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Is Remnant From The Ashes Crossplay? (Steam Epic, PS4, PS5, PC, XBOX, Switch)

Are you an enjoyer of the soul like shooter Remnant from the ashes and do want to know if this game is capable of Cross-Platform or not? Then we are happily telling you that you are at the right place. In this blog we will answer your query Is Remnant From The Ashes Crossplay? Excited? Without delay let’s get started, stay with us!

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Is Remnant From The Ashes Crossplay?

Yes, Remnant: From the Ashes is Cross-Platform and is also available on Steam Epic, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

Hard to believe it’s been years since Remnant From the Ashes  launched. This is such an amazing game and its popularity is increasing with the passage of time. Remnant from the ashes, is award winning game, that received many awards including “Best Expansion” by HardcoreGamer, “My Favourite Gaming Thing I Paid for in 2020” by EGM, 10 Best Video Game DLCs of 2020” by GameRant, “Best Games of 2020” list by JeuxVideo24. All the credit goes to the player because they made this game a success. 

From the Ashes places you can go into the world like you are in hell. Monsters have scoured the land and roots are taken over and taking you to the most fearful place where you have limited resources but the things are changing constantly and rapidly. In this situation, what you all have, your gun, you need to rely on your gun. 

But yes you can take your reliable friend with you on this world’s adventure trip and will help you and assist you in survival. But now the question is, whether you are able to get help from your friend and enjoy the game or not. To play with your friend, your game must have the capability of cross play. Read more and get the answer to your question. 

Remnant: from the ashes do not have capability of cross play so you can not play with your friends. No, this is not the complete answer, you can play but with limitations, because there are limited platforms on which this feature is available. Below we will tell you in detail. You have to be specific about the platform and only can play with the gamers that are on the same platform.

Do you have a Xbox series X and S or PS 5 and want to play your Remnant on it? Here is an update for you. First, the update of visual and performance is available on the consoles. You can upgrade it in 2 forms, you just go the visual route and increase the resolution to 4K at 30 frames per second.

And the alternative way is you can enjoy the game at 1080p resolution and 60 fps frame rate. But these both methods give you benefit in the form of reduction in load time. And the good news is, you can update it without cost. 

We can include Remnant: from the ashes in the list of most enjoyable role playing video games that support co-op. And this is a little more linear comparison between today ‘s famous online games. 

While playing with your buddy, flight monsters, completion of side quests or any other exploration of the game’s world. Not to mention, the game has 3 different playable classes for better game play. One is long range, second is short range and the last is balanced. These 3 cover the battlefield in a better and different way, so you enjoy your favourite game with each in your lobby. 

When you want to play multiplayer, a big question appears in your mind whether your favourite game supports cross play functionalities or not. Because no one will invest in a different platform just to play an online game with others. And also do not want to buy the same game on the other platform, if a game is not capable of cross play then a heavy investment requires just to play with friends. 

With the innovation in the technology world, it’s common now to play online games with each other, regardless of which platform you and your friends are using, but you all have the same game and it’s version, that is all you need to enjoy the game.

Before answering your question, let’s talk about these terminologies, because there might be some people who are unaware about it. Do not worry we are here to help you. You will have 3 types of cross function in the game. Cross play is the first one that allows you to play the same game with your friends regardless what platform they are using. 

For example, if you are playing Remnant on your PS 4 then you can play with your friend who is on another platform like PC or Xbox, but you both have the same and latest version of the remnant. 

The other most common term is cross function, this is cross progression, that means you have the same progress on every platform if you are using the same login on each platform. Like, if you are at 30th level on your PC and then you logged in  on a PS 4, you are able to continue your game from the 30th level. 

The last one is cross generation multiplayer. It refers if you both do not have the same brand of your gadget but are still able to play on the same console ecosystem. For example if you are on PS 4 and your friend has PS 5, but still you can enjoy the same game with each other. 

So, come to our main question: is Remnant the ashes crossplay? Lets give you the answer and clear your confusions.  Your favourite game Remannat: from the Ashes available on multiple platforms such as; PC, Xbox one, Playstation 4, PS 5 and Xbox series X and S. 

So here is good news for you that Remnant: from the Ashes has cross play capability but this functionality is a bit limited. You can only enjoy multiplayer in Remnant: from the ashes from the ashes between Xbox One, PC and Xbox series X and S. 

It means you are able to play this game with your buddies as long as they are using a copy from the microsoft ecosystem, like Xbox store, Xbox game pass both console and PC and Windows store. 

But unfortunately, you are not able to play this game with users across playstation, PC or Xbox. Also you can not play between Epic games, steam and Microsoft store versions. 

Furthermore, Remnant: from the ashes supports cross generation multiplayer that enables you to play with your friend who is using playstation 4 while you are on PS5. And similarly Xbox one players are able to play with Xbox series X and S users easily. 

So, you are able to enjoy your favourite game with your buddies or siblings but with limitations. And we are not sure if the developer will give a full fledged cross play feature to their user in Remnant: from the ashes later or not. But according to the experts and gaming journalists this is the most demanding feature from the gamer and it’s always on the table so there are higher chances that the developer has to accept it and develop in this game. 

And that is all about is remnant: from the ashes cross play, hopefully this blog post helped you and cleared your query in the best way, stay with us and check out our articles they are also help you regarding another gaming issue. Thanks for reading! 

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