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10 Best Stores like Aritzia (Similar, Alternative, Cheaper)

Are you obsessed over Aritzia due to their timeless and practical basics clothes that can be used for years? You are not alone, for the appealing clothes Aritzia is the favorite choice of the customers. They offer you high quality fabric and durability that you have never seen in fast fashion stores. 

Prices are steep for sure because they own a luxury brand and to appease their mainstream customers. They are leading fashion brands with empathy, action and innovation. Especially known for chic closet staples and fashion-forward styles. However, you also have clothing stores like Aritzia, we will discuss soon!


A Hill family started a little setup of clothes in their 70 year old department store situated in Vancouver, Canda. After years in 1984 Brian Hill established the first standalone boutique called Aritzia in Oakridge Center. Which was  an upscale shopping mall in his hometown.

Mainly the idea was simple, they just provide beautiful clothes but in aspirational spaces and with exceptional services. Even after decades their concept is the same. But now it has become a company and expanded to over 100 stores all across North America. 

Also there is a global eCommerce platform and they aim to serve everyday Luxury communities near and far. Their team design focuses on fit and an of-the-moment point of view to provide you effortless appeal. To serve their shoppers globally they open Aritzia stores worldwide. 


Aritzia is famous for its versatile tops that you wear according to the occasion. In March 2020, Jamie Chung who is an actor and TV personality told her social media followers that she styled herself with Aritzia.

Bella Hadid and Meghan Markle claim Aritzia is one of their most  prefered “affordable” retailers. They not only offer a closet for celebrities and also regular old people like us. You must be in love with the style and sustainability that Aritzia provides! 

There is a wide range of clothes you have on Aritzia like;

  • Great jeans
  • Quality tees
  • Leather coats
  • Tailored trousers
  • Cozy knits
  • Layering essentials
  • Super Puff coat
  • Silk slip dresses
  • Teddy jackets
  • Jumpsuits

Aritzia Secrets To Know

  • Get friendly with the sales associates
  • Sign Up For The Newsletter
  • Book a personal stylist appointment
  • Get Free Shipping over 50 dollars shopping
  • Seasonal Sales

Are There Aritzia Stores In The US?

Yes you can see many stores like Aritzia in the US, as you know Artzia serves all over the world, and there are more than 100 physical stores open. As of May 05, 2022, there are 42 Aritzia stores in the United States. In California you have stores at 10 different locations, that  is 23% of all Aritzia locations in America.

Best Stores like Aritzia

Let’s find out What Stores Are Similar To Aritzia, aka best suited alternatives clothing stores of Aritzia to shop from.

  1. Chic Me
  2. Zaful
  3. Romwe
  4. Rosegal
  5. Dresslily
  6. Reformation
  7. Shein
  8. Pixie Market
  9. H&M
  10. A.S.O.S

Like the other brands including Zara, H&M, and others Aritzia provides a more appealing perspective. Fashion aficionados love to shop at Aritzia. They consider it a great choice for chic, simple, and minimalist designs. 

But When it comes to price, Aritzia is a bit on the higher side but shoppers are praying for excellent quality and durability of fabric. You are sure your purchase is not going to tattered or worn just after a few wears. 

That is why below we give you the best stores like Aritzia, check them out. You will have very similar stuff with Aritzia! Read them and try which you liked the most!

1- Chic Me

Chic Me is one of the cheaper stores like Aritzia and very popular among the women due to their excellent fashion items. The best thing about chic me is they provide plenty of discounts on their collection. That attracts the people and they buy a bunch of items at a lower price. 

There are different options and categories of stuff, Chic me has offered stuff even below 20 dollars. If you want to buy something for the season then you must visit their seasonal products section. And for trending fashion items check that option. Without paying a fortune amount, you have good-looking stuff. 

2- Zaful

Another option for stores like Aritzia is Zaful, popular for fashion clothing for both women and men. In this store you can get Comfortable, trendy and edgy fashion products. Also you give a lot of discounts on their website. Their quality of material is so good that you never feel discomfortability. Many of the latest trends and styles are launched by them.

Furthermore, their business structure is driven from economical motivation and ecological. You have a lot of variety like jeans, sleepwear, swimwear, lingerie, and tops. Zaful offers regular sales and also they provide you some amazing deals. 

3- Romwe 

Here is another fashion brand for women, Romwe is popular due to their business strategy. This  is a one stop shop that can fulfill all your needs especially related to clothes. A trustworthy company as it opened decades ago and gets positive reviews from their customers. 

They provide you with many categories and options, you choose from them. You find a wide range of clothing and accessories items especially when it comes to different styles and trends. 

What attracts the most is they regularly offer something on discount. Also,  Romwe gives you a free shipping service for over 10 dollars shopping one day. Additionally, the next day after your purchase, they give you 50% off on products. Plus, you get 10% off on your first order. 

4- Rosegal

This clothing store is an idea by a group of friends and the roots of rosegal is passion for fashion. They were very crazy about clothing and fashion, which is why they opened a store. In the store they offer trendy and stylish clothing for everyone. 

On the website of Rosegal there are categories of clothing and accessories items from which you can select your required product. The quality of their products is good and super comfortable to wear. Also they added a ready section for plus sizes. Additionally, unlike other brands they offer regular discounts and sales. 

5- Dresslily

Dresslily is another good option for stores like Aritzia, and has 7 years of experience in the fashion market. Mainy their agenda is to give you decent looking and comfortable clothes. The best thing is they have clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. 

Dresslily claims that they have over 14.7 million users that are registered on their website. And they are famous among their customers due to the high quality and durability of their items at a cheaper price. 

Unlike the other online stores, they display their stock on the website with various categories. You have a huge variety of clothset from  regular shorts, jeans stops, skirts to swimwear and sleepwear. You must visit their store if you want something like Aritzia.

6- Reformation 

Another leading name of the fashion market is reformation, and offers ethically sourced fashion. In the sustainable fashion world their catchy line is “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2”.

They stayed true and led the environmental field in a better way and received reat ratings from their customers. Products are eco friendly that is why for the production they use Tencel and other recycled materials. Some of their items are Bluesign and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Also they reuse offcuts that are created during the manufacturing process. And reduce carbon footprint successfully by manufacturing them at the rate of soldering. Plus, they also have some clothes that are a little expensive but they are worth your money. For high quality clothes you can visit their website. 

7- Shein

If you are looking for cheaper stores like Aritzia, then you must consider Shein. They offer fashionable clothing that is the reason for their popularity. Thousands of people use the web site of Shein for purchasing stylish clothes and accessories at a cheap price. 

You can buy the most trendy and beautiful items without spending a lot of money. But keep in mind their fabric quality is average to decent, but it does not mean they provide you bad things. You just can not expect top tier quality from Shein. You must try Shein because they refund full price for but only for the US customers. 

8- Pixie Market 

Here is Pixie Market that is committed to sustainability, this is a great alternative to Aritzia. Like the other brands they aimed to produce clothing lines with eco-friendly material and ethical sources. Their clothes provide a certain fairy-like quality, grace and aesthetic. 

Their unique design catche your eyes immediately, and also they give very comfort while wearing it. The fashion you get at Pixie Market is almost the same as the Frankie shop. Only difference is they are less experimental but more subdued.

You have gorgeous outfits for  your wardrobe, and you can wear them seasonally or occialy with super comfort. If we talk about their prices, then they are exactly middle of prices of aritzia, Frank and Oak. their collection with the tag of ethical is not affordable but worth your money

9- H&M

H & M stands for Hennes & Mauritz which is one of the best alternatives of stores like Aritzia. This is a one stop shop that has a huge variety of clothing lines for women’s, men’s and kids’. You can buy fashion, beauty and home essentials online that completely satisfy you.

They not only offer stylish and trendy clothes but their quality is great and durable. In short you can get styles in a sustainable way and at the best price. We can say H & M is your online shopping destination! You must check it out!

People of all generations like men, women, teenagers, and children have fast-fashion clothing on their website and at physical stores. H & M runs over 5,000 stores in 74 countries under several company brands. They are considered number 2 in richest fashion labels and appeal to haute-couture and off-the-rack markets.

10- A.S.O.S

If you are looking for stores like Aritzia but cheaper, then you can check out A.S.O.S. They are a British retailer and one stop shop to deal with all your needs. You have a huge collection of clothing from bridesmaid gowns, work or  athletic wear to suits for the beach. 

Due to their trending clothing line they come in a famous online store list. Also they offer almost all sizes like small, tall, plus, including XS and  XL. Additionally, they have options for pregnant ladies, so they are never disappointed not to find the perfect fit dress. 

The hub of A.S.O.S is in the UK that is why they do offer delivery time short. Best of all, you can avail free two-day delivery and returns for a year at just 19 dollars. But you need to get their ASOS premier delivery membership. 


Hopefully you liked the refreshing list of ethical brands, feel free to try any of them. People love to buy stylish and comfortable clothes. If you are one of them who wants to shop from Aritzia but due to their high prices you do not. You can try any of Above-mentioned stores like Aritzia. They serve you with a very similar quality but at a less price. Enjoy your events with style!


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