function FN button.

If you have Windows 10, you need to go to the Action center and locate a square icon on the right side of the taskbar. Now one can adjust the brightness level through the bar present in front of them.

Following the steps will help you change or adjust the settings of the display:

  1. Open your windows and click on “start menu” through the taskbar or by pressing on the windows button from your keypad.
  2. A gear icon or settings will appear on which you have to click in the bottom left corner.
  3. After clicking on the settings icon, you will see “display” written in the list.
  4. Choosing the display option will take you to a hyperlink that says “multiple exhibitions”.
  5. Display hyperlink will give you adapter features that give you a pop up window.
  6. There is a color calibration option on the top right corner through which you can choose a color scheme.
  7. Now choose the advanced option under the display calibration option and adjust your settings that you desire accordingly.


Making sure your monitor’s color is accurate can make all the difference in how well it displays images. The easiest way to do this? calibration! Calibrating monitors with varying degrees of accuracy means that everything from blues being purplish-blue instead of green will look more realistic when you are viewing them on a properly calibrated screen.

There are special buttons present on the monitor as well but the 2 in1 laptops will have them on keys. Such a menu will give you the options to opt for the look and shining level with intensity. It will also offer you reduced blue light that is beneficial for reading or working for longer eyes so that your eyes do not have to face fatigue.

Through keyboard:

Being a cheap upgradeable laptop user, you must know the shortcut keys that will make your everyday tasks easier. One of those tasks is choosing the right brightness and you can do it with FN or function key. Any button that has the sun icon will also activate the option so that you can work your way through.

Automatic Brightness:

To get away with all this headache, you can go to settings and choose the display option and tap on the automatic brightness. This feature will help you to let the system manage the light settings according to the environment you are working in.

Macbook brightness settings:

For mac users, they need to follow these steps:

  1. gaming Keyboard buttons of F1 or F2 or any other f keys will let you go to display settings.
  2. System menu will have an apple menu and system preferences. After following these tabs, you will see display settings.
  3. Tap on the brightness slider or you can download a third party utility that will appear under this tab.


You can also get a certain application for them to understand the display dynamics of your laptop and understand the brightness. One of the commonly used and liked app is “lux” which will have you minimum and maximum light on your screen.

Besides this, the brightness slider is another application for Mac users that has its presence on the menu bar of the screen. It permits the user to manage the dimensions and display settings and customize it according to your needs.

Other settings:

You can go to the control panel and locate the display option. For windows mobility center, press the Windows logo and X key at once. There will be a pop-up power menu appearing on the screen. Look at the adjustment knob that will drag up or down for the desired result.

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