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Windows 11: Release Date, Price, System Requirements and everything you need to know

Microsoft has made many incredible changes to the computer world. Such a change in the Windows 11 release. It comes with a new outlook and features to make your system work efficiently. There are big changes in this upgrade, and it is considered the next generation of Windows.

Given that title, this addition in your system rolls out to be a better workspace and entertainer. As much as everyone wants to get their hands on it, few things should be kept in mind. Get ahead of the specifications; you just need to let the action begin in this article.

What are some of the specialties of the Windows 11 upgrade?

The features below will enhance your user experience and will offer a clean layout for easy navigation. In addition, there are certain hardware and software options that you can snap your fingers at.


A more user-friendly design attracts the buyers with similarities to the IOS interface. This update includes rounded corners and pastel colors on icons. The start button or menu is placed in the center of the screen along the centered streamlined taskbar. The goal is to make them look fresher and faster.

A lot of users like the support of dark mode, and Windows 11 supports that. Better colors and transitions are available for smooth tasking.

Android Apps compatibility:

The good news for android users is that they can now download their apps from the Microsoft store. We all know that the Windows app store was very limited compared to android and IOS. Access to these apps will be made possible through Amazon Appstore.

Taskbar and start menu:

To access widgets is now possible through the taskbar. You can personalize them to your screen settings for a more immersive panel. Microsoft Edge and AI support power the widgets. You can start your day with a glance at the calendar, weather forecast, news, and to-do list.

Snapping back to your work after a distracting notification is enabled through the Snap group feature in the taskbar.


Featuring a snap layout will allow the user to run multiple apps simultaneously. There are 6 choices of apps running in split, column, or grid form. You can easily transition from laptop to monitor through this operating system. It is available with Snap layouts that is a collection of apps you are using.

After you unplug the system from the monitor, these tasks will be minimized. The opened windows will not be lost when you plug the OS into the monitor again.

5G networking speed:

You can reach any corner of the world through 5G support with a capable modem.

Gaming technology:

Some of the features present in Xbox controllers will be available in this operating system. It will serve Automatic HDR for seamless gaming on Windows. Direct storage will contain NVMe SSD space to download and store high end games. Moreover, DirectX 12 ultimate GPU will improve game graphics and Z590 chips

AI Video conference:

Having a camera, speaker, and audio output will increase the chance of better video calling. It also features multiple voice assistants that will communicate with you through a microphone and speakers.

2 factor authentication/ Windows Hello:

You will need to use a pin code or fingerprint sensor to unlock your system. These features were mostly used in phones or gaming laptops before, but this OS has brought all the cards to the table. A phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support can also be used to authenticate the device’s owner.

Wi-Fi 6E:

A router that works on Wi-Fi 6E with WLAN IHV hardware or driver will let this feature work wonders in Windows 11. Faster networking capabilities will blow your mind away as it will take less than a few seconds to find any information you need.


For different language support in Cortana assistant, many other countries are enlisted. Your devices need to have a stable speaker and microphone to input commands to Cortana.

Projection support:

For more workaholic people, this feature is an absolute genius. A display adapter and driver model WDDM 2.0 with Wi-Fi/ Wi-Fi direct connection allow you to project screens anywhere you want. 

Integrated Teams:

Get access to Apple’s FaceTime app or Andriod’s teams with Windows 11. From the taskbar, you can select to connect the teams for working together without switching devices.

These are quite the additions in this new release, all for the user’s ease. Some of the features might be found in the older version, but the upgrade has fixed issues, and less crashing will occur.

Improved touch:

Gestures and trackpad with stylus pen have been improved for more reliable performance. As a result, you can easily move windows around, improve toggling, orientation, and much more. Swipe apps and screen settings for fluid management of tasks will also be possible.

Should I be worried about deprecated features in Windows 11?

As much as there are updates, everyone will love it. Unfortunately, some of the features or apps will not be seen. You can say goodbye to them since you will see less of these on the following front applications:


The plus point about Cortana remains constant, but the position has changed. This voice assistant wi; not be included in the first boot and present on the taskbar. You can always search for it after some time’s use.


The desktop wallpaper could not be roamed when you sign in from your Microsoft account.

Internet Explorer:

Let us admit that no one likes internet explorers in this century except for its less power and data usage. Therefore, this app is disabled by default and replaced by Microsoft Edge. This addition involves IE mode that has its own perks for making your browsing experience better.

Math Input:

You can install it if you prefer from the store. The math input control panel and recognizer will not be present in the system. It will be available for download. Math inking will not be affected in apps like One Note.

Tablet mode:

This mode is removed and made better in its function. You can make it useful when you attach a keyboard.


Wallet applications will not be present in Windows 11 by default.


View news stories and information from all over the world by clicking on widgets on the taskbar. This function is evolved and offers a more comfortable view.

Quick status:

From the lock screen, the quick status option has been removed. As a result, its settings will no longer be available for changes.

Snipping Tool:

Previously known as the Snip and Sketch tool, it is replaced by a snipping tool. It has almost the same design as it was in Windows 10. You can still create your desired screenshots and edit them as you please.

System requirements for Windows 11 to run smoothly?

If you wish to switch to Windows 11 and keep your operating system updated, you need a sound system for it. There are few hardware and software requirements that you need in your device to play with this update.


The CPU of your machine must be faster than 1GHz minimum. It must contain more than 2 cores for running high end and critical applications and tasks. This will affect your multitasking ability if you do not fulfill these demands.


A minimum of 4GB temporary memory is required for sending various instructions. You can add more copied items onto the clipboard without slowing down the system.


Storage larger than 64 GB is best to contain apps, games, photos, videos, and other types of files.


A machine that serves DirectX 112 or later for powerful graphics implementation is best for Windows 11. Having a WDDM 2.0 driver will also enhance your graphics quality. You can see each panel clearly with this feature.

Screen type:

The size must exceed 9 inches with a minimum resolution of 720p. The inclusion of 8 bit colors will offer a bright screen and accurate color reproduction. 


A system with a stable internet connection is an essential part of Windows 11. You may also need a Microsoft account for device setup and to enable Microsoft suite. 


TPM is a security feature as a trusted platform module 2.0 serves you a block from tampering websites and hackers.


A secure boot capability and WEFI is the firmware needed to launch Windows 11 on your system.

Are there any bugs in Windows 11 that I need to worry about?

With certain fixes, you may find bugs and glitches at the start. A major concern is enabling TPM 2.0. But no need to worry, as they can all be set to work amazingly after a few tweaks and settings. More storage is also required for updating the OS after a few reboots.

Windows 11 Release Date

When is Windows 11 releasing? The first impression of a new update was unveiled on June 24, shortly after Windows 10. It made the users suspicious, which led the manufacturers to surprise the public with Windows 11. First, it was revealed in July for beta on an event Microsoft is hosting.

Later, many screenshots are dispersed about the release date of this OS. It is now updated to be launching on October 20 of this year.

Do I need to break my bank to pay the Windows 11 price? 

To buy a gaming PC or laptop with Windows 11 preinstalled can vary on the product type and spec sheet. This operating system is free to download as well, which is manually set by the user. You do not need to take a loan or go bankrupt to enjoy a fresh, compact yet faster system.


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