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10 Apps Like Wonolo (Alternatives of Job Apps Like Wonolo)

Let’s find out what are the best alternatives of on demand jobs Apps Like Wonolo for Android and iOS.

If you are really fed up with wasting your precious time on traditional job hunts? You are not alone. On-demand jobs apps are quite better for the freelance workforce of the modern era. But getting the right match job for you is very tricky due to your hectic routine. 

Nowadays you are lucky enough if you found your ideal job because an on-demand job is a real challenge. We understand your time is valuable, do not spend hours to find the proper position for yourself. There is a sharp decline in the job market in recent years as employers want more efficient ways to get their required position. The traditional way of job search is no longer attractive. 


With the recent improvement in AI, people are searching: Is there another app like Wonolo? Wonolo is an on-demand staffing marketplace that helps workers to search work ranging from delivery to administration. Also there are more opportunities for event staffing, merchandising, warehouses, and general labor. 


The process of finding a job is the clients post jobs on the Wonolo marketplace. Then the workers review those positions and go for one that is according to their choice.  Although they have most entry level jobs and are not highly paid. But still Wonolo pledges to ensure all its workers a “living wage.”

Wonolo is a mobile app that gives you the opportunity to find and do work whenever and wherever you want to. The best thing is you do not need to set schedules you can do when you are available. You want to know if Wonolo is worth it, yes because they solved your problem of finding work as per your choice. 


  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Have a smartphone and access of Wonolo
  • Must live in United States of America
  • For the record of company must have Government ID proof
  • Criminal record must be clear 

Wonolo serving the people many cities: including 

  • Phoenix
  • Chicago
  • Indiana
  • Boston
  • New Jersey  
  • New York  
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Dallas
  • Washington

How to join Wonolo

  • Install Wonolo App on your smartphone
  • Open it and click on get started
  • Fill your details e.g name, Email ID, password and other
  • Verify your account via your phone number
  • You are signed up after follow these steps 

Do you think: is Wonolo a legit site? 

Yes it is a legit site that helps the Gig economy that enables  people to work with flexible times. And it is their wish to perform duty as a part or full time job.


  • You can easily find local jobs
  • You have a variety of jobs
  • Flexible working hours
  • Easy hiring process
  • Do not pay to apply for a job 


  • Reach to the limited cities
  • Do not provide a permanent job
  • Some workers have reported payment delays
  • Pay less as compared to the other platforms

List of 10 Best Apps Like Wonolo

  1. Instawork
  2. Qwick
  3. TaskRabbit
  4. JiffyOnDemand
  5. Bluecrew
  6. WorkMarket          
  7. Jobble
  9. Snagajob
  10. Upshift

Fortunately, some other platforms offer similar services, you can try them if you are not pleased with Wonolo. So if you are looking to use more apps like wonolo then read this article carefully. Below are some apps that are the best alternative apps of Wonolo. Let’s dive into it!

1. Instawork

Instawork is an excellent alternative to Wonolo, you will find such jobs where you will get a reasonable salary. And also you will have flexibility of working hours. 

You can choose when to work from the following categories:  warehouse, general labor, hospitality, and culinary. Also you can find permanent work that perfectly fits to your schedule. All you do is select shifts, set your working hours and get your salary. 

Requirements are, you have a smartphone and you are at least 18 years or older. Must have experience relevant to your job for which you are applying. Their pay starts from 25 dollars per hour, which is good for a worker.   

2. Qwick

Do you want to work in restaurants, bars or can handle events? Then Qwick will work good for you. This app helps the people to get a quality part time and flexible jobs in the category of food and barrage industry. 

Their pay ranges from 30 dollars per hour, which is a handsome salary. Currently, they are operating in the following cities: San Diego, AZ, Dallas, Huston, Phoenix, TX, New York city, Atlanta, GA, FL, Miami, IL. requirements are having a smartphone and experience. Required a food handlers certification for chefs. 

The best thing is they have a quick payment method, you will get your payment within an hour after the end of your shift. If both parties are one board they encourage to develop permanent relationships. Qwick is compatible with both platforms, Android and IOS. 

3. TaskRabbit

One of the Apps just like Wonolo is TaskRabbit, it is a fantastic App particular for trained professionals but also they serve low skilled workers. They offer work gigs in a wide array of fields. You can have opportunities from delivery services and TV mounting to painting. 

TaskRabbit enables you to set your rate unlike Wonolo, you will have payment in what way you charge. On the homepage of the App you will see the list of cities in which it operates. To work you must be 18 years old or older. Submit any document that verifies your identity and have a bank account. 

In California you must have a business license and a valid social security number. They pay your 100 percent of your rate other than a registration fee of 25 dollars. 

4. JiffyOnDemand

This is a service professional App they allow the skilled workers to post their service then the willing client can hire them. You can make your gig using the following services: Hardware Install, Hanging Pictures and Hooks, Paint Touch Ups, Tiling, Misc, Repairs etc.

The range of their payments from 40 to 85 dollars per hour but they deduct 12 to 18 percent of the commission. The only downside you may face is that lack of availability in several locations. It operates in a handful of cities including Ottawa, Chicago, Boston and Toronto. 

To get a job on JiffyOnDemand Appropriate experience, licenses and Insurance. Also you have a smartphone and all your required tools of the trade. They pay different amounts according to the category of your work and city. You do not get your payment quickly because they only make payments on friday. 

5. Bluecrew

Another good option as Wonolo is Bluecrew, they hire workers and enable them to choose shifts and clients by themselves. The services available are warehouse workers, on-demand delivery and customer services. 

But the salary depends upon your job and shift. Most of them are not  highly paid positions, they pay only 10 to 20 dollars per hour. They conduct an interview to check your background like they give 6 points if you upload a photo and your complete bio on the App. 

You will be rewarded more points if you have liked Bluecrew on Twitter and Facebook. Get 5 points after completing your each shift. Become a Favorite member if any employer gives you a 5 star rating. 

The plus point is they also have a punishment system that will deduct your points. If you do your work later or cancel shifts without notification or even if you misbehave. Also they can fire you anytime due to your lack of performance.        

6. WorkMarket

Another gig economy platform like Wonolo on our list is WorkMarket, they help you to find your job. Unlike the other alternative Apps like Wonolo they offer remote job opportunities. They do not charge a fee for registration but before applying for any job first you need to pay. After completion of your profile, WorkMarket will run a background check and drug test. 

They charge you 20 dollars for a background check and 25 dollars for a drug test, consider this process as a precaution. After becoming a member you will be able to see all the available job opportunities on your dashboard. 

They pay you differently according to Background checks and Drug tests, Test Scores, Scorecard Ratings,  Agreements, Certifications etc. But their range is from 50 dollars to 300 dollars which is considerable. The method of getting payments are direct bank transfer, PayPal, or through the WorkMarket Visa.

7. Jobble

This is an online platform like Wonolo that offers on demand businesses.  

Individuals and businesses are capable of posting work agreements. Then the workers can choose their job as per their convenience, skill and knowledge. This is the first platform of its type that offers globally innovative solutions to provide flexible work agreements to the employers and employees. 

They take stress to give you a perfect work from gig that exactly matches your skill and time. On this platform you can  sort, filter, and compare thousands of jobs according to the salary, location, education requirements. Best of all, they give you altars of new available jobs in your area if you set your location. 


Steady is one of the alternative Apps like Wonolo, very popular to find local cash gigs and remote job opportunities. This is a free App and compatible for both Android and iOS. First of all create your Account, they will ask questions you have to answer them. 

Answers of these questions will lead you to find your required jobs so you do not need to do hustles. According to their website an employee can earn 5500 dollars per year. You have a wide range of jobs including retail, service, manufacturing, and delivery work. 

For finding gig economy jobs click on the extra income tab you will find more flexible work. On Steady you have the best job availability even including remote work, you can try it instead of Wonolo. 

9- Snagajob

This platform is one of the best ways for freelancers to find such companies that hire on demand labor. They service you by offering you several fields such as; warehouse, restaurant, cleaning service, grocery, hospitality and e-commerce. 

Give a try to SnagaJob as an app like Wonolo, it is easy to use and offers you flexible work and working hours solutions. There are a lot of job opportunities in the hotel industry. You can work as a chef, bartender, barista, dishwasher, server etc. 

Snagajob serves the food industry by giving them well trained staff. For the registration you will go through some steps. A perpetrator will contact you for your interview if you are capable then they accept your application. 

You will see work posts according to your profession. They pay you a minimum of 15 dollars per hour. After you did your job you will receive your payment within 24 hours. Snagajob facilitates you to find the nearest job location by using their map. 

10- Upshift

The last platform on our list of Apps like Wonolo is upshift, a trustworthy App to earn money. You will see job opportunities in 4 different categories especially related to hotels and food. Other services are events, fulfillment and distribution, manufacturing and printing. 

Upshift provides a staffing platform to perform your work from professionals. They have highly skilled and qualified staff, you will be satisfied with their performance for sure. For registration you have to clear their test then they will verify you. 

The rate of jobs on this App is 95 percent that is double of industry standard. Upsift is a W-2 staffing App which means they handle everything like staff their timesheets, payroll and benefits. A client can work a maximum 40 per week but time can increase by the employer. 


Do work with your bare hands to earn pride and respect within yourself. Many applications like Wonolo are serving you to provide you with on demand jobs. Opportunity of work is at your door, just use your skill and find a job of your choice. 


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