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Optoma H184X Review – Affordable Home Theater Projector

The home theater is a space to watch TV with your friends and family and best for gaming purpose. To be successful, you will need basic audio visual equipment such as speakers, a projector or screen, etc. The most important thing about buying this type of entertainment system in the first place will depend on your needs.

Whether you want something that emphasizes video quality like large screens versus sound quality like speakers, nothing can be compromised. For considering factors like how much noise you can stand from either side of the room or what kind of furniture you have available at home which may interfere with putting up big displays.

You get to cover some basics first, including lighting in your theater room having enough light. If it is too dark or light, the brightness of your home short throw projector will depend on it. The size of the room is also essential for selecting the right projection tool. One other thing on this list includes soundproofing.

These elements might seem like small things, but they make watching films much easier. If you are getting a projector for work or entertainment, Optoma H184X is an affordable choice. People often underestimate the importance of owning a home theater. They are less costly than traditional big screen displays.

They add to your lifestyle in so many ways. First, there is nothing better than curling up on a cold winter night and spending the weekend with a nice movie. Then, when you want guests over for dinner parties, it is hard not to show off how cool everything looks. Especially after you add a theater room in your home, it is like built in home entertainment.

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Optoma H184X Review


This projector is affordable for the average home. So why let your focus be thwarted by peeling paint or dim lighting? It has a 720p native resolution that can also support high definition 1080p. So you can set up cute movie dates or a party over your place without getting disappointed about the image quality. 

Hold your head high with this super incredible projector that is known for 3D content experts. You will not miss a detail from any 3D source like Blu-ray, broadcasting, disc players, or consoles. With a 120Hz quick refresh rate, a solid portrait emerges in front of your eyes with flicker free imagery.


Count on the Optoma H184X to brighten up any space with 3,600 lumens of brightness. Low or extra lighting will not be a problem anymore. This projector offers Rec. 709 colors for vibrant colors. You can enjoy as many family memories as you want in no time at all and with vivid screening.

Leave the lights on or off for a true cinematic experience at half the price. You can count on the vibrancy this gadget has to offer. A bright yet clear display is ready for you to admire. Each scene will look as clear as daylight, but it will harm your eyes as a bonus point.

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Lamp life:

This projector has a lamp life of 15,000 hours so that you can watch on average 4 hrs/ per day for 10 plus years. Without worrying about when it will burn out, the Optoma H184x is perfect for both personal use and big screening in the living room. Having a long time companionship will keep you away from the tech market from getting a new projector.

This projector can take long stakeouts and will still be providing promising results. Such a powerful lamp enhances the quality of the picture. Usually, the lamp is worn out before the actual projector. So Optoma has found a solution to this problem by adding an incredible light at the front chassis. The lamp display goes as far as 300 inches for a wide view.


The Optoma H184X is a high tier home cinema projector that produces an ultra bright, color accurate image. It enables you to watch your favorite movies or sports games in any room in your house without carrying around the heavy equipment. You can set this up with your phone, laptop, or any other machine to get all the benefits unlocked.


The connection of HDMI input support lets you set up your very own movie theater. Even with just one device or others like Amazon Firestick, Blu-ray players, Roku, or other streaming devices, the connection is made in an instant. No more waiting for the movie to start or the devices are trying to pick up the signal. Optoma H184X is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy high quality entertainment.

Easy installation:

The H184X will bring your favorite movies to life. A robust ±40° vertical keystone correction and 1.1x zoom allow flexible placement in any environment. In addition, cineplex and theater owners will be delighted at how easy it is to set up the projector.

Watch your favorite movies and stream live TV in an environment tailored to your needs. This choice is wholesome for an immersive theater experience at a fraction of what you would pay for it at home.

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As high as 28000:1 ensures rich blacks and brilliant whites. And with 3D support via HDMI and MHL compatibility, vivid WVGA resolution on 4K projectors get more out using less.

Multiple application setups:

This projector can perform just as well outdoors as it does indoors. You can take it anywhere without needing to squint too hard in a light environment versus flashing eyes in a dark room.


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