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Best Monitor for Radeon RX 6750 XT (4K, Gaming, 1440P)

What monitor should you pair with a 6750 XT from 1080p to 1440p to 4K.

The 6750 XT can handle 1440p gaming at high settings, but you may also want a high refresh rate for smoother gameplay. A 1080p monitor with a higher refresh rate may be more suitable for competitive games, while a 1440p monitor with a lower refresh rate may be more immersive for single-player games.

It supports both 4k and 8k resolution with 1080p and 1440p resolution as well.

The RX 6750 XT also compares favorably to Nvidia’s RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti, which are its main competitors in this segment. The RX 6750 XT is slightly slower than the RTX 3070, but also cheaper and more power-efficient.

The RX 6750 XT is slightly faster than the RTX 3060 Ti, but also more expensive and less available. However, if you want to enable ray tracing, the RX 6750 XT may struggle to maintain high framerates at 1440p, as Nvidia’s GPUs have an advantage in this feature.

The best resolution for the RX 6750 XT is 1440p, as it offers a balance between image quality and performance. However, you can also enjoy 1080p gaming with higher refresh rates or 4K gaming with FSR if you prefer. 

Based on all above facts, below are our top picks for the recommended Monitors for Radeon RX 6750 XT GPU.

List of our experts recommended Best Monitor for Radeon RX 6750 XT

  1. SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 : Overall Best Monitor For RX 6750 XT
  2. ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC : Best 1440p Monitor For RX 6750 XT
  3. Gigabyte AORUS FI32U : Best 4K Monitor For RX 6750 XT
  4. ASUS VG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor
  5. LG 32GN650-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor
  6. ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 Gaming Monitor

1- SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 : Overall Best Monitor For RX 6750 XT

SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 is the top choice for Overall Best Monitor For RX 6750 XT. Samsung Odyssey G5 is one of those products as this gaming monitor has a lot to offer in this price tag. Coming with 32 inches inches of curved screen, you get to see a 1000R hinge for an immersive and more focused view.

After matching the curvature of the human eye, this stunning screen has portrayed the world with WQHD lifelike resolution. It is astoundingly incredible and gives more pixel density up to 1.7 times in full HD resolution where each detail is sharper than ever. When you have double the frame production and power, 144 Hz of refresh rate comes in handy. this gaming monitor is also supported by RTX 4080 Monitor and RTX 4090.

Take the better action, Odyssey G5 makes your ordinary screen better and presents every type of data and imagery without any difficulty. Having lightning fast 1ms response time can be the reason for your defeat or victory in mere seconds. On top of this, AMD FreeSync premium is an adaptive synchronization that makes the perfect balance between the monitor and GPU’s frame rates.

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 offers less screen stutter and tearing of the panel that compensates for a seamlessly amazing view from distortion. In addition, HDR 10  offers vibrant colors and opens the dark shadows to the light. Even the connectivity allows you to have a display port and HDMI output to connect various devices.

2. ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC : Best 1440p Monitor For RX 6750 XT

ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC Curved Gaming Monitor

The ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC is our top pick for the best 1440p monitor for the RX 6750 XT. This monitor has a 27-inch screen with a three-sided borderless design that offers more viewing space and a sleek look. It supports VESA DisplayHDR 600, which enhances the display quality with higher brightness, contrast, and color accuracy.

The monitor has a 1440p resolution and a 1500R curvature, which matches the natural curve of the human eye and provides a more immersive and comfortable viewing experience.

It has a fast response time of 1ms and a high refresh rate of 165Hz, which deliver smooth and responsive gameplay with clear and sharp images. It also has a 90% DCI-P3 color coverage, which ensures vivid and realistic colors for every scene.

The ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC supports AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with the RX 6750 XT’s frame rate. It also features PureXP blur reduction, which reduces motion blur without using backlight strobing.

The ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC has an ambient lighting system that adds RGB effects to the back and bottom of the screen for a more aesthetic appeal. It also has a built-in mouse anchor, a reinforced headphone hook, and a bezel-less design that allows for easy multi-monitor setup.

The ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC is a great monitor for the RX 6750 XT, as it combines excellent performance, picture quality, and design.

3. Gigabyte AORUS FI32U : Best 4K Monitor For RX 6750 XT

Gigabyte AORUS FI32U Best 4K Monitor For RX 6750 XT

The Aorus FI32U is the best 4K monitors for the RX 6750 XT, as it combines high resolution, high refresh rate, and HDMI 2.1 support in a large and immersive screen.

The Aorus FI32U delivers smooth and responsive gameplay, with excellent motion handling and VRR support. It also has good picture quality, decent HDR performance, and a premium design.

With its 32-inch IPS panel with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 and a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz.

Additionally, it supports HDMI 2.1, which allows you to connect your RX 6750 XT and take full advantage of its features, such as variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM). It also has a USB-C port that can deliver power, data, and video signals with a single cable.

The Aorus FI32U has excellent gaming performance, with a fast response time, low input lag, and a black frame insertion (BFI) feature that can reduce motion blur. It supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which can synchronize the monitor’s refresh rate with the RX 6750 XT’s frame rate and eliminate screen tearing and stuttering.

Moreover, it also has a decent HDR performance, thanks to its local dimming feature that can improve the contrast and brightness of HDR content.

The Aorus FI32U has good picture quality, with accurate colors, wide viewing angles, and great gray uniformity. It covers 90% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, which is slightly lower than some of its competitors, but still enough for most games and media.

4- ASUS VG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor

ASUS VG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor

The Asus VG278QR is a great monitor for RX 6750 XT and gamers who want a high-performance and versatile display. It has a fast refresh rate, low response time, and adaptive sync support that make it compatible with the RX 6750 XT and the RX 6800 XT GPUs. 

The VG278QR supports Adaptive Sync technology, which allows it to adjust its refresh rate dynamically to match the frame rate of your GPU. This results in a smooth and tear-free gaming experience. It is also compatible with Nvidia G-Sync, which means you can use it with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs via the DisplayPort and HDMI ports.

The monitor also features Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology, which reduces motion blur and ghosting in fast-paced games. This enhances the clarity and sharpness of the images on the screen. Additionally, it has a flicker-free backlight and a blue light filter, which help to reduce eye strain and fatigue during long gaming sessions.

The VG278QR has an ergonomic stand that lets you adjust the height, tilt, swivel, and pivot of the screen to suit your preference. It also has flexible connectivity options, including DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.1, and Dual-link DVI-D ports.

These allow you to connect other devices and multiple monitors easily. The monitor also has built-in stereo 2W speakers that deliver immersive sound quality.

5- LG 32GN650-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor

LG 32GN650-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor

A 32GN650-B ultragear gaming monitor is one of those monitors which are dependent on useful features and components. Its 32 inches of the panel can serve you up to 2560 X 1440 pixel resolution.

This QHD look can give you all the details and vibrant color spectrum that enhances your view. Up to 165Hz of refresh rate and 1ms of response time is the reason why motion blur reduction works so greatly in this device. You do not have to face a tearing screen or even slightest stutters because of these features.

Making your GPU sync with the monitor’s frame rates is an important task therefore, AMD FreeSync comes in handy. Not only is the screen bigger in size, its design also plays an important role in the content portrayal. Now it comes in a 3 side virtual borderless design that gives more space to the screen.

There happens to be SRGB which is basically like the 95% of color gamut and HDR 10 quality. They will be managing the accurate color portraits so that each shade remains like the original color as we see in the world.

Virtual world will have to do a lot with the imagery you see on this monitor with the specs that come in this package. Not to forget about the very accommodating ergonomics including Tilt, swivel, height adjustment, pivot etc.

6- ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 Gaming Monitor

For mid tier to high end graphics cards like rx 6750 xt, users are divided among the most brands present in the market for the selection of the right type of display. ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 has the grace and velocity to maintain a full HD resolution being 1080p inn number.

It has a screen size of 24 inches with virtually borderless design of the panel and a stunning visual space. Making it a gamer’s dream come true, you get to see an arsenal of pre set customizable game modes where you can play in FPS, RTS , eSports etc. Thanks to the flexible connectivity that enables gaming laptops, gaming PCs, consoles, Macs etc with display ports and HDMI inputs.

In rx 6750 xt vs rtx 3070 ti comparison, the user is able to see how AMD’s new release has taken over the world with its performance. Both of these cards belong to the mid and somewhat high end category but there is a difference in how they perform. The former is more useful when you have more gamer centric thought.

With 1ms response time, 240Hz refresh rate gives you an extra edge over other competitors. A smooth and trouble free usage is good when you want to get rid of the enemy all at once. Its fully adjustable stand offers a better view when you adjust its height and other angles through moving it in various directions.

Best Monitors for Radeon RX 6750 XT Buying Guide

In case you are wondering, there are certain brands that are known for their top tier manufacturers. When you have chosen the right GPU, it is time for the monitor to barge in and get the right spec sheet out in the open. There are certain factors to notice as they will work in accordance with your selected model.


The first look of your purchase will be the panel that ranges from the size 24 inches as ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 up to 32 inches of Samsung Odyssey G5. If you have a 6750 XT card in your mind, it can support a resolution of 4K monitor and even 8k with outputs. So your monitor should also support these resolutions along with 1080p, 1440p also.

When talking about the style, most of the above mentioned products contain 3 and 4 side virtually borderless designs. There is also a hinge of 1000R as seen in Samsung Odyssey G5, 1500R and 1800R.

Refresh Rate:

With native resolution of 144 Hz, you can upsize this feature up to 200 Hz as Scepter curved gaming monitor has. This is possible with the HDMI port that increases the transfer rate and better view in line.

Response time:

Having less of this feature is better because each pixel will react to your clicks with o.5ms of response time like ASUS VG278QR. Some monitors also offer 5ms response time like Scepter. 


It is always beneficial for the monitor to have more ports than usual with display ports 1.2, 1.4a, HDMI 2.0 and USB ports. They come in handy when you want to attach more than one device and peripherals with your monitor. Further, multi monitor setup could also be a huge leap in your gaming setup which increases your space.


A huge jump is looking at the ergonomics of your selected models that can help you find your sweet spot. It is able to get the right height, tilt position, swivel and pivot to certain angles. This way your eyes and neck as well as your back will strain less than usual amount.

Sync support:

To consider the GPU and monitor’s frame rates work better than ever, adaptive sync, AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync is the way to go. This feature eliminates screen tearing and stuttering so you get a trouble free usage without the low latency.

AMD vs Nvidia:

These 2 competitors are always in front of each other claiming which one is the best. If you compare 2 of its competing cards as RX 6750 XT and RTX 3070 Ti, the former is considered better for gaming. After testing, the benchmark results have shown that this card is 16% better in certain 3D games while the latter is great for 3D rendering.

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