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Best DDR5 RAM for Gaming (Budget, 7000, 12900K, 12700K)

RAM is an important factor for the seamless gaming experience, content creation, and 3D modeling tasks. In this article, we have compiled a list of the Best DDR5 RAM for gaming. Primarily focusing on RAM, there are certain crucial factors every gamer or esports enthusiast must consider before buying a new memory kit. Because RAM is not an expense; it’s an investment. So to make the user’s investment worth it, we have crafted the best memory kits available in the market with a comprehensive review of them. 

Minimum memory capacity you need for playing modern games is 16GB. Still, for a smooth gaming experience, it is better to upgrade the memory capacitor to 32GB or more. Besides, overclocking, speed, ECC support, form factor, and PMIC addition is like icing on the cake. So to allow your overall PC built to work at its peak potential, the best match of RAM is desirable. After capacity, another important component within RAM is frequency. Different memory modules run at various frequencies. 

To make the best pair, you should check the best suitable frequency according to your system. Adding on, a fast memory channel also helps to reduce latency and increase faster frame rates, the low latency, the high FPS rate, and more incredible performance. But for a moment keeping essential components of RAM aside, another important factor is compatibility. Whether your DDR5 motherboard is suitable and accommodating for modern memory modules or not. Like Crucial RAM, 16GB is congruent with Intel’s next-gen cores. 

So, if you are concerned about investing in an advanced memory kit, we save you time and money. Let’s scroll down to get an all-inclusive guide about the best DDR5 RAM in the tech market. 

Our Recommended list of the Best DDR5 RAM for Gaming

  1. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series (Intel XMP)
  2. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Ram 32GB Kit 
  3. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5
  4. Kingston Fury Beast 32GB RAM
  5. Crucial RAM 16GB DDR5 4800MHz
  6. Lexar ARES 32GB Kit DDR5 5200 MHz

1- G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series (Intel XMP)

G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series (Intel XMP)

For the smoother running of multiple applications and high-end games such as God of War, Resident Evil Village, and Elden Ring, the DDR5 memory module would be the best choice. This high-end memory type has spruced up the performance and quality of the G. Skill Trident Z5 RGB memory kit. In addition, to build a powerful and functional PC system, manufacturers have designed 32GB RAM for overclocked purposes.

Simply put, it makes your resource-intensive tasks run faster and swiftly without causing latency. So you can enjoy gaming, high-resolution videos, or image editing tasks without worries. Enjoy Spotify, and run multiple system software along with live streaming or gaming sessions without the fear of fluctuation or lagging midway. Because G.Skill has stepped up its memory kit with 32 GB size and 13th gen Intel core. Moreover, its dual-channel kit with a BIOS setting is just like the icing on the cake. This gaming Ram is also compatible with Ryzen 5 7600X and this is also the perfect choice for Cryptocurrency mining .

Its dual channel kit lets the users, especially gamers enjoy higher memory bandwidth with seamless data transfer. In addition, it increased the screen interference and reduced the gaming CPU load by up to 10-20%. Without sugar coating, its Intel Extreme Memory Profile 3.0 (XMP) grants spell bounded gaming experience. It is designed with RGB lightning to compliment your gaming PC or powerful gaming system. 

Overall, G.Skill Trident Z5 is worth the investment and falls under the average price. It may be a high proceed for a regular user but is a must-purchase for professional e-sports persons and expert gamers. Keeping all essential memory features aside, another considering point is the compatibility of your RAM with your desktop or gaming laptop. Especially to build a PC system for gaming, a suitable processor with compact RAM. 


  • Customized RGB Lightning
  • DDR5 Memory Module
  • 13th gen Intel core
  • 6000MHz frequency
  • XMP 3.0 support


  • The latency rate can be improved from medium to lower.

2- TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Ram 32GB Kit 

TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Ram 32GB Kit 

One of the most efficient and DDR5 performance-driven memory modules is TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB. Engineered with ultra-wide lightning and customizable RGB colors to compliment your gaming PC. Customize and control the color diffusion according to your preference; that’s why this memory kit is popular among e-sport persons and enthusiast gamers. With its latest DDR5 memory, it is making its unobstructed way for the latest OC generation. 

Styling-wise, this dual memory kit comes in both black and white colors in a ‘V’ shape design to add sharpness to aesthetics. As the main serving purpose of this RAM is for gaming, it is integrated with advanced onboard Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC). OC generation DR5 PMIC regulates the overall module and reduces thermal power. This keeps the overall temperature optimal while aggressive gaming or hour of live streaming. This RAM is also Supported by RTX 3090 Ti

In terms of pricing, T-Force RAM dual channel kit is expensive for regular gamers and content creators. However, if you are an e-sport enthusiast and want to build a premium gaming hub, then this DDR5 is worth investing money in. Adding on, this gaming-aimed memory module support 7200MHz clock speed, 2x 16 GB memory space, and Intel XMP3.0 for one-click overclocking that ultimately increases performance. 


  • On-die ECC support
  • RGB lighting
  • DDR5 memory
  • PMIC cooling design
  • Oc generation compatibility


  • Expensive 

3- Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

 Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

Corsair has hyped the gamers and tech industries with its latest memory kit iteration launch. Advanced Platinum RGB DDR5 is a flagship to the Corsair Dominator lineage. Styling-wise, it is identical to its predecessor DDR4 format but updated with DDR5-5200MHz and 2x16GB memory, respectively. Unlike the T-Force DDR5 memory kit, this module is dimensionally rectangular and presents an aesthetic shape. Heatsink is designed on the top side of RAM with embedded streamlined RGB lines. 

Corsair manufacturers truly own their gaming enthusiast community, and that’s why their Dominator series is not only physically convincing but also functionally. Without exaggerating, this flagship is equipped with refined DDR5-5200MHz speed, 2 x 16GB memory capacity, and faster frequencies. Making Platinum DDR5 compatible with the latest CPUs and motherboards. Because it is undeniably unobstructed in quick processing, data retrieving, and high-end performance. With just one click, you can experience stable overclocking, temperature regulation, and data rendering due to its Corsair iCUE software.

Let’s not forget its dedicated heat spreader, which is unprecedented in maintaining memory temperature under excessive load. Enjoy seamless streaming while running multiple applications in the background with its onboard voltage facility. Being tailored for delivering cutting-edge performance, it provides a customizable XMP3.0 profile option via iCUE software. Overall, Corsair didn’t disappoint its users with its much anticipated Dominator Platinum DDR5 flagship except for the price. Its premium price tag might discourage novice gamers or PC builders, but worth considering if you are an e-sport person.


  • Strong performance
  • RBG lightning
  • iCUE software
  • XMP3.0 profile support
  • Stable overclocking


  • Premium price tag

4- Kingston Fury Beast 32GB RAM

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB RAM

With Stirling and an appealing design, Kingston Fury Beast is an updated and premium addition to DDR5-4800 memory modules. Featuring DDR5 memory technology, 5200MHz memory speed, and 288 number of pins to enhance faster data rate and reduce latency. For thermal management, it is engineered with a low-profile heat spreader which enhances the heat transfer rate by up to 55%. Compatibility-wise, it is best to pair with advanced Intel or AMD processors. 

It is equipped with on-die ECC technology to maintain data integrity to provide stable overclocking features. Now you can enjoy your aggressive and latest gaming without lagging and buffering problems. Enjoy all high-energy demanding tasks beyond the limits with its Intel XPM3.0 profile. Its low latency offers a high data transfer rate and increases the performance of the memory kit. This memory module is also perfect for the gamer who doesn’t prefers lightning that much. It displays a minimalistic design and does not have a customization RGB lighting option. 


  • DDR5 memory 
  • Low latency
  • Dual memory kit
  • 5200MT per second speed


  • No RGB lightning. 

5- Crucial RAM 16GB DDR5 4800MHz

Crucial RAM 16GB DDR5 4800MHz

If you have been using Crucial products, then you have an idea that Crucial is a global tech brand popular among IT-expert, gaming enthusiasts, and content creators. From a wide range of products, this 16GB memory module is rocking among tech product users, especially e-sport persons. Leaving its competitors behind, this memory kit delivers cutting-edge performances to upgrade the user’s experience. 

Equipped with DDR5-4800MHz memory speed, 288-pin count, and 2x bandwidth compared to DDR4 RAM. Successfully guarantees 400x times the fastest memory speed, quick data retrieving, and reliable performance. In addition, it promises an ultra-low latency rate and high performance. Compatibility-wise, its latest memory type, and high-frequency rate enable next-generation processors like Intel 13th gen and AMD’s Ryzen to pair up for your system.

Its Intel XMP3.0 support intends the clock speed and ensures the best performance for creating premium content with spell bounded graphics. Furthermore, crucial RAM 16GB comes in a simple, uncomplicated design with no RGB strips to practice minimalism and promote sustainability. Overall this JEDEC memory module is a perfect match for live streaming, playing highly intensive games, and 3D modeling rendering needs.


  • Strong performance 
  • DDR5 memory module
  • Optimized stability 
  • Next-gen core support
  • Low latency


  • No RGB
  • Expansive than average RAM 

6- Lexar ARES 32GB Kit DDR5 5200 MHz

Lexar ARES 32GB Kit DDR5 5200 MHz

Last but not the least, this product is also the best candidate to satisfy your gaming and content creation needs. Featuring an advanced DDR5 memory module to make this kit compatible with modern next-generation Intel cores. Integrated PMIC support reduces board footprint and enables the memory kit to manage multiple power resources. 

Enjoy live streaming and intensive gaming without experiencing latency and buffering. Because it is built in with DDR5-5200MHz memory integrations and 2 x 16GB memory bandwidth. Exclusive ECC support empowers the overall performance and overclocking stability and protects against data error. Black sleek design in conjunction with upgraded aluminum heat spreader to cool down the memory channel along with the motherboard. 

Moreover, one of the best addition to make the DDR5 memory channel more functional is the integration of the PMIC feature. This enables memory to run 2x more efficiently than ordinary memory kits. Experienced better power control while operating at a low voltage, such as 1.25V. Run your processor beyond its clock speed with the Lexar ARES memory kit and smoothly enjoy high-speed-demanding tasks. 


  • PMIC support
  • Aluminum heat spreader 
  • Optimized power stability 
  • Low latency
  • 2x16GB memory bandwidth


  • Premium price tag
  • Low overclocking feature 

Best DDR5 RAM for Gaming Buying Guide

Basic purpose of RAM is to improve speed and memory bandwidth to make it compatible with motherboards. So, if you are buying RAM for gaming purposes or for content creation, you need an advanced memory channel. Besides speed and capacity, some other factors are crucial for your processor’s high performance and smooth working. So let’s head down to get a quick glance at these essential memory factors. 

Memory Type

Undeniably, what type of RAM module you are purchasing for your system is very important. To play modern games and render highly intensive tasks, DDR5 is the best choice. Moreover, with the launch of next-gen Intel cores, many big companies have introduced the latest DDR5 memory type. 

RAM Size

Another considerable factor before purchasing any memory module is its size. A variety of memory sizes are available in the market right now, like 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. It depends upon the preference and needs of the user. If you are particularly buying RAM for gaming or live streaming, then min 16GB memory size is recommendable. 

Clock Speeds

To give your gaming experience a powerful boost, RAM speed is another crucial component. It means the faster the RAM, the faster the data-retrieving process. Most recent games perform well with processors with high memory clock speeds.


A customizable and streamlined layer of RGB over the memory kit can be a great aesthetic addition to your gaming hub. An impressive and flashy flayer of lightning with personalization features is more than perfect. Although it totally depends on the user. If you don’t want the addition of RGB with your memory, you can go for a simple and decent memory module like Lexar 32GB RAM.


What Is The Best DDR5 RAM Speed For Gaming?

Recommended minimum DDR5 speed for gaming is 4800MHz, but for peak frequency, a user can go up to 5200MHz.

Is DDR5 RAM Compatible With AMD’s Processor?

Yes. DDR5 RAM is compatible with next-gen cores like T-Force Delta RAM DDR5 32GB is compatible with Ryzen 2700x.

Is 16GB Capacity Enough For Gaming?

16GB bandwidth is good to give and gives an appreciatable boost to gaming, but for powerful or more visual aesthetics, you need to upgrade it.


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