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10 Best AI Art Generator (App, Free, From Text, Painting, Drawing)

Are you wondering how to make ai generated art? Scroll down to know the best Best AI Art Generator. Popularity of AI is growing day by day because it is used for many purposes. For example Personalized Shopping, AI-powered Assistants, Creating Smart Content, Voice Assistants and so on.

And the latest development in this field is AI art in which you can produce pictures by using cutting edge tools. This is a way to become an artist, you can do like you never before. Procedure of art generated via Artificial Intelligence is more accessible. 


Non-fungible tokens have gotten a lot of traction by creating 24 billion dollars since 2014. And from 2018 AI-generated NFTs became the “next  big thing”. Botto is a robot artist and he designed a collection of AI-generated NFTs.

Recently, he sold out that creation for over 1 million dollars and some of them resemble monet, van Googh and other artists of note. The generated art is completely unique and transcend the limits of creativity beyond the human touch.

What Are AI-Generated Art?

AI-Generated Art, also known as AI-generated NFTs, are such tools and softwares that are used to create NFTs. There are dozens of AI art generators through which you can create original images. And those pictures are based on parameters that are set by the programmer. 

With the help of AI art tools you can speed up the image editing process or can design completely computer-generated art. Are you bored of killing your free time in traditional ways, like listening to music, playing games, watching movies or taking selfies. So if you are bored then it’s time to try something new. You can make stunning and hilarious paintings. How to make ai generated art? Find more about it in this article. 

How Do AI Art Generators Work?

AI Painting Generators allow you to create different types of paintings.  To bring back the renaissance era then you can produce such art work easily. Also you can turn a photo into a cartoon for fun. All you do, just enter keywords or phrases that will determine what you want to create. 

Then an AI art generator analyzes by using algorithms. After that it designs its own unique image for you that is just an interpretation of the original texts given by you. In this way you are able to produce new abstract pieces of art via texts or images. 

How to Choose The Best AI Art Generator

So if you want to know how to make ai generated art. First of all you need to understand how you can choose your required software. As there is a huge variety of best ai art generator apps available. 

You really need to find one which suits you the most. There are also some free air art generators and also a few softwares are paid. All depends upon your requirements. Create as you imagine, keep in mind below mentioned factors before choosing your AI generator.


Your software must be User-friendly especially when you are new to the process. Your chosen app must feature intuitive, beginner-friendly platforms so you can use it easily and generate your original piece of art. 

Editing Capacity

The best AI art creator app must have solid editing. Because few AI art generators only allow basic color grading that is not enough for a Pro artist. Go for an app that others provide full control in terms of image manipulation. That App will be a great option for you. 

Tools and Templates

When deciding your art generator check whether it comes with tools and templates or not. Because they will make your job easier. If you have unlimited tools then you can create borderless art. So it is better to have more than less. 


Watermark is another important factor that you need to look at while deciding your required App. it must apply a watermark on the picture when  you export it. This will ensure that your creation won’t feature someone else’s branding.

List Top AI Art Image Generators

Below is the list of the Best AI Art Generator, you can use to create ai paintings, text to art, images, drawing .

  1. DeepAI
  2. StarryAI
  3. NightCafe Creator
  4. Fotor
  5. Pons.ai
  6. Hotpot.ai
  7. Deep Dream Generator
  8. Dall.E
  9. GoArt
  10. NinjaFT

As you know there are a lot of apps, websites and tools that you can use to generate your creation. Check them out and decide your required AI art generator!

1. DeepAI

If you are looking for the best AI art generator app that is easy to use then you must consider DeepAI. This application is completely free, you do not need to pay money to use it. DeepAI creates art from text, you need to give text or phrase as input. And in the form of output you will have a unique picture that is a scratch of your text. Its interface is simple and straightforward, which is why it is a good option for beginners. 


  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Output is not very accurate 

2. StarryAI

If you want full ownership of the image then you can try StarryAI. The Working of this app is little different as compared to the other AI generators. Because it does not ask users for a text input. Instead of text or phrase it processes images via machine learning algorithms. 

In this way it gives more accurate output, that can make you wonder. Best of all, you have full rights on your generated picture, for use of both personal or commercial. This app recurring fee for the services but if you do not use it anymore. Then you can cancel their services and claim a refund to get back your money. 


  • Completely autonomous
  • Do ask for text input
  • You have full ownership of your creation


  • Recurring fee
  • Not much advanced

3. NightCafe Creator

To produce bulk art the NightCafe Creator is a great option for you. It works by using a neural style transfer technique that is based on AI and machine learning. This app enables you to generate digital art in bulk.

it converts your uploaded image in any art styles chosen by you within the AI NFT app. All you do, just upload a picture, choose any style then let the NightCafe Creator take responsibility for the rest process. Generates hundreds of images simultaneously in high resolution up to 2.2 megapixels.


  • Perfect app to create art in bulk
  • Excellent AI
  • High resolution finish 
  • Compatible with both mobile and desktop
  • Free edition is available


  • After trial of free edition, you need to buy or earn credits at $0.08/credit and $0.20/credit to continue creating.

4. Fotor

Do you want to try an AI art generator that works with minimal effort? Look no further than fotor. Because this will be an ideal choice for you. Features advanced AI tools that generate digital art for you with just a few clicks. 

This is the most user friendly app, just upload a picture, choose your desired art style and you have your piece of art. With a click of button you also can perform Creating layers, brushing up and adding personal touches. 


  • Easy learning curve
  • Create art with a few clicks of buttons 
  • Wide variety of art styles and editing options to choose from
  • No account registration required


  • Poor file management functions

5. Pons.ai

Pons.ai is capable of taking place on AI-powered social marketplace as one of the list of the best AI art generators. AI-powered Amazon and Instagram are considered for celebrity and art NFTs. Also these platforms connect the sellers and buyers of physical art. 

Plus, they provide shipping globally for physical work in an effort to help artists and patrons transition to the digital art world. This app uses “scan and buy” AI vision technology for creating art. They want to empower artists so they can set a sustainable financial career. 

Pons.ai is for physical and NFT art and entertainment products.  With that users can sell, buy and commission physical artworks and culture too.


  • AI-powered NFT generator and social marketplace
  • Use “Scan & Buy” AI vision technology
  • VR studio


  • more focused on selling than creating

6. Hotpot.ai

Hotpot is one of the best AI art generators when it comes to the automated features. This app gives you the ability to produce your art from your imaginations. Also you can customize your produced picture to improve colors, graphic features, and more.

You can take part in the AI art creation even if you fully lack the creative gene. Hotpot.ai allows you to generate unbelievable art combinations of your choice. Best of all, it is easy to use, fast and scalable. Users can create one or mess images in one time. But keep in mind it is a paid application. 


  • Powerful AI technology
  • excellent automation features
  • NFT collection maker
  • Affordable plans starting from $10/month


  • Plans can get pricey, depending on your needs

7. Deep Dream Generator

This is a unique app to create AI art, with this app you are not able to generate one or two but a wide range of styles of pictures including  da Vinci, van Gogh and Munch.

There are Deep Style and Thin Style functions that you can choose from settings. These features allow you to do some improvements in your image such; color preservation, iterations boost, and more. And also you have capability to adjust the image resolution and depth according to your need.

If you want to unleash your “inner Monet” and create impressive paintings then this app will not disappoint you. But keep in mind its free trial is limited to a certain number of uses. That is why to continue use of this app you need to get paid plans that start  at $9/month.


  • beautiful UI
  • Good for generating NFT art paintings
  • Offers many painting and art styles
  • Have a lot of editing features


  • Limited free version
  • Requires registration 

8. Dall.E

Dall.E is an incredible and powerful AI art image generator. Like the other AI generating app, dall.E creates images from text. Automatically, produces images according to the text and phrase that you input. Difference between Dall.E and other apps is the amount of detail it can pack into the images it generates. 

Dall.E is developed by OpenAI, and creates a more detailed picture  than you might imagine. You need to give detailed sentences and descriptions of the types of visual illustrations and it will generate for you.


  • Generates very accurate output
  • Very flexible, fast and efficient
  • End-user monitoring
  • Free content filters
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Success rate depends on exact phrasing
  • Limited usage allow in some countries

9. GoArt

GoArt is one of the best apps that allow you to convert photos into AI NFT art. You can convert your given images into realistic works of art using AI. GoArt uses image classification technology for conversion. 

There are finished products go and GoArt mixes classic techniques that  generate wonderful artistic works. Enables you to export images up to eight megapixels and also give you output with high resolution. But to use premium features you have to purchase them.


  • Converts photos into art instead of text
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Realistic art filters
  • Can export high resolution pictures


  • Have to pay for premium features

10. NinjaFT

NinjaFT mesmerizing images worthy to show at any NYC gallery. The best thing about this app is, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Producing AI art is never easier like this also there are hundreds of templates. 

Creates art fun, with intuitive controls and a lot of different interesting templates. Plus, this app is linked to Binance, and allows the users to trade directly on Binance Chain. Features nice touch, and shows NinjaFT’s commitment that encourages you to more participate to create AI art. 


  • Very easy to use
  • Dozens of templates to choose from
  • Linked to the Binance blockchain


  • Image results aren’t necessarily the best

The Future of AI Art

If we say that the future of AI and art is limitless, it never ends.  You will always be able to create unique and complex creations. Also it is developing more and more with every passing day. In the coming days you will have an AI art generator with a new transformation in the form of advancement. 

Artificial intelligence is blurring the line between real and possible. This will enable you to endure more and more people with your creation produced by Art generators. In future AI will become mainstream and take over the art market.

The Bottom Line

Today, you explored a few of the best AI generators with which you are able to create fantastic art from your texts or pictures. This kind of AI created art is prevalent. So, without any further wait, join an art generator and start your  fantastic journey of becoming a Pro artist. Must try! Much more is on your way that you never even think. 


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