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Best RAM for Ryzen 5 7600X (DDR4, DDR5, Cheap)

We compiled a list of the Best RAM for Ryzen 5 7600X as it is one of the latest processors in the tech world as of now. The 7600X is greatly suited for fast-paced gaming and processes like programming and rendering. So, many users use this processor for their personal or work related purposes. Moreover, it delivers up to 18% improved gaming performance than its predecessor which is an added feat in this version. So, to choose the best suited RAM for your system, we wrote down a detailed review of some great related products. 

Some characteristics should be looked over while purchasing the RAM as they may play a vital role in the user’s gaming PC system. In the start, the memory type of the RAM as it should match the user’s motherboard and what type it uses. Ryzen 5 7600X uses DDR5 type only so make sure the option you choose supports this memory type. Moving on, the memory speed also plays an important part in the system’s smooth execution. Minimum 4800 MHz speed is required by the 7600X processor so try to select a product that has enough or more speed than this amount.

Latency is another significant part of the PC system that defines the delay in response in instantaneous time. So, the less the latency, the increased the performance of the CPU as it reduces the time of data retrieval. CL36 is the minimum latency rate for the Ryzen 5 7600X which is present in Corsair Dominator Platinum. However CL40 is provided in  XPG Lancer RAM which is also a great product to contemplate. 

Lastly, RGB is preferred by some people so it depends on the user’s choice. XPG Lancer has RGB integrated in its structure so users can choose this as their RAM. As it is also compatible with our processor or choice. Thus, to make the decision process easier on the user, we made a detailed list of all the best RAMs available on the market as of now.  

Our Recommended list of the Best RAM for Ryzen 5 7600X

  1. Kingston Fury Beast 32GB
  2. Crucial RAM 8GB DDR5
  3. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB
  4. G.Skill Trident Z5 Series (Intel XMP) 32GB
  5. XPG Lancer DDR5 RGB 6000MHz 32GB
  6. Lexar ARES 32GB Kit

Ryzen 5 7600X RAM Requirements

  • DDR5 memory is required for this processor. 
  • Minimum amount required for storage size is 8 GB and it can increase up to 32 GB. 
  • Least memory speed required is 4800 MHz while it can reach around 6200MHz. 
  • CL36 latency is required and it can go up to CL40. 
  • RGB is prioritized differently by every user.  

Difference Between Ryzen 5 7600K vs  Ryzen 5 5600X

  • The 5600X has no integrated GPU while the 7600X has Radeon Graphics SPU integrated. 
  • AM4 socket is supported by the 5600X whilst AM5 is compatible with 7600X. 
  • Both processors have the same count of threads and cores (12 and 6 respectively).
  • Base frequency of 5600X is 3.7 GHz and the 7600X has 4.7 GHz frequency rate. 
  • Boost frequency rates of 7600X is 5.3 GHz whilst the 5600X has 4.6 GHz. 
  • The TDP of the 5600X is around 65W and on the other hand, the 7600X has 105W. 
  • Memory type DDR5 is supported by the 7600X processor while the 5600X supports DDR4. 

1- Kingston Fury Beast 32GB

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB

For updating your system to DDR5, you need to consider a good option. Kingston’s Fury Beast is a great RAM that comes with a wide range of sizes from 8 GB up to 64 GB. Here we discuss the 32 GB RAM that is distributed in two 16 GB modules, which has the ability to work with the Ryzen 5 7600X processor. In the physique, a strong build structure with full-width lightbar with black heatspreader is implemented in this component. Overall, having an appealing and sleek look in this graphics RAM for the user to have in their systems. 

Dimensions of 133.35 mm x 42.2 mm x 7.11 mm are implemented in this RAM with no RGB in the modules, causing less appeal for some users. Memory speed of 5200 MHz is provided which gives fast-paced gaming experience to the user with DDR5 memory type. Additionally, making it compatible with our chosen 7600X processor. Fury Beast is moreover improved its stability for overclocking, helping in maintaining data integrity for high performance. DDR5 is the main reason for increased efficiency in this RAM which helps in smooth running of demanding software and games. 

Price-wise this memory kit is not a cheaper option, however, the Kingston Fury Beast still provides a great performance. Although no RGB is present in this component, it still has sleek black finishing that users will appreciate. Intel XMP 3.0 certification is granted to this component for saving customizable profiles.this RAM is also compatible with core i9-13900K RAM and AMD Ryzen 3 5300G.


For his purpose, we take the Kingston 8GB DDR4 RAM with Kingston Fury Beast as they share many similarities. However, the main reason for choosing the latter model is because of more capacity by +24GB. 


  • Great performance 
  • Low profile heat spreader 
  • Good value 
  • DDR5 memory 


  • No RGB
  • Little OC headroom

2- Crucial RAM 8GB DDR5

Crucial RAM 8GB DDR5

Crucial just came out with 3 new RAMs in its flagship with different sizes like 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. Here, we discuss the 8 GB version as it is best suited for our chosen Ryzen 5 7600X processor. Regarding the physical aspects, it is built using a strong structure and all-black module as it doesn’t have a heat spreader. Intel XMP 3.0 is enabled in this RAM for easy performance recovery. For faster gameplay, quick downloads and smooth running of demanding applications, you should consider this RAM.

With 8 GB RAM size and DDR5 memory type, it runs the gaming apps at higher frame rates. While also executing higher demanding softwares like NetBeans and Anaconda with no trouble. As DDR5 is a fairly new technology, it is only compatible with DDR5 motherboards. Crucial 8 GB RAM gives 4800 MHz memory speed which is 1.5 times faster than DDR4, giving efficient performance. In addition to other attributes, this RAM is non-ECC type which is responsible for long usage of the component. 

Although no RGB is integrated in this RAM, it still has an appealing look for users. During testing, the under discussion product remained room temperature which is a feat achieved by this component. While also giving excellent memory performance to the user. Cost-wise, it is an affordable option as it has DDR5 memory (which is still expensive) and great memory speed. 


For this task, we take the Crucial 8GB DDR3 with the Crucial 8 GB DDR5 RAM as they share many attributes. Although the former model is cheaper, the DDR5 memory type is missing which is present in the latter model. Also, the Crucial 8GB DDR5 requitres less voltage than the former version.  


  • Excellent performance 
  • Great compatibility 
  • DDR5 memory 
  • 4800 MHz speed
  • Affordable


  • No RGB

3- Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB

If looking to update this component, consider the Dominator Platinum RAM as it is a latest version launched by Corsair. With a strong and attractive build, it is one of the best looking kits available in the market as of now. RGB is present at the top of the kit which adds flair to the component and sets the aesthetics for the user. Additionally, black aluminum heat spreader is designed for a clean and sleek layout. 

With 32 GB RAM size with DDR5 memory type, it has the ability to work with the Ryzen 5 7600X processor. As DDR5 unlocks fast frequencies, greater capacity and better performance in your system. Also, this memory type ensures that data is processed quickly, faster rendering and buffering happens in the computer system. Memory speed of 6200 MHz is reached in this RAM that is the sweet spot for ideal efficient performance. Onboard voltage regulation makes using the iCUE software easier than ever. this DDR5 Ram is also perfect for Cryptocurrency mining and this is also Supported by RTX 3090 Ti.

For cooling features, the heat spreader keeps the IC’s and PCB’s overall temperature down during higher loads. Monetarily speaking, the Corsair Dominator Platinum comes in the high-end of RAM products as it has DDR5 memory with 6200 MHz overclocking rates. Furthermore, making it a good investment for future usage as DDR5 is here to saty for a while. 


We take the Corsair Vengeance 32GB when comparing it with the Corsair Dominator Platinum as they contain shared characteristics. Although the former model is cheaper, the latter model has increased frequency, better first word latency and has RGB integrated. 


  • Strong built structure 
  • Excellent performance 
  • Good speed options
  • RGB is present 
  • DDR5 memory 


  • Expensive 
  • DDR5 is in its infancy phase

4- G.Skill Trident Z5 Series 32GB

G.Skill Trident Z5 Series 32GB

G.Skill is a known brand which deals primarily in computer related products. One of these products is the Trident Z5 series of RAM which are now available for use in the market. With metallic silver finishing and an elegant look, it is much better looking than its predecessor product. Attracting the user to integrate this into their system with Ryzen 5 7600X processor. It is also available in black finishing and gives the option of having RGB or not.

With 32 GB size of RAM divided into 2 16GB modules, this memory kit has enough storage to house major softwares and games like Unity and Resident Evil. DDR5 memory type is designed for overclocking performance on compatible platforms (motherboards) which is present in this gadget. Additionally, the DDR5 is responsible for increased data processing and high quality standards while achieving improved memory performance. Memory speed of 6000 MHz is achieved by this RAM which is a great feat to attain. Intel XMP 3.0 support is granted for unlocking overclocking performance through the BIOS. 

To cool the G.Skill Trident Z5 RAM, premium dual textured heat spreader design using aluminum is implemented for heat dissipation of the overall component. Moreover, the Trident Z5 is build for a vast range of PC themes. Performance wise, this RAM passes all tests with flying colors, with reviewers recommending it to users. This memory kit gives top-notch performance whether you are gaming or using heavy applications. 


We consider the G.Skill TridentZ 32GB RAM when comparing it with the G.Skill Trident Z5 series as they share many similarities. Though the former model is cheaper, the latter model has more capacity (+32GB) and requires less voltage than the former model. 


  • Great overclocking 
  • Excellent performance 
  • DDR5 memory 
  • 6000 MHz speed 


  • Very expensive 
  • No thermal pad on PMIC 

5- XPG Lancer DDR5 RGB 6000MHz 32GB

XPG Lancer DDR5 RGB 6000MHz 32GB

For updating your system’s RAM, consider the XPG Lancer product as it is compatible with the Ryzen 5 7600X. With matte black finishing and RGB at the top, it gives an appealing look to the user’s system. With 32 GB size of RAM, it is more than capable of working with our chosen processor. Having a bid storage space is a plus point for many users as they can manage more games and softwares. 

DDR5 memory type offers twice the capacity in comparison to DDR4 memory and consumes low amounts of power than previous generations. DDR5 is also compatible with only DDR5 supported motherboards so make sure your motherboard meets this condition. Memory speed of 6000 MHz is achieved by XPG Lancer that helps in fast processing and request handling. One more thing to point out here is that the 32 GB RAM is divided into 2 16 GB modules. 

To provide the system stability and reliability, on-die Error Correcting Code is used. ECC technology is also used for data integrity. To eliminate the compatibility of the water blocks of the AIO cooler, the 2 modules are used. Heat spreader made of aluminum is used for increased heat dissipation and aesthetically pleasing outlook. Price-wise, it is somewhere between middle and high-end as it has DDR5 memory type. 


For this purpose, we take the XPG Z1 32GB with XPG Lancer 32GB as they share many attributes. Though the former model required less voltage, the latter model has better first word latency and RGB. 


  • Excellent performance 
  • Good overclocking 
  • RGB lighting 
  • DDR5 memory 


  • Expensive for some users 
  • 43mm DIMM height 

6- Lexar ARES 32GB Kit

Lexar ARES 32GB KitLexar ARES 32GB Kit

Lexar is a trusted brand that produces good quality computer accessories. So, look at the ARES memory kit as it has the capacity to work with the Ryzen 5 7600X. With black finishing and attractive look, it appeals to the user’s system. It is a much better build than its predecessor, providing an aesthetically pleasing physique. Built-in PMIC is there for enhancing power efficiency of the PC system. Intel’s XMP is supported by this RAM that unlocks the overclocking memory. 

Premium heat spreader is used for improved heat dissipation techniques. DDR5 memory is used in this RAM for fast request handling. RAM size of 32 GB is split between 2 16GB modules which is great for smooth execution of processes. Memory speed of 5200 MHz is given for efficient performance, while also providing 1.63x times more performance than DDR4. On-die ECC is integrated for improved stability of overclocking of the system. 

Whilst testing the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the difference is clear when coming from DDR4 to DDR5 as the latter clocked faster with low latency. Cost of the Lexar ARES is still high as it comes in high-end RAMs and has DDR5 memory which is still new in the tech world. However, prices are marked to go down once people get acquainted with the DDR5 memory type. 


We take the Crucial RAM 32GB in comparison with Lexar ARES 32GB RAM as they share many characteristics. The main difference is that the latter product is a much newer version of RAM than the former model. 


  • Excellent performance 
  • Good overclocking 
  • DDR5 memory 
  • 5200 MHz memory speed
  • Strong build structure 


  • No RGB
  • Little expensive for some users 

Best RAM for Ryzen 5 7600X Buying Guide

There are certain features that should be pondered over while purchasing RAM or any new component for your system. As you know better which part is suitable for your particular system which uses the Ryzen 5 7600X processor. We recommend using the Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 GB version of RAM as it has the capability to support our chosen processor easily. With DDR5 memory and 6200 MHz memory speed, it is more than enough to support this processor’s workings. 

To make the decision process easier for the users, we compiled a list of all the best RAMs that are able to work with this specific processor. So, scroll down for detailed reviews of these features.   

Memory Type

The Ryzen 5 7600X processor only supports the DDR5 memory type so the user must have a motherboard that also supports DDR5. As it is the modern version of memory in the PC accessory world at the present. Moreover, a motherboard only supports one type of memory so make sure it supports DDR5.  

RAM Size

Minimum size required for the 7600X is 8 GB as it is enough for this processor to work with. However, if you want more storage space for your games and other heavy applications, you should try our recommended choice Corsair Dominator Platinum which has 32 GB storage size.  

Clock Speeds

The RAM’s clock speed measures how quickly the data processes in the PC system so it is an important characteristic to look out for. However, gamers prefer to have capacity instead of speed so it depends on the type of user and their preferences.  


Some users wish for this feature while some don’t care for it. Gamers especially want every component of their system to have RGB. So, they could choose the Corsair Dominator Platinum as it has RGB on top of it. Meanwhile, other people can choose any RAM listed here as many do not have RGB integrated in them. 


Does Ryzen Run Better With Faster RAM?

Historically, Ryzen is proven to work better with sensitive RAM speeds than Intel Core counterparts. So, it is expected Ryzen will have better performance gains than Intel. 

What RAM Speed Is Better For Ryzen 5 7600X?

Using the DDR5 memory, the Ryzen 5 7600X processor officially supports memory speed up to 5200 MHz. 

Is Ryzen 5 Best For Gaming?

The AMD Ryzen 5 is a good option for gaming as it offers great performance at a lower price tag. 

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