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Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Platform (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Cross-play)

Are you a gamer and you love to play your favorite video games with your family member or best buddy? And as a fan of such kinds of games are you looking to know is Human: Fall Flat cross platform?  If you have played Fall Flat ever before you must know how entertaining it is. In fact if we say playing these types of titles in co-op mode, it doubles its joy, it would not be wrong. 

You have the ability to play with your family members and friends if you both have devices with the same platforms. But what if you and your buddies are not users of the same platforms? In this situation cross platform compatibility saves you, we are here to provide you with a helpful article. Scroll down to keep reading and get a complete answer to your query. In this article we will clarify in detail whether the Fall Flat game is cross platform or not!

A puzzle platformer is actually pretty much as compared to what this term indicates. It is a blend of 2 video game genres that are platform games and puzzle games. Puzzle platformers bring much more on your table by mixing the fluidity of platformers, puzzles’ mind-stimulating challenges and most importantly the engaging movement. In the past, if you have played puzzle games then chances are higher that you will like human: Fall Flat as well.

Is Human: Fall Flat Cross-Platform

After knowing such information about this game, you got more excited and courteous for this game for sure.  Now come to your question which is Is Human: Fall Flat Cross-Platform? As per recent updates the good news is that the developers have added some cross platform compatibility in the game. Scroll down to know exactly how much cross platform flexibility is offered by multiplayer mode.

The answer to your required query is Yes! The human: Fall Flat puzzle game is cross-platform but only between Xbox and PC. This states that players who are playing Xbox or PC can enjoy the game with each other by using multiplayer mode. Let’s check out cross platform compatibility between other platforms. 

Is Human: Fall Flat Game Cross-Platform Between PS4/PS5 And PC?

No, this game is not cross-platform compatible between PS4/PS5 and PC. Which means that players that are using platforms can play individually. However they can not play together which means the multilayer mode is not available for them. 

Is Human: Fall Flat Cross-Platform PS4 And Xbox One?

Human: Fall Flat is not cross-platform compatible between PS4 and Xbox One. This implies that users can not interact with each other while playing Fall Flat on these gaming platforms but still they can enjoy this game separately. 

Players of Fall Flat who use Xbox One and PS4 can not match together to enjoy Human: Fall Flat. This is just because Fall Flat is not completely a cross platform supportive game. 

Is Fall Flat Cross-Platform Between PS4 And PS5?

A good news for the players of this game is yes, Fall Flat is a cross-platform compatible game between PS4 and PS5. Which refers that if you have a PS4 and your friend is using a PS5, you both can play a match together. 

At top of all, this statement breaks the stereotype that PS5 and PS4 both do not support cross-platform capabilities. Now, we have cleared that PS4 and PS5 are cross platform in the case of Human: Fall Flat.

Is Human: Fall Flat Cross-Platform Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S?

So the answer to your question Human: Fall Flat is cross-platform between Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One is yes. If you play this game on your Xbox One device and your friends or family members use Xbox Series X/S. Still you both can play together.

This sounds great news for those who are worried about the cross-platform compatibilities of this game. Human: Fall Flat, supports cross platform, the users of these platforms can play this game individually and together too. 

Is Human: Fall Flat Cross-Platform Nintendo Switch And PS5?

The answer of compatibility of cross platform of this game between PS5 and Nintendo Switch is no. The Fall Flat does not cross platform for these platforms. This means that if someone plays this game on PS5 and his friend is using a Nintendo Switch they both can not play together. 

Is Human: Fall Flat Cross-Platform PC And Mobile?

No, this puzzle game is not cross-platform compatible between Mobile and PC. So, it  restricts the interaction of users of mobile and computer systems. They both can not play this game together by using their device. But they both can match this game individually. The developers are not making it fully cross platform compatible due to security issues or a weak player can be a reason too. 

On Which Devices Can Human: Fall Flat Play On?

There are many gadgets that you can utilize to play Human: Fall Flat that are:

  • Windows 10 through Steam
  • macOS through Steam
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Cloud Gaming through Stadia
  • Android through Google Play Store
  • iOS through Apple Store

Benefits Of Cross Platform Gaming

There are several benefits of cross-platform compatibility including:

  • Cuts down requirement of time to complete the level
  • Less effort needed to solve the puzzle
  • Allows users to connect with each even while using a different console or system
  • reduce matchmaking times
  • Lead to engaged community

What Is Cross Platform Gaming?

You know that there is a diverse range of  platforms for gaming available and cloud gaming is getting popular. That is the reason the developers of video games have started prioritizing cross-platform gameplay. Titles which are cross platform enable players to play together who are using different devices.

The term Cross-platform compatibility of video games refers to the ability of the online games to be playable on more than one platform. The gaming industry contains tons of games that support cross-platform gaming, and allows the players to play with each other even by using different gaming systems. They can do this by using the multiplayer mode of the game.

The best advantage of such cross platform games is especially for those users who want to enjoy their favorite game together. However they both are users of different gaming platforms. So if you really desire to try out Fall Flat with your best friend or family member. You must check out its supported platforms. 

Human: Fall Flat

This is a video game, a kind of puzzle platform in a third-person perspective. In this game players will control a customizable human. Huma: Fall Flat consists of physics driven gameplay and its graphics are in cartoon style. Human: Fall Flat is the most delighted game in online riddle games. 

This game was nominated in Independent Game Developers Association Awards and won the Best easygoing Game Award. Takes a short time of playing such that each level can be completed within 30 minutes. Probably this happens due to its simplicity, unless you does not choose not to end the level. In this game, it is a bit easy to die and keep in mind, continues or retries are not allowed. 

The range of puzzles of Fall Flat is sometimes calming and a bit frustrating too. You can jump and try to solve the level in several different ways. However this processor takes too much time for completion that can be frustrating. 

However, we can not exactly determine how difficult it is, even sometimes it even seems impossible to solve the level. If you love to take challenges like puzzles of games and you have the ability to tolerate their difficulty. Then Human: Fall Flat is a game of your choice. You can download and install it on your device from Play Store and Apple Store. Keep in mind it is not available for free of cost you need pay 4.99 dollars to download it. 

But if you can not face this kind of difficulties and also they do not provide proper instruction. If these factors are not of your choice then this game can frustrate you and also this situation makes you give up. We recommend you do  not play it, because it can disturb you mentally. 

Human: Fall Flat is just similar to a roller coaster with interesting ups and downs. To complete your required level you must figure out how you can solve the puzzle first. We can compare this game to Surgeon Simulator but with some twists. Keep visiting their official website to know the latest news. 


We can say in a universe of skimming dreamscapes Human: Fall Flat is a cheerful physical science platformer set and entertaining game. Each fantasy level provides another climate that you want to explore such as: 

  • Chateaus palaces
  • Aztec undertakings 
  • Frigid mountains
  • Ghostly nightscapes
  • Modern areas

This puzzle game is developed by Tomas Sakalauskas but it is published by another company named Curve Digital. Initially in July 2016 it was released only for 

  • Microsoft 
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • macOS

However in several years received ports for other platforms too such as:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Google Stadia
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Android 
  • iOS 

This game received mixed ratings and reviews from the players. But they praised the comedic animations and replayability of the puzzles. With the passage of time its popularity is growing and becoming one of the best selling online video games. As of July 2021, more than 30 million copies of Human: Fall Flat have been sold out.

How Many Levels Does Human: Fall Flat Have?

Human: Fall Flat boasted 19 levels in total as of March 2022, but the developers are increasing its number of levels with passage of time. They have officially announced that in the future they will launch more levels in the game. And the good news for the players is they can play all those new levels at no extra charges.

This game is a bit more about the spectacle and there are no timers or a single way to complete. In a difficult situation a co-player can be very helpful. You both can tackle the situation easily and in a better way as compared to solo playing. The most difficult levels are:

  • Aztec
  • Water 
  • Forest
  • Ice

How To Play Human: Fall Flat In Multiplayer Mode

You can start it by following some simple steps that are mentioned below. First of all it is necessary to have the game on your device. So for the multiplayer gaming mode steps are:

  • Click on Start Human: Fall Flat on your device
  • Go to Main Menu
  • Select “Play”
  • Go to Play Game Menu, 
  • Click on “Multiplayer”
  • Go to Multiplayer Menu
  • Select “Host Game”
  • Click on Game Settings Menu, options for the number of players will appear on your screen
  • Select Level 

The levels of the games will unlock one by one, which means after the completion of one level, the other level will be unlocked to play. If you set your game settings as private then your friends can invite you to play with each other. 

Pros and Cons Of Human: Fall Flat

This puzzle game is quite good for the brain and entertainment, but somehow there are always some pros and cons of everything. Check them out and then make a decision whether you will love to play it or not. Below are its pros and cons!


  • Wonderful aesthetic
  • Solid physics
  • Puzzles stretch your brain
  • Unobtrusive music 
  • Open areas 
  • You can solve a puzzle with multiple solutions


  • Minimal story
  • Longevity
  • Nauseating camera movements
  • Controls unpredictable at times

Wrapping Up

You have read our article, you got so much information about Human: Fall Flat and is it cross platform supporter or not. This game is one of the most selling games and people love to play as a brainstorming activity and to entertain themselves too. Now you know all the possibilities about cross platform compatibility. 

This physics-based puzzle mobile and PC game offers infinite fun. And the joy can  be doubled when you play it with your best friends or family members. When you put effort as a group it helps you to solve various challenges quickly and easily.

But for that you must ensure platform compatibility because currently its restricted cross platform compatibility feels extremely limiting. Let’s hope that the developers add full cross platform compatibility and support in the human: Fall Flat.


Let’s check out some questions that are asked frequently about Human: Fall Flat

Is Human Fall Flat a Multiplayer Game?

Yes, it offers multiplayer gaming mode and allows up to 8 players.

Can we Talk in Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, like the other multiplier games you can talk to your friends in this game too. 

​Is Human Fall Flat cross progression?

No, this game is not cross progression that means human:Fall Flat does not allow cross save between dissimilar platforms. 


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