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Best PSU For i5-12600K (650W, 750W, 850W)

The best PSU for i5-12600K is a newly invented power supply unit specially made for intel i5-12600K. It is the most important part of the computer system. It gives power to your computer and enhances its performance. The performance of the computer system depends on the power supply. It plays an essential role for the reliability of the system. 

You should have to be careful when buying a power supply for your rig. The power supply also saves your PC components and controls the voltage supplies to your computer system if something gets wrong with the electricity supply. But if the PSU is not doing this it means that the power supply is not good enough. You have to choose a better power supply.  Now we have discussed the basic features of the power supply and what you look for in it when you need to buy a new PSU. 

You can use a maximum of 750w and a minimum of 600w according to your requirement. We use different power supplies to give power to your computer components. The most important question is how many watts are required for using systems. The more complex and high-range systems need huge power to run. The GPU needs high voltage than the simpler computer system. 

The power supply helps to run electric energy into the computer system. All power supplies that are mentioned below are specially made of the intel i5-12600k, these are all the newly generated power supplies that you can buy according to your processor. The high range processors need a high range power supply. So just go and read about all the products and purchases which you want.

Our recommended list of the Best PSU For i5-12600K

  1. MSI MPG Series A650GF 650W Power Supply (PSU)
  2. Enermax Revolution DF 750W Full-Modular Power Supply
  3. Super Flower Leadex III Gold ARGB Pro 750W Fanless Power Supply
  4. Cooler Master V650 SFX 680W Gold Full Modular
  5. Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA650G Pro 650W Semi-Modular
  6. Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ PSU

1. MSI MPG Series A650GF 650W Power Supply (PSU)

MSI A650GF Power Supply is one of the most worthy choices for your ultra-performance system. The 80 PLUS Gold power supply offers good electrical performance and stable efficiency. It is based on the design of an 80 PLUS Gold certified i5-12600K CPU cooler, features one PCIe x16 port to link the video card to the motherboard. This makes it perfectly compatible with all MSI AMD Radeon R9 270X Radeon HD 7950 Boost Edition R9 290X Graphics Cards.

The MSI A650GF Power Supply (PSU) is a 650 Watt power supply unit designed to match the MSI motherboards for preferable compatibility and performance. MSI A650GF Power Supply (PSU) is equipped with solid capacitors and is finished with a fully-modular design, which makes it very easy to install and maintain.

The MSI A650GF Power Supply is packed with cutting-edge technology, featuring Japanese 105° C capacitors and solid capacitors to ensure the utmost performance. It also features Ultra Silent Fan Control to precisely control fan speed for maximum cooling efficiency. MSI provides motherboards with outstanding protection against the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMI); dedicated protection ICs to prevent microprocessors from being damaged by lightning; and solid-state capacitors that offer superior reliability.

The power supply provides stable power needed to power today’s demanding computers. With its 80 PLUS Gold certification, the power supply is ready to deliver consistent performance for years to come. Designed with a modular cabling system, it offers easy installation and maintenance. For reliable operation, the power supply is tested with rigorous tests. It is made from carefully selected components and undergoes stringent testing procedures. Its unique design with the high-end graphics card and latest technology with high efficiency and long lifespan guarantee a powerful and silent performance.

2. Enermax Revolution DF 750W Full-Modular Power Supply

Introducing the new Enermax Revolution DF 750W – 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU. Based on the award-winning platform, this unit is an ideal power supply for any enthusiast who wants to build a high-performance system. The Revolution DF features smart airflow design, multiple protection circuitries, including OVP/UVP/OVPf/UVPf/SCPand OCP.The 80Plus Gold certification ensures that this unit operates efficiently at full load up to 93% of the rated load, making it suitable for high-end gaming systems.

Enjoy the benefits of higher efficiency with this 80 plus gold-certified power supply. With the D.F. Switch, users will be able to adjust fan speed manually anytime during operation to satisfy different temperature requirements. Define your own silent PC with this fan speed controller (sac) which allows users to activate the dftm function anytime during operation.

Maintaining near-inaudible operation, this fan feature ensures an almost inaudible operation with the flat cables fully connected to the motherboard. A 120mm fan is included with this item, offering optimized airflow for high system performance and energy savings. The Enermax Revolution DF series is 80 plus Gold Certified, Full Modular, and offers stunning performance with extreme reliability.

Combined with Enermax’s expertise in PSU design, this series makes the perfect choice for gamers, overclockers, or any enthusiast. Set to go beyond power requirements, Enermax builds in multiple protection circuits to ensure superior safety and reliability. Users can select the mode based on their current usage, allowing them to enjoy their preferred settings.

Enermax Revolution is the new generation of enthusiast-class power supply from Enermax. It is designed to provide users with a totally silent and efficient power supply while delivering a premium 80+ Gold certified performance. It’s the perfect solution for a full system build, a dedicated mining rig, or a DIY system upgrade.

3. Super Flower Leadex III Gold ARGB Pro 750W Fanless Power Supply

This ECO PSU is a perfect choice for your gaming PC. The ARGB PSU could also be controlled through the motherboard from Gigabyte or MSI with a 5V RGB header. provides high efficiency & stable power output and comes with a 13cm two-way thermal control intelligent cooling fan to ensure your professional. GIGABYTE, the world’s leading motherboard brand, is committed to creating user-centric i5-12600KF motherboards and i5-12600K graphics cards.

Building on 20 years of expertise in the field, GIGABYTE continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the motherboard and graphics card markets. With excellent performance and high-quality components, GIGABYTE motherboards deliver outstanding performance and reliability. With high efficiency & stable power output, the ARGB PSU provides high-quality energy conversion with low noise.

The 13cm two-way thermal control intelligent cooling fan ensures your professional PC system to be in the best condition. The Eco Intelligent design reduces unnecessary power usage & prolongs PSU life. With the unique arc design, the ARGB motherboard is more reliable, durable, and cooler than traditional linear power supply. The Gold V3 uses a dedicated intelligent cooling fan which is designed to add extra cooling performance to the power supply, while it is extremely quiet even in full load mode.

The Gold V3 improves safety through intelligent protection features such as the Over-Current Protection and Over-Voltage Protection. With solid and stable power output and 80PLUS Gold certification, this modular power supply delivers high efficiency and stable power output. The ARGB PSU is a high-quality power supply, which features the most reliable and efficient component at its disposal.

The high-grade AC550V/560W/650W/800W/1000W power is able to achieve a high quality of performance with a higher output. With a 13cm quiet cooling fan, the ARGB PSU supports a lower temperature for a more stable and efficient cooling system. For a full range of RGB lighting, you can use an RGB header to control the RGB light projectors via your motherboard. With the included RGB fan controller program, the ARGB PSU could also be controlled through the motherboard from Gigabyte or MSI with a 5V RGB header.

4. Cooler Master V650 SFX 680W Gold Full Modular

The V650 SFX Gold series PSU was designed to meet the needs of high-end systems. It brings 80 Plus Gold certification. With 80 Plus certification, you can be sure that it can deliver power at the highest efficiency level. With 80 Plus Gold certification, the V650 SFX Gold delivers full power efficiency at up to 92% efficiency at 50 °C. It comes with all necessary components to ensure a low-noise, low-temperature performance that users can rely on to deliver all their computing needs. The V650 SFX Gold is compatible with mini-ITX / microATX / ATX system builds.

Ideal for high-end graphics cards, the V600 SFX Gold offers full modularity and 80+ Gold efficiency without the need to upgrade the PSU. The V600 SFX Gold is compatible with all SFX cases thanks to its combination of 80plus Gold efficiency and modular cables to fit in any case. The thicker 16AWG PCI-e cables allow for higher currents, while the included bracket allows users to securely install the V600 SFX Gold to an ATX motherboard.

This modular PSU features a high-quality 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating and is compatible with SFX and mini-ITX cases. A single 16AWG cable can be plugged into an ATX PSU to provide additional power for an SFX or mini-ITX system build. The V650 SFX Gold has a unique bracket that allows users to install the PSU to an ATX case for more convenient installations. With the included bracket, users can install the VSFX Gold securely to an ATX case. The thicker 16 AWG PCI-e cables allow for higher currents.

5. Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA650G Pro 650W Semi-Modular

Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA650G Pro 650W PSU is the best choice for your power-hungry gaming PCs or high-end systems. With its full modular design, it can be upgraded to 650 watts of continuous power supply. It is 80 PLUS Gold certified to deliver up to 92% energy efficiency to reduce your electricity bill. The Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA650G Pro 650W PSU has a default 120mm silent fan with long lifetime, optimized by Thermal Manager.

It is perfect for the best performance in your gaming rig, workstation, or other high-performance computing needs. The EA650G Pro 650W provides the perfect blend of performance and efficiency for your power-hungry hardware components. at 20%, the EA650G Pro 650W is 80 Plus Gold certified to deliver up to 92% energy efficiency while critical components are under critical loading conditions at 50%, the EA650G Pro 650W is 80 Plus Platinum certified to deliver up to 94% energy efficiency.

Antec has been creating innovative power supplies for over 20 years. Earthwatts Gold EA650G Pro is the best Antec power supply. It is one of the most efficient PSU suites on the market, achieving up to 92% energy efficiency while ensuring reliable performance under all conditions. This PSU uses 80 Plus Gold certified semi-modular cables to get up to 92% efficiency and ist has also supported by RTX 3050 PSU.

Its built-in fan automatically adjusts fan speeds to maintain system temperatures at a reasonable level, while also reducing noise by up to 15%, for silent operation. The 80 PLUS Gold certificate makes it possible for you to save up to 89% of electricity costs while being able to meet all your energy demands.

Fully protected by the Antec Earthwatts Gold Series of components, this power supply provides optimal power delivery to meet your needs. The gold-plated cables extend the life of the power supply and provide superior conductivity for robust power transfer. Built with top-quality components, the EA650G provides efficient protection for your system.

6. Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ PSU

Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ White Certified PSU Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ White Certified PSU is a perfect choice for gamers and high-performance users. It has a single +12V rail design with a continuous power output of up to 70A, which enables non-stop usage with stable and reliable performance. An embedded intelligent cooling fan delivers excellent airflow and low noise.

A high-quality power supply that is guaranteed to deliver a stable power supply for all your high-end PC components. A reliable energy-saving feature allows you to prolong the lifespan of your equipment by up to 24 percent. An embedded intelligent cooling fan distributes heat efficiently and ensures quiet operation. An 80PLUS Gold certified power supply provides a higher level of efficiency for any demanding system.

The Smart 700W power supply gives you a huge capacity to accommodate a wide range of components without compromising performance. It uses the technology of the industry’s top series PSU. This model is capable of delivering stable and reliable performance while still being quiet and this high-performance PSU is also compatible with RTX 3090 Ti PSU.

The Smart PSU delivers ultra-quiet cooling with low operating temperatures. While certification indicates that this model is certified by TUV / RCM to achieve the highest level of power supply efficiency. The TUV / RCM certification is one of the most important certifications that can be obtained for a power supply unit, guaranteeing its quality and exceptional performance.

The Smart features 80 PLUS White certified efficiency for efficient power conversion. The Smart also features an integrated fan with an ultra-quiet design to ensure superb cooling performance. The Smart is suitable for both HTPC and gaming systems. It provides ideal linear power delivery to increase efficiency. Suitable for any configuration, the Smart allows you to build your system exactly according to your needs.

Best i5-12600K Power Supply Buyer Guide

Fan Speed:

First of all, you have to see the fan speed of the power supply. The fan is attached to a PSU with the help of a Molex plug. Mostly, the fans have a second cable for adjusting the speed of the fan. But in case it is not available so you should have to buy a fan controller which controls the speed of the fan.


You must have known about how many voltages are controlled by the power supply. The maximum amount of the voltage which they control is 750W and the minimum voltage in the power supply is 600W.


Affordability is the most important feature in buying any product. So when you buy any power supply you must remember in your mind what your budget is and what your requirements are. You have to buy the most demanded and top-rated product in your budget.


All power supplies utilize inward hotness sinks to assist with taking out the hotness away from the hot gadgets. Tragically, utilizing them adds weight and size, however certain individuals favor these as they can make a superior showing of cooling your gadget than depending on wind current without one. 

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