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10 Apps Like Gamepigeon (Android, iPhone, iMessage)

Game pigeon is a popular iOS messaging app that allows users to play mini games with their friends right within iMessage. It features a variety of classic arcade-style games like pool, basketball, chess, checkers and more. If you enjoy Game pigeon and are looking for similar apps to play games over messaging, there are some great alternative options available.

It features over 20 games, including 8-Ball, Mini Golf, Basketball, Cup Pong, Archery, Darts, Tanks, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Mancala, Knockout, Shuffleboard, Chess, Checkers, Four in a Row, Gomoku, Reversi, 20 Questions, Dots and Boxes, 9-Ball, Word Hunt and Word Bites. Users can also send new emojis and stickers and communicate with their friends during the gameplay.

GamePigeon is a famous gaming app that was developed for Apple’s iMessage. Developers designed this app exclusively  for  Mac, iOS, and iPadOS devices. Since its release it has a huge fan following that is why Android users desperately want to play. Extension of gamepigeon available on Apple store Apple users can download from and enjoy!

New trends like SMS and MMS replaced the traditional message service. GamePigeon provides a huge collection of games on iMessage. Which means with iMessage you can play multiplayer games with your friends. 

List of Alternative Apps Like Gamepigeon iMessage Games App

  1. HAGO – Talk, Live & Play Games
  2. Plato – Games and Group Chats
  3. Bunch – Group Video Chat & Party Games
  4. TopTop – Online Mak-ha
  5. Yubo – Chat, Play, Make Friends
  6. Tiya – Hang Out with Friends
  7. Checkmate
  8. Partying – Games, chat, text
  9. Sociable – Meet, Chat, Play
  10. Kito – group voice chat rooms

Gamepigeon is free of cost but there are in-app purchases to unlock additional items like cosmetic avatar items, skins. Plus, you do not want that ads to interrupt you, so to remove them you have to buy an ad free version. It is possible to use Game Pigeon on your Android device but it will be very strenuous. 

So to avoid a lot of hassle the users give preference to its alternatives. If you are some of them then, scroll down because below are a few apps like gamepigeon.

1- HAGO – Talk, Live & Play Games

HAGO is one of the best imessage games that accommodate more than 100 games. You can play these plays with your family members, friends and even online strangers. There are 2 choices of playing mode, you can play with one on one or multiplayer mode. 

Also it allows you to communicate by text or through video conferencing with your playing partner that enhances the joy of gaming. Plus, this app provides you thousands of chat and stream rooms for free. The category of conversation according to your choice, you can choose from singing, cooking and dancing. Compatible with both operating systems, iSO and Android. Available at Apple store and Play store, and have a good rating on both platforms.

2- Plato – Games and Group Chats

Here is another alternative of iMessage games app and offers you 45 multiplayer games. With these apps you can add more fun in your life by playing its games with your friends and someone new. You have many classic games such as Dominoes, Chess, Checkers and Ludo and the list is updating day by day. 

On top of all features of plato is its data privacy, they do not save any of your personal 1:1 conversions. Also they do not ask for any personal information when you sign up on it. They do not have annoying ads which means you can have fun without any interference. On plato you can take part in weekly tournaments and raise your rank and earn coins. You can download it from both Apple and Play store.

3- Bunch – Group Video Chat & Party Games

Bunch is such an app that enables you to play online with your friends while being in video call. This app runs in the background so you can play any game on your smartphone with friends and someone online. Due to its stunning specifications and features it is one of a kind application. 

Furthermore, Bunch also has many engaging games within it that give you fun and mind relaxation. There are some games that you can play with your friends right away such as; Trivia, Flappy Birds, and Mars Dash. Also they are constantly updating games you can download on both Android and iOS devices.

4- TopTop – Online Mak-ha

TopTop – Online Mak-ha that comes in at top of apps that are used for socializing with family. With this app you play classic games with your friends, family  and strangers while being in the chat. You have many classic games within it like Dominoes, Ludo, Uno and many more. 

Developers of this app are continually updating by including games and new features within the app. Top Top is very famous as a socializing app in more than 20 countries. They have amazing chat rooms so people can interact with each other and grow their circle of friends. Plus also you can create a private chat room so you can attract only with the allowed persons. To download it you can visit the Play store of your Android device.  

5- Yubo – Chat, Play, Make Friends

Yubo – Chat, Play, Make Friends is a French social networking app and very popluar among the teengaers and young adults. Because it is a platform for them to interact with people and enhance their friend circle. They play games together while chatting that doubles their joy of gameplay. Also it offers live streaming so you can interact with your friends authentically. 

Within a video chat you can add 10 persons including your friends and strangers. Even it allows you to chat while live streaming so you can communicate with the people in a better way. Plus, you can add your like minded people by using Swipe functionality. You can have a number of communities like songs, anime and movies, go for your choice. You can easily download it from the Play store and it has a 3.9 rating.

6- Tiya – Hang Out with Friends

This is an audio socializing app and enables you to hang out with your best buddies, family or strangers virtually. You can find such people that have similar interests, it will help you to create your friend circle. Plus, they offer both private and public chat rooms for topics like sports, movies and music. With Tiya you can easily share good times with each other. 

Furthermore, you can create such a room where you can watch Netflix, youtube or tik tok videos while talking with each other. This social app has thousands of groups and communities of different flavors. If you are interested in it, simply go to the play store and download it onto your device and enjoy. 

7- Checkmate!

If you want to explore more apps like game pigeon than you can consider Checkmate. This is very similar to gamePigeon and enables you to make conversations just like iMessage. They offer a number of games that give you fun while chatting with your game partner. 

Their most played game is chess, users love to play it with friends and family members or even with strangers. You can download it from the play store of your Android device and start chatting and playing easily. If you want to start a conversation, just tap on the new match. 

8- Partying – Games, chat, text

This is an audio social networking application and has plenty of high quality multi participant voice features. That gives you an amazing chatting experience. With this app you can match with more than 100 friends and family members. You can send them text and audio messages and you can see previous posts. 

Also there are groups of many kinds that you can join as per your desire. The following categories available are music, anime, food, relationships,  and movies. Also there are multiplayer games available like ludo, carrom and many more. Partying has good reviews and its rating is 4.3, download it from Play store within a few minutes. 

9- Sociable – Meet, Chat, Play

Sociable – Meet, Chat, Play is other apps like game pigeon and it is a social platform. And allow you to meet online with your friends, family and strangers. With this app you can text, chat, send photos and videos, and even make video-calls to your near or far away friends. 

Through this platform you can find friends of your like strangers and play many games. This app has games within it like Wordy, BattleShip, and Backgammon that love many people. But still the developers are constantly increasing its list of games. With this fun app you can not only play games but also follow your friends and can share media with each other. Sociable is available on both Android and iOS. 

10- Kito – group voice chat rooms

Here is kito, which is a live voice social media platform that is designed for enjoyment. Plus, it offers private and public chat rooms that are spaces where you can start a group voice chat. In the chat room you can add a maximum of 8 persons from your friends, family or strangers. 

At top of all, it enables you to protect your private infor and chats with a key. This is also better because due to this feature you do not need to have multiple accounts. You can make many chat rooms for different persons to ensure your privacy. You can send virtual gifts to each other and also by the use of Voice magic feature you can add audio effects. This app supports multiple languages and can be downloaded easily from the play store. 

The Bottom Line

Apple has become a status symbol, people like its interface and for some their features are stunning. And Gamepigeon within iMessage is a very popular app and loved by users. This app is only available on Apple devices, so in this blog we helped you to vail a similar experience on your Android device. We have covered you by providing you apps like game Pigeon. Read it carefully and go for one that attracts  you the most. 


Are there more apps like GamePigeon?

Yes, there are several other apps that offer mini games and activities similar to GamePigeon that you can play with friends over iMessage. Some popular options include Send Me a Song, Psych!, Heads Up!, Draw Something, Spyfall, Kwiz, and Words With Friends 2.

Are there other iMessage games besides GamePigeon?

Yes, GamePigeon is not the only option for playing games within iMessage. Some other iMessage games include Cup Pong, 8 Ball Pool, Song Draw, Heads Up!, Draw Something, and Word Hunt. These provide a variety of game genres like sports, trivia, drawing, and word games.

Are there any other iMessage games?

In addition to GamePigeon, some other top iMessage game apps include Send Me a Song, Psych!, Kwiz, Draw Something, Letter Link, Word Hunt, Song Quiz, Heads Up!, and Cup Pong. These range from music and trivia games to doodling, word searches, and billiards.

What app can play iMessage games?

The GamePigeon app is the most popular for playing mini games directly within your iMessage chats. It offers classics like 8 Ball Pool, chess, checkers, and basketball. Other apps that offer iMessage games include Psych!, Heads Up!, Draw Something, Letter Link, Kwiz, and Send Me a Song. These apps can be downloaded from the App Store and accessed through iMessage on iOS devices.


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