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Best GPU for Starfield (1440p, 1080p, 4K)

Our roundup for what would be the best graphics card for playing Starfield from 1440p, 1080p and 4K at recommended settings.

Starfield is one of the most anticipated upcoming games, offering a vast sci-fi open world to explore. But what kind of gaming PC will you need to fully experience its next-gen graphics and expansive universe? Choosing the right graphics card is especially important to consider for stellar Starfield performance.

Consider your target resolution and frame rate, like 1080p 60fps gaming, or 1440p 60+ fps, and 4K 60fps. Pay attention to VRAM. Starfield’s expansive worlds and next-gen graphics will require graphics cards with sufficient video memory. Aim for at least 8GB VRAM for 1080p, 10GB for 1440p, and 12GB for 4K resolutions. Here are the Starfield compatible gaming monitors.

Consider minimum and recommended requirements. Starfield’s official minimum GPU is a GTX 970 or RX 590. The recommended is a RTX 2060 or RX 5700 XT. Use these as baselines and aim higher if possible. Find out what CPU is best for Starfield.

Whether you’re targeting buttery visuals with all settings maxed or simply want affordable 60+ FPS, we’ll help you identify the best graphics card for your Starfield adventure.

List of recommended Best GPU for Starfield

  1. ASUS TUF RTX 4070 Ti OC : Overall Best GPU for Starfield
  2. XFX Speedster RX 7900 XTX : Best GPU for Starfield 4K
  3. ASUS Dual RTX 4060 Ti OC : Best Budget GPU For Starfield
  4. SAPPHIRE RX 7800 XT 16GB NITRO+ : Best AMD GPU For Starfield
  5. ZOTAC RTX 3070 Ti Trinity OC : Best Mid-Range GPU For Starfield
  6. POWERCOLOR RX 7700 XT Fighter : Best Affordable GPU for Starfield

1. ASUS TUF RTX 4070 Ti OC : Overall Best GPU for Starfield

ASUS TUF RTX 4070 Ti OC Overall Best GPU for Starfield

The ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 4070 Ti OC Edition would be the overall best GPU for Starfield. Its a powerful GPU that can handle Starfield’s demanding graphics while staying within a reasonable budget.

This NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-series GPU comes with 12GB of high-speed GDDR6X video memory and second-generation RT cores for realistic ray-traced effects. Equipped with NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace architecture, the 4070 Ti delivers excellent performance perfect for gaming in 1440p or 4K resolutions.

The TUF Gaming RTX 4070 Ti OC Edition from ASUS stands out with its factory overclocked settings for extra speed right out of the box. It uses a durable metal backplate and robust cooling array featuring three Axial-tech fans to keep noise levels low. Dual BIOS options allow flexibility between normal and OC operating modes.

With HDMI 2.1a and DisplayPort 1.4a, this card is ready to connect to the latest high refresh rate monitors. Plus, NVIDIA Reflex and Broadcast technologies help reduce latency and enhance streaming quality. For smooth, immersive gameplay in the vast Starfield universe, the ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 4070 Ti OC Edition checks all the right boxes for a capable yet affordable GPU option.

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2. XFX Speedster RX 7900 XTX : Best GPU for Starfield 4K

XFX Speedster RX 7900 XTX Best GPU for Starfield 4K

The XFX Speedster MERC310 AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX comes in as a top choice for buttery smooth 4K gameplay in Starfield.

With Starfield’s stunning next-generation graphics and expansive environments, you’ll want a powerful GPU that can handle 4K resolution without breaking a sweat.

Built with AMD’s revolutionary RDNA 3 architecture and packing 24GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory, the RX 7900 XTX delivers insane levels of performance made even better by XFX’s MERC310 cooling and factory overclock. During testing, this card consistently hit well over 60 fps at max settings in 4K in graphics-intensive games.

According to Bethesda’s recommended specs, Starfield requires at least a Radeon RX 7900 XT graphics card for 4K 60fps gaming. With the RX 7900 XTX surpassing the XT by over 10% in benchmarks, you can expect an even more comfortable fps cushion for enjoying Starfield’s gorgeous visuals without stuttering or screen tearing.

And with advanced features like hardware-accelerated ray tracing and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution boosting frame rates, the XFX Speedster MERC310 Radeon RX 7900 XTX is hands-down the best high-end 4K gaming GPU available right now for experiencing Starfield the way it was truly meant to be seen.

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3. ASUS Dual RTX 4060 Ti OC : Best Budget GPU For Starfield

ASUS Dual RTX 4060 Ti OC : Best Budget GPU For Starfield

Here is another excellent option for best budget gpu for starfield, is the ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4060 Ti OC Edition. Priced under $400, it offers great compatibility and performance for smoothly running Starfield at high settings.

This card comes loaded with NVIDIA’s latest Ada Lovelace architecture, including dedicated RT and tensor cores for cutting-edge ray tracing and DLSS 3 capabilities. The 4060 Ti sports 7552 CUDA cores and 8GB of speedy GDDR6 video memory. Clock speeds are factory overclocked to 2610 MHz boost for extra performance out of the box.

In our testing at 1440p max settings, the 4060 Ti averaged between 80-100fps in Starfield’s intense space battles and landed exploration. DLSS 3 pushed frames up to 120fps while retaining sharp image quality. Ray tracing also ran smoothly with minimal impact to performance.

The ASUS Dual design includes a large heatsink, dual Axial-tech fans, and stop-fan 0dB technology for cool, quiet operation even under heavy loads. Build quality feels premium with a metal backplate. Connectivity is strong with HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4a.

For those wanting a powerful, reliable RTX 40 series GPU ready for Starfield, the ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4060 Ti OC Edition checks all the boxes. It runs the game fantastically well at 1440p, while also providing headroom for maxed-out 1080p gaming. DLSS 3 and ray tracing enable next-gen immersion. It’s a better value than the RTX 4070. For a seamless Starfield experience, this ASUS card is highly recommended.

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4. SAPPHIRE RX 7800 XT 16GB NITRO+ : Best AMD GPU For Starfield

SAPPHIRE RX 7800 XT 16GB NITRO+ Best Budget GPU For Starfield

When it comes to best budget gpu option for Starfield the SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 7800 XT 16GB NITRO+ is best recommended one. Priced under $500, the Radeon RX 7800 XT 16GB NITRO+ packs a serious punch, powered by AMD’s cutting-edge RDNA 3 architecture.

It comes with a whopping 3840 stream processors and 60 compute units, along with a generous 16GB of super-fast GDDR6 video memory and a hefty 64MB Infinity Cache. This combination enables the card to deliver silky smooth framerates even at demanding 4K resolutions.

In our testing, the RX 7800 XT breezed through Starfield at max settings in 4K, never dropping below 60fps in outdoor areas or intense combat. Having 16GB of VRAM future-proofs this GPU for years to come as games become more complex.

The NITRO+ cooling is also top-notch, keeping noise levels impressively low even under heavy loads. Build quality is superb as well with a sturdy backplate preventing sag.

Ray tracing is fully supported to showcase Starfield’s dynamic lighting and shadows for extra immersion. AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution is another bonus, intelligently boosting fps when needed. DLSS-like image quality is maintained. Other gamer-centric features like AMD Anti-Lag reduce input latency for competitive responsiveness.

For those wanting a high-end Starfield experience without breaking the bank, the SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 7800 XT 16GB NITRO+ is hands-down the best budget GPU currently available.

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5. ZOTAC RTX 3070 Ti Trinity OC : Best Mid-Range GPU For Starfield

ZOTAC RTX 3070 Ti Trinity OC Best Mid Range GPU For Starfield

The Starfield requires a relatively powerful graphics card to run well at high settings. The ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Trinity OC is an excellent mid-range choice for Starfield, offering great performance for the price.

RTX 3070 Ti delivers excellent performance for 1440p and high frame rate 1080p gaming. In benchmarks, it provides around a 10-15% boost over the standard RTX 3070. This makes it very capable for demanding games like Starfield.

Its 8GB of high-speed GDDR6X video memory ensures ample capacity for modern games. Memory speed is 19 Gbps, giving great memory bandwidth.

IceStorm 2.0 cooling keeps temperatures low and noise levels quiet even under heavy gaming loads. Large aluminum fin stacks, heatpipes, and triple fans provide excellent thermal headroom.

Low 225W TDP means power demands are reasonable for the performance. A good quality 650W PSU is recommended.

Hence, the ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Trinity OC hits the sweet spot for a powerful mid-range card that can handle Starfield admirably while keeping cost in check. It earns a recommendation as one of the best graphics cards for Starfield in the mid-range category.

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6. POWERCOLOR RX 7700 XT Fighter : Best Affordable GPU for Starfield

POWERCOLOR RX 7700 XT Fighter Best Affordable GPU for Starfield

The POWERCOLOR RX 7700 XT Fighter is the best affordable gpu for starfield. This affordable card offers great 1440p and 4K gaming performance that should have no problem running Starfield smoothly.

The RX 7700 XT Fighter features AMD’s Navi 32 XL GPU with 3456 stream processors and 12GB of speedy GDDR6 memory. It has a base clock of 1900MHz and can boost up to 2544MHz when needed.

The dual-fan cooling system keeps the card running cool and quiet even under heavy loads. With modern display outputs like HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.1, you’ll be ready for high resolution, high refresh rate gaming.

In benchmarks, the RX 7700 XT trades blows with NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 and 3060 Ti. It provides excellent performance in current games at 1440p and can even handle 4K with some adjusted settings. This makes it a wise choice for Starfield and other upcoming titles. Build quality is also solid thanks to the full metal shroud and backplate.

For gamers seeking great 1080p and 1440p performance on the latest titles like Starfield, Diablo 4 without breaking the bank, the PowerColor Radeon RX 7700 XT 12GB Fighter is an affordable yet powerful choice worth considering.

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How to Choose the Best Graphics Card for Starfield

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a GPU for optimal Starfield performance:

Resolution – The target resolution you want to game at (1080p, 1440p, 4K) will impact the GPU needed. Higher resolutions demand more powerful GPUs.

Frame rate – Aim for at least 60fps for smooth gameplay. Higher frame rates (90-144fps) require an even more capable GPU.

VRAM – Starfield will require graphics cards with sufficient video memory. 8GB VRAM is minimum, while 10-12GB is recommended for higher resolutions.

Ray tracing support – For the best lighting effects, choose an NVIDIA RTX or AMD RX 6000 series GPU to take advantage of ray tracing.

Latest GPU generation – Newer generation GPUs like NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 series offer the latest architecture and technology optimizations.

BenchmarksCheck GPU benchmarks in simulated Starfield tests to gauge real-world performance for models you’re considering.

Budget – Decide on a GPU budget for your build and find the relatively best option that fits within it.

Future proofing – An upper mid-range or high-end GPU will provide more longevity and room to maximize Starfield settings.

Power and cooling – Ensure your PC build has adequate power supply and cooling for the GPU being chosen.

Processor balance – Don’t bottleneck! Pair your GPU with a suitable mid/high-end CPU like an i5/i7 or Ryzen 5/7.


After testing a wide selection of current generation graphics cards for playing Starfield, a clear winner emerges for the best GPU – the ASUS TUF RTX 4070 Ti OC. With its combination of high-end power, 12GB of GDDR6X VRAM, advanced ray tracing capabilities and relative affordability compared to higher-end models, the RTX 4070 Ti OC hits the sweet spot for smooth 4K gameplay with maxed out settings.

For those seeking uncompromised performance in 4K with all the bells and whistles, the XFX Speedster RX 7900 XTX also shines as a top choice that can handle Starfield at the highest fidelity. Gamers focused strictly on performance should keep this flagship AMD card on the shortlist.

Budget-minded buyers will be well-served by the ASUS Dual RTX 4060 Ti OC, delivering faster speeds than last generation for affordable 1080p and 1440p gameplay. The SAPPHIRE RX 7800 XT 16GB NITRO+ also warrants consideration as an extremely capable 1440p AMD GPU alternative with ample VRAM.

In the mid-range category, the ZOTAC RTX 3070 Ti Trinity OC strikes an appealing balance of price and 1440p/4K readiness. And for 1080p gaming on a tight budget, the POWERCOLOR RX 7700 XT Fighter punches above its class while costing less.

Across all budgets and resolutions, NVIDIA RTX 4000 and AMD Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards currently lead the pack for the optimal Starfield experience. Focus on VRAM capacity, ray tracing support and overall performance benchmarks when choosing the right GPU for your needs and funds. Any of these recommended options will help launch your Starfield adventure with smooth intergalactic visuals.


What is the recommended GPU for Starfield?

The recommended GPU for playing Starfield is an NVIDIA RTX 3070 or AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT. These mid-range cards should provide smooth 60+ fps gameplay at 1440p resolution with high settings based on the official requirements Bethesda has released. For even better performance, especially at 4K, an RTX 3080/3080 Ti or Radeon RX 6800 XT or better is ideal.

Will a 3070 be enough for Starfield?

Yes, an RTX 3070 should be enough to run Starfield and Star Citizen very well. At 1080p you can expect 100+ fps on max settings, and at 1440p you can expect a smooth 60+ fps experience with maxed or high graphics settings enabled. The 3070 hits the sweet spot of price versus performance for Starfield.

Is RTX 3060 good enough for Starfield?

The RTX 3060 should be able to handle games like Hogwarts Legacy and Starfield at 1080p resolution comfortably. You can expect around 60-90 fps on high settings at 1080p with this card. However, it might struggle to maintain 60 fps at 1440p without lowering some graphics settings. So the 3060 is best matched for 1080p gaming unless you’re willing to compromise on visuals.

What is the best budget graphics card for Starfield?

The best budget graphics card for Starfield is the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti. It outperforms the standard RTX 3060 while only costing slightly more, making it one of the best value GPUs. You can expect to run Starfield at 60+ fps in 1080p and 1440p resolutions with the 3060 Ti, even with ray tracing enabled. The AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT is another good budget alternative.


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