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Best 360mm AIO CPU Coolers (AMD Ryzen, Nvidia, Liquid)

Choosing the best 360mm AIO CPU cooler for your processor can be quite overwhelming because you want your processor to work flawlessly without overheating itself. You also want best CPU coolers to become the best fit in your PC, so it would not take much space in your PC, especially when you are looking for a CPU cooler that would not get loud when there is a load on your PC. It should also be affordable because you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on an AIO CPU cooler.

Master AIO CPU coolers are the vital component if you are trying to build a gaming PC. Extravagant lighting displayed by the AIO CPU coolers will change the look of your PC. And even by looking at your PC, you will feel courageous. So, AIO CPU coolers, due to their extravagant colors, are very eye-catching. 

To extend the life and efficiency of your processor 360mm AIO CPU cooler is considered the vital component of your PC. Because a good AIO CPU will remove all the heat from your processor and your processor will be able to perform well in a temperature-limiting environment. If the loudness of your PC is also disturbing you, then a high-quality AIO CPU cooler will calm your nerves. 

When buying a 360mm AIO CPU cooler, you must consider the needs of your PC and which type of AIO CPU cooler will have the highest compatibility with your PC. To help you in this matter, we also provided some generous reviews of different famous AIO CPU coolers. After carefully reading these reviews, you will be able to purchase one of the best 360 AIO CPU coolers.

Our recommended list of the best 360mm aio cpu cooler

  1. ASUS ROG Strix AIO 360mm CPU Cooler
  2. ID-Cooling Aura Flow Snow CPU Cooler
  3. Corsair RGB PRO Liquid CPU Cooler
  4. NZXT Kraken 360mm CPU Liquid Cooler
  5. Cooler Master 360R ARGB CPU Cooler
  6. Thermaltake TH360 ARGB CPU Cooler
  7. Deepcool Captain RGB White AIO CPU Cooler

1. ASUS ROG Strix AIO 360mm CPU Cooler

ASUS ROG Strix AIO 360mm CPU Cooler

It has radiator fans based on RGB technology to expel all the heat away from your computer. It also promises us high-quality radiator fans. These radiator fans will stabilize the airflow of your computer.

It is very eye-catching. And it gives an aesthetic look to your whole computer. Its beautiful colors will lighten up your mood and complement your motherboard.

With great competence, it is designed to become the heart of your PC. It is designed to fit at the center of your motherboard.

Strix AIO CPU coolers are equipped with sleeve tubing to increase their durability to the highest level. 

Our Strix AIO CPU cooler is of very high quality and proves to be a blessing in disguise for our RGB enthusiasts. ROG Strix AIO CPU coolers are also a vital part of gaming systems.

Having dimensions of 15.5 × 4.8 × 0.98 inches, it is compatible with various computers. It is also not so heavy and easy to lift with only a weight of 5.83 pounds.

Carefully considering their customer’s needs, the ASUS brand also comes up with the idea of a USB cable. With the help of a USB cable, you can control the performance of different software.

The accessory pack of ASUS AIO CPU contains all the vital tools like screws and brackets. These tools are gravely helpful for fitting these coolers on the motherboard.

These AIO CPU coolers, like the other products of the Strix LC series, contain the closed-loop Design, but they are more competitive due to their addressable RGB radiator fans, which will control the static pressure.

2. ID-Cooling Aura Flow Snow CPU Cooler

ID-Cooling Aura Flow Snow CPU Cooler

There are two types of CPU coolers. One which uses air to remove the heat from the processor. And others that have the liquid as a cooling material in their system. So this brand CPU cooler uses water cooling.

It can easily bear the heavy games installed in the computer due to its water-cooling technology. So, it is the best partner of the gamers.

It has three PWM RGB fans of size three × 120mm. It controls the airflow and static pressure with its improved technology. These fans run at maximum speed. And these are some of the fastest of their kind.

It has the blessing of having a complimentary design with its sleek borders and beautiful different light colors. It will give a very beautiful look to your room. 

To make it extra durable, ID-COOLING gave it the best high technology sleeved tubing. And this tubing will make a closed-loop design. 

Our three RGB fans during their processing give us a blast of colors. And these colors can be made adjustable with our PC build.

It has one of the best heat dissipating systems. Because these three RGB fans gave us very high-quality performances. So, these ID-Cooling Auraflow Snow CPU coolers are compatible with extreme CPU cooling. 

Some motherboards of the computers are not equipped with RGB technology. So, the company provides wired RGB controllers for these motherboards. Hence, in this way, these motherboards can adjust the lighting effects.

These CPU coolers contain very powerful cooling pumps. By adjusting, RGB LED present on the head of these cooling pumps can be synced with motherboards.

3. Corsair RGB PRO Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair RGB PRO Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair RGB CPU cooler has a high-quality cold plate and cold plate. In their performance, cold plates and pumps cannot be compared with CPU coolers of any other company because they give very high performance and coordinate the airflow of our system with much efficiency.

The Corsair CPU cooler has three ML120 PMW fans to provide extreme CPU cooling during the load. These fans run on 400-2400 RMP per fan while they are operating cooling. They also give us low-noise performance. So, you would not get irritated with its noise during working or gaming.

To expand the life of your PC and also for the efficiency of your processor, these RGB fans of the Corsair CPU cooler are improved with magnetic levitation. This magnetic levitation will enable your CPU cooler to cope with conditions that have to provide extreme cooling.

The Corsair RGB CPU cooler also provides us customizable lighting effects to match our build. These effects are only possible due to the presence of 16 addressable RGB LED lights. Its head also shines brightly and looks stunning.

When the temperature is low, and there is zero RMP. Then these fans can stop working. In this way, you can save your ear from the noise of the fans when they are not in operation. Also, it means they can shut themselves off when their cooling is not required.

You have the power to synchronize the coolers’ RGB lighting with all other compatible devices of your build like monitor, addressable fans, coolant temperature, and pump. And you can control all these devices with a single interface.  

4. NZXT Kraken 360mm CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken 360mm CPU Liquid Cooler

Kraken CPU liquid cooler uses water for the improved airflow and dissipates heat away from your processing unit as a liquid is also mentioned in its name. Kraken CPU coolers must be a vital part of your processing unit. It also comes at affordable prices.

Stunning Design contains many feasible features like a re-designed cap and a larger LED with an infinity mirror ring. It comes in the great fitting means it can easily get fit on your motherboard due to its adjustable orientation. It can also be fitted in such a way that its logo would not get covered.

Compared with other CPU coolers, the Kraken CPU liquid cooler is bigger and brighter because it is equipped with 10% bigger RGB LED lights. In addition, its infinity mirror cap provides us with more colorful and beautiful lighting effects. With its help, your build will be a very eye-catching piece of mechanical engineering.

Many CPU coolers give us cooling effects during extreme load, but the Kraken CPU cooler is slightly different from them. It gives us outstanding performance due to its Aer P radiator fans in the adverse conditions of load. That’s why the Kraken CPU cooler is one of the best kinds.

It contains rubber tubing, which provides flexibility to its structure. This rubber tubing can be supported with simple nylon mesh sleeves. This rubber tubing also provides us durability. So the installation of the Kraken CPU cooler is very simple, and you can easily save yourself from mishandling.

Kraken CPU cooler has the technology of CAM, which can easily control the system. CAM also contains many controls which look sophisticated and also have many user-friendly interfaces. You can also control your system very precisely with the help of its sophisticated controllers.

5. Cooler Master 360R ARGB CPU Cooler

Cooler Master 360R ARGB CPU Cooler

Cooler Master CPU cooler resists a wide variety of chemicals and cannot respond to moisture due to its Polyphenylene sulfide and tempered glass fiber. Its pump is very light in size and resists corrosion and oxidation. So, these are some examples of its immense durability.

It is also equipped with a 360mm radiator which has an aluminum coating. Due to the large surface area of the radiator, they are perfect for removing excess heat from the processing unit. They will also improve the airflow in many ways and control the air pressure of the unit also. 

It has amazing features like addressable RGB LED lights, which are present on the pump of the CPU cooler. In addition, you can also use customizable the lights of the radiator fans. These all features can be easily controlled with the Cooler Master software (master plus).

It has rubber tubing, which holds the liquid material to its original position in the cooler. Underneath the sleek black sleeves, sleeved FEP material is present. This sleeved FEP material performs a variety of different functions. This rubber tubing is the secret of its durable yet flexible nature.

It contains black sleeves with sleek edges, so overall, it gives us a premium look. The exterior of Cooler Master gives a very shiny and bright look also. Furthermore, with its RGB lighting, it provides amazing visual lighting effects which will open your eyes.

You can customize your colors in the Cooler Master CPU cooler even if you do not have the RGB-equipped motherboard. It means you can have the lighting effects without the RGB technology, which is fascinating. It also comes with the addressable RGB; many different controllers and other items like splitter are also included.

6. Thermaltake TH360 ARGB CPU Cooler

Thermaltake TH360 ARGB CPU Cooler

Its controller promises eight-light colors and seven different modes, so we can easily change the lights and its mode according to our mood swings. It also offers MSI Mystic light sync, Gigabyte RGB fusion, Asrock polychrome, and customized lighting of the fan and pump.

It is based on very high-quality technology like ARGB. So, it also contains ARGB radiator fans and ARGB pump heads, which also have rings of LED lighting. Moreover, it is very compatible with other CPU devices like motherboards, so it can easily synchronize the motherboard and can also be controlled via motherboard software.

Waterblock of Thermaltake is square, and it also works with great efficiency. It also has a copper base plate which gives us very high performance, and due to its copper metal, it is one of the best CPU coolers in heat conductivity. In addition, its square shape design makes it very unique as compared to other CPU coolers.

It bears large 360mm radiators, which give us quality performance. As their size is also bigger, they have a large surface area. As we also know, radiators with a large surface area dissipate the heat quickly from your processing unit. So the 360mm radiators of the Thermaltake TH360 CPU cooler also dissipate the heat readily.

As we know, it uses water as its coolant. So during the process of heat dissipation, every CPU cooler also loses its coolant at a very slow rate. But in our ARGB CPU cooler, there is no requirement to refill the coolant because its durability decreases the loss of coolant. And also, its exceptional tubing system provides it high flexibility. 

7. Deepcool Captain RGB White AIO CPU Cooler

Deepcool Captain RGB White AIO CPU Cooler

These pumps are working very efficiently at the time. These pumps are very reliable and powerful. Pumps readily circulate the water in the CPU to remove the heat away from the processing unit. Their copper plates remain cool due to the continuous water circulation, which cools down the temperature of your processing system. These pumps have strips of LED lights. They give very beautifully visual lighting effects.

In this CPU cooler, you would mess with installing different things like thermal compounds, cables, and brackets. Because the thermal compound is pre-applied to save you from other complications of installation. Its copper base plate has a large surface area, which gives us excellent heat conductivity.

Deepcool Captain RGB CPU cooler also has an amazing feature like fins. These fins are made of high-density aluminum. As we know, aluminum readily cools down and also dissipates the heat at a very high rate. Radiators work quite well in the presence of high air pressure. Unique TF120 fans have a double blade, which offers very high air pressure.

Deepcool Captain CPU cooler can be controlled by the software installed on the motherboard of the processing unit. They can also be controlled by the manual controllers present on the cables. To provide astonishing lighting effects, it is also equipped with two RGB lighting strips.

It is unique concerning other CPU coolers in many ways. As we also know, it comes with a pre-applied thermal compound, and the most important thing is that the pump head is easily moveable. It means you can easily adjust the positioning of the pump head, or you can move it in many directions. So, it is an example of an easy setup.

Best 360mm AIO Coolers Buying Guide: 

During the buying of AIO CPU coolers for your processing unit, you need to consider the following points carefully:

Radiator Fans: Quality and quantity of radiator fans in the essence of the CPU cooler. So, before buying, you should focus on the quality of radiator fans and check the speed at which they work.

Size and Weight: CPU coolers must be the best fit in the heart of your pc. Its size should be according to your processing unit. And it must not weigh as heavier. It must be light in weight.

Cooling Material: The function of the CPU cooler is to lower down the temperature of your processing unit. Hence it used different cooling materials. Some use air as their coolant, while others choose liquid coolant. In comparison, liquid coolant works better than air coolant. So, AIO( all in one variety) CPU coolers use liquid cooling to give the best performance compared with other CPU coolers.

Noise: If your ears are very sensitive, you must check the buying guide of that CPU cooler and how many decibels it produces. As we know, those CPU coolers which give high performance also produce greater noise. So it would help if you wisely chose the CPU cooler, which has less noise and works perfectly.

RGB lighting: RGB lighting is very necessary for giving aesthetic looks to your overall build. So carefully study all the modes, and the colors your CPU cooler offers before buying. Also, check whether your pump head has the LED lights that can synchronize with other compatible devices.

Controller: Different CPU coolers have different types of controllers. Some CPU coolers have their manual controllers present on their cables from where you can change the LED lights and their different modes. But some CPU coolers can be controlled with the supporting software present on the motherboard.

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