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10 Stores Like Meshki (Best Alternative of Meshki)

Do you want to change your wardrobe with a twist? Meshki can be a supreme choice for you. You must visit the web store, you will be obsessed with their style for sure. Due to their appealing collection Meshki is the choice of everyone. 

You must visit Meshki to add some trendy and high quality clothes in your wardrobe. You can get all this without busting your budget, this is the most attractive thing about this brand. But still if you want to check something alternative to Meshki but with similar quality. Then scroll down for more stores like Meshki. 

Take a look at the best Stores Like Meshki

  1. Missguided
  2. Princess Polly
  3. Hello Molly
  4. Sabo Skirt
  5. Bardot
  6. Zaful
  7. Romwe
  8. A.S.O.S
  9. PrettyLittleThing
  10. Boohoo

About Meshki

Let’s talk about the story of Meshki, Shadi Kord and Natalie Khoei were studying architecture at the University of New South Wales. They love fashion, that’s why they started something related to clothes with a small idea. They started to grow an Instagram page on which they share fashion moments. 

At that time they did not even know that one day this fashion Insta page would become an eCommerce fashion business called Meshki. On everyone’s favorite social media platform Instagram channeling their inspiration of fashion. When people appreciate their aesthetic and religiously follow their post.

Then they decided to build an internationally recognised e-commerce brand, adored by the people from Sydney to Hollywood. Called ‘Meshki’ which is the name of a sexy, staple, sophisticated  and statement of clothes. The owner of Meshki knows that being glamorous has a 99% attitude and with the simplest of colors, the look can be bold and chic. 

What country is Meshki from?

Meshki is an Australian based online-only fast fashion label and launched by Australian-Persian businesswomen. They get business from overseas sales, and also exports their stuff to over 150 countries worldwidely. They claim they have over 500,000 customers worldwidely. 

Where are Meshki clothes made?

Meshki designed their clothes at their headquarters in Sydney.  When their team outgrew then they expanded their first and smaller office space. Currently they have opened headquarters in Asia or the UK and where they manufactured world’s fast fashion.

Things you must Know About Meshki

Meshki is one of their favorite brands among the women, they are obsessed with their collection. Below are a few things that you must know before shopping from them. These things can enhance your shopping experience there!

1. Meshki.com Size Guide

2. Shipping Policy

3. Return Policy

4. Refund Policy

5. Coupons and Promo Codes

Trends to try

  • Brights
  • Lace
  • Embellishments
  • Faux Leather
  • Cut Outs
  • Satin
  • Mesh
  • Neutrals
  • Linen


They offer a huge variety of outfits and cover you in everything. That you need to try for your events and day to day wearing. Following variety they offer:

  1. DRESSES  
  2. Jumpsuits 
  3. Tops
  4. Bikini Tops
  5. Playsuits
  6. Bodysuits, 
  7. Long Sleeve, 
  8. Activewear 
  9. Coats 
  10. Jackets, 
  11. Sweaters
  12. Hoodies
  13. Pants
  14. Bikini Bottoms
  15. Shorts
  16. Skirts
  17. Denim
  18. Jewelry
  19. Shoes
  20. Bags
  21. Gift Cards
  22. Unisex

Is meshki has any Physical store 

As meshki is one of the most famous clothing brands among the people. But they do not have any physical stores, you can just shop online. They ship all over the world, so you can get all your desired things from their store at your doorstep. That is why we can not tell you about the meshki shop. 

Alternative of Meshki

Like the other fashion brands such as; Aritzia, Zara, H&M, A.S.O.S also Meshki provide outfits to their customers that are most appealing. Fashion aficionados have a passion to try new trends and styles. So if you are curious then try some other stores like Meshki to satisfy you fashion needs.

Then yes you can scroll down to know more about the best stores like Meshki. There are such options that you will love to try rebuilding your clothing collection. 

1- Missguided 

On the top of the list of brands similar to meshki is missguided, which gives you the latest fashion and trendy collection on their website. They update their online store with 150 new products of various categories everyday. Multiple items are waiting for you!

They provide you multiple offers of discounts and sales on their online store. Additionally, they also drop a clearance sale so you can avail these offers to buy elegant stuff. Missguided offers following categories:

  • Clothing
  • Dresses 
  • Tops
  • Beauty
  • Shoes
  • Occasion
  • Out trousers
  • Summer fits 

They collaborate with other fashion brands, that is why in their store you can have choices from 2 brands. On their ‘shop by body fit’ section you can choose products that suit your body. 

2- Princess Polly

If you are looking for online stores like meshki, you can visit Princess Plly, this is a famous brand of fashion clothes for women. This is an Australian based boutique where you can shop outfits of trend. With this online store you are updated with fashion. 

They are not operating a lot of physical stores but their online service is available worldwidely. Offer you express worldwide shipping and also their policy of return is easy. 

They are providing you no compromised quality, unique patterns and uncommon styles. You can also buy mini and spring dresses at an affordable price. Also they offer special discounts to students so they can afford trendy items at a low rate. 

3- Hello Molly

On the list of stores like meshki boutique, hello molly takes place due to their very similar quality with Meshki. This is an ideal destination to shop for the women to buy the hottest collection of clothes. They give a large range of options from them you can choose for you. 

You can buy a beautiful dress for a dinner date and shop accessories for more style. Also they have a huge variety of formals that give you comfort and style in a meeting. If you are trends seeker never miss their deals and discounts to follow new fashion trends. 

On the new section on the web store you can find the newest things on their store. There are many options in their store for your wardrobe like dresses, bottoms, tops, Rompers, shoes, swimwear and accessories. 

4- Sabo Skirt

Another consideration for similar stores to meshki is sabo skirt. This is a leading fashion brand from Australia. They claim they have over 2 million users who follow them on social media platforms. Due to its wide product range it comes in stores like meshki.

Women can shop for comfortable tops that they can wear in a meeting or at home. Their mini skirts go well with any type of event. They offer you a lot of elegant prices! This is one of the most stable and trustworthy clothing brands for women. They offer a great variety of clothes and accessories, and in a new section you can explore trends of today!

5- Bardot 

You can consider Bardot as similar shops to meshki, they starve you to offer you trends and styles. This is one of the best brands of clothes and accessories for women at an affordable price. They provide you with an exclusive fashion collection, you get premium quality of their things. 

Plus, they offer all stuff at a very reasonable price that is rare enough, very rare to get in the general market. Bardot is a great choice for simple and decent fashion items. Their shipping service works all over the world, exploring new sections for trending items. 

There are various categories of stuff that are available at my office: dresses, tops, jeans, knits, jackets and other accessories. Also they search filters work great and get the exact searched item. 

6- Zaful

Zaful is another considerable brand that is very famous for trendy, style items of today’s fashion. Best of all this brand has stuff for both men and women. On the online store they provide you edgy fashion items that also gives you super comfortability. 

They never compromise on the quality of stuff, their clothes are made of high quality fabric. After wearing their outfits you never face any discomfortability, in fact you love their breathable stuff. Plus, Zaful offers attractive discounts  on their store that attracts the customer. They have a great variety of products like tops, jeans, sleepwear, swimwear and  lingerie, so you can buy an outfit of your choice. 

7- Romwe

One of the sites like meshki boutique is Romwe, famous among the people due to their business strategy. Their online store is a kind of one stop shop, which means you can buy everything in one shop. With the huge variety of clothes they can deal with all your day to day needs. 

Romwe started decades ago, and has positive reviews from their customers, which means it is a trustworthy brand. They have various options and choices in their store, you can choose from them. You have clothes and accessories of different styles and top trends. Avail shipping and returns in 19 dollars for a year and can avail their sales of up to 50 %. 

8- A.S.O.S 

Do want to try an online store that gives you fashion products but a bit cheaper as compared to high end brands. This is a British retailer, one stop shop that occupies all your needs. They offer you a good bundle of categories of clothing and also have some basic categories in this bunch. 

Best of all, you do not need to worry about sizes, because they cover you by providing you all sizes, from small to XL. Also they have choices for pregnant ladies which means you do not need to go for another place for plus sizes.  Offering super deals give you a tough time to resist yourself shopping. They offer for men and women like dresses, shoes, accessories and sportswear. 

9- PrettyLittleThing

To bring style into your life you can visit PrettyLittleThing, because it has an ever-evolving array of fun, trendy fashion and stylish outfits. Best of all, they offer all what you expect at affordable prices. If you want trendy and street-ready then this brand can cover you. 

There is a wide range of stylish and urban clothing at super affordable rates. They update their stock on a regular basis which means you always have something new in their store. You can avail Free tracked delivery if you shop over 50 dollars. Also give $8 or 20% as a student discount on all items. 

10- Boohoo

Last brand that we are introducing as clothes shopping sites is Boohoo. It is a leader in online fashion retail business and is working globally. around the globe. They offer 24/7 fashion for women, children and men too. 

Plus, they cover you by providing you all shapes and sizes and also for any occasion. They give discounts and promotions on a daily basis on code. For the hottest trending fashion Boohoo can be your first choice and will not disappoint you. 

Boohoo is growing day by day due their service and uncompromised quality. Also you can avail 14-day returns if you are not satisfied with your order. If you order over 7 dollars you get free shipping. You need to sign up to the latter news for some exclusive discounts and deals. 


Is meshki a good brand ? yes not only due to their quality but their prices. You have read about ethical brands, hopefully it’s refreshing for you. And also help to create your wardrobe with style and comformat. Fashion is a weakness of women, and if you love to shop from Meskhi. Then you should try more stores like Meshki. 

Must visit online stores of above mentioned brands at least for once. You are going to love their trendy and super comfortable collection for sure. These brands also provide you similar quality as meshki do. It’s time to enjoy occasions with style!


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