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Google Pixel Slate Review

The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace. One constant in this ever changing environment has been the need to be on top of trends. So get ahead by learning new skills, such as tablet use, which can turn into a PC or laptop. With all these options available today, there is something out there just right for everyone!

We are sure you have heard about how tablets are becoming popular as an alternative way of doing things. From reading books to controlling your home appliances, interior designing, and chores. They all have become capable enough to play games, but Google pixel slate is a different vibe.

This is the perfect tablet for those who live in a world of information. It features an Intel Core i7 processor that has the power to run most tasks at a time. Its modern computing will allow you to better performance and portability with a brilliant 7mm thin design. There is 4, 8, and 16GB RAM plus 64, 128, and 256GB storage for keeping most files at pace with your tablet.

Such tablets that offer you this powerhouse of features are always too high on their price tag, but Google pixel makes this decision easier. The boasting sleek design will fit seamlessly into your life! Google’s latest Pixel Slate is one of the most anticipated gaming laptops in recent years.

This tablet has an innovative design and features powerful internals. Being a lightweight tablet, it comes with an Alcantara fabric cover. The 12.3 inch display has 6 million pixels to form a picture. A panel that contains a 3:2 aspect ratio converts a dim picture into full of life. You will never get tired of looking at this vibrant display.

Google Pixel Slate Review

This 2 in 1 tablet makes every precious pixel count while watching movies. Moreover, it gives this device great visual quality even when viewed from a close distance. Thanks in part to its wide 178 degree viewing angles making content easier than ever before.

This slate also includes several other prerequisites, such as fast 4.7 GHz Quad Core processors. Speed matters here, and what could be a better option when you want to push a step forward in multitasking abilities.

In recent years, the tablet market has been steadily growing. There is a new kid on the block in the town, and they are grabbing all of our attention with their sleek design. It fits into your hand like it was made for you! The Pixel Slate is by far one of my favorite tablets from many Gmail users and others. Not only does Google offer software tailored just for its users, but also features such as expandable memory slots so people can add more storage if needed are also present in this tablet. Without having to buy another device entirely is how convenient this device is at its finest!

The Google Pixel Slate is the perfect device for those who like to use 2 devices at once. It is an excellent choice, as it can function both as a tablet and laptop! With its high quality software development kit (SDK) interface, you can play with native app distribution platforms. Never be held back by a lack of productivity on your part because such an accommodating device is on your part.

The 2 in 1 laptop is more popular so that users may switch between modes easily depending upon what they need from their gadget. Pixel Slate is a tablet that has the power and convenience of your phone, all in one device. It runs Chrome OS, so you do not have to worry about compatibility issues.

Let us look at the key components of this brilliant device that will completely turn around your world. Keep in mind that other versions of this device are also present for the users to choose as their convenience. Features like a fingerprint reader, chromebook, and android support make it a versatile tablet besides the following considerations.


The Google Pixel Slate is a beautiful device with a high performing 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. Connect to friends and family using easy multitasking tools, including split screen, multi window browsing, etc. Collaboration apps like google docs, sheets, and slides make your everyday work better than ever.

It is a maximum performance tablet unlike any other you have ever seen. You get things done faster and more seamlessly than before by better organizing your information. This makes options accessible when you need them most rather than wasting time navigating menus.


Experience beautiful movies, pictures, and games from the small, sleek Google Pixel Slate. In a 12.3 inch molecular display, there are 6 million pixels to portray the detailing in each panel frame. The perfect mix of traditional computer technology and next level system configuration is all part of the show.

The new Adobe CC compatible display means you can be your creative self with anything on hand. Simply use it for watching videos, taking notes, pictures, or getting work done. Plus, its clever design eliminates confusing menus and cumbersome pairing processes with Bluetooth devices.


Having a maximum resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels creates an amazing effect while an image is formed. You can see minor details like hair strands and blemishes without squinting too hard. A clear, broader, and vivid picture is formed on its capable display.


Enjoy 16GB RAM, which will not stop you from giving larger commands to the tablet. Your productivity will never be the same again when you invest in a Google Pixel Slate. Save and retrieve data for applications and processors is possible through this feature. 


A 256GB of SSD storage is quite enough for an avid user to keep all your things close at hand. It will save your files, folders, any small or large files without running out of space. Easy access to the data you need will also be ready at hand through this capacity.


With up to 10 hours of use from a full charge on its 48WHr battery lets you be productive for a long while. You can power up your experience on the go or at home with one charge. Such a powerful battery also ensures the tablet can be taken anywhere if you forgot your charger at home.


Dual USB C ports help charge this tablet or transfer files from one device to another. The front firing speakers deliver a premium audio experience that is immersive. A better way to enhance your listening experience will allow you to never listen to those pesky speakers again.

The amazing part is, 4K display output and faster data transfer are also possible with a USB-CTM port.


Moreover, you can capture amazing shots, boomerang, slow-mos, or portrait pictures through the cameras. Take your meetings, classes, and more with an 8MP rear webcam that will make your office presentations look great during this pandemic.

Wireless connectivity:

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support are not leaving behind as this tablet will be your best bud during boring times. Downloading and uploading pictures will be quicker than ever to maintain your social circle. People are already suspicious about where you have been!


Weighing in at just under 3 pounds and measuring a mere 7mm thin design, this compact powerhouse is perfect for productivity on the move. Make this your travel companion or adjust it in your overly packed backpack; this portable device is easy to carry around.



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