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Best CPU Cooler For i9-12900K (Gaming, RGB, Artic, NZXT)

The Core i9-12900K, Intel’s flagship Alder Lake-S desktop CPU, was introduced in late 2021. Of course, Intel’s Core i9-12900K, with 16 cores and 24 threads, is one of the best CPUs for gaming

This 16-core CPU is unrivaled in the industry. And with the apt components, the gamer will be able to reach new heights of success. However, you would not be able to fulfill your objectives until you keep it cool. Therefore you will need to match it with the finest CPU cooler. 

We are going to talk about the best CPU cooler for the i9 12900K here, so you don’t have to go looking for the best in town on your own. But what if thermal problems hamper the system? The high-quality components and the top-of-the-line CPU will easily handle various tasks, including the most demanding ones. 

You should acquire a strong cooler for Intel Core i9-12900K if you want to get the most of your Intel Core i9-12900K. We have tested and reviewed the latest CPU coolers, and the following are our top picks for the Intel Core i9-12900K, on which you can rely.   

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  1. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO CPU Water Cooler
  2. Thermaltake Floe RC360 ARGB Motherboard Sync All-in-One CPU & Memory Cooler
  3. Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler with NF-A15 PWM 140mm Fans
  4. NZXT Kraken Z53 240mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
  5. Thermaltake TH240 ARGB Snow Edition 240mm High-Efficiency Radiator CPU Cooler
  6. NZXT Kraken X63 280mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
  7. MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 240R, aRGB CPU Liquid Cooler

1. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO CPU Water Cooler

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 cpu cooler

Arctic is back with the Liquid Freezer II series, a high-quality, multi-compatible AIO CPU Cooler with a brand new specially designed compact PWM water cooling pump and integrated cable management complete with sleeves for a great, clean aesthetic based on your work on the CPU Water cooling. To meet your crank and cooling demands, The Liquid Freezer II 280 comes with two strong 140mm Arctic P12 fans for great heat transmission, high static pressure, and performance, making this all-in-one liquid water cooler ideal for amateurs and enthusiasts searching for superior performance at reduced noise levels.

The Liquid Freezer II series is a closed-loop, all-in-one liquid-cooling device that works with both Intel and AMD platforms. The PWM pump, which was designed in-house, responds to CPU load level, providing maximum output at high demand while conserving energy at idle.  

PWM controls the cooling fan, which creates high static pressure to remove heat from the computer case. The hose that connects the pump and the cooler is leak-proof and has a tight cover for a slim and elegant appearance. 

The Liquid Freezer II series includes a new, self-developed PWM-controlled pump with a copper base, which offers higher efficiency, low power consumption, and quiet operation. Unlike most competitor pumps, which run at full speed when not in use, our pump stops, uses less power, and makes less noise when no cooling is required, even with the additional fan for VRM cooling. 

The VRM chips on the mainboard are cooled by an additional 40 mm fan next to the pump. A 40mm fan integrated inside the pump assembly is aimed at the VRM region, quickly removing heat from the VRMs for improved system stability.   

The Liquid Freezer II series includes a new self-developed PWM-controlled pump with a copper base, which offers higher efficiency, lower power consumption, and noiseless operation. This reduces overheating, especially during overclocking and allows for heavy loads to be carried out indefinitely.  

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2. Thermaltake Floe RC360 ARGB Motherboard Sync All-in-One CPU & Memory Cooler

Thermaltake Floe RC360

When utilized exclusively with TOUGHRAM RC memory modules, Floe RC is the world’s first all-in-one liquid CPU and memory cooling system, providing superior cooling performance for both CPU and RAM.

The complete cooling solution Floe RC included CPU and Memory Waterblocks, a radiator, an ARGB controller, and high-airflow ARGB enabled 120mm fans. As a result, the Floe RC provides customers with unrivaled cooling performance when paired with TOUGHRAM RC.  

The TOUGHRAM RC delivers high performance and excellent heat dissipation with its exquisite brushed aluminum heatsink and high-quality components. The TOUGHRAM RC can be used alone or in conjunction with the Floe RC CPU & Memory AIO liquid coolers.  

The memory water block is made up of four lighting strips that produce 16.8 million RGB colors via 36 super-bright addressable LEDs for spectacular RGB lighting. The PWM-controlled fan from Floe RC is designed to create maximum pressure without sacrificing ultra-quiet operation. As a result, the Thermaltake Floe RC360 delivers excellent cooling performance and is simple to install and maintain, taking up very little space in the chassis. 

TOUGHRAM RC memory modules are required to link with the Floe RC; the ICs have been rigorously tested for appropriate frequency and reaction times. You may also track temperature, frequency, and performance in real-time and this is also compatible with i5-12600K and the best CPU cooler for i7-12700K.

The Floe RC is designed to work with motherboards compatible with i9-12900K with a 5V addressable RGB connector, allowing you to control color and lighting effects via software. The Floe RC is a straightforward and user-friendly all-in-one system that delivers exceptional cooling performance. However, it can only be used with Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RC memory modules.

3. Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler with NF-A15 PWM 140mm Fans

Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler

  Isn’t it unjust to exclude Noctua from the debate of the best CPU cooling for the i9 12900K? Users all over the world have complete faith in Noctua because it is one of the leading brands. Moreover, they have carved out a niche for themselves in the market by producing high-end goods. The iconic Noctua NH-D15 is our personal favorite among those high-end goods. This cooler has been the most popular for a long time, and it continues to be so.

The NH-D15 is Noctua’s top-of-the-line dual tower cooler, built for the most demanding applications. Its bigger Heatpipe design and two top-quality NF-A15 140mm fans with PWM functionality for automated speed control increase the already excellent efficiency of the NH-already D14. Furthermore, with the trusted, pro-grade SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting technology and Noctua’s established NT-H1 thermal compound, the NH-D15 is a comprehensive premium quality solution that provides a luxurious choice for overclockers quiet enthusiasts alike.

The NH-D15 is equipped with two Noctua NF-A15 140mm premium class fans. Because it complied with Noctua’s AAO standard and complicated aerodynamic design elements like Flow Acceleration Channels, the NF-A15 has quickly established itself as one of the top 140mm fans on the market. Noctua NH-D15 is also perfect for Ryzen 7 5800X ,Ryzen 7 5700X, and the best CPU cooler for RTX 3050.

We should be grateful to the inventors for their efforts in making possible excellent performance. Its job as the cooling champion is to endure the enormous loads and heat generated by the CPU while performing demanding tasks, which it accomplishes. The fans pull the heat out of the system, allowing it to function at its best. The large heatsink also helps. It’s a well-rounded package that provides silent operation and enough memory space.  

4. NZXT Kraken Z53 240mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

Another excellent CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-12900K is the NZXT Kraken Z53 240mm CPU liquid cooler. The all-new Kraken Z Series gives you unprecedented personalization options for your all-in-one liquid cooler. With a camera freakish software interface, you can do a lot than fine-tune settings. It’s possible to show your favorite images, animated gifs, and camera system information, providing complete personalization.   

 You can now totally customize your CPU cooler’s aesthetic with unique photos, animations, or CAM data thanks to a bright 2.36 inches LCD screen that displays 24-bit colors tones. You become the master of your PC thanks to CAM’s sleek, user-friendly software. You can easily control the performance and appearance of your Kraken with easy, intuitive settings.  

The Aer P radiator fans that come with the kit are specifically built for liquid cooling. The radiator’s virtually silent fans have a longer lifespan and operate more quietly than any other fan technology, thanks to fluid-dynamic bearings. They boast silent operation, long-term reliability, and outstanding cooling performance due to a chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearings.

The Kraken Z53 All-in-One RGB Liquid CPU Cooler helps keep your Intel or AMD processor operating at peak speed during strenuous gaming sessions. This liquid cooler, which has a 280mm radiator and two 140mm fans, keeps CPU temperatures low and high-performance when running demanding games and programs. This liquid cooler, which has a 280mm radiator and two 140mm fans, keeps CPU temperatures low and high-performance when running demanding games and programs. 

 The rubber tubes are reinforced with nylon mesh sleeves for excellent durability and chamfered consumption. The fluid dynamic bearing fans are designed to ensure smooth execution. With a 2.36″ LCD screen incorporated into the CPU cap, the Kraken Z53 not only provides cooling but also looks good. Personalize the screen with NZXT CAM software to display personalized graphics, animations, and more. The Kraken Z series offers outstanding liquid cooling performance, easy installation, and a design that is all your own.   

5. Thermaltake TH240 ARGB Snow Edition 240mm High-Efficiency Radiator CPU Cooler

The Thermaltake TH240 ARGB Sync is a liquid cooler with two 120mm high-static pressure fans, a high-performance radiator, and a water block. It features 16.8 million RGB color lumination with pre-set lighting settings through the smart fan controller or synchronizes with motherboard RGB software to generate stunning colors.

The ARGB controller empowers users to change LED mode, colors, and decoration rates while using a motherboard without a 5V addressable RGB interface. You can switch between flow, pulse, ripple, blink, awful light, wave, RGB spectrum, and off modes while selecting from a variety of colors, shades, and LED speeds. 

The surface area of this specially designed 240mm large surface radiator is increased, resulting in excellent heat dissipation. Heat conductivity is accelerated by the high-performance copper base plate.   

The copper plate is kept cool by a high-quality, dependable pump that allows for maximum water circulation. In addition, because the low evaporation tube successfully reduces coolant loss, there is no need to refill.

 Thermaltake got Tt LCS Certified exclusive certification due to its unique design ad buyer’s requirements. Our experts has recommended this cpu cooler for RX 6500 XT.

6. NZXT Kraken X63 280mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

 The Kraken X Series offers every setup because of increased cooling, marvelous visual effects, and agile installation. Using CAM’s software interface, you may fine-tune settings for best performance throughout even the most intensive game sessions.

The new Kraken X Series controls previous generations’ adjustable lighting effects and constant performance while adding a HUE 2 connection for even more RGB options.

The new Kraken X gives an incredible RGB liquid cooling experience with a redesigned cap and wider infinity mirror ring LED, all backed by a 6-year warranty.  

A 10% larger LED ring enables for more vibrant RGB. In addition, a rotating top allows the logo to be re-oriented in whichever direction the cooler is positioned. With a straightforward, user-friendly interface, CAM delivers comprehensive controls. The lighting sync across all NZXT RGB devices, full CAM integration allows you to precisely manage your Kraken’s performance, making changes with the push of a button.

Any RGB accessory, including AER RGB 2 fans, may be easily connected to the RGB channel. This All-in-One (AIO) liquid cooler is designed for high-performance CPUs and is adaptable enough to fit in most cases. With two 140mm Aer P radiator fans, you can maintain CPU performance high while keeping temperatures low. 

7. MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 240R, aRGB CPU Liquid Cooler

A decent AIO liquid cooler may minimize noise and improve CPU thermals on your PC. The MSI MAG CORELIQUID 240R AIO has good ARGB implementation and decent performance. The PUMP inside the radiator fins is the best feature, as it helps to eliminate vibration.  

 The MAG series was created following intensive quality testing, and it is meant to represent strength and durability. The MAG series, dedicated to providing the best possible user experience, has a simple installation procedure and a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for beginning players.

The newly released MAG CORELIQUID features everything you’re searching for in a liquid cooler, from high-quality materials that provide long-term reliability to highly effective heat dissipation methods. ARGB lighting and a simple-to-use 270-degree rotating blockhead are among the features available to users. it has also supported by AMD Ryzen 7 5700G.

Furthermore, the blockhead has a distinct irregular look that is both fashionable and beautiful. Every part of the MAG CORELIQUID was created with one objective in mind: to provide effective cooling without sacrificing quality. 

For sound damping and sound reduction, the pump has been integrated inside the radiator. Furthermore, installing the pump away from the heat source in the radiator extends the pump’s life. A long-lasting three-phase motor at the heart of the pump produces minimum vibrations for long-term performance. With strategically placed pin-header positions, including a dedicated pump-fan header, connect and synchronize with MSI coolers and cases.

Nature of usage  

The type and performance of a CPU cooler are determined by why and how you use your computer. These days, most processors come with built-in coolers. That basic cooler would be enough for the majority of tasks. However, if you’re a serious gamer or multitasker, you’ll need a high-end aftermarket cooler. Those with average requirements can opt for a low-cost gadget that can handle a slightly higher load.  

Below are some shopping suggestions for you to consider for your next pick.  


Some CPU coolers are incompatible with a wide variety of sockets. A CPU cooler that does not function with the processor’s socket is a waste of money. So keep an eye out on this one. It’s also critical to think about clearance.

 CPU coolers come in a variety of sizes, and not all cases can accommodate all of them. So when purchasing a CPU cooler, remember the case size and cooler dimensions. 

Acoustics and Aesthetics 

Spending money on RGB wouldn’t be a good option for those who don’t care about flashy and vibrant appearance and just want something that performs well. On the other hand, RGB/ARGB is preferred by individuals who want their rigs or gaming settings to have a vibrant and professional appearance.  

In this scenario, the color palette is also quite important. 

 Everyone in the workplace would like something with less noise. Although more robust items and those with more massive fans are noisy, certain products nonetheless manage to be silent.  

Liquid cooler or an air cooler 

The contrast between these two types of CPU cooling is usually perplexing for users. Both air coolers have advantages and disadvantages. There are no clearance issues with liquid coolers, but there is a risk of leakage. Air coolers are low-maintenance and provide good value for money. However, high-end air coolers may have difficulty fitting inside your case. You can decide the one according to the type of your use.


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