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Best CPU Cooler For Core i9-13900K (AIR, LIQUID, AIO, Gaming)

For your top tier choices of a processor, you need powerful backing from the best CPU coolers for core i9-13900K. This list of products will fulfill your needs to cool down the heat that might be generated during overclocking. We have dual fan based coolers that support air cooling like the Noctua NH-D15. The versatility of this list is that it also adds liquid coolers that are more preferable.

The 240mm radiators with closed loop design have been catching the eyes of many because of its no maintenance policy. Supporting the sockets like LGA 1700, 1200, 1155, 1156, 2066, AM4, AM5, AM2, AM3, FM1, FM2 etc by both Intel and AMD is impressive. You will not have to worry about the motherboard connection because of this feature. Furthermore, RGB support on the fans or just on the radiator will make a pleasant appearance for gamers.

For those who do not care about the look can choose an all black cooler like Cooler Master 212 black edition. In the end, you will have 2000 RPM speed of the fan up to 2400 RPM and 4200 RPM radiator. The noise level will be decreased to 14 dB and can be ranged up to 31 Db. Now you can do all the power hungry tasks without worrying about slowing the system down.

Our Recommended list of the Best CPU Cooler For i9-13900K

  1. Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
  2. Enermax Liqmax III 240 RGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
  3. Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Elite Liquid CPU Cooler
  4. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition CPU Air Cooler
  5. Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler
  6. MSI MAG Coreliquid P240 – AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
  7. Thermaltake TOUGHLIQUID 240 AIO CPU Cooler

Core i9-13900K CPU Cooler Requirements:

  • Dual fans
  • Aio liquid cooling is preferable
  • RAM compatibility so you do not block the slots
  • ARGB or RGB support would be nice
  • 360mm radiator is recommended, minimum 240mm
  • Closed loop radiator is a better choice
  • Minimum 5 years warranty by the manufacturer
  • Lower TDP is great
  • Software support will make easier to manage the cooler’s performance

Core i9 13900K vs 12900K

  1. Some of the key differences in these 2 processors is that the core i9 13900K is from the Raptor lake whereas the 12900K belongs to the Alder lake series.
  2. The first CPU contains 24 cores and is known as one of the fastest CPUs of this century. Core i9 12900K is limited to 16 cores in total and it is not a slower processor but also not as fast as the latest one is.
  3. Another unique thing about the 12 generation processor 12900K is that the cores are subdivided into P and E cores for precision in the operation. These performance and efficient cores are also present on 13900K as well.
  4. Since the addition of 8 P and 16 E cores, a 41% performance increase that will handle multi tasks in a better way.
  5. Close to 6 GHz of turbo boost, raptor lake has taken a huge leap of 5.8GHz of maximum turbo frequency. On the other hand, 12900K only reaches 5.2GHz, which does not make it match the level of core i9 13900K.
  6. There are 32 threads in 13900K in the latest processor while 12900K comes with 24 threads.
  7. The similar price tag of both the gaming CPUs is $590 which is the value set for these top of the line machines.

1- Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

It is time to put light on the Dark Rock Pro 4 from be quiet to give you company on the ride down the high end tasks. This one comes in all the features packed that is necessary for the working capacity of the processor. If you have a high end CPU like Core i9-13900K, you must not unseen AM5, AM4, LGA 1700, 1200, 2066, 1150, 1151, 1155 compatibility and this is also compatible with Ryzen 7 5800X and Ryzen 7 5700X Cooler.

To start with the virtually inaudible fan, the brand has included PWM fans with fluid dynamic bearing. They both work together as the powerhouse for giving you an optimized airflow. A funnel shaped inlet is present in the frame to keep the pathway clear for quick exhaustion. Using a total of 250W TDP, you have a way to get a lower temperature range even in peak performance hours.

The cooler is programmed with 6mm heatpipes made of copper and 7 in number in order to bring the most heat conduction into action. Only 24.3 dB of noise level is achievable through this AIO liquid CPU cooler with its inaudible wings. Its dimensions measure 5.7 x 5.35 x 6.40 inches to bring more RAM compatibility with the fins design.


If you have no clue where dark Pro 4 stands, we can compare it to Dark rock Pro TR4 where the former has 3 120mm fans and the latter has 2 fans size 120mm and 135mm. This is why the speed of the fan in the TR4 version can get as high as 1500 RPM but the noise level can only reach as high as 24 decibels. 


  • Great cooling
  • Quality and design is well liked
  • Silent operation during peak hours
  • Massive CPU sockets support


  • Heavier build
  • Pricey over other competitors
  • Threddripper support is absent

2- Enermax Liqmax III 240 RGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Enermax Liqmax III 240 RGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

To bring most of the heated action down to its optimal state is possible through the right CPU cooler choice. Enermax Liqmax III 240 will be able to handle most of the rage you throw at it. The brand has ensured the users to give one of the top features for building the kind of cooling environment that is necessary for your processor. Starting from the dual fan design of 120mm, and Ryzen 7 5800X3D is the perfect choice for i9-13900K cooler we get to see RGB support on them.

With the luminous Aurabelt, you can sync the lighting effects through the 4 pin RGB header attachment into your motherboard. Thanks to the water cooling method, we get to see dual chamber design besides the water block. It separates the pump from excessive heat range to keep the life of the cooler longer than promised. In spite of additional heat increase, patent shunt channel technology is present to give thermal conductivity a hand.

In addition to the technology mentioned earlier, the fan blades also play an important role in heat dissipation. They are designed in dual convex style so that the air pressure is forced down with the maximum air flow of up to 72 CFM. Once you get rid of the heat at a minimal sound level of 14 decibels and 1600 RPM, the aluminum construction is sturdy enough to last long. The sockets supported by the CPU cooler includes LGA 1700, 1200, 2011, 1151, 1150, 1156, 1155, AM5, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1.


Enermax liqmax has another version of liquid cooler called the liqmax III 360 that has almost given the toughest competition to the 240 version. Because of the triple fan style in RGB setting while the 240 version has an edge for dual fan setting.


  • Liquid cooling
  • Better performance than air cooling
  • A flow meter is attached
  • RGB support


  • More noise than expected from the competitors
  • Flow meter is not appealing

3- Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Elite Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair iCUE H115i RGB Elite Liquid CPU Cooler

A new champion for hyper cooling is here since CORSAIR has released the H115i Elite in RGB version. By RGB we mean the pump design that contains 16 LEDs for the modern aesthetic. Now it will not only cool your system but also look cool doing it with the help of iCUE software support to bring more vividness in colors and light effects. With the help of this software, you can pump the speed, control the custom light effects and monitor the whole progress of coolin aid.

There is a zero RPM fan mode where the noise is kept to the minimum especially when the fan is in idle mode or under lighter workloads. Such quiet cooling is also the result of the addition of pre-applied thermal compound and cold plate made from copper. The application is also simpler with 3 mounting brackets without any tools or expert help. A USB C conveniency will help you bring this machine into action.

Having the support of all the necessary sockets for connecting it to the motherboard is another plus point of this cooler. Maximum rotational speed from this product can be gained up to 1500 RPM from the dual 120mm fans. On top of that, 31 decibels is the noise level which might not be that impressive but it will work out well during intense hours. Also, the 280mm radiator is built to keep the fluid in running without having you to worry about the maintenance.


Even though Corsair has both liquid and air coolers for high performing CPUs, the H115i has some competitive edge over the H150i. In this comparison, H150i is integrated with magnetic levitation on 2 120mm fans. On the other hand H115i has dual fan system without RGB but it has PWM controlled fans with support of iCUE software and ARGB pump.


  • ARGB pump
  • iCUE software support
  • Liquid cooling
  • Affordable as compared to other coolers
  • Overall great performance


  • Fans missing RGB

4- Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition CPU Air Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition CPU Air Cooler

Some users have a liking for a purely black aesthetic like the rest of their system and minimal flashy RGBs over the fan blades. Such CPU coolers are made specially for them such as the Hyper 212 Black Edition by Cooler Master. It has a sleek metal black and brushed aluminum body that gives off a refined outlook for people who love it. Besides it’s dark and mysterious look, a nickel plate is present for keeping the radiation active for making it best i9 cpu cooler in regards to the cooling performance.

Choosing the air cooling will make you want to thank the direct heatpipes technology that consists of 4 heatpipes. They are formed in a way that will efficiently increase the dissipation of heat process with an airflow of 42 CFM. The maximum noise level that we can obtain from the whole procedure is 26 decibels which is bearable if you are too sensitive for sounds.

On the other hand, the stacked fin array is responsible for keeping as little resistance as possible. After the obstruction is reduced, the fins then can push the cooler to exterminate the extra heat out from the heatsinks and let the cooling reach this part of the cooler. A CPU socket support is an important factor to notice so that you have no trouble connecting this product with the motherboard. This list contains both Intel and LGA sockets such as LGA 1700, 1200, 1151, 1156, 1155, 1366, 2066, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2 etc.this CPU is also supported by i5 8600K.


There has been much gossip in the market about the Hyper 212 black edition and RGB version of this cooler. Both models have the same tower design and quad heatpipe edition but the RGB version has some edge over its 4 pin header for LEDs. On the other hand, the black version is coated with chrome plating for reducing the reflective surface.


  • Intel and AMD both sockets support
  • 4 heatpipes
  • Sleek finishing
  • Easy installation and removal


  • No addition of 2nd fan
  • No RGB support

5- Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler

Noctua is a brand that has been slowly dominating the market with its influential CPU coolers. Its NH-D15 might be one of the best coolers for i9 12th gen and it can now be used with 13900K as well. Here is how and why this product is worth a shot because of the spec sheet it comes with and we are going to dissect it. Speaking of its physical factors, this cooler comes in dual tower design and this cooler is also perfect for RTX 3050 Cooler.

The benefits of the design is that we can easily reach our PCIe or RAM slots without having to mess the whole setup. Coming out in 6 heatpipes and 2 fans, we can rely on the leading performance especially when overclocking is involved. Many of the critics and users have chosen this CPU cooler as their recommended device when it comes to cooling components. And they are not wrong since international hardware websites are also keen on seeing what Noctua has done and will be bringing more to the table.

Optimized for better cooling in the peak hours of work or gaming, NF-A15 dual fans of size 140mm are designed with PWM support. They have low noise adapters and speed control that is done automatically for ultra quiet usage. Moreover, NT-H1 thermal paste is the solution that secures the cooler and its components safely. With the SecuFirm 2 mounting system, installation has become a breeze.

We cannot ignore the fact that this cooler has a whopping 6 year warranty by the manufacturer itself. For the connection with the motherboard, the sockets play an important role. Therefore, LGA 1700, 1200, 115x, 2011, 2066, AM4, AM5 are all included in the list of compatible sockets.


As much difference as we see in NH-D14 and NH-D15 is the size of the structure, there have been few other special editions in DH15S as well. The latest version has been added with premium graphics RAM and PCIe compatibility. With every new design, there is room for upgrading it and this is what Noctua did. 


  • Dual fans
  • RAM compatibility
  • Easy mounting system
  • Quality structure
  • Quieter than expected
  • Excellent cooling support
  • 1500RPM
  • 19.2 dB noise level


  • Color combination in design is not well liked
  • Expensive for an air cooler

6- MSI MAG Coreliquid P240 – AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

MSI MAG Coreliquid P240 - AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

From the list of the demanding i9 12th gen cooler, MSI MAG Coreliquid P240 has scored a bulk among no RGB fuss users. This is an LGA 1700 ready component solely made for PC enthusiasts who want to build their rig from scratch. Belonging from the C series, we get to see a split flow radiator design that also has a pump attached to it. It is based on a water cooling system which is why the 3 phase pump maintains a reputation for incredible durability.

There are dual 120mm fans present controlled through PWM and they are very less likely to create any noise. Even during peak hours of pressure, all we can get in the noise is 18 decibels and 1500 RPM fan speed. Supporting both Intel and AMD sockets involve a list of sockets that are usually seen in the user’s favorite motherboards. Now you do not have to change your motherboard as the connection becomes easier.

Not to forget about the evaporation proof tubes of 400mm that are also known as cooling tubes. They have been layered one over the other in 3 parts for concealing the water inside the loop. This feature makes the radiator maintenance free as the loop is closed all the time. A thermal paste is also included in the package for fixating the cooler in order to let it start working after installation.


Looking at the core liquid 240R side by side with P240, we see a major difference of RGB lighting on the fans in the former cooler. Its rotatable blockhead can move up to 270 degrees whereas in P240, you do not have to worry about that. It also lacks gaming aesthetics and has its own bold look in all black. Other features like radiator pump design, thermal dissipation and noise levels are typically the same with minimal differences.


  • Silent operation
  • Liquid cooler handles overclocking better
  • Visually appealing design
  • Up to 4200 RPM pump speed
  • Supports latest sockets


  • No RGB integration on fans

7- Thermaltake TOUGHLIQUID 240 AIO CPU Cooler

Thermaltake TOUGHLIQUID 240 AIO CPU Cooler

Some of the fewer names that might startle you is Thermaltake because it has been around since forever now. With the release of Tough Liquid 240, we have noticed some perks of this cooler that might completely change the pace of your workflow. Starting with the dual fan design of 120mm, this has become all in one solution for your overheating problems.

The radiator itself is 240mm that has ARGB sync support for using 5V through your motherboard. This waterblock is rotatable and its design will illuminate when you turn it on making the logo clear. Up to 2000 RPM can be gained from the peak hours of performance from this cooler. All the Intel and AMD sockets offer LGA 2066, 2011, 1366, 1200, 1156, 1155, 1151, 1150, FM2, FM1, AM5, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2.

There is an airflow capacity of 58.35 cubic feet per minute for keeping the extra heat away from the system. Made from the copper material, the sturdiness of your system depends on the construction of your cooler.


It might sound eccentric and crazy to some people but Arctic liquid Freezer II 240 has some similarities with Tough Liquid 240. They both have ARGB support and the cold plate is smaller. Arctic is known for its premium quality structure while Thermaltake is mastering the art of steadily working radiators. 


  • Liquid cooling
  • High fan speed
  • ARGB sync present
  • Uses lower wattage
  • All sockets support
  • Water flow is quite steady


  • Lighting effects only on the radiator
  • Radiator is thicker than expected

Best CPU Cooler For Core i9-13900K Buying Guide

No matter how much you have spent on your rig building process, it is always smart to save every penny you can. Choosing from the vast market of choices, we would recommend Noctua NH-D15 in air coolers while Corsair H115i in liquid cooling. These 2 have been used by many customers all around the world and have not let most of them down due to their features. Besides the easiest installation process without expert help, the following features should be looked through while buying a CPU cooler for i9-13900K!


Your list of sockets is an important part of choosing the right CPU cooler that will include both Intel and AMD. Look out for LGA 1700, 1200, 2066, 1366, 2011, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 2011, AM5, AM4, AM3, AM2, AM2+, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM3 etc to connect it with the motherboard effortlessly.

Cooler Type:

We would suggest you to go with AIO cooling that is usually a strong suit of liquid coolers. There have been great options in air cooling as well as they are more approachable and cheaper but liquid coolers are better at handling intensive tasks. Especially with high end processors, it is better to be safe and choose a wiser option that does with liquid cooling.


When it comes to fans, we see dual and triple fan additions along with fluid dynamic or dual ball bearings. These bearings are responsible for making the operation as quiet as possible. The fan speed can go as high as 4200 RPM but you can also do a great job with 2000 RPM as seen in Thermaltake tough liquid 240.

Noise Level:

It is best to keep this feature as low as possible such as 14 decibels that is present in enermax liqmax III 240. More noise might disrupt your peace and focus but if you are fine with minimal to bearable noise you can do just fine with that.


Your selected cooler will make its impression through the design first which highly depends on the addition of RGB or ARGB support. Through software support like iCUE, you can control the customization of lights and also monitor the performance, it is all possible in one interface. Other than that, liquid coolers come with 240mm or 360mm radiators that are closed loop and do not require maintenance issues. Air coolers must have access to RAM and PCIe slots so that the tower design does not block them.


Is Air Cooling Enough For Core i9 13900K?

Since it is a high end CPU which has just been released in the market for sometime now, we would suggest going with AIO liquid cooling. The reason is that not many air coolers can contain such heavy workflows under their part.

Does Core i9 Need Liquid Cooling?

Liquid cooling is better at handling powerful processors starting from 9900K up to 13900K which is why this type of cooling is preferable with i9 as well.


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