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Best PSU For i7-12700K (RGB, Gaming, EVGA, Corsair, Cooler Master)

Are you a user of the i7-12700K processor and looking for the best PSU for i7-12700K? Then this article will help you to choose the best PSU for i7-12700K. With the release of Intel’s i7-12700K CPU, it is becoming more and more important to have a good power supply unit in your computer.  Building a PC is not an easy task.

There are so many different components and upgrades that you can make to optimize your performance, but one of the most important things for beginners in this space should be power supply units.  A powerful PSU will ensure that all of the components in your PC run at peak performance levels no matter how demanding a task or game may be.

It also protects them from electrical damage due to overloading and short circuits by regulating voltage spikes with one high-end model, like this i7-12700K processor which can handle entry-level gaming as well as not need many graphics cards because it’s such a powerhouse! The i7-12700K processor from Intel would make an excellent choice if looking to build an entry-level gaming box without demanding too many graphics card slots.

The new i7-12700K has a 95-watt TDP which means that you are going to need at least an 80+ Gold PSU with 10 or 12 amps on the +12v rail. This may sound like a lot but many PSUs only put out 8 – 9 amps on their +12v rails so if you want top performance from your components, be sure to get one that puts out enough power! Best of luck building your next computer and choosing the best PSU for i7-2700K.

If you’re looking for the best power supply unit for your new i7-12700K CPU, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best PSU for i7-12700 options to meet all your needs and budget. Let’s take a look.

Our recommended list of the Best PSU For i7-12700K

  1. EVGA SuperNOVA 850 Ga, 80 Plus Gold 850W
  2. Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 Non Modular Power Supply
  3. Corsair CX750F RGB 750 Watt Fully Modular RGB Power Supply
  4. EVGA 750 N1 750W Power Supply
  5. Corsair RMX White Series RM750x 750 Watt Power Supply
  6. Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semifanless Power Supply
  7. ARESGAME AGV750 750W Power Supply Semi Modular

1. EVGA SuperNOVA 850 Ga, 80 Plus Gold 850W

Greetings fellow makers, gamers, and techies! Ready to power those shiny new creations? The EVGA SuperNOVA 850 GE is your best bet for a ground-breaking and powerful computer.  We’ve designed this product by optimizing it with the environment in mind. Its 90% or higher efficiency rating marks the lowest AC ripple and voltage noise on the market today so you don’t need to worry about wasting electricity.

The 850 watts of continuous power provide more than enough energy without maxing out your circuit breakers. Stay cool with ECO mode by turning off fan speeds above 60% load which means quieter operation! Or go for maximum cooling all day long with full-speed modes that push airflow up to 94 m.

The SuperNOVA 850 P is the perfect option for any PC builder who wants to take their game to the next level. The PSU comes with industrial-grade components and high-quality Japanese capacitors which drastically reduce power fluctuations in order to provide stability throughout your system

With 80+ Gold Certification, this power ensures that you’re running an efficient machine when it matters most. Not only will you be able to meet today’s demands but also tomorrow’s ever-growing energy needs while maintaining the voltage at low values. The EVGA ECO Mode means less excess heat around 25 degrees Celsius compared to other PSUs.

The EVGA SuperNOVA 850 Ga, is a Full Modular, now the user does not need to worry about wire management. It solves your power needs with an advanced LLC resonant circuit design which improves the 3.3V 5V stability and comes equipped with a double ball-bearing fan for incredible reliability and silent operation in Eco mode.

The fully modular design reduces clutter and also helps improve airflow by connecting only the cables to be used so installation is easy even in tighter places such as small cases or systems that aren’t easily accessible.

2. Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 Non Modular Power Supply

Looking for an “ideal size” SMPS? Meet the Toughpower GX2 gold-rated 650 watt PSU from Thermaltake! The Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 is CERTIFIED GOLD, suitable for powering your computer at any time. Comes to support efficiency up to 90% and it’s optimized for C6 or the C7 States ready.

Not only can you use this product in conjunction with power-hungry multi-card setups but also fully exhaust system air out silently because of its 120MM fan with Dynamic Bearing cooling technology. This unit has High-Quality Capacitors that provides superb performance and reliability

The Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 80+ Gold provides power via a 24-pin main connector. This power supply also has two 6/6 2 PCI Express connectors. Building on our unbroken legacy of quality and reliability, Thermaltake continues to offer the same high cohesion and continuous power in this new 650 watts model.

Thermaltake is all about performance and quality and comes with features such as its 12 V 4+4 pin main connector terminals to augment your PC’s connectivity.

The Toughpower GX2 features the best in class construction with non-modular connectors, gold certification, durable cooling technology, high-quality capacitors for maximized efficiency and reliability, dual PCI-E 8pin power connector slots for superior SLI/Crossfire Ready capability of up to 600W of continuous power. Trust Thermaltake’s line of Quality Gold Certified PSU to achieve your highest standards!

Smooth and Quiet 600 Watt PSU with Reputable Protection, for those looking to run SLI or Crossfire configurations, Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 is your best go-to with the inclusion of easy installation.

Made for power users like gamers and PC enthusiasts, GX2 has a single plus12V rail design and comes equipped with industry-grade protections throughout the circuit. It’s also backed by a 5-year warranty for peace of mind that brings you one step closer to a smooth and quiet computing experience.

3. Corsair CX750F RGB 750 Watt Fully Modular RGB Power Supply

Introducing a  gaming power supply that will not disappoint you, the CX750F RGB, is silent but powerful. Surfing the web has never been easier on your computer with this fully modular RGB power supply. It’s great for performance enthusiasts and DIY professionals alike. Its cutting-edge design will impress you enough to make it your dream gadget. 

The is a fully modular power supply that, at just 2.66 pounds and carrying an 80 PLUS Bronze Efficiency certification for up to 88% operational efficiency, generates less heat and reduces energy costs. Comes with ten preset LED modes for eight individually addressable LEDs both placed in the large 120mm fan blades themselves as well as on the power supply cables that connect into your i7-12700K motherboard or iCUE LED controller you can enjoy unprecedented levels of control over how it looks inside your rig.

With a 750 watt capacity, the Corsair CX750F RGB is the perfect power supply for customizing your PC and bringing your rig up to speed! Take control of desktop lighting with issue 16.8.147 or CORSAIR F55 Gaming Keyboard’s individual per-key lighting when using an ARGB cable or turn down fan speeds on its 120mm RGB LED fan when it isn’t too stuffy.  For silent operations quiet 61db Acoustical noise level is 40%.

The uniquely styled CORSAIR CX750F RGB power supply has one of the most advanced options for users who want to right-click their desktops, videos, images, games, and web pages. The user can adjust ambient lighting in your room for immersive summer gaming sessions.

This fully modular PSU is fully tested for superior performance and safety standards while generating less heat, lowering your energy costs, and extending the product life cycle too! With three 8-pin CPU connectors following ATX power specification 1.4a plus two 6+2 pin PCIe connection cables compatible with modern i7-12700K graphics cards, there is no need to switch.

4. EVGA 750 N1 750W Power Supply

Meet the newest EVGA power supply, guaranteed to boast clean power with a dual forward converter design. If you still like all the old stuff like overvoltage, under-voltage, and short circuit protection – not to worry! We’ve got that, too.

EVGA 750 N1 is a power supply from EVGA which packs quite the punch. This 750W power supply features extreme efficiency with its 80PLUS, Ultra-Quiet operation and has up to 93% of energy input from AC regenerated by DC circuitry for improved voltage levels. It also utilizes SATA cables, reducing cable clutter inside your system and making installation quick and neat! Wait there’s more this PSU even comes with a 7-year warranty!

EVGA 750 N1 Series, a newly upgraded and improved 750W power supply with 90% efficiency or higher under typical loads. Stable voltage rails for reliable operation in raid and multi-GPU setups. The high energy efficiency of at least 89%. Compatible with Intel 4th Gen Core i3/i5/i7 (LGA 1150) & AMD FM2.

Features Active PFC, Heavy Duty Cooling Fins which reduce unit weight up to 10% while increasing heat dissipation by up to 30%, Quiet 120mm fan for near-silent acoustics, Intelligent Auto Fan Speed control that adjusts the cooling speed automatically depending on ambient temperature. 

Offering up to 750 watts of continuous power for running AV equipment, dual six-six video card setups, multimedia editing systems, Quad SLI/CrossFireX award-winning gaming rigs.

The EVGA power supplies are engineered to take advantage of the latest technologies that are available in the market. With intelligent design and engineering, it delivers outstanding 100% peak efficiency.

This power supply comes equipped with high-quality Japanese brand capacitors, designed to provide up to 11 years of extended product life, and also includes PCI Express cables for universal compatibility. The EVGA power supplies carry protection features like Over Current Protection (OCP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), and more!

5. Corsair RMX White Series RM750x 750 Watt Power Supply

Rinse and repeat after big power demand tasks with Corsair’s RMX White Series, 750 Watt Power Supply. Steps across this sleek chassis are covered with boundless foam for the most immersive experience yet! Temperatures stay lower than ever thanks to an efficient operation that you can feel in your electric bill too. A designed fan curve keeps noise at bay even when under load which is especially appreciated around active household members. 

The RMX White Series (2018) PSU has a ton of features sure to delight PC builders and is perfect for automatically regulating voltage output to manage heat. If you’re looking for increased power without increased noise, this PSU is for you and this is also compatible with PSU For 6600 XT .

Comes with a fully modular design and135mm fan and semi-passive operation ensuring that your system remains cool with no trouble then this is it! We guarantee your satisfaction. Give your PC the power it deserves; we won’t disappoint you. Corsair RMX White Series (2018) is the power supply for expert users with the ultimate-quiet operation, all major worldwide safety certifications, and high-efficiency components.

This is a new computer cooling product featuring silent operation during low loads. The Corsair RMX White Series (2018) is a fully modular power supply for generating quality power with 100% Japanese capacitors, an 80+ Gold certified rating, and at half the noise level of your average fan. 

Aspiring gamers will appreciate its switchless mode that turns off the cooling fan when it’s not needed, allowing for some peace and quiet while you game. Alternatively, if you prefer to play games with a little more ambient noise this ultra-quiet PSU powers your PC without breaking a sound barrier.

Available in 750 Watt or 850 Watt variants, this SilentPower unit offers impressive surges of power that are perfectly throttled without burnt fingers, by either hand, thanks to Zero RPM Fan Mode which ensures near-silent operation at low.

6. Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semifanless Power Supply

Looking for a power supply unit? The Cooler Master Semifanless Modular Power Supplies are so great your toes will curl with giddy delight. Tested for stability under pressure, the colorfully wrapped power supplies offer a high-efficiency rating for energy-saving and come complete with innovative wiring connectors to protect you from electrocution! Show off your savvy side by upgrading to this electric dream-you’ll be counting watts in no time!

This PSU comes with an Output Wattage of 650 Watts. So you could really ramp up the electric current flow to your other components if that were needed! If not, then just let it run semi-fanless until 15% load where there’ll be enough air circulation to keep things cool and safe. The Product Dimensions are 5.51 x 5.9 x 3.38 inches so it should fit well in most places near your system supply needs back at the office or home alike, while only weighing 3 pounds.

You need a high-quality power supply to keep your PC operating smoothly, and Watt’s got you covered. The Watt 650 Semi-fanless Heavy Duty Power Supply with Semi-Modular Cables is perfect for gaming rigs and it has also supported of PSU For RTX 3050.

Noise level stays practically silent when fan speed doesn’t exceed fifteen percent load, that’s more than quiet enough for office use or web.

The Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semi-fanless Modular Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze Certified provides stable voltage output for all your electronics with its dC to dc circuit design. With a 120 mm fan that is temperature-controlled, the watt cooling power supply will provide superb air intake and thermodynamic stability. From 5 years of warranty to thicker 16 AWG PCIe cables that support newer graphics cards this power supply has got you covered!

7. ARESGAME AGV750 750W Power Supply Semi Modular

Here is a semi-modular power supply created using the latest air cooling technology and will give you two years of worry-free use. The ARESGAME 750W PSU (AGV750) is a beautiful piece of machinery for any gamer looking to build an awesome system.

This power supply’s high efficiency means that those watts you’re paying for now, are lasting longer than ever before. You’ll also love how easy it is to maintain your energy needs thanks to the modular design! At just 4.6 pounds, this device will quickly become one of your favorite pieces on your workstation thanks to its smaller size, beauty, and low price point.

The ARESGAME 850W PSU is the newest member of the AEGS series. It’s designed to power gaming systems with its heavy load capacity, high-efficiency performance, 80 PLUS Bronze certification, 85% Efficiency, and stable 3 Year Warranty on 5 Years Product Life.

With Advanced DC-DC Load design 120 mm Silencer fan for longer GPU lifespan and top-grade Japanese capacitors, these are some of the best 500W Gaming Power Supplies available on the market today. The ARESGAME AGV750 PSU is a classic blend of performance and affordability. Efficiency is controlled by an FSP-branded DSA (Digital Switching Architecture) controller, which nearly eliminates voltage fluctuation even while powering heavy tasks. 

With ARES, you don’t have to worry about OVC/UVC. Our power supply has black cables and a 120mm silent fan with full protection to keep your machine up and running for hours on end. It won’t feel like an unhealthy fast food dinner when this PSU is powering your high-performance computing rig because it’s both safe and reliable.

This PSU comes equipped with six 8-pin PCI Express connectors that allow you to connect more components without needing an adapter or extension cable which means cheaper buying upfront while still having extra capacity when needed down the road! 

Best Power Supply For i7-12700K Buying Guide

If you are going to choose the best PSU for i7-12700K, you have to choose the right power supply. This decision is not a plain drive but the wattage recommendations listed on a graphics card’s specs list can be helpful while selecting. Some factors are necessary for the best power supply unit for i7-12700K. Below are some features that will help you choose a PSU.


The certification of a good power supply unit is very necessary, this certification for PSU helps to check the efficiency. The 80 Plus rating system basically tells you how efficient a power supply is at converting AC power into DC power. The i7-12700K supports 80% certification.


Desktop power supplies have a power output rating of from 600 watts to 850 watts for ultra-high-end, enthusiast-class products. The Wattage is important to supply from to the components.


Cable management is an important feature of a power supply unit. Power supplies are available with hard-wired cabling, partially modular cabling, or fully modular cabling. In modular power supplies, you can add or remove cabling from the PSU as needed to avoid case clutter. 

Fan Speed

The PSU comes with the air method of cooling so it has a fan in it that is attached to a cable, this fan dissipates the heat. The cooling process should be incredible, the fan is attached to a PSU to cool it down. 


The components of a computer system should be strong enough as they have to handle the heavy loads, for the cool down system, All power supplies utilize inward hotness sinks to assist with taking out the hotness away from the hot gadgets.

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