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Best Monitor For RTX 4080 (Gaming, 4K, Budget)

Experience the high ending gaming with these best monitor you can pair with RTX 4080, from Gaming, 4K, budget, 1440p, 144hz, and Cheap monitors.

The newly released Nvidia RTX 4080 brings exceptional performance and cutting-edge features for high-end gaming and content creation. To get the most out of this powerful GPU, pairing it with a high-quality monitor is crucial. With higher resolutions, faster refresh rates, and advanced features becoming standard, choosing the right monitor can be tricky.

With its upgraded Ada Lovelace architecture, the RTX 4080 delivers exceptionally high frame rates that can take full advantage of 144Hz refresh rates at 4K resolution.

The RTX 4080 consistently achieves over 100fps average in demanding AAA games at max settings in 4K. This provides plenty of overhead for a smooth 144Hz gaming experience.

The card comes equipped with a full-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 port, which allows 4K 144Hz output to compatible monitors and TVs. Previous gen cards were limited to 4K 120Hz over HDMI.

For 4K gaming, a 120Hz or 144Hz monitor will allow you to take advantage of high fps beyond 60. Curved ultrawide monitors with 34-35″ screen size are popular options. Make sure refresh rate is at least 100Hz.

We’ll provide top picks for gaming at 1440p and 4K, as well as monitors for creators looking for color accuracy. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly 144Hz monitor or a premium 4K OLED display, you’ll find suitable options for your needs and budget.

Key specs like G-Sync/Freesync support, HDR, and connectivity will also be covered to ensure the monitor fully unlocks the potential of the RTX 4080.

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List of the Recommended Best Monitor For RTX 4080

  1. GIGABYTE M32UC : Overall Best Monitor For RTX 4080
  2. Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 : Best Gaming Monitor For RTX 4080
  3. AOC CQ27G3S : Best Budget Monitor For RTX 4080
  4. Alienware AW2723DF : Best 240Hz Monitor For 4080
  5. SAMSUNG Odyssey G70A : Best 4K Monitor For RTX 4080
  6. BenQ EL2870U : Cheap Monitor For RTX 4080

RTX 4080 Monitor Requirements

  1. Screen size minimum: 27, recommended: up to 34 inches
  2. Minimum refresh rate: 144Hz, recommended: 240Hz
  3. Minimum resolution: 1080p, recommended: 4K
  4. Budget should not make you go bankrupt
  5. Minimum response time: 4ms, recommended: 1ms
  6. Maximum ports should be available for connecting external displays and other devices
  7. Eye care technologies are a must so you can work or play for longer hours
  8. AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync addition will make games run smoother

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1. GIGABYTE M32UC : Overall Best Monitor For RTX 4080

GIGABYTE M32UC Curved Gaming Monitor

First in our list is the Gigabyte M32UC as an overall best monitor option for the RTX 4080 GPU.

The Gigabyte M32UC is an excellent 4K 144Hz monitor that strikes a great balance of performance, features and price for pairing with the RTX 4080 GPU. With its HDMI 2.1 connectivity, it unlocks the full potential of the card.

This 32-inch monitor sports a sharp and vibrant 4K VA panel with 90% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. HDR support further boosts contrast and color for immersive gaming visuals. The 1500R curvature provides an engaging wraparound effect. The matte coating reduces reflections well.

The fast 144Hz refresh rate and 160Hz overclocked rate enables buttery smooth gameplay. Coupled with the 1ms MPRT response time, fast motion clarity is achieved. Nvidia G-Sync support eliminates screen tearing. HDMI 2.1 allows full 4K 144Hz from the RTX 4080.

Connectivity includes 1 DisplayPort 1.4 and 2 HDMI 2.1 ports ideal for the RTX 4080. USB-C and a KVM switch allow versatility. The stand offers height, tilt and swivel adjustment. RGB lighting on the back adds style points.

For an affordable 4K 144Hz monitor with all the trimmings and great overall performance, the Gigabyte M32UC is highly recommended as a great match for the RTX 4080 GPU. It brings a perfect blend of features, connectivity and quality without breaking the bank.

2. Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 : Best Gaming Monitor For RTX 4080

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 Best Gaming Monitor For RTX 4080

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 is arguably one of the best gaming monitors to pair with the Nvidia RTX 4080 for a premium high-end gaming experience. With its combination of 4K resolution, 240Hz refresh rate, and Nvidia G-Sync support, this monitor lets you fully unlock the capabilities of the RTX 4080.

The 32-inch VA panel provides vibrant colors and inky blacks thanks to its Quantum HDR 2000 certification. The 1000R curvature immerses you into the action, and the matte coating helps avoid glare. The 4K resolution delivers incredibly detailed and sharp images ideal for appreciating next-gen game graphics powered by the RTX 4080.

With its 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time, and Nvidia G-Sync variable refresh rate technology, the Odyssey Neo G8 delivers an extremely fluid and flawless gaming experience free of stuttering, tearing or lag. This allows you to take full advantage of high frame rates above 100fps provided by the RTX 4080 even at 4K resolution.

Other gaming-centric features include the ultrawide game view mode, core lighting design, and adjustable stand with tilt, swivel and height adjustment. Connectivity includes 2 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort. The design also boasts an attractive white color scheme and infinity core lighting on the back.

if you want one of the fastest 4K gaming monitors to pair with the RTX 4080 for blazing 240Hz performance, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 is highly recommended. Just be prepared to pay a premium price for this high-end gaming monitor.

3. AOC GAMING CQ27G3S : Best Budget Monitor For RTX 4080

AOC GAMING Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor

The AOC CQ27G3S emerges as the best budget monitor for rtx 4080. AOC CQ27G3S is an excellent QHD 165Hz curved gaming monitor that delivers a immersive high performance gaming experience at an affordable price point. It’s a great budget choice for gaming with the RTX 4080.

This 27-inch monitor sports a 1500R curved VA panel with QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution. Pictures and games look sharp and detailed. The VA panel provides good contrast ratios and darkness in images. The curvature provides an engrossing field of view.

With a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, gaming feels responsive and fluid. This allows you to experience high frame rates from the RTX 4080 even at 1440p resolution. AMD FreeSync Premium support reduces screen tearing as well.

Connectivity includes 2 HDMI 2.0 and 1 DisplayPort 1.2. Extra features include a headset hanger and height adjustable stand. The frameless 3-sided design minimizes distractions and looks modern.

For an immersive and fast 1440p gaming monitor under a budget, the AOC CQ27G3S is highly recommended for pairing with the RTX 4080. The 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, QHD resolution and FreeSync support provide a great gaming experience at an affordable price point.

3. Alienware AW2723DF : Best 240Hz Monitor For 4080

Alienware AW2723DF Best 240Hz Monitor For 4080

The Alienware AW2723DF is an excellent gaming monitor to pair with the RTX 4080 for playing games. The 27-inch screen size and 2560 x 1440 resolution provide a great sweet spot for taking advantage of the RTX 4080’s capabilities for high frame rate 1440p gaming.

With the 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, motion clarity and gameplay fluidity will be exceptional. This allows you to fully benefit from the high fps delivered by the RTX 4080.

Nvidia G-Sync support matches the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s frame rate, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering. Important for smooth gameplay. The monitor has a fast IPS panel with wide viewing angles and good colors. Provides a better overall image compared to VA or TN panels.

Plenty of ergonomic adjustments like tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment to get the monitor positioned just right. Alienware also includes useful gaming features like multiple preset display modes for different game genres.

With its fast 1440p performance, G-Sync support, fast IPS panel and ergonomic adjustments, the Alienware AW2723DF is highly recommended for playing games and making the most of the GeForce RTX 4080’s capabilities. It’s one of the best 1440p options for buttery smooth high fps gaming.

5. SAMSUNG Odyssey G70A : Best 4K Monitor For RTX 4080

SAMSUNG 28 Odyssey G70A Gaming Computer Monitor

Samsung has stepped into another dimension by putting the best 4k gaming monitor for RTX 4080 on the market, the Odyssey G70A. The Samsung Odyssey G70A is an exceptional 4K gaming monitor that is perfectly suited for unlocking the full potential of the RTX 4080. With its premium features and stellar performance, it’s our pick for the best 4K monitor to pair with this GPU.

This 28-inch IPS panel delivers stunningly sharp and vibrant 4K visuals. The excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles provide an immersive gaming experience. It also supports HDR content with its HDR 400 certification.

With its 144Hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync support, gameplay on the Odyssey G70A feels extremely fluid and responsive. Motion looks crisp thanks to the rapid 1ms GTG response time. You’ll fully appreciate the high frame rates provided by the RTX 4080 at 4K resolution.

The striking design features an Infinity Core Lighting on the back panel. The stand offers tilt, height and pivot adjustment for ergonomic setup. For connectivity, it includes 2 HDMI 2.1 and 1 DisplayPort 1.4 to pair perfectly with the RTX 4080.

Well, if you want the absolute best 4K gaming experience to match the capabilities of the RTX 4080, the Samsung Odyssey G70A is the monitor to get. With its flawless performance, gorgeous visuals and premium features, it brings the best out of this powerful GPU.

6. BenQ EL2870U : Cheap Monitor For RTX 4080

BenQ 28 Inch 4K UHD Gaming Computer Monitor

The BenQ EL2870U is an other budget-friendly 28-inch 4K gaming monitor that provides surprisingly solid performance for the price. While it cuts some corners, it’s a decent option for gaming with the RTX 4080 on a tight budget.

The TN panel provides good brightness and colors, but viewing angles are limited being a TN panel. 4K resolution delivers sharp and detailed visuals ideal for high-res gaming. HDR support boosts contrast but peak brightness is only 300 nits.

A 1ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate deliver decent gameplay smoothness and speed. AMD FreeSync support helps reduce screen tearing. The RTX 4080 will have no problem delivering high frame rates at 4K resolution on this monitor.

Connectivity includes 2 HDMI 2.0 ports. EyeCare technology helps reduce eye strain. The stand only offers tilt adjustment. Built-in speakers provide basic audio. The budget price and 4K resolution are the main attractions.

While the EL2870U cuts back on features and color performance compared to premium options, it still provides a functional 4K gaming experience for the RTX 4080 at an affordable price point. Just don’t expect all the bells and whistles. It gets the job done on a budget.

How To Choose the Best Monitor For RTX 4080

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the best monitor to pair with the Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU:

  • Resolution – A higher resolution like 1440p or 4K is recommended to take advantage of the RTX 4080’s power. Lower resolutions will be held back.
  • Refresh Rate – Aim for a monitor with a high refresh rate of at least 144Hz or higher for 1440p, and 120Hz or higher for 4K. This enables high frame rate gaming.
  • Adaptive Sync – G-Sync or FreeSync support is important to eliminate screen tearing and allow variable refresh rates when gaming with the RTX 4080.
  • Response Time – A low response time of 1ms or better ensures minimal ghosting and blur in fast-paced games.
  • Panel Type – IPS or OLED panels offer the best color performance, viewing angles and image quality for gaming and content creation uses.
  • HDR Capabilities – DisplayHDR 400 or better provides a wider color gamut and contrast for HDR content creation and gaming.
  • Ports – Look for HDMI 2.1 and/or DisplayPort 1.4 ports for maximum bandwidth for high resolution and refresh rates.
  • Size – Minimum 27-inch for 1440p and 32-inch for 4K resolutions are recommended to benefit from higher pixel density.

Considering these factors will help you choose a monitor that can unlock the full capabilities of the RTX 4080 for the ultimate gaming experience. Prioritize resolution, refresh rate, and adaptive sync support.


The RTX 4080 delivers exceptional performance that can truly elevate your gaming experience when paired with a high-quality monitor. With the right display, you can fully unlock the capabilities of this powerful graphics card for stunning visuals, smooth high frame rates, and a super responsive gameplay feel.

When selecting a monitor, you’ll want to consider key factors like resolution, refresh rate, adaptive sync technology, response times, and panel type. A monitor with at least 1440p resolution, a 144Hz or higher refresh rate, and G-Sync or Freesync support is recommended to fully appreciate what the RTX 4080 brings to the table. IPS or OLED panels can provide vivid image quality and great viewing angles as well.

Queuing up your favorite AAA titles on a fast 1440p or 4K HDR monitor that can keep up with the high frame rates delivered by the RTX 4080 results in an exceptional viewing experience where games truly come to life. Competitive esports gamers can also benefit from the extremely high frame rates possible at 1440p or 1080p resolutions.

No matter your budget, there are monitor options that can pair well with the RTX 4080 to meet your needs. With the graphics power of this new GPU paired with a capable gaming monitor, you can build a gaming rig that will deliver incredibly fluid gameplay and breathtaking visuals for years to come.


Is 4080 overkill for 1440p?

The RTX 4080 is definitely overkill for 1440p gaming. The 4080 can easily deliver 100+ fps at max settings in demanding games at 1440p resolution. This high level of performance is beyond what is needed for smooth 1440p gaming. A lower-end GPU like an RTX 3070 Ti or RX 6800 XT is sufficient for high frame rates. However, the 4080 does provide plenty of headroom if you want to max out settings and utilize high refresh rate monitors.

Is RTX 4080 worth it for 1440p?

The RTX 4080 is certainly still worthwhile for high-end 1440p gaming. You can take full advantage of high refresh rate monitors in the 165Hz, 240Hz or even 360Hz range. Competitive gamers who want the smoothest possible frame rates in esports titles will see benefits from the 4080 at 1440p. The extra headroom gives flexibility. However, it’s overkill if you are satisfied at around 100-144 fps.

Can a 4080 do 4K 144Hz?

Yes, the RTX 4080 can certainly handle 4K gaming at 144Hz frame rates, especially with DLSS 3 enabled. In benchmarks, the 4080 consistently achieves over 100fps average in demanding AAA games at max settings in 4K. This provides plenty of overhead for a smooth 144Hz gaming experience at 4K. The card is built for high frame rate 4K gameplay.

Can the RTX 4080 game at 4K?

Absolutely. The RTX 4080 is a very capable 4K gaming GPU. It delivers smooth 60+ fps gameplay at max settings in modern titles at 4K resolution. Some benchmarks show certain games achieving over 100fps average at 4K with the 4080. 4K gaming is certainly where the RTX 4080 shines brightest in terms of fully utilizing all that performance power.

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