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Apps like Flashfood (Best Food Waste Apps)

Let’s find out what are the best Apps like Flashfood, alternative of food waste apps.

The United States wastes 108 billion pounds—or more than $161 billion—of food yearly. Most food ends up in landfills, decomposing and generating methane, a gas with 30 times greater energy content than carbon. Unfortunately, the issue of food waste won’t improve without significant adjustments. By 2050, the population of the globe is predicted to increase from 7.6 billion people. Naturally, this implies that there will be more food waste and a greater need for food.

The U.S. retail industry loses $37 billion in value due to unsold food not being consumed before its expiration date. This number is changing because Flashfood provides grocery stores with a technologically advanced solution to sell extra food and reduce shrinkage. Additionally, this will boost business earnings while lowering their carbon footprint. Over 33 million pounds of food have been kept out of landfills in the U.S. and Canada, thanks to flashfood’s partnerships with grocery stores.

List of Best Apps like Flashfood and some other alternatives

  1. Too Good To Go
  2. FoodHero
  3. Instacart
  4. FoodForAll
  5. Olio
  6. Food Rescue U.S.

Flash Flood

According to the founder and CEO of Flashfood, Josh Domingues, this funding round will allow Flashfood Grocery App Development to quickly work toward a more sustainable food system while providing customers with enormous savings on groceries, assisting them in saving time and benefiting the environment. At a time when Flashfood is more needed than ever, this financing is essential. In addition, it will assist us in expanding our consumer base and establishing alliances with grocery chains that value the environment. 

Flashfood connects customers with grocery items about to expire and offers discounts of up to 50%. More than $100 million has been saved on groceries through Flashfood. Online shopping app Kirana and Giant Food of Maryland are two of the more than 1200 linked establishments that sell Flashfood. 

Chuck Templeton, marketing director of S2G Ventures, claims that Flashfood is an innovative way for consumers to participate in the fight against food waste: “Our goal is to help trailblazing business people who strive to create a more wholesome, sustainable food system.” It is a simple and affordable method for consumers, retailers, and the environment.

We are eager to support the app’s expansion in the U.S. and other countries. With the help of the Flashfood app, grocery stores can offer high-quality, surplus food at steep discounts to potential consumers who can browse local deals and make purchases directly through Flashfood. Reduces customers’ costs, boosts vendors’ revenue and positively impacts the environment. 

Customers may check for deals at any affiliated store using the Flashfood app. Customers may place their orders immediately through the app, eliminating in-store shopping, and pick up their orders from the Flashfood zone anytime from a partner store. All affiliated Flashfood stores and distribution systems can be located using the shop locator.

One of the many Imperfect Foods and Misfits Market enterprises, Flashfood lowers the price of difficult-to-sell food for consumers. It’s about making sales and attempting to solve the global food waste issue. A recent U.N. analysis estimates that around 931 metric tonnes, or 17%, of all food output may have been wasted in 2019. Food waste is the main factor causing climate change.

According to founder and CEO Josh Domingues, Flashfood offers products at a discount of 50% off the going rate. He claimed that the popularity of meat was mostly due to its rising cost. A popular item is $5 fruit and vegetables boxes, which contain 5 to 10 pounds of food. Additionally, users can use the app as a game by navigating through different grocery stores and searching for an offer. 

How Should the Best Grocery Delivery App Be Created?

Everything is available in the modern world. You may instantly order meals or schedule a taxi with a few taps on your mobile device. Just like other purchases, people prefer to shop online for their groceries. You may be shocked that about 25% of Americans order their food online. This sector is expected to grow more swiftly as the growth of online grocery items rises. 

The online grocery business is anticipated to be worth $133.8 million by 2022. As a result of these changes in shopping habits, there is an increased demand for grocery delivery services and development companies. It provides traditional grocery businesses and startups with a wealth of opportunities to invest in their food deliveries and projects for creating mobile apps.

The FlashFood App’s usage guidelines are shown below.

  • On iOS or Android, get the Flashfood app.
  • Open the Flashfood App and select the location that you are at (you must enable location services) (or locations near you)
  • Use this coupon to receive $5 in rewards when you buy $10 or more at Flashfood. CY00TA4G
  • The Flashfood section of the store is a refrigerator and some storage located outside the cash registers and customer service area.
  • Examine the refrigerator and the surrounding area to confirm the items’ size and quality. If the Flashfood Fridge is locked, you must make your purchases in advance, and staff members will pick them up for you.
  • By clicking on the things you want to buy, you may add them to your shopping cart.
  • Click the shopping basket after you are through “shopping.”
  • Include a credit card.
  • Purchases must be paid for you. Your receipt is located on the left under “in the app.”

Let us all know you must be picked up by going to the service counter.

  • They will confirm after checking what you have and clicking “picked up” on their Flashfood app.
  • If you order online before going to the store, you must pick it up by the end of the day.

Pros of the Flashfood app

  • The Flashfood app is simple to use—the procedure was simple—but you’ll need data and internet access.
  • There was P.C. Organics dairy products, and the meat, dairy, and baked goods all appeared to be high caliber.
  • Surplus of goods, but not perishable items— They have a lot of things, so it’s obvious there’s an excess of them, and you’re not buying stuff that will quickly go bad.

Cons of Flashfood app

  • The Flashfood refund process is not simple. Although you have 14 days to request a refund for your purchase, you must write the developers at [email protected] with a justification for your request.
  • It’s challenging to judge product sizes—the chicken pot pie appeared to be little or individual-sized in the Flashfood app, but it was enormous and family-sized in person.
  • There is no phone support available; instead, customers must email or use a contact form to get in touch with Flashfood customer service.

Food waste would rank third in the world regarding carbon emissions, behind only China and the United States. Fortunately, various apps have been created and promoted by groups and individuals worldwide to address the issue. These apps support the connections between merchants and nonprofits, growers and go-betweens, and farmers and consumers.  

Alternative of Flashfood

There is an app for everything these days, including reducing food waste. Here are several alternative food waste applications that can help you save money, decrease food waste, and assist those in need with just a few phone touches.

Too Good To Go

The organization Too Good To Go aims to realize the vision of a world without food waste. The app links customers with food from nearby eateries, bakeries, and supermarkets. These bags cost between $4 and $6, much less than a standard dine-in meal. The Certified B Corporation has collaborated with more than 87,000 local food enterprises, helping save more than 70 million meals worldwide.


Like Flashfood, this app works with supermarkets to sell extra food that is getting close to its best before date. The free app will geo-locate the closest participating supermarket after downloading. Browse the sale items neatly divided into several food categories, such as fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, etc. The app provides an image and a succinct description of the item, together with any dietary requirements.

Additionally, it shows the best before date, the reduced rate, and the original price. Finally, the app will notify you when your things are ready for pickup at the store once you have finished shopping and checked out. This app participates in Metro and IGA stores found in Quebec Brunswick and is available on both IOS and Android. 


Get your groceries by pressing a button. You may shop online with Instacart and have goods delivered from local shops in as little as an hour. Alternatively, you can decide to pick up your order from the store, where everything will be ready for you.

Just type in your zip code, pick a store, and add goods to your cart before settling back and watching as someone carefully handpicks your groceries and household supplies, which are available on both IOS and Android.


The FoodForAll app was created in association with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and initially launched in New York and Boston before being made available in more than 200 places. One hour before the restaurant closes, customers can purchase meals at discounts of up to 80%. Through the app, users can also give food straight to recipients.


Olio gives you the freedom to stop food waste from the comfort of your home. The software, which debuted in 2015, allows users to enter information on the food they would otherwise throw away so that it might be given to individuals in need nearby. In addition, the “food waste heroes” program enables volunteers to pick up items from cafés and stores that post food on the website for members who want to get a little more active.

Users specify when and where to pick up their goods and include photos and descriptions. Fresh veggies from the garden, bakery bread, and expired household goods are routinely donated by customers.

Food Rescue U.S.

Have you ever wished that you could donate extra food to someone in need? Using Food Rescue U.S. will help you accomplish this. By enabling contributors to contribute their extra food to social service organizations, the company’s greater goal of reducing food waste is furthered by web-based software. Volunteers can deliver extra food to organizations that feed individuals who are food insecure from various sources, such as restaurants and grocery stores.


Flashfood has a wonderful app you enjoy, and I’m sure you’re looking for additional Grocery food waste apps like it. As a result, we attempted to compile a list of the most popular Flashfood competitors in one convenient location. These were our top picks for Flashfood alternatives. I hope you enjoyed it and found our suggestions useful!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many people become unsure about their query after seeing so many options on the table. Some of the questions frequently asked and their answers are as follows:

Q1. What is the app Flashfood?

The Flashfood app enables grocery stores to provide high-quality, leftover food to savvy customers who can browse deals in their area and make purchases directly through Flashfood at significant discounts. This app reduces costs for customers and lessens our collective environmental impact.

Q2. What occurs if Flashfood is not picked up?

We strongly advise you to pick up your purchases before the pickup date at the very latest because we deal with perishable foods and don’t want them to end up in landfills! Although it is rare, we can make an exception and refund for missed pickups.

Q3. Why is food waste important?

Food that is being wasted but is otherwise healthy may feed hungry families. In addition, food currently thrown out yet is safe and healthy could help feed the hungry and lessen food insecurity. Around 3.6 billion pounds of food are saved annually by Feeding America and its network of food banks.

Q4. What Too Good To Go app costs nothing?

With the help of the free app Too Good To Go, you can avoid food waste by buying leftovers at renowned restaurants after service.


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