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How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley (Simple and Easy Steps)

Are you interested in playing your favorite game and wanting to know how to get Clay in Stardew Valley? Stay with us we are going to tell you all the ways from where you can have clay and improve your gameplay.

This is a role playing game that is popular among creative gamers. Developed by Eric ” ConcernedApe ” Barone for the very first time it is compatible only with Microsoft Windows. Its first version was available in February 2016. 

Compatible platforms

For the first time after almost 4 years of closed development it was available on Windows PC in February 2016. Then on 29 July 2016 a free update on Linux and macOS was released.

Stardew Valley was launched in December 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, at Switch it can be played in October 2017. And for the  US and Europe gamers it was available in May 2018. The mobile version also released, Android and iOS both platforms are supported for this game.

How it Play

This is an open-ended game and enables the players to do activities. The following activities they can perform: mining and foraging, growing crops, raising livestock, and selling produce. Also they socialize with the people of towns and they have the ability to marry and have children too. 

Best thing about this game is that it allows players to play online together with up to 3 other members. The developer was heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon series that is why he launched it by himself over 4 years. 

Stardew valley is one of the farming simulation games that is a well known name of the gaming world. In this game first of all in the game players select a character. Then that person becomes the recipient of a piece of land. 

Also they will have a small house which was once owned by their grandfather. Which is situated in a small area which is known as Pelican Town. There are several different farms and the players may select a type of farm according to their choice. Each farm is designed with a unique theme and has some benefits and drawbacks. 

But at the start of the game the farmland is initially overrun with some rough stuff such as; stumps, boulders, weeds and trees. Players have to work to clear them, they restart the farm to generate revenue. With that revenue they will expand the buildings and facilities of the farm.

The gamers allow a calendar according to which each year has 4 months of 28 days. These months represent each season, and this refers to which crops will be grown  and which activities will be beneficial.

Later, players will restore a greenhouse and an island where they will grow any crop regardless of the season. Excited! To play this game but need Clay for crafting items and thinking about what is the fastest way to get clay in Stardew Valley. Below we will solve all your queries related to how to get clay in Stardew Valley.


Clay is the most useful resource that you have to find in Stardew Valley. Because with the clay you will craft items for your farm or home. In the game just like other resources you need to work to find the clay by using several tools.

In Stardew Valley there are various resources which seem unnecessary until you know in which recipes they are used in. One of them is Clay and you think there is no use of clay. But once the uses of clay are unlocked you want to get and it seems is not available anywhere. 

In this game clay is such a rare ingredient and it is very tough to find it.  Clint Robin both do not sell it; the only way to get Clay is to find out in the wild. Before knowing its uses and where to get it let’s discuss why it is a rare resource. Keep in mind that Clay is an essential resource in this game. That you require on your farm in the process of retaining soil, garden pots and brick floors. 

Also on your farm you will use it for making Fish Ponds, and for building a Silo. In Stardew Valley Clay is an important ingredient that is used a lot to make different recipes. Hence it is very crucial to know the way that determines how to get it. 

As we all know Clay is a natural resource that is why you can not buy or make it. The only way to get it is to find it and the best process to obtain it is to dig the ground. In the Stardew Valley may you ever notice the ground worms in a few patches of the dirt. 

They are not just to show in fact the indication for the player that particular patch is having something good underneath. May there be lost books, artifacts or seeds, these all items are useful. Keep in mind that it’s your farm and you can not be limited to your own place. 

You have the right to hoe the ground anywhere even on the beach as it is the most common place for worms. Higher chances to find worms are in winters because when they come out due to cold. There are more chances because of the cold they come out of. Also  while mining you can get clay in geodes. 

When you open them up at the blacksmith you can obtain clay. For getting the Clay there are 5 basic ways although some of them are far more reliable and frequent than others. Clay can be obtained through digging dirt,  Artifact Spots or sand by mining Clay Nodes at the Ginger Island Dig Site, or from cracking open Geodes. 

The last way is you may receive it as a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star from Jas or Vincent . To know what is the fastest way to get clay in stardew valley. Read more!

How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley

  1. Dig dirt
  2. Dig sand
  3. Dig Artifact spots
  4. Crack Geodes
  5. Receive it as a gift

How to dig in Stardew Valley as you know you can dig dirt and sand you need to use your hoe to dig in them. There is always a chance you will find clay and revealing items while digging the sand and dirt patches.

1- Dig Dirt

One of the most common ways is to dig up dirt, using a hoe to dig up such a place on your farm which is not used for plants. Just wander around there and start digging freely. There is a possibility of randomly receiving a piece of clay but it is relatively rare. 

2- Dig Sand

Another way to find Clay is Digging up sand, you will see a few patches of sand in your farm. Take your hoe and use it to dig up the sand, while digging you can obtain some Clay and can craft with the help of Clay. 

3- Dig Artifact Spots

Digging Up Artifact Spots is such a way to find some Clay. In Stardew Valley you have Artifact spots just to hoe to dig up these Artifact Spots. Wiggly worm-like growths can be found around Pelican Town. 

You should give notice to them because they mark artifact spots for you. Dig them and get Clay as the reward. Even if you did not find Clay still it is worth it. Because you can find books, rare types of Ore  and artifacts.

4- Crack Geodes

Another way to get some Clay in Stardew Valley is to open Ginger Island. On this Island, you are able to mine special things which are called Geodes with your Pickaxe. Opening Up Geodes can be the best method to obtain the Clay in the Stardew Valley. 

When you explore levels of mines from 1 to 39 you will receive Geodes. But the standard Geodes are only purposeful for you instead of the Frozen, Magma, or Omni Geodes. You will obtain these Geodes at the lower levels of the Mines. After receiving Geode you have to go to the blacksmith, Clint. 

Their shop comes across the bridge in the east of town and it opens from 9am to 4pm. The cost is 25 gold pieces to open a Geode after cracking it you will get some Clay.  But more likely to have Crystal or Ore by open Geodes. 

5- Gift

The final way to get the Clay in this game is the most fleeting process. You may receive Clay as a gift during the Feast of the Winter Star but if you paired up with Jas or Vincent. It only happens in the main town on the 25th of the Winter and timing is from 9 am to 2 pm. 

But it is a limited opportunity of getting Clay so you can take it as a substantial way because it can disappoint you. However it is a good hope to obtain the Clay. 


The digging process is a worthy way for getting clay in the Mines, as this is an additionally produced Cave Carrots. To help you to save your time for digging a tip of you. Bombs or other explosives that you can also find in the games can be use to dig the dirt or sand faster.


Due to its interesting activities this is one of the most played games of choice for every gamer. While playing use the above mentioned ways and get Clay. Stardew Valley is an open ended game so craft anything with the clay. Enjoy your gameplay!


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