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How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360 and Xbox S/X (Guide)

Console gamers are well in hand with their controller and using the keyboard buttons for their laptop to win their favorite titles can be irritating and annoying for them. The controllers like Razer Wolverine V2, have their own smoothness and hand grip which is why the users think it is more handy to play with them.

Since the gaming world is halved in 2 sections, this war of console and PC gaming is never ending. But console gamers have found a way to utilize their skills even when there is no big screen available around them.

Now you can use your portable system without fretting too much as there are several ways to use it as a monitor. You can choose whichever suits you the best either with cables or without cables. First you need to gather the equipment that includes:

  • Xbox 360 or Xbox one
  • HDMI cable
  • Laptop that supports HDMI connection for the wired connection

How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360 and Xbox S/X

HDMI input vs output:

This cable is the standard for all the current gaming console generations that transmit audio and video signals. Any regular Smart TV has multiple HDMI connectors or inputs that ensure high definition sources.

You have the Xbox X as your output source, hence the HDMI will act like the input sources. When you are connecting your laptop with the console, you need to consider which inputs your laptop contains. Even if you have an HDMI port, it can be an output port as well.

All of this detail means that you can transfer or stream HD audio and video through the laptop to an external monitor not the way you planned it to be. This is why, containing a laptop with an HDMI input source is the first and most basic step to benefit from this method.

After getting these steps done, you simply need to connect the 2 devices and select the desired video source from your laptop.

HDMI adapter:

Do not fret if your laptop does not have an HDMI port that will not take away your chance to play Xbox through your laptop screen. You can get an HDMI USB adapter but the negative remarks about it is that there can be lagging problems. So if you are playing an unranked match, this can work just fine for you for the crucial moment.


For the users who do not have Windows 10 or an HDMI cable can install Direct X1 application. This will not only improve your laptop performance but the Windows store will give you free access as well.

You can also activate the remote control option that will keep you entertained for hours through the console to play directly on your laptop. Although this app will completely turn the tables sof console and gaming laptop, you need a good internet connection to install and run it.

Moreover, its performance is entirely dependent on the internet connection you are providing to it. Running this app requires you to sign in your Microsoft account and register yourself. After logging in, you can toggle with the settings and make necessary adjustments so that all the gaming data is synchronized in it.

It is just like a Google account where all our xbox games and data is stored or any other game connected to our social accounts as well. Whenever you log into this account, you can start from where you ended a competitive gaming session without any worries.

Xbox live:

Many users play on Xbox without the Xbox live account since it is possible. But when you want to connect your console with a laptop for an external monitor, you need to create an account first. This needs your login details and IP address that you have to add manually at times.

Without HDMI cable:

If you are not satisfied with the wired connection or you do not have a cable at the moment, there are wireless options as well. The following steps needs to be followed for the operation to be successful:

  • Arrange a wireless or ethernet connection that will proceed this process.
  • Make sure you are using Windows 10 for your system that has a stable Wi-Fi connection feature.
  • Log into your Xbox account or Xbox live from your laptop. If you do not have an account for Xbox live, you need to sign up first.
  • After logging in and putting your initials correctly, tap on the connect button on the bottom left of your laptop screen.
  • You will see both the devices connected on the same Wi-Fi or network without any hassle.
  • Stream, record or simple play the video source from your laptop as the monitor.

Ethernet connection is the modern tech that uses wired LAN or WAN to connect 2 devices. This attaches both of them wirelessly for you but you need to have Wi-Fi connection and Windows 10 installed on your laptop.

Final verdict:

There is no doubt that you can or cannot use your laptop as a monitor with Xbox 360 or even Xbox one. The answer is a clear yes but you have to do some tweaking and adjustments so that this console gaming performance is not disrupted.

Furthermore, the settings like BIOS or finding the right HDMI input can be a little critical if you have not paid attention to the steps. Once you are settled with your Xbox live or microsoft account, all you need to focus on is the good internet connectivity. Since gaming is your favorite hobby, we are sure you can do something out of your zone for sure.

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