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Best CPU Cooler For i5-12600K (AIO, Liquid, RGB)

Intel Core i5-12600K is the best cpu for gaming, like the Intel Core i9-12900K, is one of the most popular 12th Gen Alder Lake-S desktop CPUs based on the LGA1700 socket which was launched in late 2021. The Intel Core i5-12600K is an excellent processor for gaming, work, and other tasks. Although the i5-12600K is a 12-core 20-thread CPU, it offers much more. Alder Lake is the first desktop processor to include a hybrid core structure, which combines a number of larger performance cores (P cores) with smaller efficiency cores (E cores).   

Eight P and four E cores are included in the Core i5-12600K. The HyperThreading feature is activated on the P cores, giving them a total of 12 cores and 20 threads. The Alder Lake-S silicon has up to 8 Golden Cove P cores, and 8 Gracemont E cores, with all 8 P cores and 4 out of 8 E cores enabled on the i5-12600K.

So are you looking for a CPU cooler for the Intel Core i5-12600K? We have tested and reviewed the most recent CPU coolers, and here are our top picks for the Intel Core i5-12600K:  

  1. Noctua NH-U12S Redux
  2. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280
  3. Thermaltake Floe RC360 ARGB
  4. Scythe Fuma 2 CPU Air Cooler
  5. Noctua NH-L9x65
  6. Thermaltake TOUGHAIR 110

1. Noctua NH-U12S Redux, High-Performance CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-U12S Redux cooler

Noctua’s NH series coolers have been around for over a decade. Noctua is known for its simple yet extremely functional and tuned air coolers, which typically outperform liquid coolers.  The NH-U12S redux, as the first product off the line, is a sleek, purse-friendly version of the renowned NH-U12S, building itself as a benchmark for thin, highly compatible 120mm CPU coolers. The redux version retains the same tried-and-true heatsink arrangement that ensures 100 percent compatibility with tall i5-12600K RAM modules and great case and PCIe compatibility.

 The heatsink has an award-winning design with seven heat pipes and tuned heat sink fins that significantly improve the cooler’s performance, making it the best overall CPU cooler for i5-12600K.   

With its pitiful design and 45mm gravity, the NH-U12S redux will not overhang the RAM slots on any stage. This provides the user with complete access to the memory modules and guarantees that modules with tall heat-spreaders or RGB lights function properly.

With the optional NA-FK1 fan kit, the NH-U12S redux may be upgraded to include a second fan for even better performance. It arrives with a second NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM fan, anti-vibration pads, fan clips, a y-cable, and Low-Noise Adaptors, giving you a variety of ways to fine-tune the cooler for even more excellent performance and smoother execution.

Noctua’s cooler stands out from the crowd thanks to patented technology and a unique design. It boasts a highly efficient heatsink, improved fan design, optimum airflow, and outstanding acoustics in its best CPU cooler for i5-12600K and it has also Supported by i7-12700K CPU Cooler.

In addition, the SecuFirm 2 mounting kit is compatible with both Intel and AMD processors, and the unique thermal paste enables optimum heat transfer between the cooler and the heatsink. It’s a wonderful cooler for enthusiasts, in our opinion.  

2. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280

The Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 RGB Liquid Cooler advances the machine’s performance by keeping an AMD or Intel processor cool while performing massive work or overclocking.   

Our new 3rd Generation Dual Chamber Pump is built of improved material with industrial qualities for longer use and lifespan. The cooling efficiency and performance of the 280 mm radiator are improved by a 25% increase in interior aluminum fin surface area, as well as the Sickleflow 140 Non-LED fan. For a longer and quieter performance, the Sickleflow Fan features a two-tier anti-dust prevention system.  

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 Mirror features a novel lighting display effect that uses an Infinity mirror to display a rainbow of colors. Although it comes with a wired addressable RGB controller, it is also compatible with the software of all major i5-12600KF motherboard manufacturers.   

The head-turning Infinite Mirror and colorful ARGB pump, now even more compatible with key motherboards, will brighten up your system.

The heat can be dissipated more effectively than ever before with our new housing and impeller while maintaining a chilling stillness. With the tiny Addressable RGB LED controller, you can easily modify the LED colors to match your mood, even if you don’t have an A-RGB motherboard. There are copious lights available to satisfy your lighting requirements. 

Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid ML240L is the most renowned low-priced AIO cooler. This 240mm liquid cooler from Cooler Master is a good choice if you are looking for a low-cost AIO cooler that also looks great in a windowed chassis. Both the fans and the pump cover include customizable RGB illumination. 

3. Thermaltake Floe RC360 All-in-One CPU & Memory Cooler  

Thermaltake Floe RC36 cooler

With three 120mm Riing Plus, an LED water block, RGB fans, the Floe RC360 Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition is regarded as the world’s first 16.8 million color liquid CPU cooler. This cooler series is known for its exceptional performance and high quality. The combination of a big surface radiator and a high-performance water block and pump ensures maximum CPU cooling. Besides, the water block and fans have many addressable LEDs that may be controlled by the Riing Plus RGB Software. Users can also track CPU temperature and check fan performance using the software’s functions. 

The Floe RC is a high-grade all-in-one cooling system that is composed to keep your RAM and CPU cool. The flow design flows via the CPU block, radiator, and memory to improve cooling efficiency and thermal dissipation. The Floe RC is designed to work with motherboards that include a 5V addressable RGB connector, allowing you to control color and lighting effects through software. The Floe RC is a manageable and intuitive all-in-one solution that gives users exceptional cooling achievement. It is exclusively compatible with Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RC memory modules. 

 The flow design is optimized for CPU and RAM cooling, passing via the CPU block, radiator, and memory for maximum cooling efficiency and thermal dissipation. The memory water block has four lighting strips that deliver 16.8 million RGB colors via 36 super-bright addressable LEDs for beautiful RGB illumination. The PWM-controlled fan from Floe RC is designed to create maximum pressure without sacrificing ultra-quiet operation. 

 MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, and ASRock Polychrome are supported symmetrically. Additionally, the Floe RC is compatible with i9-12900K CPU Cooler and motherboards with a 5V addressable RGB header and , permitting you to undeviatingly manage lighting effects. Apart from that, it offers seven preset lighting tones, including wave, full light, flow, ripple, RGB spectrum pulse, and blink, all of which are mild to alter even if your motherboard requires a 5V addressable RGB connection.

4. Scythe Fuma 2 CPU Air Cooler

Scythe Fuma 2 Cooler

The FUMA 2 is a follow-up to the Fuma cooler, with a fresh idea and inspiration. The FUMA 2 employs two Kaze Flex 120 fans with Reserve Airflow to deliver up to fifteen percent greater cooling performance than the previous model.

RAM zoom’s asymmetrical and cutaway design allows for infinite compatibility. Six sintered heat pipes with dual radiators deliver top-tier performance, and a third fan may be added to increase cooling capacity for gamers or overclockers. 

Heat dissipation and airflow efficiency are improved by dual heatsinks and fans with six sintered heat pipes. The overall height of 155mm is compatible with the majority of common computer cases. FUMA2 has advanced to the next level, with a 15 percent improvement in performance to noise ratio.   

It accelerates and improves heat dissipation efficiency with larger heatsink fins. The FUMA2 comes with two Kaze Flex 120mm fans that generate increased airflow and lower RPM, ensuring excellent performance and acoustics.  The FUMA2 has been decorated with a completely new layout, with slanted heat pipes and an asymmetrical design that allows unrestricted use of any memory slot.

With a maximum height of only 155mm, the cooler fits most PC cases. In joining, FUMA2 owns two different thicknesses (25mm & 15mm) fans revolving in opposite directions, gratitude to the afresh created Kaze Flex fan. This results in increased static pressure and consistent airflow, driving the performance to new heights.  

5. Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-L9x65 Cooler

The NH-L9x65 is a more towering, more robust version of Noctua’s award-winning NH-L9 low-profile coolers. The NH-L9x65 is more powerful than its smaller siblings, boasting a 65mm height and four heat pipes instead of two, all while maintaining a 95x95mm footprint that ensures 100 percent RAM and PCIe compatibility on Intel-based ITX mainboards and makes the cooler more comfortable to work with because it does not overhang near-socket connectors.

The NH-L9x65 is notably soundless due to the highly optimized NF-A9x14 premium fan, which offers completely spontaneous speed control through PWM. The NH-L9x65 links everything which buyers demand from Noctua’s advanced coolers into a compact premium solution for space-constrained systems.

The NH-L9x65 is a low-profile quiet cooler with a tiny footprint designed for use in small form factor enclosures and HTPC applications. It gives excellent performance in its class. However, it is not ideal for overclocking and should be used with caution on CPUs with a TDP of more than 95W. 

The PCIe slot on many Intel LGA115x mini-ITX mainboards is located around the 95x95mm socket zone. While larger coolers that exceed this zone may block the PCIe slot, the NH-95x95mm L9x65’s dimension allows for complete PCIe card compatibility. The NH-L9x65 has a footprint of 95x95mm, which is identical to the Intel LGA115x socket keep-out zone. This means it won’t interfere with chipset coolers and won’t obstruct RAM slots, allowing it to work with tall memory modules.

6. Thermaltake TOUGHAIR 110 140W TDP Top Flow CPU Cooler

Thermaltake TOUGHAIR 110 Cooler

Thermaltake has unveiled the new ToughAir family of CPU air coolers for both Intel and AMD platforms. The tougher 110 has a horizontal form factor, but the ToughAir 310 and ToughAir 510 have a more classic vertical tower style. Regardless of the appearance, Thermaltake’s ToughAir CPU coolers use a four copper heat pipe configuration.    

Each 6mm heat pipe makes direct contact with the CPU and distributes heat to the aluminum heatsink, which has a designed arrangement for maximum heat dissipation. The TOUGHER 110 is a 140 W top-flow CPU cooler equipped with a height of 114 mm

A TOUGH FAN 12 high static pressure fan powers this TOUGHAIR fan. The fan spins at a rate of 2000 revolutions per minute. Its accomplishments are unrivaled. The top-flow CPU cooler with an improved 120 mm high-static pressure fan and a newly designed heat sink ensures its great performance.

The finned heat sink features an asymmetrical construction that allows for more air intake. This design decreases turbulence and straightens the airflow, allowing the fins to dissipate more heat. This ensures that the cooling system performs well. Finally, four 6mm heat pipes in direct contact with the processor and thermal paste assure the processor’s effective dissipation.   

This ensures that the cooling system performs well. Finally, four 6mm heat pipes in direct contact with the processor and thermal paste assure the processor’s effective dissipation. The asymmetric structure of the fins allows for more air intake. This design reduces air turbulence and streamlines the airflow, making it simpler to remove heat from the fins and resulting in superior cooling. 

Best CPU Cooler For i5-12600K Buyers Guide

Below are the following tips to follow for your next product shopping. 

First preference  

The amount of heat generated by the computer is the most important factor in selecting an effective CPU cooler. Because general-purpose computers generate less heat due to less demanding workloads and less powerful hardware, they require less cooling. Gaming machines and high-end professional PCs, on the other hand, necessitate high-capacity aftermarket coolers to suit their cooling requirements.  

Annoying noise  

No one likes noise because it is a distraction. Opt for coolers that make less noise for quiet performance and complete user engagement on the work at hand. To keep the noise level as low as feasible, vendors employ noise reduction techniques such as low noise bearings, aerodynamic air exhaust, low-speed spinning, etc. To enjoy the peace while working or playing, it is always a good idea to select one of the quiet noise coolers.  

TDP Ratings 

The maximum heat produced by a device with its default settings and rated load is known as Thermal Design Power (TDP). The CPU cooler should always offer enough cooling to match or exceed the processor’s TDP. Appropriate cooling ensures that the CPU remains cool even when under extreme strain. However, depending on how much you prefer to overclock your processor, the cooling demand can be up to three times the TDP.

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